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Sat 9th Aug 2008

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LordJamak commented on Donkey Kong:

My favorite retro game to date. I will get this game over and over again. NES, Virtual Console, Emulator, etc etc etc...



LordJamak commented on USA VC Releases: Mega Man and Neo Turf Masters:

Wow... Mega Man!!! That's all I can say. Are they going to release all those from the collection? The only ones I had back in the day were Mega Man 2 and 3. I did play the first one a little though and liked it a lot except for the lack of passwords...

As for Neo Turf Masters... is it worth it or is NES Open Tournament Golf the better golf game for VC? I never played it.



LordJamak commented on Excitebike:

Had this on NES, then GBA, then emulator. This is going to be my next VC purchase (I am behind the times a little!!) Has anyone here actually successfully finished the 5th track? I can't remember when I did that last.

Here's a fun way to kill some time... leave the design track empty and put it on mode B, then just ride around on the empty track knocking over everyone else!!! Takes 5 minutes to complete the track, but it's so much fun!!



LordJamak commented on Virtua Fighter 2:

Any chance of Sega Saturn games coming to VC... The first Virtua Fighter I played was on that and was the first 3d fighter I played. Very cool. This game was fun back in the day too. I believe it was the last Genesis game I purchased in 1999.



LordJamak commented on California Games:


Anyone know if or when the US will get these games????
Is there a way to download European games in the US??????



LordJamak commented on Sonic the Hedgehog:

So wait a minute... The Master System was available in the US and is had a nice little run, right? I remember it. Well, when the MegaDrive or Genesis hit, that was Sega's big thing (Genesis meaning origin or rebirth) and then they had Sonic. But the Master System was still around and they went and made Sonic for that? Interesting... and confusing.



LordJamak commented on Baseball:

Gee... a 500 point baseball game. We have Baseball or... um... Bases Loaded. What ever shall we do???

Okay hang on... we have Baseball and Soccer and Ice Hockey but no Pro Wrestling or 10 yard fight??? What the hell is going on here??



LordJamak commented on NES Play Action Football:

I vaguely remember this one. I think I was still doing Tecmo Bowl at this point though. Question: Did this have the NFL license? I can't remember. If so, did they remove it since EA has it exclusively?

And here's another question: Nintendo, Where is 10 Yard Fight?

Anyway, the one reason anyone would have to get this is: It's a FOOTBALL GAME!



LordJamak commented on Tetris Attack:

Let's see... this game for 800 points or Pokemon Puzzle League for 1000 points? Come on Nintendo! Release this. Please?



LordJamak commented on Pac-Man:

I don't know what's cooler. The fact that this is Pac-Man or the fact that this, the ONLY version of Pac-Man that was on the NES, was not even officially licensed by Nintendo. I had this back in the day and now have it in about 500 forms, but I might get this again. It's Pac-Man after all...



LordJamak commented on Dig Dug:

Fun game. This was only a Japanese NES game? Hmmm I must remember it from arcade and other places. Still very fun though. Are we gonna see NES's Dig Dug II on VC?



LordJamak commented on Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream:

Not "THE BEST GAME EVER" but still very good. I have a lot of memories from this one. How to beat the first Don Flamenco with an alternating Left Right Left Right uppercut. How to get a lot of extra hits and stars off of Great Tiger... This might be worth a DL.



LordJamak commented on Pro Wrestling:

Oh man... Starman and the Amazon!!!! Gotta love those old special moves. That flip kick was great. And the head chomping and armpit-flap-noogie thing!!! Hahahaha!!! Move over WWE!!

When is this coming out? I wanna see those victorious words "A Winner Is You!!"



LordJamak commented on NES Open Tournament Golf:

This was the best of all the hit-the-button-3-times style of golf games. Nintendo's original Golf was lame as hell and a few other titles Like Jack Niklaus or whatever it was just didn't cut it. This had replay value aplenty with stroke, match, betting on holes, rankings, and prize money.

I played this for hours and hours with my grandfather on the NES. Now I have it on an emulator, but it just might be worth the money to get it again. If you like golf games, get it!!!



LordJamak commented on The Legend of Zelda:

Played this and finished it more times than I can remember for the NES, on the GameCube collection, and now going through it on an emulator on my laptop. Is it worth the money or Wii points to get this again? I dunno. If you have been gaming for over 20 years like some of us have, yeah it might be good for nostalgia purposes, but maybe not. Plus, this, the second one, Ocarina of Time, and Majora's mask are all on the special GC compilation that is easily obtainable online or at stores like Gamestop or pawn shops.



LordJamak commented on Paper Mario:

Never finished this before I dumped the N64. I gotta get this for VC!!! I plan on getting the Wii version and maybe the GC version too, so why not the whole series with the start? Will Mario RPG ever come out?



LordJamak commented on Columns:

I came to this game late as I was a Tetris head through and through. I bought the Genesis 6-pack in 1999 while away at college. Got hooked on this game!! Got my wife hooked on it too and she ended up downloading this as her first VC game. Still fun to this day.



LordJamak commented on Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels:

I played a little of this on All Stars (never owned a SNES myself until 2003... Just had NES and Genesis back in the day). In college, a friend had imported a Japanese Famicom and had SMB, SMB USA, and... SMB2. Wow!!!!!

I just downloaded my first VC games on Wii after owning it for half a year. Guess what the first one was: LOST LEVELS!!! I forgot how hard this was. I can't even come close to completing it. Well done, nintendo!



LordJamak commented on Vigilante:

Never had a TG16 but with games like this I wish I did. I looked at this one on VC because I thought it was a different game. Then after reading what it was, I figured "Why not?" It's great... tough as hell though. I can't make it past stage 2!!! Here's a tip though... on the Wii remote, A and the B trigger are mapped as rapid-fire buttons and on the GC controller, I believe it's the X and Y buttons. These make your attacks a little easier. Especially with the nunchuks!



LordJamak commented on Tecmo Bowl:

"Hut hut hut hut hut hut hut hut..." Oh man. I forgot how fun this game was. It's tough to remember what teams were really good back in those days. I am a Seattle Seahawks fan but back then (when I was like 9) I was a NY Giants fan. They were good in the game... Seattle was not. Ah the memories.



LordJamak commented on Blades of Steel:

This was the first hockey game I had aside from Ice Hockey for the Atari 2600. Gotta love the simplicity and excitement of the action. Defense involves running into the other team. The goalie automatically knocks down anyone who hits him. AND THE LOSER OF A FIGHT GETS A PENALTY!!!! Ahhhh memories... "Hit the pass!" (or whatever it says)



LordJamak commented on Goldeneye Locked In Legal Limbo:

Alas, this was one of the things I was looking forward to when I got a Wii last year, but I forgot about the fact that it was a Rare game to start and other companies have licensing rights to Bond, etc. I have both a Wii and a 360 so make no mistake about it, I will get it for either. Or find a used N64 and track down the cartridge again... Oh and one more thing: What does this mean for other Rare properties like Killer Instinct or even (laughing in my head) Battletoads?