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Tue 9th April, 2013

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Eisenbolan commented on Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords:

One of the best DS games ever and the best swap 3 game of all time. PQ2 is also great. PQ Galatrix is kinda a disaster. I wish 2 and Galatrix were available for download. I hope Marvel Puzzle Quest comes next to the 3DS.



Eisenbolan commented on Review: Jewel Match 3 (3DS eShop):

Ok not a Jewel game fan but the reviewer is wrong on a very important facet.
1) You can play in relaxed mode. Same game without a timer.
2) Joindots made this game. The buying to build your kingdoms is same format as Gardenscapes.
3) I like the innovations of numerious boards how one board will have a key to unlock portions of other boards. There are about 3 to 4 boards a level and each level takes 10 to 15 minutes to beat.
3) Granted its not pretty. The boards and jewels are plain but you can make out each type. If you want pretty jewel game buy Tree of Life.
4) This is a challenging game. I like the jigsaw minigame. The picture find is not good, far too dark and gloomy. But you can just tap, tap, tap until all are found.
I like this far more then Tree of Life and definately better then Jewel Adventures. As good as Puzzle Quest 1 or 2? Not even close.
This is a challanging jewel game. Hint 5 in a row of jewels is your friend, it creates a symbol to delete an entire row including the key or coins or mana. Also if you put the fire spell over a key or coin it makes is vanish.
Watering your plants help you get better spells.



Eisenbolan commented on Review: Hands On! Tangrams (DSiWare):

Please explain how this is a good price? Lets see 505 Tangrams is 505 for 5 dollars. Tangram Style which is very good has over 600 puzzles at $6.99. 100 puzzles of tangram is pretty expensive.



Eisenbolan commented on Nintendo Download: 14th November (North America):

a) where is Jewel Match 3. At 12:40pm edt the game was not available the others though were. I got World Conqueror 3D
2) Jewel Match 1 was a DS game. Didn't play it.
3) Why couldn't Koie have put NES Uncharted Waters on the 3DS VS



Eisenbolan commented on Review: Picross e3 (3DS eShop):

Picross DS had a time limit of an hour but if you went over it didn't matter you just didn't get an animated picture. Is it the same with this game or does the puzzle force a restart when you pass the time limit?



Eisenbolan commented on Nintendo Download: 26th September (Europe):

I don't know if Cradle of Rome 2 will be released on eshop in US but the physical copy is $19.99 new and $14.99 for preowned. These games always plummet in price after a few months. Usually at 6 months they go on clearance for less then 7 dollars used. The DS versions I never paid more then $6.99 for any Jewel puzzle game. I would pass on the eshop version unless its $6.99 at most.

I hope Tangram Style is on sale in US for $2.99 I will get it.



Eisenbolan commented on Mega Man, Shin Megami Tensei And Ganbare Goemo...:

So Capcom WAS suppose to release on the GBA Megaman Collection of all 5 GB games. That fell through. Then an enhanced DS version was going to be released. That fell through. So instead of risking those games selling for clearance prices they want folks to buy each GB Megaman game for a fixed download price for far more profit.



Eisenbolan commented on Review: Jewel Adventures (DSiWare):

I hate that if you exit a level and on stage 7 you have to start from stage 1 again. Also a life bar for the enemies would be nice to know how close you are to killing them.



Eisenbolan commented on Club Nintendo Rewards Updated for September:

Its GREED on Nintendo's part. They clearly see value in these surveys or they wouldn't have them. When doing a survey we are essentially helping Nintendo make more money. So yeah 10 coins is too little compared to what they get in return. I do have a right to complain, its my time thats being used. @ejamer



Eisenbolan commented on Club Nintendo Rewards Updated for September:

Sorry but these rewards are awful compared to the time and effort to fill in their surveys. They should offer at least 5 games (old 2010 DSIware games) at 150 coins would be nice.

We are SPENDING money on the games and SPENDING time logging into club nintendo to fill out their surveys. Surveys they benefit from.

So yeah I expect a lot more and better games. It should also be 20 coins a survey not 10 or 5 at times. Time and effort equals money. Ten minutes of my time is worth more then 10 cents.

So these games are NOT free as some of you Nintendo apologists believe.