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United Kingdom

Mon 4th Aug 2008

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lucario13 commented on Top 20 WiiWare Games in USA (8th Oct):

Canada and sweden have the best list.
See this is why i hate ngamer 3* for megaman 9 is sacralige(man i need to learn to spell). ONM is betta they like a challenge.
Shame to see strong bad 2 not doin to well.



lucario13 commented on Paper Mario:

this is my fav game on the vc and its way better IMO than super paper mario wii



lucario13 commented on Streets of Rage 2:

I used to play this with my bro when i was 7 but i was probably more of a hinderence. When i play ed it with ma occassionally we only got to level 6ish. IMO the best megadrive game