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Thu 28th Mar 2013

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Ultra64 commented on Frontier Would "Very Much Like" To Make Anothe...:

Though the Lost Winds titles were short due to Wiiware limitations, i believe they were some of the most well made games to come out on that platform. I'll get excited when they actually announce something solid other then just "wanting" to make a new grander scale Lost Winds.



Ultra64 commented on Kickstarter For Ecco The Dolphin Successor Sin...:

I liked Ecco: Tides of Time. yes it was slow and boring at first, but after you get passed a few levels the game gets fun and i remember a crazy boss fight with a giant squid in the sky~ Trippy! Plus i really liked the soundtracks from the games...BUT, I'm going to agree with everyone on this because the game looked boring and being on an Ipad is just a mistake. Glad it didn't meet it's goal and maybe they'll re-evaluate their platform, ideas, etc.



Ultra64 commented on Super Comboman Fuses Smash Bros. With Marvel V...:

This looks well made in every aspect. I can see all the thought and hard work put into every detail. I dig it! Put it on the WiiU (PLEASE!!!!) and dont over think the WiiU Gamepad options - just use it as the sticker book so one can upgrade their combos etc. on the fly - seamless.