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Reggie Cuts North America's Biggest Wii U Fans A Sweet Pizza Hut Deal

Posted by Liam Doolan

Club Nintendo members, rejoice

Pizza and gaming — they go hand-in-hand. Since the early days, Nintendo gamers have sat on their couch alongside family and friends with a box of pizza, the latest Mario Kart, and multiple greasy controllers. It's the natural order of things.

Now, to further this relationship between pizza and gamers, Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime has pulled a few strings this holiday season and is kindly hooking up Club Nintendo owners who are “the biggest Wii U fans” with $40 Pizza Hut gift cards for their next gaming night.

If you’re weren’t already aware of this, Reggie used to work as the Senior Director of National Marketing at the American division of Pizza Hut, where he launched the Bigfoot Pizza and The Big New Yorker as fans of the restaurant chain and international franchise may remember. No doubt here he is drawing on past relations to provide Nintendo gamers with this awesome deal.

Below are four photos of the gift card taken by Club Nintendo member and Nintendo Life user Kaine, who was pleasantly surprised when he discovered this in his mailbox:

Have you been on the receiving end of similar kindness? Let us know if Nintendo has rewarded your loyalty with food by posting a comment.

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Pikachupwnage said:

This is pretty awesome....So where is my pizza Nintendo?I got a Wii U on launch day and have over a dozen games for it



ericthecheese said:

That's so awesome!! I wonder how one gets classified as one of the Biggest Wii U fans? I assume it's based on when the system was registered with Club Nintendo and how many games/ surveys were filled out?



Reala said:

I love pizza, but I really don't like pizza hut pizza's what they do is a crime to pizza imo



ikki5 said:

...I don't like how they classify these as "one of the biggest Wii U fans...." If I don't get one I will be quite annoyed. I've had my Wii U since launch and, have 10 Wii U games along with spent over $300 on the eshop already plus there is actually two Wii U's on my club Nintendo account..... So I'd actually be a bit offended (again) if I never got one. Over all, if they didn't use terms "biggest fans" for getting stuff like this, I wouldn't care. If they had said "a bunch of randomly picked people" I would be totally ok. It is a similar thing with the Ambassador program for the 3DS. They said that was for Ninteno's Biggest fans. I would have had one at launch but thanks to school, I was beyond broke and now, I have three 3DS's. Two Limited edition Zelda (one the regular, and the other the 3DS XL) and a midnight purple one. So someone who has owned every consoles and several thousands dollars worth of Nintendo merchandise is "not consider as one of their biggest fans" and it annoyed me because of just how they worded it. I didn't care so much about what it offered, just what they said it was for and I never got it yet I knew people who did who had never owned a Nintendo product before that and it would be the same kind of thing here



marck13 said:

It clearly states: "..some of our biggest Wii U fans.". SOME stop whining alrady people or this turns into another good example of "how Nintendo does the wrong thing while doing the right thing". tsktsk..



ikki5 said:

@mch and if you don't get one, you are stuck wondering if they believe you are a big fan or just a regular Joe which is where I have the problem. I don't necessarily care for the card, just their choice of words.



DreamOn said:

I doubt I'll get one though I waited in the cold for hours like many others on launch day lol. I'm sure Reggie would love all Wii U owners to have some pizza on him, but that's not how little promotions like this work sadly.
..besides I make a better homemade pie any day all day than Pizza Hut



Magikarp3 said:

Just reading the words "greasy controllers" made me twitch a little.

I don't know about anyone else, but for me gaming and uncleanliness just don't mix. It just feels... wrong, I guess



XCWarrior said:

Considering my attach rate for my DS, 3DS, Wii and WiiU, I better get some Pizza Hut loving!



SpookyMeths said:

I bought 2 Wii Us at launch, one as a Christmas gift and one for myself. If I don't get some darn pizza, I'll cross my arms and disapprove of Reggie's oversight. He has been warned.



Jazzer94 said:

I find peoples reactions funny because at the London Wii U launch Pizza Hut was handed out to the crowd for free so I've had my slice.



NintyMan said:

This is a great deal. I've been a Wii U owner since launch, so I don't see why I wouldn't get it. I'd like to be a pizza ambassador!



HeroOfCybertron said:

That would be neat if I got a Pizza Hut gift card except the fact that the closest Pizza Hut near where I live closed a couple of years ago an now the closest Pizza Hut is at least a 30 minute drive.



Domon said:

@ikki5 I totally agree with this, but for different reasons. I don't have a Wii U, so clearly the offer isn't for me, but that's only cause I'm waiting for a cool limited edition console. I have a special 3DS XL, have a ton of games for it, both physical and download only, and I qualify as a Platinum Club Nintendo member every year, so I consider myself a huge Nintendo fan (I do go to this site frequently, after all, lol).

So it kind of sucks that Nintendo doesn't seem to acknowledge me as a "huge fan".



allav866 said:

@Jollykarp Totally with you on that. If I see so much as a smudge on my GamePad, I pause the game and aggressively scrub the filth until it's gone!



Marshi said:

@ikki5 I appreciate where you're coming from,but there will always be someone left out and disgruntled with things like this. If they had said "randomly selected wiiu owners" then I guarantee someone here would be saying "why randomly selected? Why not just for the biggest fans?" or "why not for 3ds owners".

Sometimes you just cant please everyone

Case in point? Look at your reply from domon...



ToniK said:

@Jollykarp I hear you mate. I'm almost paranoid about these things. If I scratched my 3DS or the screen on my gamepad I'd probably abandon gaming as a whole



alLabouTandroiD said:

I read that as "Reggie Cuts North America's Biggest Wii Fit U Fan A Sweet Pizza Hut Deal".
Now that would've been amazing.



ikki5 said:

@Marshi well see, that's the thing, people don't have to be left out. it is their choice of words here that is the issue, I would totally be fine with "we are sending these to a select few of out club Nintendo fans." but to say someone is their biggest fan, then people get left out, I'd feel less important to them and like they are saying I am not doing enough as a fan.



kyuubikid213 said:

I don't expect I'll
get one since I got a Basic Wii U at launch and I only have six games for it. The only one I think I was able to register was Lego City Undercover.

I have bought a few titles on the eShop, but I only have about six of those.

I'm broke.

If I get pizza, though, that'd be pretty cool.



iphys said:

I don't know who the people are that eat at Pizza Hut. I think their pizza is mediocre and the portions are skimpy for the price, but I guess you can't complain if you get a free gift card for it.



Marshi said:

@ikki5 but again someone would be unhappy with your wording,and prefer that they be deemed a "biggest fan"



Aqueous said:

@ikki5 - The 3DS Ambassador program was for those who bought a system for 250 dollars and then not long later Nintendo dropped the price 80 dollars. It was a move to make sure no one felt bad over the 80 dollar price drop not due to how much of a fan someone was. I don't think It was labelled as for "the biggest fans" even once.
Don't be worried about Nintendo's word choice. Be happy for anyone who wins and hope they do it again.

As for this one, it is likely they are just picking out of Wii U owners, likely just the US too, won't complain if I find one though.



Darkness3131 said:

@Jollykarp Someone got my GameCube controller sticky once. I held an interrogation until I figured out who did it and wouldn't let anyone play until it was perfectly clean. I understand



element187 said:

@Domon It mentions "biggest Wii U fans". I'm no expert but I think this is going to be a big thank you to those who bought one and a stack of games for it.

Had one since launch and I have dropped over a grand on Wii U titles, I certainly would think that would qualify. But I'm not going to stomp my feet and cry like a little child if I don't recieve one. That would probably be absurdly expensive to toss one of these gift cards to everyone out there who owns the system. And with how well the 3ds is doing, no way they could do a promotion like that for 3ds owners



Sir_JBizzle said:

I get what people are saying, I suppose they could've left out the word "biggest" however it's really nothing to get all up in arms about. It does say "some" and who knows, these people who got selected may have bought a Wii U and every single game released for it. Lol

This is a great marketing op for Nintendo, though. They could totally do a cross-promotion where we could turn in Club Nintendo coins for Pizza Hut vouchers! Not that anyone would waste their coins on pizza. Haha



KnightRider666 said:

I'd be happy as hell if I got one of these in the mail, but I doubt I'd be that lucky to be honest...



PinkSpider said:

Im waiting for my loyalty to be acknowledged as I have clocked over 40,000 club nintendo points with club uk



CaPPa said:

I would like to think that I'd qualify as I've bought a lot of games this year (18 retail games and dozens of eShop/VC). Chances are though that 'North America' actually means 'USA', so Canada will not be included.



jdarrell said:

It's a Club Nintendo reward for a pizza party, so I wouldn't be surprised if saying several people play your games, liked party games, or that you've recommended a lot of games has something to do with it.



StephenYap3 said:

I hope I get one. I got some juicy games for myself, such as NSMBU, Nintendo Land, Lego City Undercover, Pikmin 3, Wind Waker HD, Super Mario 3D World, and I'm hoping to getting Wii Party U in the coming months. Oh, and other games too like Tropical Freeze, Yarn Yoshi, Mario Kart 8, Smash Bros 4, Zelda Wii U, etc.



ikki5 said:

@Jazzer94 and I'll leave you with something I said to someone else as well

If you don't get one, you are stuck wondering if they believe you are a big fan or just a regular Joe which is where I have the problem. I don't necessarily care for the card, just their choice of words.


yes, I know what the ambassador program was and it is not that program that I am annoyed at. It was their choice of words. They said they gave it to Nintendo most loyal fans when i know plenty of people who got a 3DS as their first Nintendo hardware ever where I've owned ever Nintendo system (yes, every one though I was missing a few of the variations of them), I own three 3DS's, have 2 Wii U registered on my club Nintendo account. I even used to have a virtual boy before it was lost when I moved. It is the same issue I have here. They are giving stuff to some of Nintendo's biggest fans and where if I don't get one. I am stuck wondering if they consider me as a big fan or or am I just some lop in the pile with a guy who just bought their first system.



Jazzer94 said:

@ikki5 If we are talking about how a little kid may react maybe, an adult shouldn't have a problem with this.



Zach said:

@ikki5 I agree. They should have just sent an empty gift card and a note that says "You're not special"



2Sang said:

I hope your body's ready for obesity.
But seriously this is a cool gesture by nintendo. They know they're failing to make a good experience to the poor people who picked up a wii u before the $50 price cut. It's nice to see some redemption.



Ultra64 said:

Very cool. I dont eat Pizza Hut. It is a very nice thing for them to do. Im sure the prize is random.



VictahVonDoom said:

I'm so happy i convince my family members not to get a WII U instead some got the xbox one some got ps4



Gold_Ranger said:

I'm really surprized that no one else has received one yet.
I hope many more people do!
Also, It'll just be the Choco-BreadSticks and a bunch of Wings!



MrWalkieTalkie said:

So XBOX has Doritos, PlayStation has Taco Bell, and now Nintendo has Pizza Hut. But what does that make of the Doritos Locos Tacos at Taco Bell? Does it sponsor both XBOX and Playstation? And also there's Pizza Hut/Taco Bell combo restaurants now too! Nintendo & Playstation are working together!
It's a conspiracy I tells ya!



Aerona said:

How do you tell if you got it? Does it just show up in the mail or do you get a message on club nintendo?



AVahne said:

Wonder what is required to be considered a big Wii U fan. I only have about 7 retail games and 3 digital games for my Wii U.



jakysnakydx said:

@ikki5 Haha, good system selection! I have two Wii U's as well, and 3 3DS's all the same colors/styles as you! Coincidence? I think not, those are pretty awesome styles... As for the biggest Wii U fans? I have to agree. There isn't a NIntendo game I don't own and those only account for half of what I have. So if it really is about biggest fans, I think it's lacking, but these things are typically left to chance so don't be too offended.



mr_nihilism said:

Recently bought a Wii U and only a couple of games, so I'm not on Reggie's elite list. Hopefully the big N pulls something similar next year.



ljinkakidd said:

Pizza hut tears my stomach up. But thanks anyway Reggie!(I better say thanks or else he'll destroy my Wii U with his Reggiepathy.)



Gameeer said:

Ah whats with these "big wii u" fans whining about not getting one. If your such big fans then enjoying the console/games should be more than enough. If you need nintendo's acknowlegement or a gift card to keep you happy with the amounts spent on the wii u then I would hardly call you a big fan.



WaveGhoul said:

Nintendo hasn't offered Free Pizza Hut coupons Since the release of TMNT:II The Arcade Game on the NES. Nice to hear that they also care about clogging peoples arteries.


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OptometristLime said:

People this is a goodwill program not an entitled club. Why allow jealousy to interfere with the joy you've experienced at Nintendo's behest?
I concur with @Gameeer actually.



Nico07 said:

@element187 I would like to think that I am among the "biggest Wii U fans" having a library of 24 physical Wii U discs (though only a third required Club Nintendo registration) and several digital purchases. To top that I have a huge collection of 3DS games with every Nintendo release this year except for Mario and Luigi. But sadly I'm not expecting one of these in my mailbox. Still it's good to know that Nintendo is rewarding a few of it's loyal customers. I guess I'll just have to order in some Papa John's instead.



OdnetninAges said:


Clearly, Sony and Nintendo are putting aside their differences, and forming together to make the Nintendo PlayStation the next console generation to combat the one true enemy; Microsoft. (And mobile...)



IceClimbers said:

@FutureAlphaMale I've never seen one of those before. I usually only see KFC with an A&W and a Taco Bell with Pizza Hut. I wonder if there are restaurants with Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, KFC, and A&W all under one roof.



JaxonH said:

I have over 30 Wii U games with 10 more on pre order, every single one of them purchased brand new. Got a Wii U on launch day, two Pro Controllers, 4 Wiimotes, and 4 3DS consoles. I'm really big on Nintendo too, but didn't get anything. But, I'm ok with that.

They might have based it on how many Club Nintendo games were registered or something. And while I do have almost every game on the console worth having, I didn't register most of them (why waste coins- I just register enough to get me to Platinum and save the rest). So you're not the only one.



ShadowFox254 said:

@DarkwingLz: What? Is actually pretty good. I don't know which Little Caesar you want to. I used to eat it with a bunch of friends during middle school. I also like eating local pizza stores as well. Edit: I just remember my sister's friend used to work there, so I think he gave me the best pizza.



Samurairu said:

Hard to figure out how this is rewarded. I bought the Wii U on day 2, have 15 physical games, more which I downloaded and filled out all club nintendo surveys. This leads me to think it's somewhat random in nature deciding who gets this gift. Great job Nintendo on continuing to show you're one of the cool companies still. No company consistently appreciates their fans like the N.



OptometristLime said:


Yes it seems to be random, although it's likely that you fit into the drawing pool. Curiously the allotment of the coupons seems to be equally alienating and met with celebration, lol.



Samurairu said:

@OptometristLime I can understand people being disappointed not to get a free gift and recognition, but I like it how Nintendo does not let them stop doing a good thing and I hope they continue to do things like this in the future. It's these little things that just add to their lore in my books. I had a problem with EA when I owned a SNES and EA wouldn't help me. I called Nintendo support and they got a high level manager at EA to call me and settle the issue. Can you believe it? I will never forget that and that was 20 years ago.



Xaessya said:

ALWAYS get Little Ceasers when they open, its best at that time because its right out of the oven!

I personally eat at all Pizza places



DreamOn said:

To all fellow Wii U owners/lovers/promoters that'll fight for the Wii U banner to the end, and don't get Reggie's greasy little commendation...I Salute You!

  • salutes * * proudly throws pizza slices at faces *


mudmask said:

I guess... if you didn't make the list, your body just wasn't ready enough for that much pizza.



Shirma_Akayaku said:

@Reala Agreed, Pizza Hut usually slaughter their pizzas before serving them.
I think Dominos might be the better choice... but hey, I'm not a pizza expert.



hcfwesker said:

I probably won't get one because my feedback comments on CN lacks fan support lol. Like many others, I always add the comment in the last feedback section on club nintendo how they're online eShop system lacks what other consoles offer, "cross-platform" purchases. and week after week their VC game choice releases are below par.

but, i did buy and register my WiiU on day 1, bought every 1st party Nintendo game released and registered them (besides the wario one). Be nice top get one, but if I don't it's not a big deal.



Jayvir said:

So... I'm just throwing it out there, but I pretty much bought EVERY 1st party title in the past 6 years and owned the past 4 or 5 systems on day 1 and I didn't even see anything. I wonder how they distribute this.



Kaeobais said:

Wow, some of you are getting downright offended over this. Relax. It was a random selection, and it's for a bloody pizza. Is missing out on that really crushing your entire universe?



WaveGhoul said:

haha, anything is better than Tofu. As for Pizza, i'd be happy weather it's Domino's, Little Ceastrs or Pizza hut. All 3 are ACE imo. Panago on the other hand has this weird sweet taste to the pizza, and after i'm done i end up with this dirty socks after taste in my mouth. The weakest of the 4 imo.



Shambo said:

I'm from Europe, have all their systems 1 to 4 times, several hundreds of games ans tons of merchandize, but don't even have a chance. And if I'd have a chance and got one, I'd save it. I wouldn't trade a Reggie gift for a life long of all the pizza I could eat.



Uberchu said:

I'm not the biggest fan but I'd love free pizza, I don't freaking care where it comes from.



FJOJR said:

I'm guessing it's a random selection of possibly launch date users, users who play the most or users with the most games. Hope to win but oh well if don't.



Chris720 said:

Nintendo tries to do something right and ends up doing something wrong. They can't win with people can they? Yikes...

I personally couldn't care less. Pizza Hut is great, but overly expensive for vegetables put on baked bread... Dam rip-off merchants.

As for the 3DS Ambassador complaining, that was simply saying sorry to the early adopters. In no way shape or form did they say Ambassadors are better than regular Joe Blogs.



Prof_Clayton said:

Reggie: "And after you eat your complimentary Pizza, consider picking up a new copy of Wii Fit U to shed a few pounds!"



Gorlokk said:

I consider myself a big Wii U fan. I also consider myself poor, which is why I haven't bought a single game for my Wii U even though I got it near launch.
B-but I'll get some games this christmas!!



Senario said:

Random huh, well hopefully I get lucky but I completely understand if I don't get anything. I actually don't get pizza hut that often anyways so the gift card would go to waste.



Dr_42o said:

You don't go to Pizza Hot for their Pizza.. You go there for their wings...



Luffy said:

bought mine in Dec and got about 6 games and like 800 coins on clubN.

So will i get this. I live in canada.



Kicked2TheKirb said:

Why the hell is he promoting Pizza Hut?... he made the Big Foot pizza huh?.. I remember that. He should focus that talent on Wii U Wii U Wii U. ...... Wii U



Ryno said:

Good thing you can play the Wii U in the bathroom because that is where eating Pizza Hut will leave you!



wombatkidd said:

@ikki5 That's bordering on being as stupid as the lady I got on the line when I worked for a phone company who cancelled her account because a commercial for it referred to an old man as "old."



Sonic260 said:

@Tsuzura Actually, I might be wrong about that. Didn't they already ask for the Club Nintendo Awards this year? In that case, that was probably my calendar. D:



SmoochyTea said:

@Jollykarp Yes exactly. I had the same feeling. I personally find it disgusting. For instance, I found a Wii Classic Controller that someone else had been using. The left analog stick was so greasy. I just had to clean it with white spirit to get it off. Yuk...



Alienfish said:

As a person who receives free pizza from a pizza place that is considered the best in town each and every day I work, I can honestly say if I get one of these I will attempt to sell it. Deek's Pizza FTW!!!

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