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Mon 10th Mar 2008

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Chester commented on RPG Titles Dominate Nintendo Power’s Most Wa...:

I really wish Big N do listen to this. If these games actually gets downloadable, both VC-gamers and Nintendo will earn on it. Everybody wins, basically. There only one game that could be a problem, and that's unfortunatly Chrono Trigger. I read somewhere that CT had some copyright issues that needed to be handled before it could be realesed as a port, or something like that. Better cross fingers for a realese...



Chester commented on Hardware Focus - Super Nintendo:

I really wish that I was born a little while before this console was released back in the days, because I'm aware of all the 16-bit greatness I've missed, especially the RPGs. But still, I've played many of the SNES best games on the GBA though.
Awesome article!



Chester commented on Sin and Punishment:

I have never played such a great pick up and play game, and it was really worth the 1200 points too, in my opinion.



Chester commented on Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards:

Well, Kirby 64 is a little weak in some places, but it's not a bad game, but it isn't the best Kirby game either... Still, I bought it and HAL has proven that a game can be a joy to play even if it could have been better.



Chester commented on Metroid:

This one is worth playing. The difficulty can be cruel sometimes/(all the way), even with a map to follow, but it's a NES game so I forgive it.



Chester commented on Paper Mario:

I got really glad when I saw Paper Mario coming out on the VC, because I didn't find it for the N64 when it was supposed to hit the shelves. Anyway, I think the first Paper Mario is the best of the series, and I highly recommend it to any gamer.



Chester commented on Harvest Moon:

This is one of the most creative ideas for a video game that I have ever seen! I've never felt so relax and addicted at the same time when playing a game. But still, this game isn't exactly for anybody, but I think Harvest Moon is a must have for any VC gamer.