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Thu 27th Feb 2014

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Kagemusha commented on Matters of Import: Prepare To Die In Fire Embl...:

Having just recently got into the series with Radiant Dawn, which I thought was challenging, but not impossible, I wanted to move to Path of Radiance but due to the high cost of obtaining a physical copy, I went with the GBA games. Currently working on Fire Emblem GBA, which I think is solid, I just think a little bit gets lost in the small screen. Knowing that there's some more full screen options, I'll have to check them out. Just how many story arcs, are there, anyways?



Kagemusha commented on Nintendo Download: 27th February (North America):

Personally, I don't mind too much what game comes out, whether it's "good" or "lousy", the thing that gets me is that there is so many games that haven't been released on any VC (Wii or Wii U) that we could be getting, rather than average games that have already been released.

Yes, the Marios and Zeldas of the world will always be re-released, and for good reason, but there are plenty of great, less heralded games too, just a few examples, Clash at Demonhead, Destiny of an Emperor, Legendary Wings, Guardan Legend.

It was great when Earthbound was released, a good game, and DIFFERENT.

Maybe Gargoyle's Quest 2 or some other will come to fill the void