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United Kingdom

Sun 20th Jan 2008

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merc2k commented on Hardware Focus - Nintendo Entertainment System:

AH, they were the days! Like other kids my age I had to save up HARD for the NES console. I was lucky enough to have 2 brothers so while I got the NES my younger brothers clubbed together and got the master system. I left school at the end of the eighties and opened a business selling 8 bit games and games for the NES and Megadrive.



merc2k commented on Star Fox 64:

This game is good, HOWEVER.... Is there a way to change the controls as I don't like the inverted flight control. If I push up and want to go up etc..



merc2k commented on Super Mario World:

RETRO FLASHBACK RETRO FLASHBACK. Just downloaded this and BOY it was fun!! It is as good as I remember WHOO HOO!!



merc2k commented on Paper Mario:

Just downloaded papermario as I never played it on my old N64. This game ROCKS!! love it and love the virtual console!!