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Tue 19th Jan 2010

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Turnip commented on Feature: Kickstarter's Wii U and 3DS Campaigns...:

@ACK: Fair enough. I can see how one wouldn't like that they're asking for funds for what is, essentially, a pretty RPG Maker game.

Keep in mind, though, that JRPGs are generally judged by their art, soundtrack, and story. I honestly don't see how mechanics matter very much.



Turnip commented on Tomodachi Collection: New Life Tests Western W...:

@Chriiis: You're right, I should have stated my opinion better, rather than making such a flippant statement.

It's silly not to support this title (which will no doubt determine future localizations) simply because it doesn't contain the option of gay marriage. To me it sounds like "if your game is contradicting my personal beliefs, then I won't support your game!" it's childish and stupid. If you don't want to buy the game because you don't like the game itself, then of course you shouldn't buy it. Not buying a game simply because the developers aren't adding in a feature that would, I'm sure, drastically reduce sales, then you're being silly.



Turnip commented on Tomodachi Collection: New Life Tests Western W...:

@Technosphile: That was supposedly a "glitch," and was patched even in the Japanese version.

Just putting this out there: I, myself, am gay, and if some of you guys are seriously not going to buy this because of the lack of a gay marriage option, you're just being plain stupid.



Turnip commented on Level-5 Wants to Know Whether You Want Yo-kai ...:

@avarisclari: @NickieBoy: That's almost certainly not going to happen. It did terribly in Japan from what I've heard, and I can only imagine it would do as bad or worse in other territories.

Anyways, I'm surprised they decided to try localizing this rather than Fantasy Life. FL definitely seems like the safer option in my opinion.



Turnip commented on Guide: Understanding The Basics Of Japanese Fo...:

This is a nice guide for navigating menus and stuff, but if you want to import lots of Japanese games, it's best to just learn the language. If you're diligent, you'd be able to learn enough grammar and kanji to tackle a text-heavy RPG within 1-2 years, which isn't very long if you ask me.



Turnip commented on Bravely Default To Feature Optional Special At...:

As long as they aren't taking away content from the previous version and now marking it as DLC, I honestly couldn't care less about the option of buying microtransactions. Definitely not a reason to not buy this game.



Turnip commented on Fantasy Life:

Why does this have a 2013 release date for USA and EU? As far as I know, localization for this game hasn't been announced yet.