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Nintendo Download: 27th February (North America)

Posted by Darren Calvert

Professor Layton, Renegade, Tappingo and farming

The time has come, North America, for details of the goodies that'll be available to download on the eShop stores this week. The latest Professor Layton title makes it's arrival on the 3DS, along with some other VC classics and downloadable delights. Without further ado, let's get to it.

Missed the European Nintendo Download update on Monday? Worry not, just click here for the full rundown.

Wii U eShop

My Farm (BiP Media, $TBC) — BiP Media's My Farm series has certainly had a consistent run on the DSi and 3DS online stores, and now steps into the home console market with Wii U. Find out more in our My Farm review.

Wii U Virtual Console

Renegade (Arc System Works, $4.99) — We may think games are violent today, but they weren't exactly hugs with teddy bears in the NES era. The beat'em up genre was rather popular, though this is perhaps one of the weakest of the best known button mashers of the 8-bit era. We'll brawl with it once again, but in the meantime you can see what we thought in our Wii Virtual Console Renegade review.

Wii U eShop Temporary Discounts

Knytt Underground (Ripstone, $6.50 until 3rd March, normally $12.99)

3DS retail

Professor Layton & the Azran Legacy (Nintendo, $TBC) — Available from 28th Feb, this is said to be the last adventure in the series starring the tea-drinking Professor of Archaeology, and if it is a finale then it's a fitting one. Incorporating the simplicity of the DS titles with some 3DS flourishes, this earned 9/10 in our Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy review.

3DS eShop

Tappingo (Goodbye Galaxy Games, $2.99) — This is the studio's 3DS eShop début after its role providing some of the best experiences on DSiWare. A puzzler that has a hint of Picross in its approach, it nevertheless promises a neat twist in the formula and over 100 levels and a time attack mode. We'll figure it out for our review.

3DS Virtual Console

Renegade (Arc System Works, $4.99) — Like on the Wii U Virtual Console, but you can take it with you on the road.

Those are your choices for this week, North America. Let us know if you're planning to pick any of these up in the poll and comments below.

What will you be downloading first this week? (322 votes)

My Farm (Wii U eShop)


Renegade (Wii U Virtual Console)


Knytt Underground (Wii U eShop Temporary Discount)


Professor Layton & the Azran Legacy (3DS retail)


Tappingo (3DS eShop)


Renegade (3DS Virtual Console)


Nothing for me this week


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User Comments (146)



Shotgunryugan said:

Terrible week for the 3DS, but I recently purchased Yoshi's Story, King of Fighters 98 & The Last Blade 2 on the Wii's VC, so I'm good



Captain_Balko said:

Ugh... Not interested in Layton at all, and everything else is garbage... Oh well. Nothing for me this week.



Webby-sama said:

I am sadface.

Though I really need to update my avatar because it's smiling. So inappropriate.



Blast said:

This was a horrible selection. I gotta stop getting excited for these updates.



gaby_gabito said:

Looks like Tropical Freeze will have to hold me over. It's so difficult that it's going to take forever to beat anyway lol



sevex said:

I'm pretty excited for the new Layton, but I just finished the last one so I'll wait a bit.



Pichubby said:

I wonder, if the Wii Shop channel is going under, will Club Nintendo go only for 3Ds and Wii U downloads?



Pichubby said:

@rjejr Yup, just downloaded it, it's pretty good, but a little confusing... I don't know where it's placed in the timeline.



TrueWiiMaster said:

I might get Knytt Underground at that price. I'm not sure if it's my type of game or not, but for that price, and with the 20% off eshop credit going at Best Buy, and the Deluxe Program, I might give it a shot.



TreesenHauser said:

@Pichubby According to Nintendo's page, Wii Shop channel isn't closing down when the Wi-Fi Connection gets shut off. But I imagine Club Nintendo will begin emphasizing Wii U and 3DS downloads in the future.



XCWarrior said:

Wow..... just, wow. Indy devs need to get their games done and on the eshop. You will have no competition currently.




3dcaleb said:

what a joke. eshop cards go on sale and then a record breaking amount of nothing. this sucks.



sinalefa said:

Tappingo, and maybe Knytt. That is a 50% discount. Other than that, a weak week.



TonyBoySP said:

They close online services for over 30 titles in a day, and give you just one old virtual console game per week...

Nintendo, once again, what are you thinking???



HugoSmits said:

Hey guys, go pick up Tappingo (for only 2.99!!) and I promise to all the people who think this weekly update sucks; it will be the best eshop NA week ever!



Shy_Guy said:

Whoever is in charge on the VC seriously should be fired... Once again nothing for me.



sr388survivor said:

@Of_Folsense What are you doing being all positive? Don't you know you're supposed to complain about everything?

Yeah, definitely picking up Tappingo and I'm glad I waited to pick up Knytt Underground.



Mommar said:

Knytt Underground for $6.50? Whoever doesn't have the game should take that opportunity.



allav866 said:

The only thing good this week is the Layton game, but I'm not a fan of those. This is just a bad week for both 3DS and Wii U.



Darknyht said:

Owned Renegade as a kid. It wasn't as well done as Double Dragon I or II, but it had it's charm once you learned to how to exploit it to your advantage.



YouGotRobes said:

I come here every week to see the update because this site posts it before anywhere else. I always leave enraged because of the criminally neglected 3DS VC.

I also leave confused, because a lot of the comments here are so Pro-Nintendo.

I signed up just now, after months of lurking to congratulate you guys. The comments today are finally as disgusted as I've been with the product they're not supplying.



TheHunter said:

How can anybody bash a week that includes a new Layton game, especially one rated so highly? I can't wait to pick it up.



Nintendo64Dude said:

BOOOOOO!!! Where's Super Mario Bros. 3?

Does NOA really have to delay the (currently...) most wanted Virtual Console game so many times?!?!? It can't be TBD forever!



tchaten said:


In times of droughts - why not go hog wild with your Virtual Console! The one person spending their time doing VC needs to be expanded to a team to make that service sing!



speedyboris said:

While the VC still desperately needs SMB3 (and, to a lesser extent, Lost Levels), I hadn't been too annoyed since the start of 2014 because we had been getting some quality VC titles anyway to tide me over. But Renegade? Baaaaaad choice. Please have next week's VC selection be better.



Ralizah said:

I don't understand why a lot of these terrible games get released on the VC, but classics like SMB3 and the original Contra are a no-show on the 3DS.

Definitely downloading Tappingo later today, though. Sounds like fun. I already have Layton pre-ordered, so no need to download it.



allav866 said:

Super Mario Bros. 3 is one if the games featured in the upcoming NES Remix 2. Considering that all the games in NES Remix were released before the game was released, I'm sure Super Mario Bros. 3 will appear on the eShop within the next 8 weeks.



TruenoGT said:

Wow, pulling out all the stops this week. Thank goodness for the ol' backlog!



Capt_N said:

Nothing for me this week, at least from this week's update. I'm saving for Shantae And the Pirate's Curse(Shantae:AtPC), & have enough extra to get something small, like a Gameboy, or Color (VC) game.



andreoni79 said:

Stop complaining! If you bought Renegade for Wii U VC, now you can spend the same money again to play on the 3DS! Sony should learn how to make money with digital!!!



JadedGamer said:

So much hope every Thursday,only to be let down...again! Il be buying professor Layton MM just as soon as the price drops. I think it's only20 used at gamestop



daveh30 said:

Weak. hopefully there was a discount or 2 that didn't get included in the press release...



1upsuper said:

No Sayonara Umihara Kawase. That's incredibly disappointing, given it was already delayed once, and now the February release window has passed. I think I'm just going to import a physical copy at this point.



Rezalack said:

@Blast If you get excited about these updates, you're gonna have a bad time. I care so little about these now that I forget about them completely until I see them pop up on the front page. I suggest you do the same.



Ryno said:

Nintendo is doing us all a favor and making sure we keep our money!



Mrclaycoat said:

I had a feeling Knytt Underground would go on sale at some point, glad I waited for tonight is the night! Anyone know what the memory size is?



Noonch said:

Nintendo could probably make more money asking for donations than trying to sell this virtual console garbage.



mr_nihilism said:

A whole lot of absolutely nothing. Doesn't matter as I have Bravely Default to waste countless hours on.



KoopaTrooper said:

Disappointment again. I really thought after the poor sales figures and all the press conference's Nintendo would come out of the gate swinging. This is just sad. And still no SMB3. I wish some journalist would get to the bottom of that. Are we getting a remake or HD version or is it just sitting there and they decided "Nope not for NA"



Marioman64 said:

also i recommend everyone get knytt underground, as it's already good for full price, discounts make everything better



Capt_N said:

@KoopaTrooper: It is indeed possible (that) we may get SMB3, as a 3d Classic. I can totally see Nintendo doing that. I can also see them releasing SMA4:SMB3, if they think they could make more that way, which they could, alone on the fact it's a GBA game, rather than Nes. However, I doubt that Nintendo would make proper, or/if any use, of the e-Card section of that game, which would totally be smart for profits. Unless they're willing to do such, I see no real reason to d/l the game, other than to have SMB3 on the go. For that, however, I still have the actual cart, & an Nes GBA SP.



Pokefanmum82 said:

getting the physical version of professor layton because i can get it for 39.99 instead of 44.99 that everywhere else in canada is charging.



vonseux said:

those virtual console game should really be cross-plataform

I still have to catch up with Layton series ;~~
this new game looks amazing



Scon said:

Aaaaaaaaaaaand SMB3 is nowhere to be seen... (Upcoming Titles on eShop doesn't count, it has been already there for almost 4 months!!!)



FluttershyGuy said:

Well, I may spend a buck to upgrade Renegade to VC... Or I may not, dunno. I know I'd be more enthusiastic if I ever had the choice, every now and then, of titles that have not already been available on Wii VC for years! I couldn't be much more dissatisfied with the VC service in general.

3DS VC is really getting the short end of the stick, as Wii U VC will be getting GBA & DS, while 3DS will likely continue to see repeat NES titles! I'd at least like to see some more Game Boy titles sometimes, like the Mega Mans Capcom mentioned ages ago!

I really don't like to complain, but I think I may give Nintendo an earful in Club Nintendo surveys. Not that I expect it to do any good, but just to vent.

On the bright side, at least the latest NES Wii VC repeat was gotten out of the way for both Wii U and 3DS this week! No disrespect to Renegade. Fond memories of it as a kid, and it was the father of beat 'em ups, like Double Dragon, and Final Fight! 👊



Wanderhope said:

Come on, guys, Professor Layton's the best. Miracle Mask is my 3rd most played 3DS game, behind only Fire Emblem: Awakening and Animal Crossing.

Your indifference to this amazing THERE'S puzzle worth solving.



NESguy94 said:

I will definitely be downloading Tappingo and I will pick up a physical copy of Professor Layton when I get a chance.



KillerGBH said:

zZzZz wake me up when they release a virtual console sucess , so tired of those noname games



Tsusasi said:

Back when the Wii VC really hit it's stride, and especially when it was announced imports were heading to the system, I knew plenty of people who bought the system just to load it up with VC games. At it's current price point, I don't see that happening with the Wii U, but it could shove some people off of the fence. Nintendo needs to step up their VC game across the board.



burninmylight said:



Guess I'll be downloading that and Knytt Underground, and I've finally decided to quit screwing around with not getting Rage of the Gladiator. I should have bought that game years ago.



Superryanworld said:

And the polls speak for the people yet again.I think Nintendo should do a virtual console survey to get a better idea what it's fans would like to see out of the service,but I guess Nintendo know's what we want more than we do.



Tony_342 said:

Well, that's it for February and still no Wooden Sen'Sey or Ittle Dew. Looks like March and April are going to be jam packed with eShop releases.



Tops said:

Tappingo looks like fun so I'll look into it but LAYTON for the win! Physical copy here I come!!!!



JustinH said:

Not a great week for the 3DS, but this might be the worst Wii U week to date.



BinaryFragger said:

Great job NoA, instead of Super Mario Bros 3 and other great classics from your extensive back catalog, we get Renegade. I really do feel that you don't want my money. That's OK, they'res a great PSN sale this week. I'll get some games for my Vita instead.



brandonbwii said:

Aside from the terribly underutilized Virtual Console, I don't see what all the fuss is about. There's a discount for a game many were on the fence about. There's Layton. There's CastleStorm DLC. There's the potential filled Tappingo. At least two of those I'm not interested in and it's still a solid week overall.



Shotgunryugan said:

@burninmylight Sorry for the late reply, but yeah The Last Blade 2 has been out for awhile now, I just finally got the time on my backlog of games to buy it
Most of the last Wii VC games that came out were NeoGeo games, which I'm really thankful for because I'm a big fan of fighting games and never had the chance to try most SNK games



OGGamer said:

The wifi on the wii is getting shut off and instead flooding us with the wii vc games for wii u we get these crap games ? Just release the whole catalog of Wii vc games for wii u and 3ds already nintendo ! This is getting stupid . Although march is looking good for the eshop , but still ...



Tops said:

Hey, why are Tappingo and Quell Reflect more on the Canadian eShop than the advertised North American prices!? I don't like this sneaky business....



brandonbwii said:

I never understood why they don't just ROM dump. Wii already has a vast library of VC titles available, why can't they all be released near the same time with Miiverse/GamePad integration?

Also enough with the NES games on 3DS. I was hooked on the idea of obscure Game Boy games I missed out on, now it's just the same stuff already available on the Wii Shop.

C'mon, give me Mega Man V GB and Kid Dracula already!



Steveovig said:

Man, Nintendo really does deserve to be in the position they're in, in regards to business.



Mario-Man-Child said:

What is wrong with you guys. If you want to download a VC game just go to the Wii shop in Wii mode on your Wii U.



LoveSugoi said:

Darn, the last two weeks were actually pretty good. Guess we're back to zilch. Whatever, still need to catch up on those aforementioned two weeks anyway, I'll give Layton a spin at a later date maybe when it's on sale since I've never played an entry before.



jgibson75 said:

I have some interest in Tappingo for 3DS. So I may get it. Otherwise, another slow week.



Depeche said:

Is it that hard to get games published? Be nice if we could get.a retro baseball game like baseball stars...just thought I would through that out there.



BooJoh said:

Is it that hard to not complain about an eShop update? This week we're getting what looks to be a great indie puzzler in the vein of Picross and on this very page people are saying this is a crap update and indie devs need to get their games up. HELLO??? THERE'S ONE RIGHT THERE! Every update is crap if you refuse to even look into games you've never heard of.

Sure, I'd love to see a higher profile VC game or something, but I've come to expect "filler" eShop updates on weeks that NOA releases a retail game. And just because you've never heard of an eShop game (ie - Tappingo) doesn't mean it's shovelware.



Superryanworld said:

@Falco If I have to resort to using wii mode a year from now I'm giving up on the wii u vc.I do have a decent vc collection on 3ds that ive built since launch,but that was a long wait for link's awakening,Mario land 2,and many others.



JaxonH said:


Hey, PS3 is a good system. There is no shame in it getting play time. Although I should mention, that there ARE plenty of games to play on Wii U right now. I'd need about 6 solid months of unemployment just to catch up on my Wii U backlog already. Still, with DKC Tropical Freeze (one of the best video games I've ever played- just read its Miiverse community's posts, people are RAVING over this game right now) having released 6 days ago, there is no reason your Wii U shouldn't be seeing playtime right now, unless you just choose to not do so of course!

This week's VC selection is pretty lacking, but, knowing that Shovel Knight will be here in about 4 weeks, and GBA games such as Klonoa, Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga and Metroid Fusion will be arriving only weeks after that (with over a dozen other worthwhile indie games in the next 60 days, like Scram Kitty and His Buddy On Rails), I'm ok with it I guess...



Kagemusha said:

Personally, I don't mind too much what game comes out, whether it's "good" or "lousy", the thing that gets me is that there is so many games that haven't been released on any VC (Wii or Wii U) that we could be getting, rather than average games that have already been released.

Yes, the Marios and Zeldas of the world will always be re-released, and for good reason, but there are plenty of great, less heralded games too, just a few examples, Clash at Demonhead, Destiny of an Emperor, Legendary Wings, Guardan Legend.

It was great when Earthbound was released, a good game, and DIFFERENT.

Maybe Gargoyle's Quest 2 or some other will come to fill the void



Superryanworld said:

@BooJoh I agree that not every download week is garbage.My farm (a sim) tappingo (puzzler)could be good games,but they don't appeal to me.Im more of a old school action platformer/ rpg guy,so imo there are more odd titles like Shope De Omasse than Kirby's dreamland or chrono Trigger. I would like to see more arcade game offerings that the ps3&360 have been getting for years,and I hope as time goes on wii u will get some of these great games.It's all just my view,but I don't think nintendo's online caters to the west very well.



sleepinglion said:

Wow... with so many online services being axed this would have been an optimal week to distract us with a better eShop selection. One VC game? Heck, the long-delayed SMB3 (promised by the end of last year) would have done the trick.



rjejr said:

@faint - Good to know. I was going to Best Buy today to buy an eShop card but never made it. Once I get on the highway going 1 direction its too late to turn around. Maybe tomorrow, I need to go buy stamps.



sleepinglion said:

The Best Buy eShop cards can be ordered online. I placed an order for one Sunday and it came in the mail Wednesday. Same discount price as the store, free shipping, no tax.



XCWarrior said:

@Mario-Kirby Amen to that. Starting to doubt we will ever get Super Mario Bros. 3. Must be too much of a niche title. If only more people knew who Mario was. When was the last time Nintendo even released a Mario game? Can't remember...



CaPPa said:

I'm going to download Tappingo right now.

It's a poor week on Wii U though.



DanielRMuriel said:

I'm sure there is a reason why I'm not getting any of my favorite games on the Virtual Console. Licensing issues, maybe. Something far more in-depth that I just can't comprehend, being on the outside looking in, but I have not purchased anything from Nintendo (sans Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze) in the past few months. And I REALLY want to. I was not even planning on buying the Donkey Kong game because I had almost entirely given up hope on the company, but I saw a Let's Play video that showed me the game was actually good. A video that Nintendo will not let them reap the benefits of any monetization with. I'm losing faith in the big N, and I don't want to. It sucks.



hcfwesker said:

I'm not bothered about no SMB3 yet. but the fact its the ONLY vc game thats on the "coming soon" list for vs games, and has been listed there since November is ridiculous

And, yes, agree that this is a very insulting week of releases.



Boxmonkey said:

@OGGamer @Tony_342 every game that was already released on the wii VC should have been released on the wii u VC day one! Nintendo are a joke and by the time they start releasing n64 games the wii u will be dead!



Depeche said:

@statnut I thought I was the only person who wanted a baseball game out there, glad to know I am not alone! In a perfect world I would love to see Power Pros come back in some portable form it was the perfect pick up and play baseball game.



speedyboris said:

@Falco Once again, not everyone wants to boot into Wii Mode to play a game which should've been out months ago. Because then you have to switch gamepads, deal with batteries unless you have a charger stand, and won't get save states or controller config.



speedyboris said:

@Falco Yeah that last sentence was unnecessary and I apologize (hence why I quickly edited it). I was just getting frustrated that you seemed to be reiterating the same point and I felt the need to clarify WHY people would want to play this on Wii U as opposed to Wii Mode.

In other words, I don't think it's unreasonable that people would want to play this straight from their Wii Us.



Jstar269 said:

Still no SMB3. I still have it on my Wii for over a year now, and it is still fun to play today. If I could get one of the best NES games on my 3DS XL, that would bring enternal happiness for a while, or at least until Mario Kart 8 comes out.



wisehershey said:

What a complete and utter drought this year has been! Meanwhile, my 3DS eShop dollars have all been going to Steam...



Windy said:

I wish there was a better heads up to what is coming out and when for Eshop. Seems each week fly's by the seat of their pants and just throw out anything they might have. VC is still terrible with no sign of changing anytime soon. Really they should be loading up VC games every week.



Bass_X0 said:

VC is still terrible with no sign of changing anytime soon. Really they should be loading up VC games every week.

Which they have for this week, so its a good week, right?

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