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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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JZLAM commented on Review: Toki Tori:

Hey Drake-
How long does it take to make it through the 70 levels? The screens look so simple that it looks like even 70 levels might not provide much play time.
P.S. Nice review



JZLAM commented on Review: Defend Your Castle:

I've been playing this mostly in single player mode. I've got a few hours of enjoyment out of it before I started getting a little bored and my arm started getting tired. I would have thought I'd tire of it sooner, but the game has a simplistic appeal similar to shooting balloons in Wii Play. My only complaint so far is the limited variety of attackers. It seems like they could have easily had more variety of opponents. My kids are busy enjoying Boom Blox at the moment; when they start looking for a new game I'll start them on the multi-player verson of DYC. WWW's rating of "7" is probably a good judgement. I wouldn't call this a must buy game, but it's a good cheap and enjoyable choice to buy if you've got a few hours to burn and you're looking for something new to play.



JZLAM commented on David Braben Lets Fly With a Gust of LostWinds...:

I'm psyched about this game! It looks sure to add to the small handful games top put the Wii-mote to great use, that isn't a mini-game-collection or sport game. Let's hope the execution is as good as the concept. I also hope the game isn't too short; even if it only costs $5-$10, that's still not good value if you only get a few hour of game play out of it.



JZLAM commented on Paper Mario:

Paper Mario is simply great. It's the fourth best game I own for my Wii behind Super Mario Galaxy, Wario Ware Smooth Moves, and Super Mario 64. At just $10 it's a bargain; I got 50 hours of addictive game play out of it before saving Peach. I probably could have gotten 70+ hours out of it if I had more aggressively pursued side missions and explorations. There is great character development and pacing to the game. My only complaint is that some of the side missions can be a bit tedious and pointless. Although, some of the side missions are also quite interesting. The core of the game is great and you can have a lot of fun with this even if you pay little attention to the side missions. After playing this, I can't wait to pick up Super Paper Mario.



JZLAM commented on US VC Releases - 11th February - Harvest Moon:

The topic of the game sounds like it'd be good for younger kids, particularly those kids that like to help in the gardend. Is the game wordy? Do you need good reading skills? Thanks!



JZLAM commented on Wave Race 64:

I downloaded this due to all of the enthusiastic reviews. Frankly, I've never had a tougher time progressing with a game than I have had with this, even on the easiest setting. I don't know if it's my Classic Controller or if I just stink. Is there some trick that I need to figure out to control it well, is the learning curve really steep or should I just give up fast racing games and play chess on-line instead. A tuttorial mode in the game would have been great.