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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Fearnavigatr commented on Battle Lode Runner:

I once had 600 points to spare. Having heard good things about Lode Runner from an earlier generation, and the interesting fact that this game was previously unreleased in the west, I decided to give the newly released Battle version a download. I was severly disappointed.

I can easily play and love older games, but this one didn't appeal to me at all. I probably just stink at it really bad, but attempting a level dozens of times only to fall into the same hole and get stuck at the same place over and over again does not help me enjoy it.

I'm going to be fair. It's a classic game, and I'm a young gamer. If you like those basic and very challenging puzzles from way back, you should certainly check it out. If anything simpler than the average N64 game isn't your cup of tea, avoid. Personally I'm gonna stay slightly below the middle.



Fearnavigatr commented on ActRaiser:

This is an interesting deal. I had never heard of it before the VC release in my entire life, and I was sceptical at first when reading about, having been a bit disappointed by several of the many existing 16-bit platformers before. Eventually I gave it a shot.
The platforming bits are pretty standard. Short sections, but totally sweet, and a good reminder of the better parts of the fourth video game generation.
The simulation, in my eyes, is a simple yet very charming feature. Nothing to glorify like a creation of Will Wright, but it's got what counts and makes this game very unique.

While I didn't find as much appeal to it as many people apparently did, I found it well worth my points. Not the return of Christ, but far from a disappointment.



Fearnavigatr commented on Paper Mario:

This happens to be my very favorite game, and I am very surprised to see it becoming available so soon. The interesting thing about it is that I'm not drawn to it by the gameplay, which is in fact pretty mediocre, but the atmosphere of all those wonderful locales. They always say graphics isn't everything, but I dare claim the very same about gameplay.

I have the original and my Wii is running out of blocks to store my VC games, but nontheless I will not hesitate for a second to download this sweetie. My N64 controller is almost unusable after all...