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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Steph commented on Dungeon Explorer:

Me and my friends used to play Gauntlet on the NES all the time. Then came Gauntlet Legends... this one pawned. After some research I found that this game was similar to Gauntlet. We downloaded it and tried it and we love it to death. This game rocks.



Steph commented on Zelda II: The Adventure of Link:

I don't get why people whine so much about Zelda II.
"This is not a real Zelda"... This game is a Zelda, it always will. Like it or don't, fan of the series or not, this will remain a Zelda and will always be part of it.

As for myself, I like how back then games gave us challenges. Today's game aren't challenging at all, just eye candies. This game is awesome and definitely deserve a 4 stars if not 5.
It's not just the challenge, it's the whole game. It's better than MANY games that was made on the NES, one of the best actually.



Steph commented on Kirby's Adventure:

I had this game on the NES long ago, played it to death and had very good memories of this HIGH quality NES game. I decided to download it on Wii and finished it in 3 hours at 100%. It's just too easy, I probably played it too much. The possibility to fly made the game too easy imo. But oh well, i'm 20 yo, I supose I have to pass this game to youngers.

However I don't regret this download. It's a pure classic and collectible. People who never played it won't be disapointed by this HIGH quality NES game. Seriously, this game pushed the NES to his limits. 5 bucks is cheap. Worth it.



Steph commented on Paper Mario:

I have it for the N64. This game is very easy, but definitly worth 10$ for the time you'll spend on it. It's not very old either, so 10 bucks is awsome bargain for that game. I always thought this was the best Paper Mario they made.