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Nintendo Financial Reports Bring Minor Profit, 3DS Success and More Wii U Struggles

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

PAL regions a key weak point in Wii U hardware sales

Earlier this year Nintendo revealed its Q1 financial results, in which it was able to report a net profit despite operating losses — value of the Yen and the mysteries of accounting allowed for a positive overall result. The trends largely continue with today's Q2 results (which also include the Q1 period in covering the 1st April to 30th September), though the profit has dropped: the Wii U has struggled, the 3DS is the saviour, an operating loss has been reported and, despite that, the bold projections set down at the beginning of the financial year remain in place.

In terms of the raw numbers, in most areas they represent an improvement over the equivalent figures for Q2 last year. An area that's dropped is net sales, but Nintendo did improve operating income and net income results; yet there was still a hefty operating income loss of over 23 billion Yen (roughly $247 million / £148 million) — that's a major increase over the 4.9 billion Yen (around $50 million / £33 million) operating loss from three months ago. That's ultimately a loss on the core business of making and selling hardware and software, though as in Q1 a net profit was reported, meaning Nintendo ultimately came out in the black — the net profit for the six months of this year is 600 million Yen (just over $6 million / £3.8 million). That net profit is a substantial decrease on that reported in Q1 this year, which was 8.6 billion yen ($87.8 million / £57.7 million); it's a major improvement on fortunes over the equivalent quarter in 2012, though shows that the last three months have dragged back some of the gains from Q1.

In terms of hardware and software there are more excellent results for the 3DS. In the first six months of this year 3.89 million systems have been sold, which means 2.49 million units have been sold in the last three months, a substantial increase over Q1. Worldwide software sales hit 27.38 million units, meaning over 16 million units in the last quarter alone. In the accompanying note Nintendo references strong sales for Tomodachi Collection in Japan, while Animal Crossing: New Leaf passed two million sales worldwide in the reported period.

The Wii U figures are, perhaps unsurprisingly, far less encouraging. In the six months of this financial year so far 460,000 Wii U systems have been sold worldwide, which means 300,000 units in the last three months when accounting for Q1 — the grisliest figure is for "Other" regions (ie not Japan or The Americas), where Nintendo's report is showing less than 10,000 units sold in half a year. There has been a major improvement in software sales — with Nintendo mentioning Pikmin 3 and the early release in North America and Japan of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD — with over 5.2 million game sales in the last three months.

As of 30th September, the 3DS hardware has reached 34.98 million unit sales, of which 10.66 million are XL models. The Wii U has reached 3.91 million units.

The primary disappointment is, naturally, the Wii U, and the relative failure of Pikmin 3 and other releases to provide a major boost in hardware sales — the software increase is notable, however, and Nintendo will be banking on the next three months (up to 31st December) to drive a major turnaround. Nintendo is still sticking to its projections for the entire year, which means it's targeting a 100 billion Yen operating profit, 18 million 3DS system sales and 9 million Wii U console sales. Both systems and the profits have a long way to go to hit those targets, but the Holiday season has been Nintendo's primary goal for a good period of time.

We'll provide more detailed coverage later in the day. In the meantime, what do you think of these results?


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matirishhh said:

No wonder...everything gets delayed here
I think that only Mario can save this wonderfull machine now...Go Mario Go!



Azooooz said:

This holiday should be Nintendo's big and final chance to improve Wii U hardware sales, because 9 million target units is a long way to go.



JimmyC said:

Hopefully Sales increase through the Holidays.
I know I'm purchasing a Wii U around then. Can't wait to play Super Mario 3D World!



Genesaur said:

The only thing I'm afraid of is Nintendo pulling a Saturn and cutting support for Wii U ahead of time. I really hope the Wii U has a very long lifespan, during which I suspect there will be no huge sales numbers at any given time, but overall lifetime sales will look good, at least by the end of it. We'll see, at any rate.



Mk_II said:

i'm positive that Super Mario 3D World will convince a lot of "fence sitters" and parents to get a Wii U this holiday season.



jrob23 said:

This doesn't even factor in WindWakerHD bundles and game sales. We all know that this was well received globally. All three console makers should not expect to duplicate past gen numbers. The Xbox sold so much because people had to buy multiple consoles due to failure. The PS3 because it was a blu ray players as well, and the Wii because it was a casual gamer fad. I think Nintendo should hope to get 7-8 million by Christmas and 15 million by Xmas 2014 when it should have a very deep library of games including heavy hitters Smash Brothers, Mario Kart 8, and most likely word of a Mario Galaxy, Metroid, Zelda and "X" to keep people excited. If at the end of this gen the Wii U sells 20 million they should consider themselves lucky. Anything more than that will be gravy in this economy. I see around 40 million for the PS4 and slightly less for Xbox One. But Nintendo will make the most profit due to the DS handheld families and their software.



Socar said:

This is still upsetting.....I thought Lost World and Wind Waker HD should have sold the Wii U better by now.....



micronean said:

this is basically a report of what happened this summer. It should not be a surprise for anyone to see these numbers. Even the Europe numbers, we just saw some UK retailers drastically reduce the price of the Wii U, and then remove them altogether. It's the next report (the Fall/winter one) that will really tell the tail if Nintendo has turned it around, but before then, we'll probably see the signs come Christmas shopping trends, and the Sony/MS launches.



ThomasBW84 said:

Bear in mind this covers 1st April to 30th September, so not all releases are factored in.



LoveSugoi said:

Next report will be more interesting. This ultimately didn't say anything that wasn't expected from following this summer. Yeah, and Pokemon.

Ninty are crazy for thinking they'll get 9 million units by close of fiscal year. But I like crazy. Like a crazy push for the holiday season in the NA.



ThomasBW84 said:

@SanderEvers Yeah, as I said in the article, Nintendo mentioned Wind Waker HD due to its earlier release in NA (as a download) and Japan. Physical retail for that one (along with various other titles) will surely be a part of the next quarter's success or otherwise.

I agree with the sentiment that the Q3 results are the big ones, with Ninty betting a lot on a substantial increase in that period.



Yellowgerbil said:

I am fairly happy with this result (especially if it doesn't factor in Pokemon) and I am confident the situation will improve through to Christmas.



mookysam said:

Nintendo must turn things around in Europe this Christmas or physical retailers will simply stop stocking it altogether - if they haven't already.

Still a Nintendo under pressure could well be Nintendo at their best. 2014 could be a great year for Wii U software, just like this year has been for the 3DS.



andreoni79 said:

Pal regions NEED more good localisation and reasonable prices. I can't believe in 2013 we still have games only in english and pay $60 for a 3ds game or $80 for a Wii U game! My sister pass over many games for her children just because of these reasons, while playing many good games like Etrian Odissey or Shin Megami Tensei in a foreign language sounds like we're still in the '90s...



readyletsgo said:

OMG Nintendo of Europe, ADVERTISE the bloody WiiU on TV and Billboards and Newspapers! What is wrong with these guys!?

Do the same agressive advertising like you did with the Wii in 2006/7. Pokemon ad's everywhere on TV and I havent seen a Wii U ad on TV since Dec 2012... The mind boggles. I see PS3 Super Slim ad's everyday and not one for the WiiU.

I dont think Mario (as amazing as it looks now!) is going to save the Wii U this time, due to a serious LACK of knowlodge and what the system can offer.

Stil love mine.



OorWullie said:

Those other regions sales are absolutely frightening.Those is in charge of these regions cannot defend these figures and quite frankly they should lose their jobs!They must have been given sales targets and even in Nintendo's worst case scenario surely they can't have imagined them to be this bad?



boynerdrambling said:

waits for the inevitable "this is what nintendo should do comments" Seriously though if you think Nintendo are just sitting there looking at these figures and not planning any sort of turn around you're crazy. Just because they dont share every plan and decison they make with forum dwellers doesnt mean their isn't one. Calm down guys, they wont drop support for the WIi U, it'll have at least a 5 year cycle, they may not win the generation again but who really cares about trivial stuff like that.



Kolzig said:

Well, I'm not that surprised that Wii U isn't selling in Europe. The only region where "Nintendo is not responsible for the pricing and leaves pricing of hardware and software to the retailers."

In Finland Wii U still costs mostly 379€ which is insane considering the price cut happened almost a month ago and the standard price should be 299€ now. Also all shops here have very small shelf spaces for Wii U and almost non-existing game selections. All games are also very highly priced, like 1st party stuff hitting 69.95€ or even over 70€ in some instances.

I haven't seen any ads anymore for anything regarding Wii U here. For example when a multiplatform game gets released it's only advertised for Xbox, (Xbox One), PS3, (PS4) and PC. Wii U is almost like forgotten.

I would love to get a Wii U, but not with those prices. Also Nintendo needs to sort out it's act and get the proper Nintendo ID working that has interconnectivity with 3DS ID and also sort out the region locking in both devices. I hope the Nintendo ID gets sorted out when they open the eshop purchasing remotely through a mobile app that was supposed to come during the end of this year.

Nintendo of Europe is pretty much a mess as Nintendo doesn't even have a proper presence in all countries. Club Nintendo only exists in a few countries and for example all business in Nordic countries is handled by some Berggsala AB company in Sweden who don't seem to care at all...

I really hope there would be only one Club Nintendo in Europe and that it would be open for all European countries. Also the official Nintendo store is awesome that has opened at least in the UK, but what about all the other countries? I don't think I can easily order stuff from the UK store if I wanted to?

Satoru Iwata should extend his superpowers and take over handling Europe like he did by taking over Nintendo USA.



Spoony_Tech said:

We've already seen a major increase in 3ds sales in Japan so that goal still might be possible. However ill be surprised if Wii U sees more then 5 million!



MkTony7 said:

Nintendo Will get abig profit when Super Mario 3D World comes out. 3DS will be the same with sales doing over 1.3 million over the holidays.



banacheck said:

showing less than 10,000 units sold in half a year.

I think Nintendo are putting all its eggs in one basket banking on Xmas, when Nintendo doesn't hit 9 million Wii U sold what are thay going to be doing then?



Kolzig said:

The new Wii U bundle with Mario Bros U and Luigi U will be a great system seller if priced correctly and is really aggressively advertised.

Especially in Europe there really needs to be a strong push now for Christmas. PS4 is coming and Playstation brand has a strong hold over Europe for over 15 years now already.

And to clarify pricing, I mean Nintendo really needs to take control especially in Europe that the retailers are not cheating with the prices. The new price for Wii U needs to be 299€ all over Europe and then sellers can drop from there if they want to. No more this 379€ nonsense that it is now still in various places.



MKCustodial said:

The Wii U isn't selling in Brazil because all units here are imported from the US and suffer greatly with our stupid taxes. Games end costing the equivalent of 80 dollars or more. And the fact that you can't even access the eStore unless you say you're from the US doesn't help matters at all.



MikeLove said:


Seriously though if you think Nintendo are just sitting there looking at these figures and have planned any sort of turn around you're crazy. Just because they dont share every plan and decison they make with forum dwellers doesnt mean they have one.



Kolzig said:

Maybe not the correct thread to write about this, but I really hope someone at Nintendo in general starts to push for more demos in the 3DS eShop. As the only device I have at the moment that has the eShop, I've noticed there's only about 30 demos in the 3DS eShop. There are about 200 proper games released for 3DS on game cartridges, all those should be also in the eShop and then demo of each there also. That would seriously be amazing.



dumedum said:

Pretty good results as expected. Hopefully the share price will start to increase too.



andreoni79 said:

@Kolzig I recently bought NSMBU only because I found it online at €19.90. In every shop is still 59.90 because this is the price set from Nintendo.

Unfortunately, we have to admit that Nintendo sold a lot of Wii also thanks to shovelware parents bought at supermarkets for € 10/20...



JimLad said:

Thing is, I want a WiiU now. It just about has enough games to warrant me getting one. (If I can find a good price) But I've decided to wait until next year, because I want to make sure it has a future.
If things keep going this way in 2014 it will only be a matter of time before they pull the plug. If they move onto something else, these great games they have planned will probably be ported over. If they stick with the WiiU with these numbers then they're completely mad, but at least I'll know by then it's safe to buy one.



hiptanaka said:

I thought Pikmin 3, The Wonderful 101 and WWHD would make more difference than they did, but in hindsight, they are two niche games and an HD remake. Nintendo's real chance to mass appeal starts now with SM3DW and continues with DK, MK and hopefully some surprise. 9 million by April sounds unlikely, but who knows.



electrolite77 said:

I don't really understand how the Wii U continues to struggle. I own one and really like it. It has a good catalogue of games, I use it constantly (Off TV Play is a godsend for me) and Pikmin 3 has taken over my life.

So how can it be flopping?

  • OK the name was a bad idea
  • OK the design of the console is confusing too, looking too similar to the Wii
  • OK the GamePad is a bad idea. Even Nintendo are struggling to find a proper use for it and it adds a lot to the cost of the machine hindering Nintendo's ability to be competitive on price
  • OK it doesn't seem to be attractive to "core" gamers because of the lack of power for the gigaflops geeks, poor online and lack of so-called "mature" exclusives
  • OK it doesn't seem to appeal to casual gamers with that huge an-Ipad-but-not-as-useful GamePad with it's mass of buttons
  • OK the launch was a disaster. Nintendo said they wanted "core" gamers back then attempted to do it with one exclusive, a load of ports of old PS360 games, a minigame collection (that is no Wii Sports) and a 2D platformer that, while good, could have been done on the SNES
  • OK First-Party support was embarrassingly slow coming
  • OK Third-Party support has fallen away quicker than it left the 32X
  • OK the price is too high for Nintendo to position it effectively as a second console, a tactic that worked well for the Wii
  • OK the VC is a disgrace, being miles behind the Wii at the same stage
  • OK their lack of an online Account system puts people off and continues to hinder a possible revenue stream
  • OK they've blown their head start and now have to face PS4 and XB1

But apart from that I don't see why....they're.....yeah. Right. New console in 2015 then, Nintendo?



Wolfgabe said:

These numbers are somewhat skewed because they don't take into account the 200% increase this month



Emblem said:

Its worth noting that the Wii U has a very good software attachment rate. Hardware is not selling as well as they hoped but it seems Wii U owners are buying a lot of games.

I hope Nintendo can turn it around as i really want to Wii U to be around long enough to see all of Nintendo's franchises make the jump to HD with new games.



ajcismo said:

Its time for Mr.Iwata to give up the reigns and step aside. Nintendo needs new blood at the helm. Granted, these numbers are of no surprise, but there are still plenty of things that are constantly an issue and not being addressed:

  • The VC. This should be a major selling point. The nearly 30 year back catalog should be exploited and marketed towards an older nostalgic gaming crowd. Not to mention all the other systems on the Wii VC and the ones that the U should be using as well. (Dreamcast, GCN, etc) This is a major problem that we keep getting a tinkle of crappy NES titles from 1985. Booo Mr.Iwata, boooooo.
  • Lack of a unified account system. Again, this is a no brainer.
  • Marketing, or should I say "what marketing?"
  • Repair the relationships with the major 3rd parties ie: EA and Activision. As much as it pains me to say this, the Wii U needs CoD and Madden and FIFA, full versions and tech support. I doubt we'll see much effort from either of these companies until Mr.Iwata is no longer in charge.
    This is just my opinion, and I'm a fanboy who loves his Wii U (and 3DS). But I've been around long enough to know that sometimes change is needed and necessary. Mr. Iwata, should graciously step aside before he is told by his shareholders to go.


electrolite77 said:

There isn't a chance of selling 9 million Wii U's this financial year. 8.54million in October-March when Sony are predicting 5 million in that period? No way. Good to aim high though, if the Wii U could get to 7-8 million by the next financial year it would give it a footing (the Wii was at 20 million by the end of 2007, for comparison), and Christmas is usually Nintendo's best period even if this year they could get lost aiming the hype of the new console launches.


The reported 200% increase in the last NPD figures (U.S. only) was in September as a 200% increase over August and accounted for in the period in this report



Marshi said:

I dont know how many more articles I can point out the similarities between the 3ds and wiiu's first year or so! Its getting tiresome hearing you guys go on and on about the "struggling" wiiu. Yes sales are very poor right now,and I fully expect a lack of improvement until we see mario kart, 3d and smash!



unrandomsam said:

By delaying Donkey Kong Country they guaranteed I won't be getting until after Christmas at the earliest.



withoutdk said:

at least i can see that the zelda bundles are getting sold here.... in denmark...
when the mario bundle hits the stores it will sell better also.. but what about some advertising ?



WiiLovePeace said:

Well as long as Nintendo overall make a profit, I'm happy, though I don't own any shares. I hope they achieve their goal 100 billion Yen operating profit, 18 million 3DS system sales and 9 million Wii U console sales by March 2014. I know I'll be contributing to at least some software sales of that total profit



unrandomsam said:

Was part of Super Smash Bros Brawl's success due to its (unblockable) ability to install the Homebrew Channel or not. (I guess we will see).

(Most of the real fans seem to prefer Melee).

For quite a while cheap media playing devices didn't exist other than modded wii's / xboxes. (Now there are so many options it is not really the same).



Samurai_Goroh said:

I'm still getting one this Christmas. I trust Nintendo will keep support for it on a minimum 5 year cycle. This is no Saturn or Dreamcast scenario (SEGA does what Nintendon't, you know?). GameCube sold poorly but Nintendo never gave up either and it has easily one of the most interesting game libraries. As long as things on the handheld front are fine and dandy, having a poor selling home console is a luxury Nintendo (unlike SEGA) can afford. And you know their pride won't let them quit.



plunkettmonster said:

I hope the atleast quadruple the number that they have gotten to date for the year in the last quarter, atleast the ball would be rolling in the right direction. Come on Nintendo you can do it.



MAB said:

With the PSONE struggling to even make it out of the techlab doors due to massive problems Nintendo still has a couple of years to turn the WiiU into 3DS type figures... 3DS is going strong with almost no 3rd party support whereas the WiiU has alot more



Finntendo said:


Ah, a fellow Finn. The pricing is the main reason I rarely buy console games here. Well, I did find Super Mario 3D Land for 19.90. 70€ for the game. It's soon at the same price that dear old SNES games were when I was a child (600mk, yaysies! roughly 100€) And the store that everyone loves GameStop..selliing USED game for 70€.. no matter how little it's been played, it is still used. I feel sorry for everyone, esp moms and dads who haven't discovered online shopping.

The pricing is out of the hand (well, thankfully it's with all the games here).. it all cannot be explained by import and taxes. And the consoleprice itself. One store has sold it for some time in 299, don't know how it's selling.

Holiday season is coming, NOE should really, really do something about the situation.



Andyv01 said:

anyone have any idea's for figures they'll be saving by cutting original Wii production?



Savino said:

I predict a four years console.

Nintendo will launch another console in 2015/16!



DualWielding said:

if they want to improve their numbers outside in the 'others' category they need to be region free. However, Wii U has so many problems that even price cuts and region free would not help that much



Savino said:

@MKCustodial Brazil belongs to sony and MS!
Nintendo doesnt have a great market in consoles here! I know more people who owns and xbox or ps3 than people who own a wii!



Sean_Aaron said:

I have a Wii U and I enjoy it; if it dies next year I'll still own it and enjoy it, but I don't think that's going to happen. Nor do I see Nintendo replacing it with something else quickly since that would mean more R&D spend without guaranteed returns. I absolutely DO NOT think that chasing after the Call of Duty crowd makes sense. People who live and breathe shooters aren't what made the Wii a smash and they aren't going to save the Wii U either. Getting as many Wii owners as possible to make the upgrade is the only solution here unless they do something so radical that no one can predict what it will be.



SetupDisk said:

Gamepad is my favorite controller ever. Once you get used to it, it sucks playing games with anything else. I got a pro at launch but by now I only use the pad except for mulit.



SetupDisk said:

Once October hit all the Wii Us at the local Walmart were gone after sitting there for months and the Zelda bundles were only there a few days, plus a lot of the games have been selling.

I know that's not much of a big deal but it is a nice change.



Gerbwmu said:

Wii U selling poorly.....system is dead.....I mean only 3.91 million units sold for the first 11 months is HORRIBLE.....Oh wait...XBox 360 sold 4.8 million its first year....PS3 sold 5.1 million its first year. 1st year sales for Wii U will be a little over 4 million. Slow yes but not horrid. The system isn't going to be scrapped. Nintendo isn't doomed. I doubt they get to 9 million by April but 8 million is pretty plausible if MK8 and or SSB arrives before April 1st. Probably sell 2.5 million over Christmas alone



MKCustodial said:

@Savino Yes, probably because it was simpler to unlock and pirate games for the PS/PS2 and the original Xbox than it was for the N64 and the Cube. That's why Nintendo originally cut its deal with Gradiente and went home. Not to mention that most gamers down here only care about FPS and soccer games…



Kirk said:

3DS/2DS = Success (after quite a shaky start and quite a large price drop)

Wii U = Failure (so far)

I think Nintendo needs to do a lot more to make the Wii U a success.

Do something, anything, with the TVii service. I mean what the hell? So much potential but it's just utterly pointless for most people right now.

How about integrating the Wii, 3DS and Wii U eShops into one simple unified service. That would be a great start. Why not get GC games and even try and get the likes of Dreamcast games on there too.

Reduce the price of the Virtual Console titles across the board and get a lot more of these older games on there fast so that the service is so compelling some people would even buy the console for that feature alone.

Add a patch that allows people to play back CDs/DVDs/MPEG/AVI on the system. You might not think it's worth it but a lot of people would really appreciate it, including me.

Get that new improved Wii U GamePad battery in all new Wii U systems asap.

Maybe reduce the price a little more to make it even more compelling compared to the upcoming Xbox One and PS4.

Maybe offer a few free download codes for titles in the box when you buy the system so people feel like they are really get great value for money. It's not like the digital versions really add any extra money to the cost of manufacturing the machine.

Also, where's all the TV advertising that shows off how awesome the system is in a way that even the "cool" kids and "adults" can appreciate?

Like this:

There's so many things Nintendo could and should do to help move the system but it's like all the people there are locked in a closet or something because they're just not doing enough.



Ungravitify said:

I stuck with Nintendo when the 3ds was struggling now its the greatest handheld console Ive played and I use it way more then my vita. Im sticking with the wii U for sure I already having a backlog of good wii U games.

One thing nintendo really needs to do is advertise more and set up demo stations for the wii U in more gaming shops.



JayMiller1988 said:

They need to step up their game for this Holiday if they are going to have any chance of trying to make any progress with sales of the Wii U.

Hoping for a 5-year console, so sales better skyrocket (please use absolute values instead of %'s, percentages are misleading) if they're aiming for that.



bizcuthammer said:

I hate to say it, but Wii U is in a hole and i dont see it climbing out any time soon. Xmas will give a slight boost, but i dont know anyone (even younger kids and families) that want a Wii U over a PS4 or Xbone. The perception about Wii U is all over the place, and is mostly negative. Perception is key... No one on the fence is gonna buy a console they keep hearing has no good games, and isnt selling. Not even Mario will save it this time. Nintendo's approach to the Wii U in every way has been bad, and they are to blame for its failures. It isnt a bad system, though it is flawed, it just has no chance due to several errors on nintendo's part. They failed to market it properly, gave it a name that suggests it is nothing more than an HD Wii, gave it a pricetag that wasnt good value in $350, didnt support it with must-have software at launch (or even now), and made yet another console that is mostly inferior to its competition in terms of specs, media outlets and 3rd party support.

Basically, Nintendo made a box for Ninty games that is underpowered, and they expected everyone who bought a Wii to just buy it without question, so they didnt market it. They are paying for those mistakes, and unfortunately so is Wii U. They'll be lucky if Wii U reaches Gamecube sales. I see a very short lifespan in its future, with Ninty jumping ship and announcing its successor in 2016. Hopefully for the next system, they'll have learned their lessons.



SkywardCrowbar said:

The thing is that Pikmin 3 and Wind Waker HD aren't system sellers in unto themselves. They are quality games that add to a quality catalog that overtime becomes filled with enough quality games that gamers look at it and say, "I need this console." So, I'm fine with their sales.

Super Mario 3D World is a system seller. We'll see how it does. Super Smash Bros. is a system seller. We'll see how it does. Mario Kart 8 is a system seller. We'll see how it does. Zelda HD is a system seller. We'll see how it does.

Price cuts and new bundles are system sellers, and now that we've gotten that, we've already seen an increase. These sales figures don't take all of those new bundle related developments into account. I see no reason to panic, and I don't think Nintendo does either. Consoles need a good 2+ years to come into their own. Everyone relax, take a deep breath, and let things play out. The Wii U isn't dead. Not by a long shot.



Captain_Toad said:

Still hasn't been a whole year yet, WiiU sales has bumped up a bit, a lotta WiiU games is around the corner, and so is christmas yeah, WiiU still isn't doomed yet.

@FutureAlphaMale I'm sorry, but that is hilarious. lol



IxnayontheCK said:

We might as well accept that Wii U will NOT be a smash hit. I think we all know that here. The numbers will continue to be crap most likely for the remainder of the console's cycle.
(tho i don't care. I still quite enjoy my wii u)



CliffordB said:

As I always say, I've been a Nintendo fan since the days of the NES, but, for me the Wii U has been a major disappointment, I think Nintendo are to blame in a lot of ways as they just don't do enough "IMO"

The Wii U Virtual Console is a great example of this, it's the one area which could help sell a few more consoles but it's complete crap! and total waste of space, no sign of GameCube hitting the VC which so many people want, still not even had N64 on the Wii U VC yet, truly pathetic effort after all this time.

While the actual Wii U game library is still mediocre, only reason I turn on my Wii U console at the moment is to do the daily/weekly Rayman Legends challenges, for me Rayman Legends is the best game on the Wii U, only WindWaker comes close but as good as it is it's still a ten year (or more) old game.

On top of this the Wii U still feels miles behind the competition in so many areas especially when it comes to online play and DLC and I'm only talking about PS3/Xbox 360 here, once PS4/Xbox One is released the Wii U will look even more ancient.

Then you have things like delays with massive games like Donkey Kong Country, which also don't help, and when the Wii U does get a good (& rare) third party exclusive, like lets say Lego City Undercover, it's held back by terrible loading times which still have not been fixed or even improved, WTF?

Only reason I'm keeping hold of my Wii U is for Mario Kart 8 & Bayonetta 2, apart from these two games everything else seems MEH! at best.



Kirk said:

"Basically, Nintendo made a box for Ninty games that is underpowered, and they expected everyone who bought a Wii to just buy it without question, so they didnt market it. They are paying for those mistakes, and unfortunately so is Wii U."




AJWolfTill said:

I wonder if the great number of delays hitting the ps4 launch library willbe good news for Nintendo over Christmas?



GraveLordXD said:

@Gerbwmu exactly people forget that the 360 and ps3 didn't sell much more their first year and the fact that the Wii u is selling this close behind with no system selling games is an accomplishment. All this crazy talk about the Wii u is dead and Nintendo is going to give up on it or that they should ditch it makes me realize how immature gamers can be at times let alone people still fighting over what system has better specs who cares kinda sad really



marnelljm said:

@Kirk Agreed 100%. I have no reason to pickup a Wii U anytime soon. I have Super Mario 3D Land on my 3DS if I want to play a 3D Mario. Same with NSMB2 over NSMBU. IMO the 3DS is their main system now, all the development is there (Link Between Worlds, Yoshi's New Island, Mario Party Island Tour, Kirby 3DS game).



Savino said:

@CliffordB I agree with you in every single word! And I am like you too, a fan since the NES days!

My WiiU belongs to my kids now, since Iam playing better games on my PS3 and PC!
And like you, my only reason to keep mine is MK8! (Never played bayo, so, not wainting much)

Even that Mario 3D Wolrd is a huge let down to me! (In fact, I am really tired of Mario games)



kereke12 said:

I think Nintendo should just stick with the Wii instead, because seriously I see no improvements. Half Of All The Games Released, third-party have been delayed, or have no features on what others have Example:COD Ghost. Umm lets see what else drop the Wii U game-pad reason why? Because roughly alot of devs are making games for Wii U, that's why Sony said No to the touch-screen because it takes players off the TV. The Only reason why Nintendo is still kicking it, its because the 3ds. I thank God for that. But other then that I see no improvements. I See no marketing on the Wii U, No Advertisement. NOTHING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. I LOVE Nintendo but lately they lost there touch.



GN004Nadleeh said:

i got mine for trade and am still not especially happy, the price is the big problem. $300 is a lot when you see that a ps3 is $200 with 500gb hdd and 2 games, and with the ps4 only $100 more people will take notice. as for a mario game this holliday sounds fun it will still be another year before we 'hear' about a new metroid or zelda then another year to play it.



Pachterkid said:

The Wii U is the worst system I have even owned. The PS4 and the Xbox One will both destroy it in the coming months. Nintendo's own first party content is not enough to make the system a success. What is Nintendo going to do once Mario and Mario Kart and Smash Bros. are released and the sales numbers are STILL awful?

I honestly can't believe that people are still trying to spin the facts and figures here. The system is not a success. Period. Having a small handful of "Nintendo" games released per year is not going to suddenly turn that around. That's not how business works. Sony and Microsoft have games constantly being released for their systems. And look at the Wii U - after its launch it was over 4 months until they released anything new for it, that being Lego City. Is it any surprise that the system hasn't been flying off the shelf?



WebHead said:

Wii U's sales seem bad, but if you recall how the PS3 and 360 started, Wii U isn't doing much worse than those. Global hardware sales-wise, I expect Wii U to be somewhere between the N64 and the SNES at the end of its life.(I'm gonna guess about 40 million.)



GraveLordXD said:

@marnelljm if I remember correctly the cube sold around 25 million so i can see it selling that much or more and the cube didn't have a lot of games for it either it had its gems just like the Wii u will
If anyone thought that the U would sell like the Wii you're crazy
Don't see why as gamers we actually care how many consoles are sold anyway



Yasume said:

Why does it continue to fail? There isn't a single reason to buy it if you compare it to other systems. Simple.



MAB said:

You can bet that the PSONE will flop & flounder around when they eventually get released into the wild... I would give them 2 - 3 years before they start selling well



WebHead said:

@marnelljim The Gamecube Sold about 22 million units globally and the N64 sold about 35 million globally, SNES sold about 50 million globally. So yeah, I think 40 million for Wii U is a reasonable guess.



Rafie said:

@MadAussieBloke Doubt it, but keep telling yourself that.

Seriously guys/gals, slow starts happens for everyone. The Wii U won't be ditched and it shouldn't be. It's phenomenal console and needs the games to really push the hardware.



Pachterkid said:

Nintendo sells less than 500,000 units in 6 months. There are 1.5 million PS4 pre-orders out there. No, no, you're right. Nintendo is fine.

There's no need for me to get a PS4 at launch as I am currently having too much fun with my PS3 to care (and yes, the PS4 launch does not really excite me much.) I'll get my PS4 next summer. I wonder if the Wii U will have crawled over the 5 million mark by then.



AJ_Lethal said:

PS3's first year sales: 5.5 million.
XB360's first year sales: 5.6 million.

Wii U's first 10 month sales: 3.9 million.

See a pattern in here? Yup, year 1 for consoles usually suck until the good games come around. So there's no need to panic now.



WebHead said:

@AJ As I've said, I think 2014 will be the Wii U's comeback year.

At the same time though, this along with past rough starts like 3DS shows that Nintendo needs to plan their system launches better.



MAB said:

Alot of those PSONE preorders were filled by none other than Mr Scroogey McEbay... Will he get the last laugh




PyroIsASpy said:

I think the biggest problem for the Wii U right now is that for a lot of people, it doesn't have a definitive system selling game. A lot of the games that came out this years are good, but they're more games that one would buy if they already had a Wii U, not games that will make you buy a new console to play it. I would be interested in playing WWHD, Pikmin 3 and SM3DW, but it's not enough for me to fork 300$ right now. Pikmin is not their biggest franchise, WWHD is a remake, only SM3DW seems to have the potential to increase sales right now. They need Zelda, Metroid, Smash, Mario Kart, X, games that have dedicated fanbase that will buy a system for a new entry in their favorite franchise.

Hopefully, 2014 will be a good year for the console



Gerbwmu said:

He hit the nail on the head. "Still having too much fun with his PS3 to care" The thing is the XB1 and PS4 will both "struggle" in year 1. Both will be 4-5 million. The difference being 3rd party support won't leave. They won't even think about it. Nintendo has not had a good relationship with 3rd parties since SNES. That is why Nintendo probably ends up 3rd in console sales but lets be realistic....probably 80 million PS4, 55 million XB1 and 40 million Wii U. No one is gonna buy them as a cheap bluray....there is no "great advance" to purchase them for. Most people will stick with PS3 or 360 for as long as they make games for them and as GTA is far more profitable to release a game to 160 million base then make it for a new generation that has 1 million presales each.



rjejr said:

@SkywardCrowbar - "We'll see how it does." Well said top to bottom.

Good news - The Wii U has good games coming for the holidays - SM3DW, Skylanders bundle, Mario & Luigi bundle. It doesnt have GTAV but it has Disney Infintiy. And Wii Fit U and it's obsessive compulsive $20 do-hickey.
It has a price advantage over X1 and PS4. Next year it has DKC, Yoshi's Yarn Planet (unless it's dead), Bayonetta 2, MK8 and SSB (which needs another letter besides U) and maybe "X" by Christmas.

Bad news - for those hopeing for 3DS or Wii like domination the Wii U probably wont outsell PS4 or X1 over the next 5 years.

The N64 and Gamecube didn't sell well but they stuck around long enough to get some good games. I see the Wii U doing the same. Maybe not a reason to celebrate victory, but at least we should have games to play for awhile.

Really wish Amazon US would start selling Wii U though. Just that announcement alone would generate a jump in sales.



electrolite77 said:


Don't get me wrong mate, I personally really like the Gamepad. It's because of Off TV Play that the Wii U gets far more use than any of my other consoles.

I'm just saying that on the whole in terms of being a Selling Point to the masses and a hindrance to getting the consoles price down it's been a disaster. Nintendo would have been better off reducing the consoles price by £80 and selling the Gamepad as an optional extra for those who want Off TV Play



Doma said:

@Yasume Correct. Another Mario or Wii Fit won’t do anything to change that. The market is already oversaturated with fitness crap and games with Mario's face on the cover.

WiiU is truly dead. The only answer now, is to discontinue and double-up on 3DS development!



electrolite77 said:


"Don't see why as gamers we actually care how many consoles are sold anyway"

You're kidding, yes? Just in case you're not, people care because the more consoles that are sold, the more games that are released for it, and the longer the console's life. That's why it's hugely important.



KevTastic84 said:

@jrob23 I think your idea of sales numbers is a little off. PS4 and xbox one will hit higher sales numbers than that for sure.




I'm intrested to see how well the PSk4 and X1 do. I don't know anybody that is getting any of them, all the people I know are happy to stick with the PS3 or 360



GraveLordXD said:

@electrolite77 no not kidding Does Nintendo put money in my pocket? Or yours for that matter? If you don't work for them these numbers mean jack
More consoles sold the more games that are released for it just like the Wii huh a bunch of shovel ware and by what you are telling me since the Wii sold so great why didn't it have a longer life cycle?
All Nintendo systems have around a 5 year life cycle no matter how good it sells
Why should we care so much about petty numbers that don't have anything to do with us? So if the Wii u actually sold 1million more to be pretty much where the ps3 and 360 were at this point you think that would make any difference at all? I sure dont



Vee_Flames said:

I'm still very optimistic, tbh. I really think SM3DW and MK8 will do numbers.
Wow. 3DS is on a roll!



IronMan28 said:

Nintendo should TOTALLY ABANDON Wii U, because everyone knows dropping a product a year after launch is a good idea. I mean, let's not send the wrong message and put games out on the system, games that take time to develop. Seriously, some of you people make my face and palm meet so often it's like the last time Ike and Tina Turner were on a date.



Caryslan said:

@MadAussieBloke And you don't think alot Wii U and 3DS preorders were also not from people who would resell them on Ebay for hundreds of dollars over their normal price? All major new systems since the PS2 have gotten this treatment, regardless of who makes them.

I'm willing to a good portion of Wii U and 3DS preorders were from Ebay sellers who wanted to resell them and thought both would be hot out of the gate given the DS and Wii's success.



JimLad said:

But they're making a loss on each console. I know the other companies do this too but they make up for it in software sold. Nintendo is not selling enough Wii U software for this to work, due to the low install base.



Yoshis_VGM said:

I have a feeling Super Mario 3D World will be the Wii U's saving grace this winter. The most recent trailer(s) show a much different image than what was shown at E3, and it's shaping up to be one of the best 3D Mario games to date. I also think the NSMBU + NSLU bundle will help drive sales too...I think more people will recognize Mario on the box more than Nintendo Land. Nintendo should also consider releasing bundles w/ Super Mario 3D World included...OR they could sell an "Ultimate Mario" bundle which includes NSMBU, NSLU, and SM3DW.

Whatever it takes, I have a feeling the Wii U will start making a comeback this winter.



AJ_Lethal said:

@Daisaku36 yeah, they're right, whoever is suggesting to drop a console that's struggling in it's first year in this site must be a motherflipping business genius . I mean, that worked so well for Sega- OH WAIT, IT DIDN'T.



KnightRider666 said:

I'm taking a chance on the system by grabbing the Super Mario/Luigi U bundle very soon. Let's hope Nintendo recovers from their rocky start.



ClockworkMario said:

@Finntendo @Kolzig

Glad to see some Finns around here. I agree on the price point it's preposterous in some place ahöm gamestop ahöm but with little comparing a bearable price can usually be found. Like I was recently able to preorder AC:IV for 53€ online. The console itself can also be found for cheap nowadays; for example here's Premium Wind Waker Pack for 299€.

@Kolzig raises another good point about the presence of Nintendo outside the few core countries they seem to have in Europe (Germany, Italy, UK etc.). I believe they should have a stronger centralised NOE, with sections for different regions –Fenno-Scandia, the Baltic states, Central-Europe and so on. This way they might be able to provide better services for customers, with proper translations, Nintendo Club and regulated price points.

Of course I'm no business expert, so perhaps there's some reason why they haven't done this already.



SCAR said:

There were people buying Wii Us at retail and selling them on eBay, but it wasn't effective, because there was enough stock to look on eBay and see how ridiculous people were being, then go to the store and buy it for cheaper.



Spideron said:

I can only speak for Norway / Scandinavia where most people don't even KNOW there's a new console from Nintendo! The crappy importer here (Bergsala) don't do ANY advertising etc. Only loyal Nintendo-fans buys WiiU here, most other gamers are waiting for PS4 / XBox One.

The LARGE marked here with money-strong parents aren't aware of the new WiiU and it's possibilities. And we don't even have ClubNintendo here - so there's no incentive to stay loyal and earn points...

I feel Nintendo is too focused on US / Japan, and it's starting to show...



Morph said:

I was always confident the 3ds would come good, once the price was altered it started to fly off the shelves, im not so confident with the wii u. Nintendo struck gold with the wii, it was intuitive, came with its flagship game and people just got it. The fact of the matter is since the nes, nintendo has sold less machines with each generation, wii bucked that trend but only because they attracted the casual gamer with it, the wii u isnt going to convert playstation or xbox gamers so they will need to go for the casual gamer again and im not sure the casual gamer is interested in wii u. Big christmas for nintendo this, the only positive is, the wii u is finally worth buying, 12 months ago it really wasnt and i say this as a nintendo fan



JimLad said:

I don't think they need to make completely new hardware, just re-brand what they have.
Change the name, change the look of the console, drop the tablet (but keep it optional) increase the memory, then re-release it at a budget price the same day Mario Kart is released.

They do hardware revisions on their handhelds all the time, and this way anyone that already bought a Wii U won't be shafted.



fluggy said:

Services to broaden U's appeal might help but a killer title is maybe the only way to salvage it back from the brink pre Christmas... Mario 3D world has to be exceptional .... And I'm not talking like the 3ds version, which is great and earned 90% on metacritic .... unfortunately an average score of 90% isn't good enough now ... It needs a 97-99% system seller! Nintendo know the stakes ... There really isn't any excuse in delivering anything less than exceptional ... as payback to the early adopters for loyalty (nothing on Wii U has interested me this year and mines been gathering dust) as much as to attract new buyers! Games like Super Mario U/ Luigi U, Pikmin 3 and 101 just won't shift units!! ... Hopefully 3D Land will be as incredible as it has to be!!



EdJericho said:

I don't see the Wii U reaching that 9 Million mark when it hasn't even still reached the 4 Million mark (which was originally 5 Million) back at the end of the fiscal year this past March. It's honestly gonna get a lot worse with PS4 and XB1 just lurking a few weeks away.



Cesco said:

IMHO it's quite natural that the Wii U is not selling in Europe.

No FIFA 14

I strongly believe that the lack of both these top-selling football games is a death sentence for a console, as the Sega Dreamcast has teached us in the past.



electrolite77 said:


Oh, you're actually serious. Have to say I'm surprised.

"no not kidding Does Nintendo put money in my pocket? Or yours for that matter? If you don't work for them these numbers mean jack"

The numbers mean less software support and more chance of the machine going the way of the Virtual Boy, Saturn etc.

"More consoles sold the more games that are released for it just like the Wii huh a bunch of shovel ware and by what you are telling me since the Wii sold so great why didn't it have a longer life cycle?"

It's not just shovelware as I'm sure you must really know. The Wii U is already missing out on lots of great third-party games and will miss out on more if it doesn't sell. The Wii was far better supported than the N64 and Gamecube because it sold more.

"All Nintendo systems have around a 5 year life cycle no matter how good it sells"

Yes creaking along with a sparse release schedule of games from Nintendo and no-one else (third-party projects galore cancelled, Nintendo games moved onto the next machine as they're not going to make money) judging by the last couple of years of the N64 and Gamecube. Great.

"Why should we care so much about petty numbers that don't have anything to do with us? So if the Wii u actually sold 1million more to be pretty much where the ps3 and 360 were at this point you think that would make any difference at all? I sure dont"

Yes of course it would. More sales = more software. Maybe Wii U would have seen Battlefield 4, GTA V, FIFA 14, WWE 14 etc. being released and then more people would buy the Wii U, Nintendo would make more money from licensing fees and have a bigger audience for profit from their own software. If third parties make money on this machine they'll support this and future Nintendo machines.

You're arguing against one of the best established and most proven industry truisms here. It's games industry 101. Software sells machines sells software sells machines makes money. If the Wii U bombs and continues to lose money you may find your belief in a 5-year lifespan no matter what For the long term good of Nintendo, sales are vitally important



GraveLordXD said:

@electrolite77 I'm not going to keep at this argument as a gamer myself that owns or has owned every console ever from the Atari days this will not affect me at all I don't care if Nintendo would have sold 1-2 million more consoles, and the cube & 64 had way better 1st party games than the Wii did, do I really care if battlefield 4 comes to Wii u? Should you? If you own multiple consoles who cares? That's my point unless you work for Nintendo or only buy Nintendo products I don't see a problem here. The Wii u is far from Saturn and virtual boy numbers



AJ_Lethal said:

@Cesco Wrong, a kajillion of gallons of blood bled due 3 failed consoles in a row is what killed the Dreamcast and Sega´s hardware division.



feelthesarcasm said:

What I find amazing is that I still don't see ANY WII U commercials. And I'm not talking about the "only for Wii U" games commercials. I mean the actual hardware commercials.

I've seen "Introducing the 2DS" in the last month but can't recall the last Wii U commercial I've seen.



Finntendo said:


Bergsala is also here importer, nowadays but earlier (AMO) wasn't any better. Probably only info you'll get is googling Nintendo. And don't get me started on ClubNintendo. How hard it could be to create one to apply Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Denmark? especially know when we all probably have same importer. yes, 5 small countries but still potential. No adds, no nothing. Console adds you MAY see at ads but otherwise.. you go to stores, there's a small section for N games and loads and loads and loads game for the other consoles. And yet I still meet people, who don't realise there is new console and that WiiU games won't work on Wii

For pricing in Finland, of course sometimes you can see nice prices, like WW LE was 55€ at one place, Pikmin3 could be found for 35€ at release. Hah, Expert doesn't have prices anywhere to be seen, you have to ask. Sellerdude thought I was childish, when I said that I probably won't buy something that I don't see how much it is without asking. But what I don't get, they keep badly selling ones at high prices, too. Well ZombiU, Rabbids Land and Nintendoland have come down in many places, last spring one store had AC3, Tekken and bunch of other games for 20€.

But erm.. what was my point.. oh yes. ADVERTISE, ADVERTISE and mostly... ADVERTISE.



Kolzig said:

@Extremist @Finntendo @ClockworkMario The most disturbing thing is that for example in Finland there is "Club Nintendo", but it's really just a newsletter mailing list and a not updated website for Bergsala. Last update on that site's "what's happening" page is from March.

I didn't realize that Bergsala has been the main cause for Nintendo's bad business in Nordic and Baltic countries since 1981.

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