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New Zealand

Sun 20th Jan 2008

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accidental commented on First Impressions: Alien Crush Returns:

I've been playing the Japanese WiiWare version, and the game seems shallower to me than Metroid Prime Pinball. There doesn't appear to be as much to interact with on the tables as there is in MPB, although the powerups are really cool and the fact that they regenerate pretty quickly add some strategy. It could just be that because the table design isn't traditional (it's all fleshy and alien-like) that it's not as easy to see the different parts of the 'table' that can be interacted with. Time will reveal more I guess. I've only played through Story Mode once (took about half an hour) but perhaps there will be different challenges on further playthrough's.




accidental commented on Capcom Confirms Mega Man 9 WiiWare Exclusivity:

I had a thought: perhaps the reason it's Wii exclusive, is because it's using the Wii's native NES emulation. This is why it looks and sounds like a NES game – maybe it meant that minimal effort was required to build the game for Wii as opposed to the other systems?



accidental commented on World Sports Competition:

For 5 player TG16 games on Wii Virtual Console you can use any combination of Gamecube controllers & Wii Remotes/Classic Controllers. You can't use a Wii Remote with the Classic Controller plugged in so you're limited to 4 players unless you have a Gamecube Controller. For 5 player Bomberman I used 3 GC controllers and 2 Wii Remotes.