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Tue 9th Apr 2013

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Eisenbolan commented on Review: Little Ninja Brothers (Wii U eShop / NES):

Why is this game on the WiiU not the 3DS VC? Its been ages since Nintendo put a NES game on the 3DS VC at least in the US. I think about a month for any VC game for the 3DS. Still why? I thought GBA/SNES went to WiiU while NES/GB/GBC to the 3DS. Not that I mind it showing up on the Wii U but still I feel like its more proof Nintendo is abandoning the 3DS VC.



Eisenbolan commented on Video: The Game Theorists Plot Out Mario's Tim...:

I always thought Daisy was Bowser's daughter. I know the movie had that I thought the games referenced her being his daughter.

Mario/Luigi and their cousins Wario/Luigi obviously are part of the World Newton family. I would say Monk's grandchildren (Monk from the Doc Savage novels both being part of the World Newton Family). I assume all here know what the World Newton Family is. I assume every has played the game of "could this character be part of the family".



Eisenbolan commented on Nintendo Download: 28th May (North America):

I thought the NES Brain Culture games Little Ninja Brothers and Flying Warriors (?) was being released today. Or is that just for Europe. Are these games good? LNB seems like a jrpg and action mix.



Eisenbolan commented on Unofficial Metroid Prequel Uses The Original N...:

I would love Nintendo getting the rights to NES Guardian Legend. Do a graphic overhaul and expand it. Also turn the ship into the one Samus uses and have the Guardian Legend be actually Samus mother. Remember she turned into the ship. This should be Metroid prequel.



Eisenbolan commented on Interplay Is Remastering Cult SNES Brawler Cla...:

A couple of years ago Interplay announced it was going to put a remastered Clayfighter on the DSI. This was in Nintendo Power magazine. That never happened. Why should I believe Interplay now.
Anyone remember this Nintendo Power article?



Eisenbolan commented on Review: Sumico (3DS eShop):

The version one can get from googleplay keeps track of your score per level and compares it with what other people online did. Has this feature been removed? If so this is not a 9/10 game.



Eisenbolan commented on Nintendo Download: 11th December (North America):

Wait gamestop sells both Angry Birds for less then 10 bucks used and umder twenty new. Why would one pay 50 to download. Also the original retail price for each was 29.99 dollars. Or does AB Stars Wars now contain the second game. Also where is Lufia the gbc game?



Eisenbolan commented on Nintendo Download: 4th December (North America):

Where is Lufia GBC game on the 3DS VC? Really copyright issues should be taken care of, already translated 15 odd years ago. All Nintendo has to do is move a file into the VC folder on the eshop. No cartridges to make and send to NA a simple file.



Eisenbolan commented on Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords:

One of the best DS games ever and the best swap 3 game of all time. PQ2 is also great. PQ Galatrix is kinda a disaster. I wish 2 and Galatrix were available for download. I hope Marvel Puzzle Quest comes next to the 3DS.



Eisenbolan commented on Review: Jewel Match 3 (3DS eShop):

Ok not a Jewel game fan but the reviewer is wrong on a very important facet.
1) You can play in relaxed mode. Same game without a timer.
2) Joindots made this game. The buying to build your kingdoms is same format as Gardenscapes.
3) I like the innovations of numerious boards how one board will have a key to unlock portions of other boards. There are about 3 to 4 boards a level and each level takes 10 to 15 minutes to beat.
3) Granted its not pretty. The boards and jewels are plain but you can make out each type. If you want pretty jewel game buy Tree of Life.
4) This is a challenging game. I like the jigsaw minigame. The picture find is not good, far too dark and gloomy. But you can just tap, tap, tap until all are found.
I like this far more then Tree of Life and definately better then Jewel Adventures. As good as Puzzle Quest 1 or 2? Not even close.
This is a challanging jewel game. Hint 5 in a row of jewels is your friend, it creates a symbol to delete an entire row including the key or coins or mana. Also if you put the fire spell over a key or coin it makes is vanish.
Watering your plants help you get better spells.