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Paper Mario (N64 / Nintendo 64)

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In this sprawling action-RPG, Mario may be two-dimensional but his adventure is anything but thin! Paper Mario brilliantly blends the heroic plumber's platform antics with a hilarious quest full of offbeat characters and wacky challenges.

Released to critical acclaim in 2001, Paper Mario takes you on an exciting journey through the Mushroom Kingdom to release the Star Spirits imprisoned by a power-hungry Bowser.

Along the way you'll fight enemies in entertaining turn-based battles, team up with a variety of uniquely skilled partners, discover secret minigames and even bake a cake!

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Wii U eShop Review

USA USA Version

Posted by Tim Latshaw

Historical document

Can we take a moment to appreciate just how gloriously wacky it is that a game like Paper Mario exists in the first place? This is an idea that followed in the footsteps of Super Mario RPG, the Square/Nintendo collaboration which in itself marked a big...

Game Review

Virtual Console Review

USA USA Version

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

A two-dimensional adventure which is anything but thin!

Remember Super Mario RPG? It was basically the swansong of the SNES, and though sales for it were fairly poor (Since people had moved on to new consoles and all), the games managed to build up quite a fanbase, and is, nowadays, one of the most popular...

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User Comments (244)



Don-Bon said:

I hope this one comes out. It was the ONLY Paper Mario of the series that I like. I still have it for the 64 but that one doesn't work well.



BJ1 said:

I didn't see this coming. I was thinking that they wouldn't release this game until next year or so, do it being one of the last games on the N64. I WANT IT!



jaye said:

This game was weird and I never thought it could be so fun I mean "Paper Mario" where do they come up with this stuff



Eric42 said:

There are many games that I would rather see come to the console before this one. But if it does come out, I may give it a solid try for once. I bought the game originally when a local video store went out of business (for like $5/10) but yet never really played it. I've always had a lot of other games that I wanted to play.



John said:

I hope this comes out soon. I really like it but never got to finish it and have no way to play it any other way.

__Brett Celinski


Brett Celinski said:

This game was definitely a grower for me. I was underwhelmed when I first played it, expecting a Square-style game but it has become one of my favorite N64 games. However, I lost the cartridge years ago so I'm going to drink myself to sleep now that I recalled that horrible moment.



JNoodles said:

I was waaaaaaaaay overwhelmed when I played it! In my opinion Paper Mario = best Mario RPG. (And yes, I have played SMRPG)



SKTTR said:

this game would be too much of a competitor to SUPER PAPER MARIO.
In Europe anyway, cause we have no Super Paper Mario yet.

I have the feeling this game isn't coming in the next moths. This
it comes out next week as the 100th european game and super paper mario will be delayed to christmas



Wolfman said:

SCkkKatTTrrRrbrain: Or maybe Nintendo will throw Europe a bone for once and release them on the same day. I wish they'd hurry up and give us something we all want... Either Paper Mario or Super Metroid.

I love the Paper Mario series, but when this game first came out I was too young to really appreciate it, so I'm eagerly awaiting the point when I can get it on VC.

Also, let me tell you here that Super Paper Mario is more than a brilliant addition to the series. Despite being almost a totally separate genre, it captures the feel of the previous games quite well, and has one of the strongest stories any video game has had for some time. You come away from it cheering for the characters and missing the ones that are gone, which is very rare.

Since I wasn't old enough to get involved in the original, I hope it proves itself to be the same way. Maybe Nintendo will do something that I know they won't and release Paper Mario and Super Metroid on the same day. Kind of like praying for a Hail Mary pass, but we can dream, can't we?



JNoodles said:

Ok.... I have no doubt in my mind Paper Mario is coming out in late June-early July in both NA and EU. <br> <br>I was really into this game. I beat it almost fifteen times! Through a bad turn of events, (house burnt down) I haven't played Paper Mario for a long, long time folks. <br> <br>And the demanding $60+ price on eBay! Thank goodness my prediction WILL come true!



BJ1 said:

Jonno, I am TERRIBLY sorry that has happened to you. Let's hope and pray that Paper Mario will arrive on the VC, especially since there's not much of a variety of N64 titles on it. Where do you live now, if I may ask?



SKTTR said:

Super Paper Mario is now officially scheduled for 14th september 2007 in Europe.
That means the chances are good that Paper Mario N64 will be released earlier than expected, say July.. maybe.



Bass_X0 said:

I still have the Paper Mario cartridge lying around my bedroom somewhere. I don't play my N64 anymore but I can't bring myself to sell this cartridge. Maybe when its available as a VC download I will. I enjoy Paper Mario more than I did Super Mario RPG.



beefy said:

i have super paper mario, so it will be interesting to see how different the two games are, as i have never played this game before.



Storm101 said:

Yeah, I highly recommend this game. If you liked Super Mario RPG, then you'll love this. If you don't generally like RPG's then you'll probably still like it as this plays a little different and has puzzles in the dungeons to solve sorta like Zelda.



Fearnavigatr said:

This happens to be my very favorite game, and I am very surprised to see it becoming available so soon. The interesting thing about it is that I'm not drawn to it by the gameplay, which is in fact pretty mediocre, but the atmosphere of all those wonderful locales. They always say graphics isn't everything, but I dare claim the very same about gameplay.

I have the original and my Wii is running out of blocks to store my VC games, but nontheless I will not hesitate for a second to download this sweetie. My N64 controller is almost unusable after all...



Jon said:

LOVE this game. Played and beaten it many times. Storyline is great, and gameplay is very interesting and fun. Seperate 'battles' for each foe that you face only adds on to the excitement of the game. Pretty much just an awesome game. You should definately download it if you don't already have it on N64!



Sage said:

Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door was my favourite title released for the gamecube. I've heard wonderful things about this game, too - unfortunately I was never able to play it as a kid. If they do release it on the VC, that would be a godsend because I've really wanted to play it ever since I played through PM:TTYD. If it's half as good as its successor then we're all in for a real treat.



Mark said:

I just got an issue of nintendo power in. They say Paper Mario should be coming out within the month!



JNoodles said:


Oh and, my mistake, Japan is getting it this Tuesday.



SKTTR said:

This was N64's best RPG. It's more fun than the Gamecube sequel or any other Mario RPG for that matter.
Everyone GO GET IT! 1000 Wii Points you'll never spend better.



sco0504 said:

this game came out today in japan so hopefully we will get it soon does anyone know how long this game is



Jazzem said:

Woo! Love this game, and now us Europeans have it =D

It's a whopping 270 blocks as well, but it's worth every single one. Third best N64 game behind OOT and Mario 64 in my book!



DiscoBoy said:

Yay! And my vacation starts today... This game couldn't have come at a better time.
Thank you bigN for this EU-release.



johnsen6 said:

This shows Nintendo's vision for the VC, as the release of a "non Euro" game opens the floodgates (Surely) for all manner of games. I have been looking forward to this and signifies to me what the VC is all about - games most people would never have had a chance to play (although I did not play most old games - there was no way I could afford it!).



Dazza said:

Ben - Paper Mario did get released on October 5, 2001 in Europe



Matrix101 said:

Hi all! Does the game support more than one save slot? (if yes, how many?) Never played it but it looks like this will be my 14th VC download...



Mendez said:

Yeah, there's 4 save slots for the game!
I haven't played it loads yet, but I can already tell what a brilliant game it's going to be!!



So some of our prayers have been heared ^^
anyway ... i'm gonna finish it this time, i used to get lost in chapter 3 :-/



whiteshadow said:

wow, never played this and by the looks of it nobody has a bad word to say about it.Im going to download it right now with my last 1000 points.



Tides_of_Chaos said:

This is probably my favorite game of all time. I've beaten it like 3 times on my N64 version and I am willing to play it FOUR more times. Do not hesitate to buy this one!......unless the Wii version has something wrong with it.



God, They should throw US a freaking bone!
We ain't got squat for games on the VC. I can't wait till this comes out in the US. I bought a points card 4 weeks ago and still have yet to spend it XP



Shortay said:

I've just downloaded this and after playing it for the first time I'm very impressed. The start of the game worried me slightly because of turn-based fights but they just add to the game's individuality and uniqueness.
But the US are already gettin some great Wii games before us so it's nice for europe to catch a break.



James said:

Wow, so this has 14 full 5 star ratings? I've yet to play a Paper Mario game. I don't care if I'm not keen the RPG genre. You cannot argue against this kind of rating!
I'm spending too much on the VC...

__Yosh Man


Yosh Man said:

I have very faint memories of playing this on the N64. I played this game so much my parents threw it away. WAAAAAAAAAAAA! So sad "sniff". I cant wait to get this game so I can finish what I started. Those were the best 8 hours of my life! WAAAAAAAAAA......



EndySWE said:

I'd say most people would like Paper Mario even if they're not in to RPGs. I instantly downloaded this as soon as I got the chance, excellent game only surpassed by its sequel to Gamecube (have not played Super Paper Mario for wii yet)



johnsen6 said:

Dazza - I am getting confused with Super Mario RPG areen't I?!! Well, there goes my argument (I will reiterate it for the aforementioend title). Its still a huge release though and I stand by my own personal reasons for this, as there was never going to be a chance of me affording N64 (or any pre 2002) games back in the day!



Flip13lolb said:

omg it is coming to US today hey, I have a question. Do you know what time of day virtual console games get released?



Shortay said:

Great Addictive Game - I really wanna get The sequel and then obviously Super Paper Mario on Sept 14th!

__Pit 42


Pit 42 said:

I haven't played this game but I've played Super Paper Mario for Wii. Is it just as good?



Cowmansr said:

mario/yoshi: I'm not exactly sure, but I think that US VC releases are at around 10 or 11 AM Pacific Time every Monday. Maybe someone else knows for sure?



SergeEXE said:

CowmanSR: US VC releases come out 12pm EST (I live on the Eastern coast, so yeah)

I really loved this game back on the N64, and I'm so glad it came out so soon here on Virtual Console. Although, I admit, I did not like it as much as SMRPG, but I can't really classify them together as they have completely different tones. Still great though, and a definite download!!!



cartoondream said:

I rented this game once, and the rental copy suffered from random stack overflow errors that would crash the game. I couldn't get very far before it would crash. Years later I was playing another copy that my girlfriend owns and it too crashed as a result of a stack overflow. Anyone else ever have this problem on the original system? I don't need a $10 programming nightmare. Thanks



Peter said:

I have been waiting for this title since I got my Wii on launch day, I just hope they don't stop putting out decent titles in the near future. Maybe we'll get Super Mario RPG soon, that would be quite a treat.



Jonno said:

Gotta disagree with you, Drake. PM > TTYD > SPM

'Magnificent Game Award' from Jonno



yo said:

id better beat super paper mario first lol
im waiting for that truly good game (goldeneye hopefully)
to spend my last points on
im not into the turned based battle system unless its similar to the superstar saga system which you actually do something to determine damage
what is this battle system like?



bngrybt said:

the battle system is very similar to superstar saga actually, where if you time button presses correctly you can avoid or lessen damage from enemy attacks as well as increase damage you give to enemies. at the very start of the game it's not obvious but within the first hour or so you'll get the ability to do it.



Damon said:

I downloaded this last night because I thought Super Paper Mario looked so cool and oldschool before I even bought my Wii. I'm old enough to remember waiting in line for the original NES and right now I'm waiting for my wife to buy it for me for my birthday. In the meantime I though since this came out on VC I'd buy it to see what it's all about. At first I thought it was kind of cheesy and silly, but the more I played it the more I liked it. Now I'm pretty hooked....so it's worth the 10 bucks...just get it.



K1LLEGAL said:

I'm having trouble downloading this from the Virtual console. I paid the 1000 points as it was removed from my balance, but the download failed half way through. I had to add another 1000 points to my balance in order to be able to even click the "download now" button again, thinking that i could re-download for free... but it won't download it keeps coming up with an error... is anyone else having this trouble? Also it keeps saying that when the transaction IS successful I will be left with 500wiipoints againt even though i have 1500wiipoints at the moment. Does this mean its going to charge me again? Can anyone help :S

(Btw i rated this game 5 stars because i had it on my N64 so i know the game really well and i really enjoyed it )



Brian said:

Great game! As many have already said, its a classic and a very fun game to play time and time again. I personally like the GC sequel a tad more but this, imho, is well worth the 1k wii points.



John said:

just wondering...are the instructions for these vc games located somewhere? For those who haven't played this game...how do you know what the controls do?

__Concrete Donkey


Concrete Donkey said:

K1LLEGAL - My first attempt of downloading failed but no wii points were deducted. The second time round I made sure the wii controller was pointed at the screen the whole time, making sure the pad wouldn't fall asleep.

Almost finished replaying the thousand year door, so will be starting this shortly. Had a quick look playing the intro, and it seems just as good as I remember.



K1LLEGAL said:

Thanks for helping Concrete Donkey (lol) but thats not the problem, because now my wii only TRYS to download the game for about literally 2 seconds before it gives up and gives me the same error again and again. Im worried that I wont be able to download it again



Jon said:

great game...if i didn't already have it still working on my n64 (and if i wasn't cheap) i'd totally buy it! lol



TenguTomato said:

Yes all VC games should have the instructions downloaded with them. Start the VC game. Then hit the Home button. Then hit Operations Guide. There should be a menu with everything about the game, including controls. About Paper Mario...I played Super Paper Mario for Wii and didn't care for it. I love Mario RPG. But I never played this one or the one for Gamecube. Is it worth the download? How much like Mario RPG is it?



Jspartan said:

Dude this is an rpg. This is no adventure like platformer like super paper mario.



Daniel said:

I remember buying this game when it first came out. It was fun, but I won't download it again. Great game though.



Sean said:

Great game! I've always been a big fan of the series and I'm extremely happy to have the whole collection of them back on my Wii and to be playing through the original again... I just have one question for you guys though. What's up with the spinning 'N' (Nintendo64 logo) after you return to the game from the Home Menu? It just spins there and makes me wait about 5 seconds before I can play the game again. I've never seen that with any of my other N64 VC Games! Weird...



majoras_insanity said:

You cannot believe how happy I was when I looked up the Wii Shop Channel on July 13, although I sure wish I still had my copy of the Thousand Year Door.



xyz13 said:

It should be made law that every one has to play this game at least once its ace even better than the gamecube version and with improved graphics compared to the n64 cart and for only a 1000 points this has to be the bargain of the century...well done nintendo you've done us proud for once!...H@ppy G@ming mario fans!!!!!



patrick said:

A very good game with plenty fun gameplay. The main problem is the cliche story lines that have appeared so many times. The sequels manage to improve upon this matter, but until you play them, this is still quite the steal



Eric42 said:

As I mentioned I would back in May, I have purchased and downloaded this game and am currently giving it a good try. So far, I like it. I hate the "paper" effect and always have. I think it was one of the major reasons I have never given this game a good try.

I've been wondering... with so many parallels in storyline to Super Mario RPG (like the storyline involving Stars), I wonder if Nintendo meant for this to be a replacement, not just a sequel, to Super Mario RPG.

Nonetheless, so far, I like it, and I'll do my best to play through to the end of the game.

__Tom Kerr


Tom Kerr said:

God I just realised I am really late to download this. Everyone already has it.
I have never played Super Mario RPG (It didnt come out in Europe) and have never played any Paper Mario games before. I have heard nothing bad about it so I thought 'What the hell? £7 is money well spent" And downloaded it about 3 hours ago. I cant wait to get into it. After I have completed it (If I do, that is), I will try and find PM: TTYD, and buy Super Paper Mario, although I hear its not as good.
Hardcore Gamer,
Age 13.

PS: Is there a percentage counter that tells you how much of the game you have completed? Cheers



Razor61289 said:

This is the first Paper Mario game I have played. It's really good. The one thing that does get annoying is that there is so much reading. It's a good game though with really good gameplay. If you like Final Fantasy, you will like this. If you don't like Final Fantasy but like Mario, you will like it.



INpixl said:

This game is great. Hadn't tried this series before, but after playing Paper Mario, I have to hunt down the other games as well. Believe it people. The multiple 5 star ratings on this site is justified.



merc2k said:

Just downloaded papermario as I never played it on my old N64. This game ROCKS!! love it and love the virtual console!!



Stryder said:

OMG, I love Paper Mario! It's just about my favorite game of all time, better than TTYD (although that was good). I had it for a year, and I played it all the time, until it was stolen

I can't wait to get it!



Marioman64 said:

this is the best paper mario in the trilogy! i forget if i already commented here... oh well

i just wanted to say... im in dry dry ruins, and the name of my file is "EAT@JOES"

and you know why it's "EAT@JOES"? because it fits perfectly! try it its funny



Mart said:

@ Tomm Kerr - The game doesnt have a percentage counter as far as i can remember but it does have 7 chapters to is so if you're on chapter 4, you're more than half way through!

Like many i played Thousand year door before this one and loved that one. Didnt think it was possible but this one for the N64 is just as good as its gamecube counterpart. Brilliant.



Suburban_Sensei said:

Right now, I feel that Paper Mario is THE must-have game on the VC. In fact I think I enjoy the original PM more than Super Paper Mario. The RPG elements are fun and simple, the storyline is nice, and at the time this game was really original, and that originality still holds up today(even with the PM sequels). Overall, its a great game, and I think everyone needs to download it to their VC libraries...no exceptions...WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!



Elijah said:

the first paper mario I played and the second I bought (SPM has that honor) I took me six years but I FINALLY bought it.



doorknob60 said:

I don't own a Wii but I have this game for N64 and it is one of my favorite games of all time! It rocks!



Bitfreak said:

This is really a great game!! I've downloaded it to shorten the time until Paper Mario Wii hits the Stores in Europe.

Yesterday i finished Chapter 3... Can't wait to go on with Chapter 4 tonight. ^^

__josh t


josh t said:

this is gonna be my first vc game.( i just got wifi so i can download it! w00t! too bad my connection is just to slow to do mario strikers online...) either way i never bought the game but i played it at my cousins house and i loved it. just didnt' get it cuz the n64 had no life left to it at that point.



Ray said:

Hmm not overly impressed. Spent my last 1k points on it for the month. Lots and lots and ... lots of talking in this game (did I say "lots"? Quadruple that!). Turn based battles are sucky. I like RPGs but not this one. Frankly, I am suspicious of the unadulterated praise in the above reviews.



Damo said:

And so you should be Ray. Nintendo gave us, and all the other guys who left positive feedback, loads of sweets to say it was a good game.

Shocking, eh?



WoRMaSTeR said:

Ray: You propably played it for 15 minutes, the battle system isn't so much turn based because you can do action commands to dodge enemy attacks and do more damage.

It doesn't even have much talk, I mean compare this to any PC RGP (fallout comes to mind) and it doesn't have 1/100 of the speech it has. And most of the suff is hilarious to read, so I really don't know what you are complaining about.

If you really want not to like it you are gonna have to do better than that!



Steph said:

I have it for the N64. This game is very easy, but definitly worth 10$ for the time you'll spend on it. It's not very old either, so 10 bucks is awsome bargain for that game. I always thought this was the best Paper Mario they made.



tank2tank said:

I'm surprised at how similar to thousand year door this is. And that's certainly a good thing! I'm not that far into it but i've already been playing it for longer than most VC gaems!



SamuraiSonic said:

I now have all the Papaer Mario games!!! Although Super Paper Mario was a bit of a disappointment (It's really good, but I prefer the older system - plus, Chapter 4 SUCKS! =( ), this reminded me why I love Paper Mario in the first place. I've now completed it, and am now playing the Thousand Year Door. Even if you don't generally like RPGs, I recommend this to everyone due to the user friendly battle system and exploration.
P.S. Sorry for the long post



BJ1 said:

This game is ten times better than Super Paper Mario. Now between this and The Thousand Year Door?, I actually like them both equally. I'm sorry to say this but Super Paper Mario is not worth the money. It is worth a rent, though.



Joel said:

I've played and beat Thousand Year Door and Super Paper Mario. Super Paper Mario wasn't as good as TYD so I'm hoping that this is as good as TYD.( THY is one of favorite games ever)



Sam said:

I wanna download paper mario on my VC but it says that I can only use either classic controller or a game cube controller, does that mean I can't use the wii remote??



GamerWho said:

When you complete the game and get the end screen do you have to reset the console? I wanted to save after I'd beaten the last boss so I could go back and do all the mini quests but it didn't budge from the "the end" screen. If this is so it's a pain! Don't know if I can be bothered to backtrack all the way from the last save point in the game!



Felius said:

This is the best AUD$15 you could spend on the virtual console, I reckon. Thousand Year Door was my introduction to Paper Mario and I absolutely loved it. Playing through the original Paper Mario on VC was just as much fun.

I finished Super paper Mario on Wii recently - too short, too easy, too "not Paper Mario".. yet still well executed. It just makes me wish for a new RPG-style Paper Mario!



SuperMichael64 said:

Ive had this game for about a month and i must say its a surprisingly solid rpg! I believe its equally as good as the thousand year door. It has cute yet lush graphics, and humorus dialogue, and catchy music that isnt annoying. This is a good deal at 1000 wii points. And should keep you busy for about three months (if your skilled :0)



BJ1 said:

That happened to me too, Andrew. No, you would have to delete the game and start all over. Sorry, that sucks!

Felius, I totally agree. Super Paper Mario was a waste of my time and money.



Drake said:

Honestly - the backtrack through the castle isn't THAT long. Because of all the puzzles you've solved it's just a long straight path, completely devoid of enemies (Assuming you killed everything).



Tandem said:

This is the first serious turn based RPG I've ever played for more than a few hours. I found it to be a really good introduction to genre.

I recommend anyone who has been put off turn-based RPG's because of the complexity or the lack of action to give this game a try.

There are lots of tough decisions to make when you level up or buy badges but the system isn't overly confusing. The way you have to perform actions on the controller in time with attacks and blocks really brings the battles to life and make it a blend of skill and tactics. Sometimes a good tactic can be compromised by failing to get the action spot on.

I have noticed the battles against mixed enemy types tend to be a lot more fun and allow for some pretty ingenious strategies compared to the rather drab single enemy-type battles. I imagine they increase in frequency as you the learning curve increases.

Oh and don't stress too much about wether or not to upgrade your HP, FP or BP at the start. You find some badges early on that essentially allow you to swap the upgrade equivalent of HP for FP or BP.



Link_O_Fett said:

Currently one of the best VC games. For 1000 points, PM will last you a good 20 hours. It's a great adventure full of fun characters and great boss battles. Download it now RPG fans.

__b. lippy


b. lippy said:

this game totally owns man! i lovve it. i got it for my wii VC immediately dudes, best game ever! u will never find a better deal than this man



Sharecrow said:

This was the first game I've played in the Paper Mario series. I was pleasantly surprised--I liked it much more than I thought I would. I recommend it to any fans of turn-based RPG's. It is enjoyable from the beginning to the end.

__Tom H.


Tom H. said:

If SMRPG came out on VC Christmas Eve and I could only buy ONE of the two (not likely, i'll end up buying both, but work with me)...which one should it be and why? (price excluded)



Elliott said:

Oh. My. God.
This was my FAVORITE game for the N64 (and I have some goodies...Ocarina of Time, Super Mario 64, Pokemon Stadium, Kirby 64, Smash Bros., etc.) and I LOVE it! This is the only game I've ever played and I just started bawling because I remember the amazing, childhood days of playing this. DOWNLOAD THIS NOW!



David said:

This was the first game i EVER played. Its my favorite

i beat it on the N64 3 and a half times (N64 broke)

i downloaded it and im on my 2nd run (got it late nov)

TYD beat 7 times- favorite

2nd run of SPM



Tristan said:

This was the best game I ever played.Not just for the N64 either.I used to rent it but someone stole it and now I cant find it anywhere



Clayfrd said:

EASY FIVE STARS! This game is fantastic. I still have the cart, but I bought this on VC for the sake of convenience, and I have no regrets. Since starting a new file, I remember why I spent so much time on this game. There is no excuse not to buy this! For 1000 Wii points, it is about the best deal on VC. Great deal of RPG with platforming peppered in, which is Super Paper Mario inverted. Both are great. On a side note, it is interesting that every Paper Mario is playable on Wii. Anyway, buy now.



Cally said:

Maybe it's my loss, but I couldn't get into this game though I stuck it out to the end. Long before it released it was dubbed "Super Mario RPG 2," which got me excited. But compared to the superlative Super Mario RPG, Paper Mario plays like a baby game with the most incredibly simple battle system I've ever seen in an RPG to the point of feeling like you're trading punches (attacks) with practically no room for genuine strategy. The visual style was all right to me, even if--completely unlike Super Mario RPG--it is extremely light on taking any chances, innovations, or creativity with the Mario universe that we've seen/experienced a thousand times already. (On a sidenote, I felt Nintendo trying to redeem this particular fault with some new stuff in "Mario and Luigi")

On the other hand, I guess the game is nice and low-key, and the easy accessibility and family-friendly atmosphere can feel like a breath of fresh air these days (isn't pretty much every high-profile title M-rated these days? Sheesh). But it's sheer lack of ambition almost breaks it in many aspects in my opinion (the pedestrian story, locations, and battle system).

Points for charm, low-intensity (though consequently kind of boring) stuff. It's not bad--especially for ten bucks--and I actually still strongly recommend it especially because games (or media in general, for that matter) with such innocence seem to come so seldom in recent times, but I do believe Mario's career as an RPG character have seen better times. 4/5



This game is awesome. Just downloaded it to night. I never played it for the 64, didn't think I would like it and I thought the graphics would be cheap also. Boy was I wrong! The graphics are awesome and saving the princess never gets old. I'm only about 2 hours in, but it is so fun so far. Must have as far as I'm concerned. Now I'm gonna have to play the Gamecube Paper Mario when I finish this one. Oh, how the money leaves my pockets



The_shoemaker said:

Yeah this game is great this was the first time I played it and ht's awesome. But It's the worst in the series. For me it goes super paper mario thousand year door then paper mario. Or maybe the original beats the second I dunno



ToadTheMushroom said:

The Paper Mario games are awesome.

The only reason somebody would not download this, is because of all the reading.



Mad_Bomber said:

I think Paper Mario 2 and Super Paper Mario are superior games, but that's the way it should be with sequals even if that is so rarely the case.

Download this now if you've never played it. It is great fun for both Mario and RPG fans. We're still waiting for Super Mario RPG, though. I had a Genesis. I need it now.



Paperfox said:

Quite possibly my favourite game, and the reason for the 'paper' in my name. Yet I never actually owned the game, and (most) rental stores stopped carrying N64 games years ago... I'm going to download this as soon as I get a classic controller.



uncle_smuck said:

After the dissapointment of super paper mario on the wii this game (never released in the EU) is a superb start to the series. Get it now!!



Jonny said:

1000xtimes the game that Super Paper mario is. Probably the best game i've downloaded so far. Definately the best value.



Virus said:

This is a kind of a no-brainer game to get even if you aren't an RPG fan. I'll have to agree with the commenter above; it's the best game I've gotten on the VC so far. It's long, humorous, and downright fun. I'd even say it's better than both its Gamecube and Wii (half-brother) iterations. Get it.



JZLAM said:

Paper Mario is simply great. It's the fourth best game I own for my Wii behind Super Mario Galaxy, Wario Ware Smooth Moves, and Super Mario 64. At just $10 it's a bargain; I got 50 hours of addictive game play out of it before saving Peach. I probably could have gotten 70+ hours out of it if I had more aggressively pursued side missions and explorations. There is great character development and pacing to the game. My only complaint is that some of the side missions can be a bit tedious and pointless. Although, some of the side missions are also quite interesting. The core of the game is great and you can have a lot of fun with this even if you pay little attention to the side missions. After playing this, I can't wait to pick up Super Paper Mario.



Mr_Mat1 said:

I had never played this game until last friday (feb. 8th 2008), I must admit I'm hooked!!! I'm almost finished with it, and I know for sure I'll be getting the second one for GC after this one and then the wii one... Very very nice discovery for me. That's what I love about the VC, you get to try out some games you never had a chance to play, or you replay classics!



Hexxen7 said:

Hmm I am a huge fan of Mario RPG, I like all the RPG elements, turned based fighting with 3 characters..from the reading it seems that this game may have lightened up on the RPG elements...so I am still unsure if I want to spend 10 dollars or not..



GameGod3008 said:

This game is a great RPG. the battle system is quite good, the story is great, funny and clever and the Graphics are nicely done. The was first game i downloaded and i haven't regretted that decision, i embraced it.



Objection said:

My first and so far only, VC title. It took me about a month to beat, so you get your money out of it,as its about 20 hrs long. I enjoyed the combat too and the graphics reminded me of the good ol' days...I guess they were good. 5 stars, but its as big a download as the Internet Channel. (200-250 blocks)



Roo said:

Just completed it today, after a total of 25 hours and 14 minutes playing. That's crackin' value!



Ivan said:

i agree. the tousand year door is the best in the trilogy, but this is still a great game



Marvel_Maniac said:

Just downloaded it. First time play for me. So far its impressive. The fun factor actually increases along with the story, so if you're someone who's just started to play- it does get better. Not sure what my opinion of the whole is yet; of course, I'll figure that out once I beat the thing.



Chester said:

I got really glad when I saw Paper Mario coming out on the VC, because I didn't find it for the N64 when it was supposed to hit the shelves. Anyway, I think the first Paper Mario is the best of the series, and I highly recommend it to any gamer.



konkerdoodle said:

I don't understand why everyone on this thread is so down on Super Paper Mario! It's definitely one of the top five games released for the Wii so far. It's just hard to compare it to Paper Mario directly, as they are surprisingly different games. I am of the opinion that they are both excellent in their own right, and until I play both again I can't really say I have a favorite of the two.



Lurch said:

Paper Mario...the only game that is better valued for 1000 points is Ocarina of time. 5/5



2hip2beskware said:

Loved this game on my 64. Way better than anything on the system except Ocarina and (possibly) Majora's Mask. I'll download it tommorow, after I get my gamecube controller. How similar is TTYD?



Quimby said:

@2hip2beskware this is very similar, but don't be thrown when you can't use your timed button presses to do extra damage... that comes a little while in.
To everyone else who doesn't own this already, DOWNLOAD IT NOW! And then buy the GC sequel Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door because it IS THE best game on GC.
Oh, be warned though, Super Paper Mario is warm sloppy dog poo.



Quimby said:

@2hip2beskware again.
Sorry I missunderstood your question. TTYD is direct sequel and very close to PM64 but TTYD rocks SOOO much harder. Thats why newbies should play PM64 on VC first & then track down TTYD on GC. PM64 is an awesome game, but TTYD leaves it in the dust.



NHKagent said:

I just bought this game today and played it for three hours. So fsr, I think it is the second best gsme on the N64

The best is still Mario Party 3........well in my opinion



WoRMaSTeR said:

@konkerdoodle: "I don't understand why everyone on this thread is so down on Super Paper Mario!" Because it is strictly inferior to it's first two incarnations (not counting Super Mario RPG) and frankly the biggest disappointment on the Wii so far.

This is a very good game and certainly worth the download. Thousand Year Door is a better game, but you cannot get it for 1000 Wii points.



redskinsfan1997 said:

even though i think paper mario the thousand year door is a five and better, paper mario for the n64 is also a great game. paper mario for the n64 is 5 star. paper mario definitely one of the best n64 and vc game.



Kingston said:

Easily the greatest game on the vc.
whether you've played the sequels or not, download now!
Gameplay 9/10
Audio 8.5/10
Graphics 9/10
Lasting appeal 10/10 (Longest VC game that held my attention to defeat: about 8-9 hrs or even more if you read all the dialogue)
Overall 9.5/10



Stu said:

One of the true N64 greats.

Slightly better than TTYD on the GC in my opinion, but there's not much to choose between the two.



konkerdoodle said:

@WoRMaSTeR: GameInformer gave Super Paper Mario a 9.5, IGN an 8.9, GameSpot an 8.8, and GameSpy a four out of five stars. I'm not saying everyone should change their opinion of the game, I'm just saying that this seems to be the only website where the people consistently hate Super Paper Mario...



Clayfrd said:

I own all three Paper Mario games, and this is awesome. I don't know if TTYD is better, but I haven't quite beaten it yet (I have the to find that elusive bob-omb to fire me to the moon). I need to beat TTYD. For some reason, I haven't beaten TTYD or SPM, but I am on the final part of both! I am on World 8-3 on SPM. I love the 64 version, and I have beaten it, but I downloaded it again for convenience and more save files. It is a blast to replay since I probably haven't played it since 2002. I don't know why everyone dislikes SPM. It is an awesome blend of platforming and RPG, it is the funniest so far, and you can play as Luigi! Sorry, I think Luigi is awesome... They need to make a level in some Mario game where Luigi races a bullet bill to a star by using his Green Missile from Smash. Sorry, most of that paragraph was totally unrelated. Anyway, this may be the best N64 game. Oh, and Ocarina fans, first of all, a Link to the Past is better, secondly, I'm a Mario fanboy, don't even try to sway me. This game is 100% recommended.



GameGod3008 said:

I've heard rumors of a DS remake alongside DK64. Apparently, CoroCoro said this. Is that true? Also, i heard something about a Mario Pinball Sequel for the Wii. Any truth in that either?



Bass_X0 said:

I don't understand why everyone on this thread is so down on Super Paper Mario!
Its dull. First time I started, I almost got bored enough to turn it off before I could actually play - the intro was so long and boring. There are also several other places in the game that made me want to give up because I just couldn't be bothered continuing. But I eventually did and I am currently in space... I haven't touched the game in a few months.



couthedman92 said:

You probably thought it sucked because you were expecting more of an RPG. Unfortunately, your feeble mind was unable to process the fact that it falls under a different genre.

Either that or your taste just sucks LOL

P.S. @NintendoNerd Kingston was pretty much right on. Oh, and Luigi's Mansion was terribly crappiful.



Objection said:

Note to everyone: Just because SPM is very different doesn't mean it sucks. It is not Paper Mario-ish really. But it's still pretty good. I will take its prequels over it though.
@couthedman92 You hate Luigi's Mansion? That makes me sad. I just replayed it and still enjoy it as much as I did at launch back in 2001. Even if I did beat it in about 5 hours.



couthedman92 said:

This game is probably the best RPG on the VC (BoF2 is pretty close).
Oh, and Objection_Blaster, I have played Luigi's Mansion as well and yes, it does suck. The only good thing to come from it was the Poltergust Kart on Mario Kart DS. I PWNED with that thing.



Jona said:

this game and series is the best spinoff series ever!!! check it out its worth the time and $



Tannman42 said:

An awesome RPG that i missed out on first time round.Definitely worth 1000 Wii points.



Zeroagean said:

An awesome RPG with a great story line just like all the Paper Mario games. I love this game



TinnyTB said:

I downloaded this VC game by accident and it's one of the best games I have ever played, I don't regret hitting the wrong button!



pApEr_y0sh said:

well... as you can see from my icon, i really, really like PM:TTYD.ive heard this ones better, is this true. ill get it anyways, but i would like to know



Saint_Nick said:

Great game! I mean, anything that allows me to make mario jump in that old skool fashion is a-ok with me. WERD!



Mipsymoodle said:

One Of The Greatest Games Of All Time..........In My Opinion, It Is The Best On The Nintendo 64



calc_nerd said:

Fine, but I'm still waiting for the vc release of the Mario RPG that started it all....(japan people please don't comment)



Ricardo91 said:

^nobody from japan comments here.

I had to move Sin & Punishment AND Toki Tori to an SD card to make room for this one (it took forever), but it was all worth it! It's one of my favorite VC games as of now, right up there w/ Super Metroid and Gunstar Heroes and the like. It's inferior to TTYD in my opinion, but I do like how this game doesn't have audience you need to please all the time. "I'm trying to decide between a jump attack or the hammer! Stop throwing rocks at me!"

One thing that really annoys me about this game is how Mario is the only one who can take damage and use items. I tend to die a lot more in this game than TTYD, since I can't put an ally in front to guard me, and I can't use Mario's supermoves as often since I have to occaisionally waste attacking opportunities to use items.



CanisWolfred said:

This game is one of my favoritest RPG's of all time! It was devilishly simple to pick up and was suprisingly complex. The Cooking system alone brought hours of entertainment. I loved the battle system, and it was the first time I found a turn-based battle system to be fun, and the only one until its sequel.

The badges were one of the more unique parts, as instead of increasing stats, they instill important effects or imbue special attacks, and since you can only equip a certain amount that's dictated by the amount of BP you have, so you have to think hard about what badges you want/need to equip.

The leveling system was also surprisingly deep considering it was an RPG for beginners - when you collect 100 star points, you level up, and then you have to choose which of the three stats you want to increase, and you really have to think about it, it's "do I want to increase my health so I could survive more attacks, do I want to increase FP so I can use more Special Attacks, or do I want to increase my BP, so I can equip more badges?" You have to think long and hard about your decision, and affects you as you go on, and enemies give less and less star points as you level up, eventually to the point were they don't give any star points at all, so you might not be able to go back and level up against weaker enemies if you get stuck, so it's better to pick the right stats to increase when you level up.

I love this game, in fact the only game that out does it for me is it's sequel and Partners in Time, and even still this game is quite enjoyable. I haven't played too many RPG's to be honest with you, and it would be nice to hear of a game better than this, but until then, I'm holding this stance - The Mario RPGs are the best RPGs ever!!!!!

Edit: And another hasty comment that I wrote while under the influence of nostalgia, although this isn't as bad as the others.

While it isn't nearly as complex as I made it out to be, it is a very enjoyable game, and definitely one of my favorites.



AtTheDriveIn92 said:

they're really not lol

but this game is awesome, that's a fact, and everyone should play it, i don't care if you don't think it's hard, it plays like a new wii game, worth your 1000 pts. anyday



Stijnco said:

First I've played The Thousand Year Door on Gamecube, and I loved it. I still play it these days sometimes. Of course I downloaded the original Paper Mario and it was good too, but I'm stuck at that Volcano level but what the heck, I'll get out of it someday:p. To conclusion a really good game, I must-download for the Virtual Console



SRPirate said:

this is probably the best game for the 64, its so much fun to play! have it for 64 but if you dont have it, must buy it from wii shop channel.



MoogleMuffins said:

The first thing I thought when I saw this for the first time as a present when I was younger was "Mario in a RPG?" (I had never played The Super Nintendo Mario RPG). I really didn't think it would work or would be fun. Boy was I wrong, this game is a must for RPG and Mario fans.



LordJamak said:

Never finished this before I dumped the N64. I gotta get this for VC!!! I plan on getting the Wii version and maybe the GC version too, so why not the whole series with the start? Will Mario RPG ever come out?



MoogleMuffins said:

^^ Yeah the other Paper Mario games are great too. And hopefully it'll come out, I've desperatly wanted to play that game since I first heard about it.



Bass_X0 said:

I didn't think Super Paper Mario was all that great. It seriously lacked the charm and appeal from the previous two games in my opinion. I gave up during the space section because i just kept getting lost and really bored.



Bass_X0 said:

"The first thing I thought when I saw this for the first time as a present when I was younger was "Mario in a RPG?" (I had never played The Super Nintendo Mario RPG). I really didn't think it would work or would be fun."

Yeah, Mario in an RPG? What's next - Sonic the Hedgehog wearing armor and carrying a sword!?



FJOJR said:

A great game. Mario really knows how to make an RPG easy to get into.



Haruhiko_Hachirobei said:

Is it wrong that I just cannot get into this no matter what I do? I'm used to more fast paced and hardcore RPGs, and this just doesn't click with me at all.



lockelocke said:

I feel you, man. It took me a long time to get into this game, even as a big fan of SMRPG. The oversimplified design (only two party members at a time in battle, no weapons to equip, the list goes on...) really turned me off at first. My first RPG was FF1, so 10 or 15 years later, this definately felt like a step back. But to the game's credit, I must admit that the longer I stick with the game, the more addictive it becomes. Just stick with it, maybe it will grow on you.

Also, I'm all for a complex RPG (I loved the over the top 'magic equipping' system from FF8), but a super complex RPG like, say, valkyrie profile, becomes just as unengaging to me as a super simple one. So, though I enjoyed SMRPG much more, I don't hate on Paper Mario for trying to appeal to a more general audience.



At first, when I played Paper Mario I was a bit disappointed compared to SMRPG. That game is still the king, but Paper Mario is a very good game. My copy of Paper Mario is still in pristine condition.



StayPuft138 said:

I remember buying this right around the time the N64 was becoming obsolete. It had to be my favorite N64 game.



Marvel_Maniac said:

Actually, of the series, so far I like Super Paper Mario the best. The worst thing about it is that it is SO text heavy, but on the upside it is more involving, with tons of platforming elements to keep me happy. Its charming and inventive with the play on 2/D and 3/d effects.

Well, I finished Paper Mario a while ago and it WAS entertaining- yes. Its a solid game but as I play through SM RPG right now, I realize that it is the superior game even though its not part of the trilogy. The one thing I dislike most about Paper Mario games is the lack of extra combatants. I like having a party to use, not Mario and some random "thing".



lockelocke said:

Just beat Paper Mario a few minutes ago. I gotta say, while it was a little easy, and I still favor SMRPG, the game is pure quality. Highly recommended if you're looking for a casual/relaxed 20 hour game.



Kaluba said:

I have all three Paper Mario games, and I have finished them all. Knowing this, I would say that this is almost, if not just as good as The Thousand Year Door.

There are a ton of good things about this game, and only two bad things in my opinion. They are: 1. This game was short. 2. When you finish the game it does not let you save, and so when you finish the game there are no extras that you can do or unlock. Other than those two things it is a very good game.

I wouldn't call this game "easy" but I wouldn't call it "hard" either. There are some points that make you so mad because you can't beat a certain boss or whatever, and then at other points your dissapointed when something was just to easy. Now, I have had this game on the virtual console since 2007, or when it was released, and so when I say this you know that I know what I'm talking about.



Terra said:

The First game i downloaded was certainly one of the best ones, alongside SMRPG, Sin and Punishment, Super Mario Bros 3, Bomberman '93 and Soldier Blade (I Have Loads, had to clear out 7 Games and Mii Contest Channel).

I Love the sense of humor the game has in particular and it's a solid RPG. It is a great but not greater follow up to SMRPG in my Opinion and i would easily say that it's one of Mario's greatest games, top 10 at least.



gameking23 said:

I agree this is one of the best N64 games I have ever played. The story line was one of the best out of the three paper mario games.



strenny said:

i got into this one after having played super paper mario. This one is way superior. on xmas i'll reward myself with the gamecube version. The best thing about those paper mario games is that kids (if you have any) just love watching someone play. Our 4 year old has so much excitment for the story. Great game for snes-lapsed-gamer generation



blankshore said:

This is brilliant. I didn't "get" this game when I was a kid. It was too complicated for me. This is probably the best virtual console game I've bought thus far (and I've bought many). If you're wondering weather to get this or super mario rpg, I'd go with this one. It's easier to get into and much more fun.



Divock said:

Here's a question: Are Mario RPG's good? Well, do they sound good? Not...really...Did Nintendo care? NO! They made it anyway! A lot of gaming companies made games even though they sounded stupid at the time, but you know what? The Mario RPGs basically say this, "Just because it sound's stupid, doesn't mean it is!" I was born in 1993 and therefore I never owned a Super Nintendo so I never played Super Mario RPG. I did however own a Nintendo 64. I rented this game at a rental store and loved it so much I wanted to not return it, but BUY it! And we did! This was the first RPG and therefore my first Mario RPG I ever played, and I gotta be honest, it survives the test of time. I beat it all over again recently and had almost as much fun! I love this game so much. The main thing I love about it though, is that it tells you that graphics just ain't everything about the game? It may be in 3D but the battles aren't and neither are the characters, well...most of them. I like it better than Super Mario RPG, because their styles are actually pretty different, but they are both epic, so get this game. 5/5. I wish I could give it a 8/5, but I can't.



Gamer1030 said:

I feel as though it was a slight step down from Mario RPG, just because there was only one partner on the side and no square characters. The game also dragged a bit for me, while Mario RPG was very fast paced.

Eh it was still okay, First Strike IS awesome. I also like the graphics more.



cheeseman said:

I like this better than Super Mario RPG. This game has witty dialogue, brilliant puzzles and a unique theme. "Paper Mario" Where do they come up with this stuff? Anyway, This game is fantastic and if you've never played it you NEED to get this. It's one of the best RPGs of all time. I've played every Paper Mario game and this is the best one. (With Thousand Year Door a close 2nd)



HuckleberryHawk said:

A lot of ideas in this game already exists in Mario RPG.
But this one is much better!
Nice graphics and many things to do!
One of the best N64-games.



Goomba2996 said:

An awesome Sequel to smrpg. One of the best games on VC. Download it or you will be sorry.



Mama_Luigi said:

This game is so AWESOME! But the only problem is that you can only have 10 items at a time.
It's one of the best games i've ever played.



Shinnok said:

I believe this game to be better than its successor. The sequel was simply too convoluted for a Mario title. Having said that, I love both entries to death.



CanisWolfred said:

I finally, Finally beat this game! After playing little by little over the past decade, I finally beat it! Such a wonderful game, I can't wait to play it all over again!



MexicanJonny10 said:

idk if i should get it, i have paper mario 2 for the gamecube (love the game, 2nd favorite game of all time) and i already beat it but this looks so similar so its kinda hard to choose whether to buy it or not



Curt said:

You should buy it. It's no doubt one of the best games for the N64.



The_Ink_Pit_Ox said:

I got Paper Mario TYD after being disappointed at the lack of traditional elements in Sunshine. I got hooked on TYD and eventually got Super Paper Mario and have since downloaded Paper Mario and Super Mario RPG. I even have M&L Partners In Time



LGamer said:

LISTEN... Do you like mario games? Yes? Buy it! No? Buy it!
This game is FANTASTIC! If you want a cool, realistic, and long game...
The vote was 10/10 What else do you want?



M00se said:

i really like this but the gc sequel i like a bit more! the wii one dosent even count in the series, just a knock off!



satori7 said:

This Was The Only Game That I KNEW I Would Get On The VC. And I Was Right To Get It.



Klapaucius said:

Anything from £60 if you try to buy the original cart for N64 (if you can find it), so for 1000 points this ia an absolute bargain. The fact that its so awesome is just another reason to download it. I think for anyone who loved Thousand Year Door, or any of the GBA/DS Mario RPGs, then this is a must-have.



Knux said:

Ahhh, Paper Mario....
I rented this game when I was a kid so much that it wasn't even funny. It was the first RPG I played, enjoyed, and beaten. It is one of my favorite RPGs, and it is an absolute steal just for 1000 points.



MarioFan4ever said:

This is one of the best games for the nitendo 64. I would rent it so often that I might as well as owned it unfortunatley it was taken off the shelves to rent before i ever beat it so I've been looking for it for a long time but only just now found it again



Honorio said:

This is probably the best game that I ever downloded for the Wii. The game was amazing and I loved the whole thing.



SuperMarioFan1995 said:

This game was really that good. I enjoyed the whole adventure.

Sorry about my reply that said "IT'S GREAT." to luigiman2. I guess that it's only that person's opinion. Sorry.

Anyway, my proper comment on this truly amazing N64 game, let's start. The first time I tried this game out was on the Project64 emulator (not really good) back in 2008 after I watched all about I think 86 videos from whatever that person's called again on YouTube. After that I decide I want to load up the Project64 emulator and give my first try on this game. Yes folks, I never played this game before in the past when I was a kid (I'm 14). And then another thing is that I wanted to get back to the UK to get my first ever Nintendo Wii console. I waited about 10 days to get my Internet connection up and running again. And then I finally got the game with PERFECT emulation. I also looked up on the Nintendo Channel to see my Game-Play Record. I think it said I played about probably 78 times.

So there you go, that was my story when I gave this game my first try on the stinkin' Project64 emulator. I'm never touching that horrible emulator on the PC again. What a waste.

But still the game rules.



SuperMarioFan1995 said:

I got another story to tell. About its sequel; The Thousand-Year Door.

I played this game about 7 times. But after I got back to the UK, and after I beated this on the Virtual Console for about 4 times, I decide yet again to go to Entertainment Exchange in Maidstone. I picked up the sequel which is my first ever GCN title, The Thousand-Year Door. I was playing that awesome game on the GCN and going through out it until I was stuck in some parts of the game. No guys, I'm not relating that to the Super Paper Mario puzzles, I'm saying that I got stuck in some parts of Paper Mario: TTYD. For an example: do you know about that you need to roll and squeeze through that thing in the X-Naut Fortress? Yeah that. THAT was the difficult segment/part of that game. Anyway, onto my story, I finally got to the hardest (but funnest) Shadow Queen final boss. I was doing pretty good and BEATEN! There you go, The Thousand-Year Door finally done!

I do know Super Paper Mario didn't really live up to the original two. Don't give me wrong, I know that I love that game. But it probably didn't even live up anyways. It was also way too easy to beat. Well... the only hard thing I found in Super Paper Mario was the Flipside and Flopside Pit of 100 Trials challenges (which was extremely challenging and difficult).

Okay, that's my story for this and TTYD. I maybe want to come back and do this game again. I haven't played it for ages and ages since I'm doing TTYD at the moment. This, TTYD and SPM are fantastic games and they always still will be.



Boyoshi said:

I Spent Hours on this game and in my opinion, is worth way more than the 15 Dollars I spent for it!!



Squeezie007 said:

It's an awesome game. I've recommended it to a certain friend of mine, and they are enjoying it alot. ^



lolololololol said:

OMG. I had this game. IT WAS FREAKING BOSS! i got up to chapter six. i never fought that cloud thingy. cuz....wel.... i dont wanna tell.....



Kurachi said:

is this still on wii's VC? cuz they remove lots of games lately, even with nintendo copyrights

i cant get my wii to work atm, gotta look for the cause of that, once i done it, i'll buy this game as my last bought game from a console, since mostly they have motion games, which my handicaps cant handle

and its the last game i could buy with the few points i have left, so gotta hurry up before the weeyuu destroys all of the wii's VC

ok, i got it, yay, will play later

question before i do, is it timed in battles, like FF games... when you wait too long you get hit... that stuff?



razzystar678 said:

I downloaded this from Virtual Console. I still havn't completed it. Frankly, it hasn't been that great! The concept of Mario becoming paper thin, is not exciting. I like the free feeling associated with Mario games, being able to jump around and move is exciting. This game takes away all that, but it is pretty to look at.

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