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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Matrix101 commented on Only Geeks And Otaku Want Extra Storage On The...:

Hi geek friends.
At least this moron implicitly recognised that this is an issue.
I have 800pts left on my account, since months, that will be sent for SMK, when available...
I simply don't buy anymore VC points, and won't until I can have a efficient and permanent storage solution. Period.
Nintendo has the list of all VC downloaded games by Wii, I'm sure they can see the effect of memory full on the sales. For me it's very clear, memory full and no more download, while I was more or less doing an average of 2 VC downloads by month.
Just STOP buying until we have a solution. Full stop. Really.



Matrix101 commented on Talking Point: The State of Play of the Virtua...:

Hi all. Interresting point of view Damo. However, I just have enough space left for Mario Kart (coming soon (?) with MarioKartWii I hope). I also don't have enough time unfortunatly to play all the games downloaded right now.
So for me, I just don't download anything more 'cause I don't want to play "swap the SD card", and I won't download any WiiWare game of course, for the same memory space reason. It's a little off-topic but I'm sure VC fans are facing that annoying space memory problem. After all, the solution is easy: stop downloading. Thus I may find time to play already downloaded games. Sorry bigN, release a storage solution and I'll start pumping again VC titles...
One last thing: I'm waiting for the N64 memory cartridge emulation, to be able for example to have ghost support for MarioKartN64!!!



Matrix101 commented on Paper Mario:

Hi all! Does the game support more than one save slot? (if yes, how many?) Never played it but it looks like this will be my 14th VC download...



Matrix101 commented on F-Zero X:

Hi all. Does the time attack include some ghost mode? I mean, can we compete against our own best time with the related ghost on screen? If yes, is that feature available on that VC version, or is it 'technically disabled' like for the MarioKart64 ghost on the VC? Thanks all.



Matrix101 commented on Star Fox 64:

Hi all. To reply to Micael, for me, the video output (PAL version -I'm located in Belgium-) through the component cable is 576i, like for MarioKart64. No picture quality problem anyway.