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Thu 24th Jan 2008

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agent_lime commented on Hudson Releases Onslaught Screenshots:

"When running low on ammo, give the Wii Remote a shake to get back in the game"

So you point with the wii remote to shoot, and you shake it to reload? So that means everytime you reload you have to re-aim afterwards?



agent_lime commented on Mega Man 9 Release Dated For Japan:

I'm probably the only one who doesnt want this. I'm not a big megaman fan, and considering I can get megaman on the VC for 5 dollars, why should I pay 10 for this.
Just my opinion.



agent_lime commented on Top 20 WiiWare Games in America (6th August):

This is so stupid, its not even that cheap either! Why does everyone all of a sudden think that 800 points is a stellar price for something that sounds as fun as "Pong Toss"! How are there even this many people buying it, if anyone has done an ounce of research they would know not to buy it.



agent_lime commented on USA WiiWare Update: Pong Toss:

The thing that ultimately killed star soldier R was that stupid message. Im sure it made lots of people decide against buying it after they alert you it's only 2 levels long.



agent_lime commented on Paradroid:

Doesnt the sound get grating? i couldnt make it 15 seconds through the video without shutting it off.



agent_lime commented on Kid Icarus:

I just downloaded this and its seriously better then super mario bros. It took me an hour 13 just to get to the third level, dying many, many times, (good thing theres unlimited lives), but the challenge adds to the greatness. It never feels unfair, and you will always want to try again. Its very addictive that way. You also get such a feeling of accomplishment when you do finish the level. I cant wait to play the rest!
5 stars.
oh by the way ninja gaiden 2 sucks.



agent_lime commented on Cruis'n USA:

i agree with lando, they need to stop only putting racing games on N64. We aleready have mariokart, F-zero, and wave race.



agent_lime commented on Dead Moon:

2 stars??? are you serious?!? this is my favourite TG16 shooter!!



agent_lime commented on Break In:

looks worse than lunar pool...however i did like lunar pool



agent_lime commented on Adventures of Lolo:

I agree with the comment above me, this game is difficult in a good way, where its challenging and you need your brain. ninja gaiden II, and zelda ALTTP are way unfairly hard.



agent_lime commented on WiiWare Focus: Interview with Nnooo (Pop):

wow, who would have though you could have gotten an interview that long for a game based on popping bubbles...
It seems sorta ok, but 500 points is asking too much in my opinion, because something like this would get old after an hour or 2, but I could be wrong and it might be the greatest bubble popping sim ever!



agent_lime commented on Adventures of Lolo 2:

should i get this one too if i have the first one? i really enjoyed it. Does it have a new catchy music loop?



agent_lime commented on Spelunker:

i actually liked this game as a kid... it can be considered short (the guy in the video) but its actually really challenging and can take a while to figure things out. The one suckish part though is that if you fall a teensy bit you will die.