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Wed 20th March, 2013

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TonyBoySP commented on Masahiro Sakurai Confirms Separate Super Smash...:

I think they should remove the trophies from Smash Bros and add them to the core 3DS system. Just as the puzzles in Mii Plaza, some kind of mechanics where you can trade or find new trophies (first & third parties) via StreetPass, SpotPass, etc.



TonyBoySP commented on Nintendo Download: 10th October (North America):

I still don't understand the VC strategy of Nintendo... Having such a rich library of NES, SNES, N64, GameBoy Advance and GameCube games (and many of those first party unreleased games on VC) and they still gave us one or two per week... and from the early NES era...



TonyBoySP commented on Ninterview: Behind The Scenes At Club Nintendo...:

In Mexico the official Nintendo magazine is called "Club Nintendo" as well. It started in the early 90's and still continue on the market. I think it was released just with a few months of difference with Nintendo Power in US, so maybe Mexican's Club Nintendo is one of the most long-running Nintendo magazine in the world.



TonyBoySP commented on Nintendo Won't Be Holding A Large-Scale Press ...:

I prefer 2 or 3 Nintendo Direct of about 40 min - 1 hour, full of games news and footage, than a 1-hour E3 keynote that spends a lot of minutes with financial stuff, sales numbers and trying to act as a politic because the protocol requires it...



TonyBoySP commented on Rejoice, Mario Kart Wii U Is Coming This Year:

I hope something like this:

  • 4 players on split-screen tv
  • 2 players @ GamePad each (first game to support both GamePads)
  • 2 other players on Nintendo 3DS with download play, something like a special version of the tracks to support the capacity of the handheld.

Total: Crazy 8-player local multiplayer!

Just a dream, but remember that for example, Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock supports 8 players, 4 with instruments (Wii Remotes) and other 4 players using Nintendo DS download play in the role of "Roadies"... =)