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Wed 9th Oct 2013

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Ungravitify commented on 3DS XL Given A Close Run by Vita and Vita TV i...:

Good to see that the Wii U hasnt lost too much sales from last week. I'm actually pretty glad that the vita is selling better the more competition for the 3ds the better. Also MH4 and Pokemon X and Y are having a hell of a sales race.



Ungravitify commented on Parent Trap: Helping Newcomers Start Playing P...:

The usual pokemon difference is that each game has exclusive pokemon but the number isn't much very small can't remember the exact number for X and Y and they have the same story but with slight differences. I only own Y so I don't know all the story differences but usually when you pick a pokemon game its better to just chose which legendary pokemon you like better either Xerneas or Yvetal.

On a side note I really need to get back into dark souls :/ I died to an early game boss so much that it killed my enjoyment of the game and I ended up selling it but just today I realize that dark souls was the only game I ever gave up on and I want to buy it again and push through.

Fun fact I bought to prepare to die edition of dark souls and boy was that title appropriate.



Ungravitify commented on Parent Trap: Helping Newcomers Start Playing P...:

@LDXD Its alright man pokemon's main audience is kids to be honest so it kinda is a kiddie thing but its meant for everyone thats why I like it, I'm 20 btw.

X and Y is a perfect starting to point for the teenagers and older since its easier to understand the rpg elements and etc.

Also that avatar of yours is from dark souls right?



Ungravitify commented on EA's Financial Figures Reveal Dismal Wii U Sof...:

While EA themselves have released crappy ports (madden,fifa 13,fifa legacy edition) from a buisness perspective I agree that they should just stay away from the wii U right now they will only be loosing money.

If the wii U suddenly picks up in sales by ALOT and EA decides to comeback to the console and still release crappy ports then there just dumb.



Ungravitify commented on Nintendo Financial Reports Bring Minor Profit,...:

I stuck with Nintendo when the 3ds was struggling now its the greatest handheld console Ive played and I use it way more then my vita. Im sticking with the wii U for sure I already having a backlog of good wii U games.

One thing nintendo really needs to do is advertise more and set up demo stations for the wii U in more gaming shops.



Ungravitify commented on Wii U Isn't Getting Need For Speed: Rivals Tha...:

While I agree that EA released some bad ports in the past criterion worked hard to give us an awesome port of NFS if even after all of that they didn't make any profit it makes sence to not put this game on the Wii U they will be loosing more money. Its all about buisness guys.