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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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SergeEXE commented on Nintendo Download: Flip Champs, Final Fantasy ...:

I'm waiting for Cave Story at this point, which I know will be much less expensive and yet FAR more enjoyable, and that's saying something considering Final Fantasy IV is my favorite FF game. But Cave Story looks too damn good.



SergeEXE commented on Nintendo Download: Flip Champs, Final Fantasy ...:

The game came out in 12 chapters for Mobile phone release, about a month apart. I'm guessing the same release schedule will follow here as well, just with 9 chapters, meaning that there will be more content per chapter for WiiWare...but still. $32 is too much for a game like that. I was looking forward to the whole game on day 1, considering how long they were working on it, for around 2000 Wii Points, but alas, my hopes were too high.

Edit: Alright, I have to clarify myself here. What they basically did was take the game from mobile phones and stuck it in Widescreen for the Wii. They could have released it all on Day 1, considering someone already said the first additional chapter is already out. It doesn't sound like they added any new content to the mix either, which is disappointing. $32 for a full RPG isn't too much, but considering we have the likes of Breath of Fire II on VC for $8...I just think SquEnix dropped the ball a bit here.



SergeEXE commented on Secret of Mana:

Truly one of Square's best Masterpieces. Everyone who has a Wii should download this, it's ridiculously cheap and fulfilling for a mere 800 Wii Points.



SergeEXE commented on Second Wave of Mega Man 9 DLC Released!:

Oh man, that new stage is evil. They bring back the most annoying boss for it, but Fake Man himself, once you recognize his pattern, isn't that bad.

Jewel Satellite, people.

And I really didn't just give away his weakness, per se. You have to figure out how to maximize your damage with it.



SergeEXE commented on EarthBound:

^^ It's not the most complex of RPG's, but it's far from "kiddy" and still has tons of depth.

The graphics were meant to look the way they are as a satire on modern (at the time) RPG's, with their serious medieval styles. Instead of fighting great beasts and knights, you fight...giant piles of goo and hippies.

It's awesome =P



SergeEXE commented on Review: Dr. Mario Online RX:

@Objection_Blaster: I agree- Puzzle Quest kicks ass. Just kinda stinks Nintendo got the short end of the stick with its versions of it. Oh well, the PC was best suited for that game anyway.

Either way, I'll probably get Dr. Mario because of the good online. Along with Mario Kart, Nintendo seems to be on a roll.



SergeEXE commented on My Pokémon Ranch:

Well, if you store enough Pokemon, then you can get a Mew. Probably the #1 reason to get this game, legitimate Rare Pokemon



SergeEXE commented on Sonic the Hedgehog 3:

@BJ, It has recently been ESRB Rated, so we'll probably be seeing it soon.

Whether or not it has a lock-in function, though, is up for debate at the moment.



SergeEXE commented on Pokemon Snap:

Honestly, the game is worth $10, especially with the new functionality. It gives the game more replay-value, since it's fun taking funny pictures and sending them to your friends, just for kicks.

Also, it is nice and relaxing, and not completely goal-oriented. Very nice if you just want to sit down and have a bit of fun.



SergeEXE commented on F-Zero X:

Truly one of the top games of the N64-era, and worth a download if you loved it then, or need a great feeling of speed. The tracks can range from simple to nuts, and the same goes for the difficulty (Think you were hot stuff playing Standard? Try Expert.)

With tons of tracks and racers, there is no room for boredom in F-Zero X. I rate it 4-5 stars.



SergeEXE commented on Global Inequality on the Virtual Console:

I wouldn't pay 600 points for TMNT anyway, which is why it's not on my VC list.

However, many good points are made in this article, and it was written very well. Perhaps things will be ironed out this year with the Virtual Console, with WiiWare comin out.



SergeEXE commented on Wii Neo Geo Joystick Coming in April:

I like my Hori Fighting Stick, do I don't think I'll have any need of the NeoGeo one.

With the Hori stick, I can play my VC games with Arcade precision, and I can even use it on my computer with Bluetooth for just about anything I want. What more do I need?



SergeEXE commented on Kirby's Dream Land 3 Reclassified by ESRB:

Kirby Dream Land 3 is my favorite Kirby game, other than Superstar, but that's almost a given.

The great artstyle and all of the Heart-Star challenges made this a terrific game, totally worth 800 Wii points



SergeEXE commented on Bubble Bobble:

Ah man, I still have this game for my NES. It's one of my favorite co-op multiplayer games ever. It's fun, addicting, and very difficult at times (Level 57!!!!!) I can't wait for this to come out here in the US.



SergeEXE commented on Paper Mario:

CowmanSR: US VC releases come out 12pm EST (I live on the Eastern coast, so yeah)

I really loved this game back on the N64, and I'm so glad it came out so soon here on Virtual Console. Although, I admit, I did not like it as much as SMRPG, but I can't really classify them together as they have completely different tones. Still great though, and a definite download!!!



SergeEXE commented on Kid Icarus:

Ah, Kid Icarus. Such a classic, and a pioneer for the Password system at that, along with Metroid. Non-Mario platformers didn't really get much better than this. Totally worth the 500 points. (And diablos, Megaman was only good for Megaman 2. STILL my favorite NES game.)