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Sat 25th Jul 2009

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M00se commented on Wii U Panorama View Demo is Awesome:

guess i might have to get one before i go to college. hopefully its not going to be like $399 or anything. im hoping for $300-$350 at most, in this economy i cant afford to spend $399 on a game console.



M00se commented on Icon Games: "Nintendo's Policies Put Jobs at R...:

if the wii u has this kind of bs where they have extremely tight restrictions on games made available through online service ill be mad. like ive said before, they should just go with steam for their online needs and can even make it a special Nintendo version of steam that sells Nintendo games and you can use existing steam accounts and such.



M00se commented on Rumour: Wii U Heading for E3 Face-Off with PS4...:

well they will print money with the 3ds and already have with the wii. even if the ps4 and xbox 720 are coming out, graphics cant really get that much better. they will probably crush wii u in terms of power though BUT if its true that wii u will have steam as the online portion and it gets a plethora of 3rd party support and new ip's as well as cater to casual gamers who had the wii, it will take the cake and print even more money.



M00se commented on 3DS Hits 4 Million Console Sales in United States:

i remember back in may/june people were saying the vita is going to destroy the 3ds, but i dont see it destroying anything in japan right now. and of course mario 3d land and mario kart sold over 1 million, everytime i walk into gamestop or best buy theyre sold out of both. good thing i already bought both hehehe



M00se commented on E3 2010: Editorial: Nintendo's Competition:

hahaha microsofts e3 was REALLY pathetic. nintendo had some sequels i want (only zelda and dck for me), but sony has SO many games that they are going to show and ones we havent heard of yet. they might blow us away and make up for microsofts crappy showing!



M00se commented on Wii Least Connected of U.S. Consoles:

well their pathetic online is part to blame! and because nintendo doesnt advertise their games as "online compatible", where as ps3 and 360 do that more!



M00se commented on Miyamoto Hints At Wii 2, Wii HD:

new console maybe in 3 years! now i want games and updates to make the console feel "newer". no reason for another console anytime soon!



M00se commented on Nintendo Insists That Apple's iPad Isn't a Threat:

ipad is not a gaming device. calling a tablet a gaming device is stupid. and the games on it dont even come close to the titles on the ds, they have failure games like nfs shift, mirrors edge and such. for once reggie is right!



M00se commented on Transformers: War for Cybertron Deemed Too Agg...:

well this is the stupidest thing ive ever heard. its like if you named mario galaxy a different name becuase galaxy is too extreme and change it to mario space adventures???? like seriously WTF!?!?!??!?! and the name sounds like a stupid TV show for little kids!



M00se commented on Mothers Against Violence: Violent Games Aren't...:

finally! but i still hate how my parents wont let me play m rated games but im 15 almost 16 and i owned t rated games when i was about 10! im no 10, 10 year olds shouldnt play m rated games but 15-17 year olds it ok in my book! well at least stupid soccer moms will realize that its not the video games!



M00se commented on Review: Super Mario Sunshine (GameCube):

64 and galaxy destroy this game. it doesnt feel like a mario game and what the heck is fludd all about, it destroys the purpose of mario stoping on baddies not spraying him with water. and bowser talking was full of blueberries and he sounded too much like the father of a little boy than a villian. the story was utter pineapple (oooo mario is on an island and has to clean it up whoopdy doo) but some things like the levels were good, but wayyy tooo easy! this is more like a 7/10 (64 is 9 and galaxy is 10)



M00se commented on 3D Motion Gaming Debuts on the DSi:

now, the ds COMPLETLY PWNS the psp. this looks awesome. and it could be used with other games too! also with the new processor, the games can be better and be nicer and smoother to play. this is amazing!



M00se commented on Metroid: Other M Hits June 27th:

so its a side scroller and has a 3d feel where you just point at the screen?? no nunchuck or anything?? this means i can run around in a 3d environment as samus and do what i saw in the preview! dont like it....



M00se commented on Nintendo Patents Touch Screen Rumble Feature:

awesome idea i just had but sucks too! the stylus has the battery life of your DS see and when your ds dies it dies, so to recharge it, you put it in its slot and both the ds and stylus charges! so therefore, when your ds runs out of battery, your stylus does too!