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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Mr_Mat1 commented on Doc Louis' Punch-Out!!:

Just got my code off ebay for 30$!!!!!!! I'm so happy!!!
It sucks for the people in UK...

I'm sure you guys will get it with something even better soon!



Mr_Mat1 commented on Soul Blazer:

I still remember the first time I played that game... I didn't even know what an RPG game was. The graphics, sounds where just out of this world for me at the time. What really helped me enjoy the game from the get go, was the fact that it was Soooo easy to play. Anywoo, can't wait to have it available for download...



Mr_Mat1 commented on Nintendo Download: Wars, Conquests, Rivalries ...:

Bad update. Give me Maro kart snes!!!!!!!!!
I don't know if "Acclaim" / "Midway" are gonna have an agreement for the release of the snes Mortal Kombat series for the virtual console, but that would be great.



Mr_Mat1 commented on New Super Mario Bros. (Wii) E3 Trailer:

Can't wait! It would be nice if they could make it into a wiiware game... I guess with the storage issues it would'nt be available for everybody... wathever, it's gonna be great.



Mr_Mat1 commented on Paper Mario:

I had never played this game until last friday (feb. 8th 2008), I must admit I'm hooked!!! I'm almost finished with it, and I know for sure I'll be getting the second one for GC after this one and then the wii one... Very very nice discovery for me. That's what I love about the VC, you get to try out some games you never had a chance to play, or you replay classics!



Mr_Mat1 commented on New WiiWare game - Pop:

Seems cute, but even if it's free I'm not sure I have enough blocks left (space) on my wii memory. A side from the sandisk slot to transfer data or put pics, do guys know another way to add memory to the wii?



Mr_Mat1 commented on Neutopia:

Got that game last night on my VC after I checked out the comments of other people... BIG MISTAKE! I really don't like it. The music sucks, the plot and manual controls for that little Link wannabe aren't at all what I was expecting. For those of you that like Zelda games, don't expect too much. It's not even close to Zelda even if they pretty much TRIED to copy it.