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Thu 19th Sep 2013

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PyroIsASpy commented on Matters of Import: Prepare To Die In Fire Embl...:

I don't see why people complain about totally optional DLC. The first time I went through the game, I just rushed through it without ever touching the DLC or spotpass characters. On Lunatic(+), non-DLC isn't even easily achievable withouth spending hours grinding with 1 EXP per battle. There's plenty of people that have beaten Lunatic and Lunatic + without ever grinding. The main use for the DLC is to grind for the Challenge map DLC. And grinding itself isn't that bad when the game doesn't force you to do it and it can even help newcomers. There's absolutelty no one that forces you to grind.

When this game was in development, Nintendo basically told IS that if the next FE didn't sell well, they'd be no more Fire Emblem games. The feel I get from the game is that they took every idea they had and put them in a single game since it could very well be their last and as a way to try to expand the niche of gamers that buy the games. Obviously, the game isn't without its flaws(the story feels like a mash up of three different storylines that has been crammed to fit a limited amount chapters). I understand that some people do not like the game, but I think saying it runed the series and is not an actual FE game is taking it too far.



PyroIsASpy commented on Weirdness: Samus Aran's Metroid Backstory Re-i...:


I think you pointed out what makes fan of the series dislike this game: You liked it because you weren't a big metroid fan. To someone that is unfamiliar to the series, the game is actually decent. But when you consider it in the grand scheme of metroid games, some serious problem arise.

First, the story is extremely bad and full of plot holes and non-sense, but even more, it makes Samus appear weak or useless in the majority of the cutscenes. Samus could have not been on this ship and the events wouldn't change much since she didn't actually do anything story-wise(it also makes the greatest female character in gaming look weak and inefficient).

As for the gameplay, Metroid Other M is an OK action shoot-em-up, but the Metroid series is a game where the central theme is exploration. Other M constantly forces you to go in a certain area and will often lock doors behind you for no other reasons than plot railroading. In other games, you could go in any way you wanted and only be stopped by obstacles that need a particular upgrade that you don't have yet.

Overall, Other M is a problematic game because the fact that its linked to the Metroid Franchise tarnishes the image of said franchise and Samus and it make it seems horrible when compared to all the great titles in the series. I'm pretty sure Other M would have been better received was it a stand alone game not linked to a big Nintendo franchise like Metroid(there is still a problem when you consider that Other M, which was directed by the co-creator of Metroid, feels less like a Metroid game than the Prime Trilogy, which were developed by Miyamoto and an unknown Texan studio)



PyroIsASpy commented on Nintendo Financial Reports Bring Minor Profit,...:

I think the biggest problem for the Wii U right now is that for a lot of people, it doesn't have a definitive system selling game. A lot of the games that came out this years are good, but they're more games that one would buy if they already had a Wii U, not games that will make you buy a new console to play it. I would be interested in playing WWHD, Pikmin 3 and SM3DW, but it's not enough for me to fork 300$ right now. Pikmin is not their biggest franchise, WWHD is a remake, only SM3DW seems to have the potential to increase sales right now. They need Zelda, Metroid, Smash, Mario Kart, X, games that have dedicated fanbase that will buy a system for a new entry in their favorite franchise.

Hopefully, 2014 will be a good year for the console



PyroIsASpy commented on Miyamoto: Retro Studios is High on The List of...:

I personally would be very disappointed with a 3rd person Metroid Title on Wii U. If another studio do one on 3DS i'd be fine with it, but I think that the 1st person Metroid Games really put an emphasis on the exploration of alien worlds. Unlike the fast-paced rhythm of the 3rd person games which included shinesparking and whatnot, the Prime games had Samus walk slowly, crossing unknown and vast planets. You really had time to enjoy how alien the world looked and felt. Also, the Prime games are some of the best looking games of the Wii and GC and the Wii U really needs a game to show off that it can makes beautiful games too.

And if you hadn't figured it out by now, I enjoyed playing the Prime games far more than 3rd person Metroid.