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Mon 12th May 2008

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Saint_Nick commented on Devil's Crush:

I am addicted to this stupid thing. It's the ultimate "pick up 'n play" game.

"Ok, I've got 10 min, guess I have time to play a round"



Saint_Nick commented on USA VC Releases: Super Mario RPG and Clu Clu Land:

It's a funny thing but the Xbox has simply nabbed ever good exclusive game. Most games that people wish were PS3 only titles have jumped ship to join the flock over in Microsofts pond.

I supported sony with both there first consoles. On top of that, I had been a loyal costumer with all sony products (cd players, amps, tvs, etc). After both the ps and ps2 broke, several other electronic mishaps later, I have called it quits with that company forever. Plus, skimping out on the emotion chip was just lame. I have no great love for MS, I just prefer them to Sony.

But I will always love Nintendo



Saint_Nick commented on Ys Book I & II:

I dl this title purely based on the review on comments that I saw on this website. Honestly, with it being a game from the late 80's, it's ultra simplistic combat, and its oddly one alpha numeric title, I was skeptical to say the least.

I can safely say after playing it for about 3 hours that my fears were completely unneeded. This is a wonderful package. It is hard to pigeon hole this game but perhaps that is part of it's appeal. It is very unique. Definitely worth the 8 dollars.



Saint_Nick commented on Japanese Virtual Console list - September 2008:

This is good news. If square is willing to put up something as coveted as Secret of Mana, it is only a matter of time before most (if not all) of their rpgs make it to the VC. On the downside, it might be a very, very, very long time until we over here in the US and EU see any fruits from this development.

Anyway you look at this, it's good news!



Saint_Nick commented on USA VC Releases: Star Parodier and Break In:


"Didn't Nintendo give us some rot about having trouble getting expansion-pack games on the VC, though? That would probably be why Majora isn't up there. And don't hold your breath for Goemon's Great Adventure, people. They DEFINITELY claimed that controller pack games weren't doable, and that game is one. So that's the main problem, I guess. If anyone's heard more recent updates about these feature issues, I'd love to hear them."

You're right about the expansion pack limitation but Geoman did not use it. It was a straight up game. The real problem with this game is that it's third party, like Virus alluded to. That and it is much to high of quality to see the daylight on VC.



Saint_Nick commented on USA VC Releases: Star Parodier and Break In:

"I can't say I'm looking forward to Majora's Mask...I have it and I much rather see some other N64 games (Goeman, DK, or Sillicon Valley). I don't mind a surplus of one genre as long as we have a steady flow of games. If we have a steady flow, all games will come in due time."

Oh my God! I totally forgot about Goeman for the N64 (The 2 1/2 side scroller). Yet another title that I am sure Nintendo will neglect to give us.



Saint_Nick commented on USA VC Releases: Star Parodier and Break In:

@FalcoLombardi" Why don't you go ahead and sell your Wii while you're at it? Honestly, I'm sick of these "long time Nintendo fans" who do nothing, but complain about the Wii and support the competition. The Wii has some great exclusives coming out. You're not going to get The Conduit, Mad World, Fatal Frame 4, and Tenchu 4 on the XBOX 360. Enjoy the red ring of death!"

Hey there buddy, I'm not turning against my lovely little white Wii. After all, when it came to what new next-gen system to buy, I picked up the Wii first... and I am totally cool with it as a piece of hardware. Specifically, I'm compelled to play every single Mario outing that Nintendo throws at us.

The Wii still totally has it, I was merely making the point to others that there are two ways to go on this whole "Nintendo has forsaken us" trip. I took the road most traveled and ponied up for a complimentary system to sit along side my beloved Wii... and this is not a new trend. I've done this since the days of SNES vs. GENESIS. As a result, my stock in the VC is very specific. I had almost all these games the first time they came round. There is just a handful of titles I missed. But I digress. The biggest problem NoA is doing, in my eyes, is releasing so many of the games I desire in Japan and then turning around and shoveling tripe down our throats over here. I don't feel betrayed or anything, I'm just an impatient American.

So I bought a different console. Is that so wrong?



Saint_Nick commented on USA VC Releases: Star Parodier and Break In:

This crap is the reason I went out and bought a Xbox 360. I still totally heart my Wii, it's just neglected by publishers/developers/NoA. So the choice to you all is to either a) Nut up and wait out the storm or b) Buy another system that gets better support.



Saint_Nick commented on The Mascott speaks about the Virtual Console!:

I don't throw this term around very often but that was seriously one of the lamest things I have ever seen. It's no wonder people think the internet is teeming with losers and geeks. I have to ask, why put the video link on this site? I mean... is he a icon of some sorts?

It makes me seriously reconsider frequenting this site... I mean, as if retro gaming wasn't attached with a certain amount of stigmas already.



Saint_Nick commented on Top 10 Neo Geo Games We Want To Come To The Vi...:

Windjammers, bar-none. The reason: I remember walking past a video game shop back in the day and I saw the title. Being the proud owner of all the big systems at the time (or so I thought) I assumed it would no problem at all to pick up this wonderful title and play it to my hearts content. Imagine my MASSIVE disappointment when I discovered it was on the NEO-GEO.

Back in the day, I remember that EMG and Game-pro would rarely but occasionally refer to this specialized machine and I would say to myself, "Who's got that kind of money". I thank my lucky stars for VC. Now bring us Pong +!



Saint_Nick commented on Paper Mario:

Great game! I mean, anything that allows me to make mario jump in that old skool fashion is a-ok with me. WERD!



Saint_Nick commented on Elevator Action:

This game is a classic example of what one remembers of a cherished childhood experience not coinciding with how it plays now. Back in the day, I remember this being SO addictive... but now I realize there is absolutely zero depth to this game. I mean, there is three moves: Duck, jump, and shoot. Sure, you can "cleverly" go up an escalator at a specific moment to avoid enemies but if that's about as trick as a game gets, even for an NES game, count me out.

Although, crushing an enemy with the elevator is still a very satisfying kill.



Saint_Nick commented on Blue's Journey:

I can see why people would think that a 2 star review is a bit harsh but personally, I feel like I got pretty burned on this VC purchase. In fact, it was because of this game that I sought out a place that reviewed VC games before I purchased another. At least I can thank Blue's Weak Ass Journey for leading me to this site...