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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Razor61289 commented on Paper Mario:

This is the first Paper Mario game I have played. It's really good. The one thing that does get annoying is that there is so much reading. It's a good game though with really good gameplay. If you like Final Fantasy, you will like this. If you don't like Final Fantasy but like Mario, you will like it.



Razor61289 commented on New Adventure Island:

This game is good but it can be quite difficult. The idea of using a skateboard in some parts is a bit like the classic Simpsons game "Bart's Nightmare" on the SNES. New adventure island is a great platformer with plenty of colour which adds to the fun.



Razor61289 commented on Europe VC Releases - 6th July - Sega Megadrive...:

Come on Paper Mario. The Megadrive games are already on a collection disc. Not really interested in those games because of that. I think that we need to see more Snes platformers or at least a decent N64 game. This is probably good for those Sega fans out there. I am waiting for a Sega game though that isn't on a collection disc and is something I've never heard of. As for the TurboGX. The game is probably quite good but vertical shooting games are not really the type of thing I would play. Wheres the classic Earthworm Jim for Megadrive. Games like that are the stuff of legends!



Razor61289 commented on F-Zero X:

This looks a little like Mario Kart 64. I suppose it would as some of the N64 racing games had a similar style. Looks good. Never really played an F Zero game before so don't know if its any good or not.



Razor61289 commented on Europe VC Releases - 22nd June - Mega Man:

Where's the 3 games a week gone. Wheres Kirby's Deamland 3 or TMNT2. I'm waiting for double dragon and super mario kart on the SNES. I don't think China warrior will be very good. Megaman might be ok.



Razor61289 commented on Adventures of Lolo:

What is this game like. The screenshots look a little like an old game for the NES called Kickle Cubicle which was made by Irem.



Razor61289 commented on World Sports Competition:

Great game but it is a little annoying in one player as you have to batter the controller to pieces to be able to come first. This is probably better in multiplayer. I would steer clear if you plan to play in single player only.



Razor61289 commented on Kirby's Dream Land 3:

Fantastic. Never played a Kirby game until I downloaded Kirby's adventures for NES on VC. Definately going to download this one. Kirby is very underated