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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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jaye commented on Reggie Wants Your Dream Nintendo Franchise/Dev...:

OKAY, Here we go, this stuff could/should be changed but stuff like Mario, Zelda, Kirby, Metroid, and the other 8 IPs need to stay the same. The parings are as follows:
1. StarFox + Treasure, 2. Wave Race + 2k Sports, 3. F- Zero + Sega, 4. ExciteBike + EA, 5.Balloon Fight + 2D Boy, 6.Kid Icarus + Tecmo, 7. Duck Hunt + NamcoBandai, 8. Yoshi Story + ActivisionBlizzard, 9. Mach Rider + Midway, 10. Custom Robo + Capcom, 11. Ice Climbers + Deep Silver, 12. Geist + Konami, 13. Earthbound + Square Enix, 14. Donkey Kong + Atari, 15. Doshin the Giant + Zoonami, 16. 1080 Snowboarding + Neversoft, 17.Pilot Wings + Factor 5, 18. Chibi Robo + Ubisoft, 19. The Legendary Starfy + Majesco Entertainment, 20. Fire Emblem + Koei, 21. Pokemon + BioWare, 22. Pikmin + Codemasters, and 23. Super Smash Bros. + Everyone.
I think if Data Design Interactive works on a Nintendo IP, they may actually do something right in their life and get a chance to redeem themselves. I never thought games could be as terrible as theirs. I'm hoping Nintendo will buy Factor 5. It would be cool.



jaye commented on Paper Mario:

This game was weird and I never thought it could be so fun I mean "Paper Mario" where do they come up with this stuff