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Sun 3rd Jul 2011

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LaCru79 commented on Nintendo Profits Dip as amiibo Hits Over 40 Mi...:

For me to...
I have been playing since the NES days and love most Nintendo franchises, but I'm more and more considering buying an Xbox or Playstation console. I'm perfectly fine with the fact that Nintendo is targeting other audiences and trying other things, like going more towards toys. But then again that is not why I'v been buying there systems. I'm not a fan in the sense of brand loyalty, I've been av fan because I love playing most of their games. The thing is, back in the days (NES and SNES) 3rd party was one of the main reasons that you owned a Nintendo system. There was such a great diversity of games and genres, and to top it all of you had Nintendos own franchises. Feels like many of todays "hardcore" Nintendo fans don´t know/forgot this, or maybe they're just victims to cognitive dissonance.



LaCru79 commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Hints at Smaller New Nintendo...:

I for one don´t really care if there are specific software for the New 3DS or not. I fully understand there reluctance to spilt the user base. With that said though I would like if (all) the forthcoming software was utilized to take advantage of the extra power in the hardware like they did with Monster Hunter 4 and Project S.T.E.A.M.
I upgraded from an original 3ds to the New 3DS (not XL) and I love the system. I think the new screen and d-pad does wonders for existing games and that is enough for me.