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Talking Point: E3 Exposed the Strains of Nintendo's Development Workload

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Delays have been common on Wii U

Nintendo and, in particular, the Wii U are in a tricky catch-22 situation; third-parties — including Ubisoft at E3 — are holding off on most additional support for the platform until sales improve, yet games are needed to boost sales. It's an issue that feels all too familiar, though the absence of much support on Wii was down to its limited technical capabilities, where in some cases — not all, we'd suggest — a number of upcoming projects from other developers could potentially be scaled for Wii U. And so we come back to that old truism — Nintendo games sell Nintendo consoles.

Yet, arguably, Nintendo's never had such a tough challenge on its hands in populating a console's software library. The greater processing power of Wii U, aligned with higher consumer expectations for HD-quality visuals, puts Nintendo's development teams under more pressure than ever before. In recent years issues of spiralling budgets and delays for HD games were for others to concern themselves with, as Nintendo merrily produced SD games that would be pulled up by art design rather than higher resolutions. That option is now off the table, and those troubles that have been so regularly cited by struggling studios now invade Nintendo's projects.

And the delays have come in significant numbers since the system launched, to damaging effect. If Nintendo's own games sell its systems most effectively, it goes some way to explain the severe drop in momentum in 2013. Pikmin 3 is an obvious example; it was originally thought to be a launch window title, but has slipped to late July / early August depending on your territory, while games promised for the Summer only in January have fallen victim — Wii Party U and Wii Fit U now arrive in the distinctly un-summery October and December months.

There have generally been two lines from Nintendo to explain these delays. On the one hand Satoru Iwata insists that delays are all about ensuring a suitable level of quality, making sure that releases are valuable titles. On the other hand there's been acknowledgement that the shift to high-definition has caught the company's teams out, with the required investment and team sizes being larger than expected. As well as the 'level of quality' argument, Satoru Iwata said the following during Nintendo's investor Q & A earlier this year.

The reason for the delayed release of our first-party titles was the fact that completing the games released at the same time as the launch of Wii U required more development resources than expected, so some staff members from development teams working on other titles had to help complete them. In short, the development teams of "Pikmin 3" and other future games were understaffed during that period. We do not simply have one easily identifiable bottleneck in software development. These days it is becoming increasingly challenging to determine the minimum development resources required for customer satisfaction. The point I am trying to get across is that currently it is more challenging to sell packaged software for around $50-$60.

The Wii and DS were the ultimate golden geese, in that their concepts alone, along with the relative novelty of HD at the time, enabled them to cruise to monstrous sales while pushing visuals not often comparable to those on rival systems — some titles were exceptions in impressing visually, it must be said. It's entirely logical that large projects would be turned around with much smaller teams and lower budgets as a result, and the audience on the systems were happy for something like Wii Fit to be basic visually, as it was all about shedding extra pounds on the Wii Balance Board.

Yet the problem for Nintendo in selling $60 games isn't just about visuals, but also finding gameplay hooks and quality to continually place them above rivals. The Wii may have given birth to what's often called the 'casual' market, but Sony and Microsoft didn't hang about in jumping into that very market once it was proven; the latter's Kinect achieved impressive worldwide sales, while we also have the current-day phenomenon of ludicrously cheap, often throwaway experiences on phones and tablet devices. Nintendo's teams aren't just trying to deliver visually appealing games fit for a HD-loving audience, but looking to demonstrate features and content value that truly step up from those that were enjoyed on Wii.

And so what should have been a reasonably solid launch window became one short of system-sellers, with Nintendo resorting to essentially writing off the first half of the year in favour of plugging a happier second half. True to an extent, but squeezing Wii Fit U and Wii Party U into later months perhaps misses the opportunity to add additional diversity to the system's summer offerings. Pikmin 3 and The Wonderful 101 both look extremely promising, but it's doubtful whether either will successfully shift systems — in a major way — to the family demographic this summer, whereas Wii Party U in particular may have been ideal for that period.

Most tellingly, Mario Kart 8 is pegged for Spring 2014, missing the all important sales window at the end of the year. The arrivals of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze and Super Mario 3D World bring some potential big-selling clout to the Holiday season, yet it can be easily argued that it's the karting franchise that's the bigger hit than 2D DK or 3D Mario games. Regardless of what sales source you consult, Mario Kart Wii was a monster seller, well beyond the Galaxy games and Donkey Kong Country Returns.

Of all the delays or vague '2014' release windows, MK8 was the most surprising, and we cannot conceive of a scenario where Nintendo would deliberately hold it back beyond the Holiday season for any other reason than it won't be ready in time. The ideal holiday lineup on Wii U, both statistically and in terms of appealing to gamers and families with the greatest variety, would have been Mario Kart 8 alongside 3D World or Tropical Freeze; the aforementioned Wii Fit U, Wii Party U and also The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD offer solid backup. As it is, the mass seller will have to take on the role of providing a bump in sales next year — hopefully after a successful Festive season.

But the regular delays and third-party support drop off have been a difficult double impact for the Wii U. As it is, and despite these issues for Nintendo in turning around these games, there's a relatively full lineup from now until the end of the year, with New Super Luigi U notably arriving on the eShop this week. These development challenges that Nintendo have faced on Wii U teach us two important lessons, however — Nintendo needs to invest and secure resources to keep up a steady stream of games well into 2014, and it needs this year's big hitters to deliver sizable sales numbers and attract third-party contributions.

If anyone wonders why third-party enthusiasm and support matters, the trials and tribulations faced by Nintendo delivering system-selling games shows that the famous company can't do all of the work on its own. Modern development and consumer expectations make that task too great, and help will be needed.

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NintyMan said:

It would've been nice if Mario Kart 8 released this year, but it's clearly not ready yet and I wouldn't want Nintendo to rush it out. Mario Kart Wii released in the spring too, and it still sold very well.



WingedSnagret said:

What @Dev said. It really is too bad that MK8 isn't coming out this year, when Wii U needs all the help it can get, but on the flip side if they don't finish it correctly, it could end up being worse then holding it back.



Epicnessofme99 said:

For me delays don't matter, it gives them more time to give us a game they feel good about, and it also helps increase my anticipation of the game.



OPLink said:

I know it's about you, but still, how can delays increase your anticipation. I wouldn't want them to release it unfinished. I'd rather have them delays things too. But, Nintendo, Just don't make promises you can't keep. If it's going to take a year, then say so clearly and don't delay stuff.
With all the money they mad eon the Wii, you'd think they would buy extra resources for the HD-era. They really dropped the ball with their WiiU launch.



Mahe said:

Well thought out article. Hopefully Nintendo can recover and put in the kind of experimentation and variety that they had on the Wii and DS.



digga said:

i would rather wait for an epic game,, or have a good game thats rushed



shingi_70 said:

The delays haven't helped in the face of dwindling third party support. Nintendo really needs to up its manpower and open up or aquire more studios and bolster their software support.



Captain_Toad said:

Bigger generation, bigger teams, longer dev time, more risk to be taken and even less risks to take. It all depends how it pays off.



Bengals76 said:

Nintendo either needs to quit trying to be so different and just match Microsoft and Sony or quit making consoles so we can buy Nintendo games on our Xbox's and Playstations. Nintendo still has not made a wireless head set for the WiiU, the Pro Controler is a mess, my Miiverse light blinks all the time, and the battery life on the Game Pad had to be fixed by a thrid party. Your digging your grave Nintendo!



AugustusOxy said:

Delays are needed, good games take time, something Microsoft and Sony don't understand. They really force a release date and that is why so many times you get games that just feel like rushed garbage from the two, not that Nintendo hasn't ever been guilty, but I honestly feel like the only two times they did something similar is when they rushed Star Fox Assault and when they rushed Brawl.

Other than that, a delay is -very disappointing- but very much needed and I'm glad they are used to make better games.



retro_player_22 said:

As long as they don't had the same delay decision like what UbiSoft did with Rayman Legends, then I'm okay. Setting a release date for an already finish game and then turning back on it just weeks before it will get released is not something I will give in. It's sad too cuz I admire the developers for their hard work on the game.



AugustusOxy said:


You act as though nintendo has the money to do that and even then no one is going to buy a Nintendo console to play Xbox or Playstation games. Its a fact, people go to nintendo for a very different experience.

Above all, if anyone is digging their grave, Microsoft is, at least in the gaming world. Sony and Microsoft make consoles too expensive to develope for and then it runs good companies out of business.

So in the future, use a bit of common sense before you post something, nintendo just makes games, Microsoft and Sony are huge, multinational, OLD electronic and software companies that have been around longer than you have been alive. They have money and fall black plans, Nintendo cant afford the risk and no; you'll never get your chance to play Legend of Zelda on your playstation so its time to give that fantasy up.



ACK said:

Nintendo has made hay for several generations by wringing greatness out of limited hardware. Their games have always had a boundless verve, which both compensates for those limits and differentiates from other software.

Given the vastly increased potential of the Wii U, I think Nintendo is a little at odds. They now have the ability to accomplish much more ambitious concepts, yet their designers and developers are no longer empowered by the clarity those limits provide. Likewise, the unique craft they've developed and honed can't be relied upon as much as in those generations past; instead those skills and techniques need to be adapted to an extent not seen since the N64 days (when they were the pioneers).

I think we're seeing a company working to bridge that divide with game designs they know work in any generation, while finding the appropriate ways to incorporate advanced technology. We're seeing a focus on locked-in frame rates, enhanced scope, advanced physics, and clear, polished visuals. These are safe investments that are sure to improve any game design, yet don't fundamentally alter the concepts.

Somewhere deep in the development process, are teams exploring the next frontier and determining the prospects for Nintendo's settlements. Meanwhile, other teams need to walk a careful line of innovation, iteration, and intensification. All while acting as the steady providers for the colonizers to push further inland.



retro_player_22 said:


The reason ppl buy Nintendo systems and games was because they're different, if they are the same why bother? It's like owning the Super NES and then buying two similar versions of the Super NES. No if I already own a Super NES, I am going to go and buy a Genesis next cuz that is different from it, not another Super NES.



MAN1AC said:

Why Nintendo refuses to expand is beyond me. They could really use a western studio that doesnt just make games for old Nintendo IPs.



GearsOfWarU said:

This fall Wii U will sell like Hotcakes
... September -December is stacked with great games... Super Mario 3D World, Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, Wii U Party, Legend of Zelda Wind Waker HD, Sonic Lost World, Wonderful 101, Rayman Legends, Assassin Creed 4 Black Flag, Batman Arkham Origins & Call of Duty Ghosts ... That's alot of Big Quality system selling games dropping this Fall ... September - December we are all gonna be broke ... But happy to be Wii U Gamers



GN004Nadleeh said:

it's called being stubborn. the ancient old guys in charge of nintendo think they are so good they don't even need correct size teams to sell their games. they assume we are all still children with our parent's buying the games for us. on top of that why do they wear their furry sex costumes when they talk about games? i want to see the game, not an old dude dressed like a cat. someone tell nintendo it is 2013, time for new management that wont only cater to 8 year olds like it says on the box



ACK said:

@MAN1AC: Because they know what has traditionally worked for them. It's easy for us to say the times are changing, but Nintendo has a business model that has kept them prosperous for this long. Do they react to the potential shifts of fate? Or reflect upon their historical truths?

The Japanese market is in a tough place, with few powerhouse publishers thriving on any level. Who would have thought Square Enix would be where they are? They own some of the most dominant franchises of the past decade and have adapted to mobile platforms, ported more of their games to various systems, and even themselves bought a trove western developers. The answers are never simple.



BestBuck15 said:

@AugustusOxy If you think Sony and MS don't understand the games industry your delusional.

I understand Nintendo are under massive pressure but there is one thing that gets up my arsh and that shareholders, the scourge of capitalism they're like parasites.



BlackStar9000 said:

@Dev over 34 million well....but it had a way bigger install base too, the wii was still flying off shelves back then and hard to find, the Wii U is a console that has to do a complete turnaround to make it, but, i kinda hope the games do well but the system flops...why you ask? I love my wii U, but no one wants one and even if it succeeds it wil still miss out on a ton of third party support as it wont be able to handle a lot of these new gen games, they will be scaled back ports with little support, ie online modes and DLC will be severly lacking, so I want nintendo to start working on their next console now and it will need to be a powerhouse, seriously, Nintendo is starting to act like Apple and its bad business, oh and it wouldnt hurt to reach into those deep deep pockets and HIRE SOME MORE DAMN SOFTWARE DEVS and TEAMS!!! They should buy out Platinum before EA, Sony or Microshaft gets smart on em.



sinalefa said:

That is why I am cutting Nintendo the slack. They have to work on a lot of games at the same time, and now those games take longer to make. They are humans, not robots that only exist to give us what we want.

If people are going to be like "I have money, give me tons of games NOW!", then they surely can use all that time and money to get a second console to tide them over till the games come.



GamerJunkie said:

I love Nintendo games like Mario, mario kart, metroid, zelda, but they are stagnant right now. They make the same old series and really they aren't even changing much, this last mario is pretty much the same as Super mario world from 20+ years ago in HD. Mario Kart 8 also looks like same old thing, just in HD.

Nintendo has been innovative in hardware with motion control and 2nd screen, but their games are not. Same old games every system. We love them, but would be nice to have something new too.

Why can't Nintendo make a new game like Pokemon MMORPG on Wii U(people wanted this for over 10 years). Why can't they make a fighting game using all Nintendo characters?

Where is the Sports game at using all Nintendo characters for like basketball, football, etc? Since they don't get any sports games from EA?

Where is a new Super Mario RPG? They just seem to be stuck making the same 4-5 series in the same old genres too.

I pre-ordered the PS4 already and I didn't plan to, but Nintendo forced my hand. PS4 seems to have all the games in every genre and also has 2nd screen, motion control if I want it and everything else.

So, I will look forward to the same few Nintendo games as usual, but overall I am very disappointed in this console so far with very few things coming out soon that interest me.



Nintenjoe64 said:

The delays are good and bad for us Nintendo fans in the short term but terrible for the Wii U. Typical Nintendo, completely overloading the 3DS with content while Wii U is suffocating..

They might as well have not used their year head-start. I also think they dropped the ball by not having loads of HD-remakes ready for the changeover. I would have bought Skyward Sword in HD, possibly Xenoblade and loads of other GC and Wii games, just to play on gamepad or in HD but Nintendo seem to think it's worth making us wait.



ikki5 said:


I don't know what is wrong with your pro controller but mine works fine, also, a wireless headset? who cares? I for one would much rather a delayed a game than rushed games/ games that the exact same, prime example would be COD and Battlefield 4, I mine, look at BF4, it is the EXACT same as BF3 essentially. Now before you star going on about Mario being the same, yeah, it is the same style of play, but at least they go and make whole new levels with creative twists and quirks to them. As for putting them on other consoles... No thanks, especially Xbox, I don't want all these extra gimmicks that I don't wanna use or that I would have to pay a month subscription for and I like playing games in a new way that is not the same as hold a controller in your hand and watch the screen.



Dolphinsquared said:

Clearly, Nintendo is flexing some muscle in only a handful of games, but I can't blame them. They need to make sure the quality of the games are the best it can be. A rushed game could eventually end up like E.T. The Game, after all.



GamerJunkie said:

@ikki5 The games that have come out so far on Wii U are all disappointing pretty much.

You call other consoles gimmicks? Nintendo sold the Wii advertising it as an exercise machine for old women hahaha. Now they are using a 2nd screen this time as a gimmick.

Battlefield 4 you haven't read anything about it I guess... It has added tons of new features, maps, way better graphics, better gameplay and ways to play with others. Much more changes than Mario or any Nintendo game adds each time they make the same game on a new console.

I am a Nintendo fan, but I also am a Gamer and play on many platforms and do not think you know what you are talking about, you seem to be defending Nintendo with no facts and sending insults to the other companies without even reading anything about them.



Sanqet said:

Nintendo should have known how hard and expensive it was to make hd games how many developers have gone bust the last 5 years making hd games that's why Sony this gen with the ps4 made a console that was easy to develop for instead of a complex and underpowered one like the wii u making it difficult and expensive for publishers to support. nintendo have forgotten it is not gamepads or wii remotes that sell consoles but quality games you can't buy elsewhere that are original it's always been the games that sold consoles not gimmick controllers



Yoshis_VGM said:

We must remember though, Super Mario 3D Land sold more than Mario Kart 7 did on the 3DS. But I agree, Nintendo is missing a pretty big opportunity by not releasing Mario Kart 8 in the holiday season. But I think it's also a good thing that it's being released in the Spring...that way we won't have another game drought for the 1st half of the year. Most of the 2014 releases are just slated for 2014, and that's that. They could come in the Spring. They could come in the Summer, Fall, or Winter, we just don't know. Knowing that Mario Kart 8 is specifically coming in the Spring means that we won't have a massive game drought. I still think it will sell a lot of consoles, no matter when it will be released. Mario Kart has ALWAYS been a system seller, and Mario Kart 8 looks very promising...I don't see why this game would stop this trend of Mario Kart being a big seller.



MAN1AC said:

That's due to the 3DS having a slow start and Nintendo using all its resources to save it. The Wii U will get its games, but the question is how soon. The launch and everything until now has been a disaster but 2014 will be a good year for the Wii U.

Whether the means it will pick up in sales has yet to be determined though.



DreamOn said:

HD growing pains have finally come to nintendo. More assets, more man-hours, more promise of seeing the investment returned. It's a tough gig. A high-wire act.

The line-ups looking good though cant wait to play the games!



ACK said:

@Sanqet: You have a solid point about games selling consoles. But, without a doubt, the Wiimote was the catalyst for the Wii to catch fire. Everyone looked at it and said, "I can use that thing!". Which was at odds with the controllers (honest barriers) of recent generations.

Moreover, it allowed and even encouraged the unusual breadth of inputs; so games like Wii Sports, Super Mario Galaxy, Mario Kart Wii, MP3: Corruption, NSMBWii, and DKC Returns could not only all coexist, but sell at franchise benchmarks on the same system.

Not outright refuting your point, just that the relation between hardware and software and marketplace is much more nuanced than to easily comprehend, if at all.



One-Winged-Pit said:

This is why I did not get the HD craze, it makes development so much harder and is the reason TimeSplitters ended.



Nico07 said:

@Bengals76 Your comment is wrong on sooo many levels. Nintendo is WAY more profitable producing content for their own consoles than they would be producing content exclusively for other platforms. Basically a bad year for Nintendo is much better than several years for Rovio (Angry Birds dev). The Wii U Pro controller lasts about 72 hours, yes hours, or around three days and works well. Games like NSMBU will get support for it soon, and ALL games can support it with a simple patch. But that is IF developers want to support it, sometimes the GamePad is the best controller and a second screen gives the best experience.



MJKOP said:

Fact is, Nintendo could get Mario Kart out for Christmas if they wanted, guarantee huge sales for both the game & Wii U itself. They could buck it onto shelves, finished or not, but they're not gonna do that, & THAT deserves respect. It'll be released when it's finished & not before, I salute Nintendo for that



Midnight3DS said:

Out of over 300,000 polled, only 7% felt they 'won' E3. Poll after poll, the Wii U is a last afterthought among the big three. That's a problem Nintendo needs to fix with general gamers concerning Wii U, because I don't see the casual tidal wave coming this time around. They were in a pickle at E3. All the buzz would have been on the other two, but opting to do the directs gets them nowhere, either.

I expect some magic to turn it all around, but I don't know what that is.



Varia01 said:

Delays for games are absolutely fine, especially if a gaming company has more ideas for a game in the development.

Now when it comes to third-party games avoiding the Wii U since it's not doing so good, is just not good in my opinion. The Wii U is not a year old yet, they can't expect the sales to skyrocket at the start of a console. It appears that these companies want Nintendo to lose, it is like those companies have no care for consumers, they just want to win. The only way consumers are gonna be happy, is if the third-party companies do not support Nintendo and the Wii U is dead. They are losing patience for mere video games! I do not understand why they are expecting Nintendo's new console to jump high instantly! While Nintendo is developing its most highly anticipated games the third-party companies should give Nintendo momentum while Nintendo builds these games. Those other companies don't care if Nintendo loses and dissatifies the consumers, once again, those companies just want to win. If Nintendo stresses too much money, then they could lose their company. This must change, those third-party companies need to be patient and compassionate so that they can all rejoice, including the consumers.



Dark_Link said:

This article is why I have been saying that Nintendo needs to get more software developers. Actually one of the posters responded to one my comments on the Retro Donkey Kong article about Nintendo purchasing a Development house that will house 1500 people by the end of this year or the beginning of next year, which they need ASAP and there are few links showing this. Obviously is not too mainstream because Nintendo has always been a private company when it comes to announcements. The problem with a lack of third party support it's putting pressure to release more games and they just don't have the manpower to do this and still give us that great Nintendo product. If you add 1500 more developers you now can bring some of their other IP's and designate some teams for new IP's.



HollowGrapeJ said:

Nintendo can take as much time as they need! I'd rather prefer a great FINISHED game than a rushed UNFINISHED one.



Sanqet said:

@ACK yes I agree with you about the wii but I still think nintendo were at there best and there games most original when they had a standard controller I'm thinking snes and n64 I think the last two gen consoles nintendo got lazy with the games for the systems relying on the controllers instead of thinking up original ideas for the games



idork99 said:

In regards to Mario Kart 8 being released in 2014, I don't have a problem as I have Mario Kart 7 and an awesome 3DS with a great library to tie me down until next year. The more time they take, the more awesome it'll be. Nintendo fans shouldn't worry as I feel it is in a healthy position. When the "AAA" quality games come out, the people will come and make their purchase. Hopefully the Wii U will have a better price tag by then.



ThePhantomButler said:

I can't believe they didn't even mention the new Smash Bros. in this article. that game alone will save Nintendo's butt if they need it. I'm a little disappointed that it wont be here for the holidays, but I'm still good with an early 2014 release date. However if all else fails, they can pile dev. teams onto the new SSB and have it ready for the holidays. Needless to say, I think everybody is underestimating Nintendo right now and over-valuing the PS4 and Xbox One.



ThePhantomButler said:

I can't believe they didn't even mention the new Smash Bros. in this article. that game alone will save Nintendo's butt if they need it. I'm a little disappointed that it wont be here for the holidays, but I'm still good with an early 2014 release date. However if all else fails, they can pile dev. teams onto the new SSB and have it ready for the holidays. Needless to say, I think everybody is underestimating Nintendo right now and over-valuing the PS4 and Xbox One.



lmac99 said:

This post E3 time reminds me alot of a couple years ago. Remember the doom and gloomers spewing thier hate? THE 3DS WILL FAIL! they said. I see this having the same outcome. Nintendo's gonna work it all out and we'll be laughing about how silly thos doom and gloomers were.



Legromancer said:

yeah, but 3DS was supported by 3RD parties to fill the gaps between Nintendo releases. The Wii U on the other hand...



banacheck said:

Sony and Microsoft make consoles too expensive to develope for and then it runs good companies out of business.

You should do a bit of research, you'll find what your saying is totally untrue, If you would like links just ask. Developers have already said why development costs went up from the PS2-PS3, going from the PS3-PS4 development costs will hardly go up.


I don't think people are over-valuing the PS4, thay are both pre-orders wise selling out, the PS4 especially is doing well.


Nintendo have said thay are not going to drop the price on the Wii U, after seeing the PS4 & Xbox One price's. Seeing as Nintendo are taking a loss on the Wii U thats most probably why the price is not dropping.



timp29 said:

The bottom line is that Nintendo needs to have more Nintendo titles available at launch.

And obviously they're saying 'HD games unexpectedly blew out the development provess'. Still however, the fact that Nintendoland and New Super Mario U were the only Nintendo titles even close to launch suggests that they got this one wrong.

Note for next gen, throw everything into software development earlier, and launch with a few more titles (hopefully 3rd parties weren't asking Nintendo to delay Nintendo games to allow their software a chance to sell - if they were, me mad)



LasermasterA said:


Nintendo is actually launching a new development studio this year. By the end of December is the tentative time. This news is not that well known though and I haven;t seen any news articles on non-Japanese news sites. Nintendo is probably being secretive about it.

It is the Unnamed Development Studio.
It was reported by Nikkei Online Edition (Nikkei is one of the largest media corporation in Japan and specializes in Business news) that Nintendo will open a new development studio at the end of December 2013. Its going to have around 1500 employees which is pretty large for a development studio considering Retro has only 120+ish people.

Here is another article here:



antonvaltaz said:

@Lasermaster123 "Its going to have around 1500 employees which is pretty large for a development studio considering Retro has only 120+ish people."

I followed some of your links and I'm not entirely clear how many of those 1500 will actually be new employees, as opposed to relocating existing teams into a new facility. This URL suggests that it's a new building rather than a new development team:



ILikeRead said:

it might have been a weird time to release wii u before everyone elses consoles. if at the same time, it wouldnt capture the glory of everyone elses systems but still made more sales because then it would be about competing and thats what seems to be what people like. they couldve launched it this christmas even and it woulda boomed and have those well awaited games like mk8 on the back burner, put out 2 or 3 crazy commercials, and by spring would be in everyones entertainment area.



Metaknight_3Raw said:

Nintendo needs to:

-Bring out their stellar first party games (which they are already doing with Mario Kart, Zelda and Smash)
-Garner some more MAJOR third party support so the console gets the AAA games that come out on the Playstation and Xbox.
-Less Mario, bring some love to games that will get people excited in Nintendo again such as Metroid, Star Fox, Eternal Darkness these guys need some love too.



JavierYHL said:

yup need more games for wii u but they can take their time to release good ones...there are tons of must play games for ps3 and later ps4 so i m in no hurry



LasermasterA said:


Yes you are absolutely right, there is a new building. 1500 employees does not necessarily mean 1500 NEW employees. I apologize if I meant it that way..
I read your article about Nintendo bringing its staff together and to be honest, I did not come across that article before. As I said, information is pretty dispersed around the net with only paid access available to Nikkei Online (the original news publisher). Atleast this move would help games as your article said about bringing all devs together to help enabling working together, and better flow of ideas.

I expect that Nintendo will also hire atleast more developers considering that such moves accompany such launches. I hope they do. They really need more talented developers to amp up their development while maintaining quality.

We will truly see what happens when the thing is over and done AND Nintendo makes an announcement.



Varia01 said:

Forget about post #39, that was kinda stupid... :I Well the delay thing is something I'm staying with, but that second part, I was being crazy on.



LasermasterA said:


Haha. It did sound weird and philosophical at the same time while adopting a naive attitude.

Although yes, the other companies aren't caring much for Nintendo but they do have to keep their own financial stability in mind. Nintendo should be given a proper chance (not half-baked ports) because otherwise as someone else stated, the Wii U is in a loop in terms of the 3rd party.

1) Wii U sales will rise when the no. of games increase
2) 3rd party Publishers will sell games when sales rise...



Ren said:

Weird how some people here are so in denial. I love Nintendo too, but theres no argueing that this launch has been pretty screwed up. claiming that delays are "necessary" for a better game is ridiculous. Proper managed, scheduled time for projects is what makes better games, not missed deadlines, and scheduling mishaps and ignoring consumer trends for years. if someone says "I'm going to make you some breakfast", and then says "it was neccesary to delay your breakfast to make sure the eggs were completely cooked".
If you want to promise me a nice breakfast, friggin get up a little earlier or ask someone how to make eggs and bacon before you promise me anything! All that tells me is that you don't know how to cook and you're a slacker, whether or not that's true.
I won't make excuses for why you do things late, and why you thought that nothing would be different about a totally different system. HD is NOT a buzzword; it means "high definition" it's a resolution standard and takes lots more power and time to design games that render in HD, it's a real thing and it has been a standard for a while now. Why should we give Nintendo a big break on being so late to the modern standard for games AND film.



SteveW said:

I'm not holding my breath for Wii Fit U in December or Mario Kart in spring, we have heard dates so many times for things.... my guess is Wii Fit U next summer and Mario Kart December 2014.



SteveW said:

Third parties seem to have no problems supporting the Xbox One, a system that has no sales yet and tons of bad publicity. It's not only business decisions, third parties are made up of plenty of Xbox and PS fanboys and a lot of designers that care more about graphics than gameplay. Basically most third party developers just suck and know they cannot compete with games made by Nintendo.



LordGeovanni said:

You sort of forgot that they rushed Wind Waker. Over three full dungeons got cut out and we ended up with that silly Triforce Fetch Quest... Still, it was good, until the Fetch Quest. I never could find the spots to go hunting for the treasures. Any of them. I wish that they kept the search points shining even when you were on top of them.



fluggy said:

Wow!!! As an early adopter i sympathised b4 ... but What do Ninty expect!!! When u release a console with no excellent games ..... For a YEAR!!! ... Your gonna struggle. I'm still struggling to see where any good games are coming from. Mario Kart only game I'm interested in from the present batch ..... And that's another year away! Squid situation .... To have trusted/invested in Nintendo and tolerate this poopiedoodoocacapoo!!!



CanisWolfred said:

Very interesting article. It hadn't occured to me that Nintendo might be stretched for poeople and time working on all of these games. I certainly hope Nintendo doesn't crumble under the strain of it all...



unrandomsam said:

I don't care about anything from Ubisoft whatsoever. (Or EA for that matter).

Mario Kart is dead to me the rubberbanding is too bad total waste of time. I would rather have a new F Zero. (Or Excitetruck). That Mario Kart GP that was done by Namco was pretty good.

Donkey Kong Country will be great. Hopefully so will 3D World. (I haven't really cared for any of the 2D Marios (And I love Super Mario Bros / Lost Levels / 3 / World) or 3D Land - Hate the coins thing still not got the 90 to do what I think is the last boss or felt I wanted to at all. I really enjoyed Super Mario Galaxy / 2 though felt like it had effort put into it which I didn't feel had been done for any of the 2D Mario's). I enjoyed Kirby's Advanture and Wario Land the Shake Dimension as well.

I know they have to do what they are doing to stabilise the ship but its not that interesting to me. (Remakes are not really my thing unless they fix a broken original game like Castlevania : Rebirth or Kirby's Adventure 3D Classic)

It is worth it though Nintendo still actually doing stuff properly not using 3rd Party engines and putting the least effort possible.



Slapshot said:

"If anyone wonders why third-party enthusiasm and support matters, the trials and tribulations faced by Nintendo delivering system-selling games shows that the famous company can't do all of the work on its own. Modern development and consumer expectations make that task too great, and help will be needed."

Yes, this is true, but you've missed the most critical part - in the HD generation, Nintendo all but has to have the licensing and royalty fees that stem from third parties selling their games on Nintendo's platforms. This money is vital (and I dare say, "critical") with the over inflated cost of HD development. I've spoken here at NL on just this many times prior to Wii U's release - Nintendo was not prepared for the HD era. It's development teams (per team) needed to at least double in size - what 10 engineers could do in SD, it can take 20-30 in HD; this is a simple fact with the development of HD games.

This severely inflates the cost to develop a video game. The reason that Iwata stated that: "it is more challenging to sell packaged software for around $50-$60." wasn't just because it was needing to make more games to keep the platform viable in the market, it was because it isn't profiting from being a platform holder, with the all but complete loss of third party support. All of the R&D cost for the Wii U, manufacturing cost to get the console to the market (and sold at a loss) and severely inflated development cost of its HD games, there's little to no profit left, especially with less than 4 million consoles on the market.

If you understand the inner workings of the gaming industry, you would have understood that Nintendo is at a high risk of staying in the red with the Wii U, unless it either develops major landmark titles that sells the console by the tens of millions, or the third party support returns in mass. Otherwise, Nintendo's investors will most likely make sure that this is Nintendo's final foray in the HD home console market. This is also why Nintendo's current strategy of playing it "safe" isn't a financially sound thing to do.



Cyberbotv2 said:

I don't know if I believe Nintendo. This is a rich company, seemingly biding there time. I honestly think they think their upcoming schedule will be more than enough to push systems. They may be right.



Arc said:

In my opinion, if Nintendo could not get Western developers to make games for them, they should look to Eastern and independent development studios for more support. 3DS game sales by digital downloads have been soaring with Japanese and independent developers at the forefront.



LasermasterA said:


Yea. Nintendo might have made some mistakes in the past but it will producing games that offer FUN experiences that can be replayed. Nintendo has a really good consistency to keep what is good while adding new innovative ideas!


Yea. Publishers are supporting the Xbox One which is most likely NOT going to outsell the Wii U due its bad DRM policy along with the various check ins and limitations. Microsoft reps were even found to be trolling at the Nintendo Best Buy events! Publishers have so much bias against Nintendo. Before we used to have quality games, now we just have uninnovative rehashes or money grabs where game experience is degraded a lot. Ninja Gaiden was one of my favourite, super high difficulty, action games. I even occasionally take out my copy of Ninja Gaiden Black for play but Ninja Gaiden 3 was a colossal mistake, They degraded so much quality of what makes the game unique to sell to the masses. Razor's Edge improved upon it but still not completely! So many other games as well going downhill!


Yes, it is a lot of danger that Nintendo might face if it is not able to pick up sales BUT I think that after some big hits which are coming, even casual hits, sales will pick up and third parties would start coming in. EA might be bouncy, have bad business practices as well as anti-Nintendo sometimes, but it has already expressed interest in returning when sales pick up. EA for all it is, is still a big publisher and influences many other publishers as well as the unwary customers.



Ganondwarf said:

If they spent even half the time they spend making games and worrying about 3ds on the Wii U maybe more games would come it annoys me because I look at the large library and the amount of games 3DS is and has been getting yes I know 3DS games would be much easier to make but maybe if they weren't ready they should of spent 2013 getting more games ready for Wii U and getting developers more use to HD and then imagine all the titles they would have if they had just waited until late 2013!



TheAdrock said:

Seems obvious that N bungled the U in all respects that matter. IMO their HD system is/was at least 4 years overdue. Now its too little, too late, and being unprepared to deliver a library of games is just the cherry on top of N's giant FAIL. I'm rooting for N to come through this with a win (mostly because the Xbox and PS are such total garbage IMO).



DerpSandwich said:

If they're concerned about selling $60 games, why don't they just sell their games for less? If other publishers can sell enormous, epic AAA games that cost tens of millions of dollars to develop for that price, don't you think Nintendo could get away with selling...ahem...their own special brand of games for less? Their biggest advantage soon is going to be the price of the system, so if they also started selling more $40 games, or even if they went back down to $50, they could have a good thing on their hands. Right now they're selling us games that just aren't worth the price. I could buy the latest copy-paste NSMB game, or for the same price I could get the latest Bioshock. Hmmm, tough choice.

See my point?



rjejr said:

Still debating a WiiU Aug or Dec.

So I have a question for those buying, or know someone who is geting - a WiiU for Christmas.

If somebody gets a WiiU this Xmaas 2013 will they buy Super Mario World or NSMBU or both? I feel like parents an dstore clerks would have a hard time udnerstanding and explaining the difference between a 2D sidescrolling multiplayer Mario game adn a 3D sidescrolling muliplayer Mario game, which if you own a 3D tv isn't really in 3D.

I realize if you already own a WiiU you probably already have NSMBU so this isn' ta problem, I'm just wondering if new WiiU ownsers might skip last years gaem in favor of the new one, adn then we might actually see a Mario gaem drop in price in less than 5 years.



Squiggle55 said:

I still believe in Nintendo, and would never bet my money against them. If they can stick it out until smash bros, mario kart, and the new zelda come out, the money will start rolling in again. If they are brave enough to do something like a home console Pokemon, imagine how many consoles they'd push.



thanos316 said:

delays aren't fine right now. right now ninty needs something big. not really bit but something to get people to buy the wii u. i understand that they can't bring out all their ip's in one month cause they have to make money by spreading them out. but they should have been smart and brought out a game in the summer months when releases are very quiet. they would be profiting off of that. ninty promised big things with the wii u but its not delivering on its promise. i am not a ninty hater i am a fan and a gamer. im just a bit disappointed when im certain for sure that ninty can put the wii u much more than they have. advertising and perception is everything.



krunchykhaos said:

@theadrock13 so you think WW is one of the greatest ever and you think the Xbox (I agree on that one) and ps are garbage? I don't think the play station is garbage at all honestly.



Elhijodelrio said:

New ip s are a must!!! Also dont think the '' u'' was ready for launch belive they jumped gun to be first



Fingeldor said:

Am I the only one tired of seeing Nintendo and Microsoft / Sony mentioned together? Who has not realized yet these are entirely different gaming companies delivering entirely different console experiences? Yes, 3rd party support will help and I imagine it will scale up when new 1st party titles become available and console sales pick up. It happened with other consoles, most recently the 3DS - as long as Nintendo delivers, it will happen again. The consumer isn't as concerned with rapid fire launch windows as some might suggest. As long as Nintendo makes a good push forward over the next 6 months, new sales will render momentum for a company people have trusted for years to deliver high quality gaming content.



ccanfield1 said:

My concern is that unless there is a substantial price drop this holiday, most people looking at purchasing a system won't be swayed enough by Nintendo's lineup. Especially if they can't play third party games like Call of Duty: Ghosts or any EA sports franchise. I already purchased my Wii U at launch but with 3 choices this holiday, it would be a much tougher decision.



bizcuthammer said:

Its not just Mario Kart... Pretty much every great-looking Wii U game wont be out til 2014... Mario Kart 8, Smash Bros, X, Bayonetta 2... All of those games are more impressive than anything coming in 2013. Not to mention the next Zelda game coming probably late 2014-mid 2015. I'd rather have any of those than DK:TF or Wii Party U or Wind Waker HD. Aside from Mario 3D World, i see nothing coming out this holiday that would convince people to buy a Wii U. Smash Bros may do that next year. A new Zelda might, too. Or you know, a true follow up to mario galaxy instead of mario 3D land would convince some people. Maybe a new metroid too. Pikmin 3, DK:TF, W101 and Wind Waker HD are going to be fun games, but none of them are system sellers. I know so many people that have said they arent interested in Wii U til either Smash Bros or Zelda (new, not a remake) comes out. Looks like they'll probably be waiting at least another 10-15 months.



bizcuthammer said:

Wii U will move some units this holiday, but nowhere close to PS4, and i wouldnt be surprised if it got outsold by Xbox One at least initially. I expect it to outsell Xbone in the end, but its possible nintendo could be looking at yet another disappointing holiday season.



GoombaSlayer said:

Its obvious that Nintendo needs to go out of their own little bubble and start looking at the market as a whole and not think that things will just settle on its own. Looking at the first 6 months it has been very weak, and since their supposed Mario-megaton ultimately became a sequel to Super Mario 3D Land... I would say that the whole year of 2013 was weak overall.
This in addition with little third party-content, mostly being re-releases of older Xbox 360-games and, if we were lucky, lesser versions of new multiplatform games.. One cant say that Nintendo have deserved any success this year.

2014 looks promising in terms of first-party though. Mario Kart 8 is a major and it looks like Nintendo (or should we say Namco) have put a lot of effort into making that a true sequel and not some re-hash. Super Smash Bros, of course, also looks great. As well they are also leaving their Mario comfort zone with X and Bayonetta 2 - two games that definetely will appeal to the crowd that not yet is interested in the console since they are not as family oriented.

But then again... look at the third party support in 2014. Ubisoft have already confirmed that they are pulling back on their Wii U support from now on, with no title announced for 2014.. The only third party content announced for Wii U next year is Project Cars. It shall be interesting to see how this evolves.



Parkavenue359 said:

I know Nintendo has a huge burden of supplying a desolate console with good games... In my opinion, the weight shouldn't just be on their shoulders. The reason the wii u does not have quality third party titles is because of the third party companies. People point fingers at Nintendo alone, when they should be pointing finger at Nintendo and the third party companies. These third party companies test the wii u by putting out ports that have already been released on other consoles. Some third parties have put out gimped versions of games that have been out for ages (sniper elite v2). And some third parties have been too scared to test the waters and they have made gamed that were once exclusive to wii u, multiplatform. Square Enix "tested the water" by putting out a REMAKE of a game and have made it multiplatform. These third parties complain about their titles not selling when it actually is the third parties fault. I guarantee you, if a third party exclusive that is of the quality if resident evil 4 came out for wii u, the console would sell and the game would sell. Nintendo shouldn't have to bear this burden alone... I think it is getting to the point where Nintendo should pay for exclusives. If these third parties are so worried about money, then Nintendo should pay them. Nintendo is one of the wealthiest gaming companies in the world. I also think there fallout 4 should be ported to wii u. Gamers and developers could draw a connection between the pipboy (inventory menu in fallout) and the gamepad. It would set an example...

A lot of elements in my statement are originally found in reviewtechusa's video. He is an unbiased youtuber who talks about issues in the gaming industry.
The video that I got content from is here: The part of the video which talks about this issue is (5:23- 6:55)



doctor_doak said:

I can't fathom how Nintendo thought it could build 3rd party support without providing adequate software itself. 9 months is an awfully long time to wait for a 1st party game of note. I was pretty impressed with what they showed at E3, but it's 12 months too late...



doctor_doak said:


No chance of Fallout 4 or any Bethesda title coming to Wii U. It'll be a fully fledged next-gen title and they are going to be too difficult to port without severely gimping the final innovative inputs isn't what major western publishers do. They can't be bothered. They believe their audience is on PS4/XBone/PC, etc.. To be honest, I don't think i'd be interested anyway in Fallout 4 after totally burning out on Bethesda Softworks monotonous game design in Skyrim.

I agree that Nintendo should be funding more 3rd party content though, much like the deal they have with Platinum Games. Nintendo do make great games, but expecting people to pay a premium for 5 or 6 1st party titles a year and a smattering of older ports/remakes/niche titles doesn't really cut it...



GoombaSlayer said:

@Dark_Link Yes, I have read this before. Fact is still that they didnt announce anything but Just Dance 2014 for the Wii U at E3. My guess would be that they keep producing some fitness and Rabbids-game until Wii U proves itself.

This is, after all, exactly what EA also said after they first dropped out. That they do support Wii U - if Nintendo manages to sell more boxes.



Araknie said:

And we support them in this diffucult time no?
Because i do, i want to support them so the make things go smooth, because i'm a Ninty.
So really, we have like 7 games for Wii U that you won't see in any other platform coming in the next 7 months counting this.
What we have on PS4 that you won't see anywere else: 2 driving games and a FPS that copies the Borderlands concept but maybe without offline play.
What we have on Xboner that you won't see anywere else: 1 driving game and Halo.

Suuuuure, Nintendo is doomed i totally believe it. This kind of thinking comes only if you think multiplatforms are important, i still think 7 exclusive games in 7 months are important.
Considering i'll be getting at least 5 of them, things like: Pikmin 3, The Wonderful 101, Super Mario 3D World, Sonic Lost World, Donkey Kong Country Tropical Breeze.
Guys DKCTB really it's a squiding awesome game and we complain because our hypothesis didn't realize when only journalism said that Retro was doing a New IP, i remember we all wanted more of DKC and they simply said that they listened to us.
There 3 different characters, totally new enemies and enviorments, new camera system, stages that goes both under and overwater and a oxygen meter to make clear it's not gonna be an easy game.

If all this games don't sell it's only because nobody wants Nintendo to be there in the first place.

They made a SEGA deal and a Platinum Games deal for the release of a bunch of titles, they just thought that having third parties means more exclusives not more broken squid like ACIV, seriously who doesn't like exclusives when multiplatforms have always a D1 patch and often they stay broken anyway.

I don't get all this, i'm just a Nintendo i only play Nintendo consoles since i abandoned the PS2 because was simply dead, even before i had a SNES, N64 and Gamecube and i see everyday people that are regretting not getting a Gamecube back in the day because the bomb exclusives it had.

Really don't get this.



dumedum said:

Mario 3D, Wind Waker, DKC, Sonic Lost World, Sonic Olympics, Wii Fit U, Wii Party U. There is no room for Mario Kart in the holidays. They needed to push it ahead.



datamonkey said:

I thought exactly the same when Iwata delayed Wii Fit/Party but I'm surprised Nintendo didn't prepare for longer/bigger development time as surely they would have known games would take more resources for Wii U?

It looks like they have been caught with their pants down and I just hope they invest some of their billions of dollars in increasing the size of their studios otherwise we will continue to see game delays and/or large gaps between releases.



BXXL said:

Once again, a great article by Thomas: very well written, and very well argumented...

This week, i reacted to some articles by bringing the exact same kind of points: Nintendo made tons of money on both Wii and DS, yet seems to not have invest anything to expand its staff force, first or second party, or even to secure one-time partnerships with talented third parties...

OK, they have a brand new building in Kyoto where all their Kyoto teams will be gathered with some brand new equipment... but they have to get used to it, their staff force hasn't changed, and they just can't do everything on their own for BOTH the 3DS and Wii U...

Another question: why launch the Wii U in 2012 then? Maybe because "the company that doesn't pay attention to its competitors" (cough, cough) didn't want to enter the market side by side with the other two, don't you think?

But anyway, the last two years of the Wii's life were AWFUL... with the exception of Skyward Sword, plus Xenoblade and Last Sory comin' late to western countries (and we had to ask, A LOT, remember?), Nintendo released NOTHING on it... for two years! Just compare the Wii's last years with the PS3 last years...

So you could think, OK, they had all that time to prepare awesome, epic games for their next home console, but in fact no... because they had to save 3DS first!!! Another console launching way too early for its own good...

Two in a row, with the exact same problems: they rely heavily on Nintendo's shoulders to secure success, when Nintendo hasn't really changed for years...

3DS have found its place on the market, due to its uniqueness, and the lack of competition in the handheld market, but Wii U on another hand, is facing a much thougher competition...

In the end, i think that it will please the usual Nintendo fans, and that's it: back to the Gamecube situation... which is a shame, cos' Nintendo had all it takes to be N°1 again this gen, if the right decisions were made in 2009, 2010: improve their first party staff situation, buy a few talented studios to improve their second party lineup, and release a really powerful console to attract all the usual multiplats, and secure a place in the third parties mind...

Now the chance's gone, and it will be a though generation for Nintendo: games with higher budgets, sold at the same price, and in less quantities, equals bye bye huge profits... but i'm no shareholder, i'm just a long-time Nintendo fan, so... i suppose it's not really my problem... but anyway, i feel kinda sad PS4 will be my main console this gen: SNES nostalgia, i suppose...



CowLaunch said:

There are hardly any games, what few there are barely use the gamepad in an effective way at all. This console isn't ready yet. I have faith that it will be, I'm enjoying my 3DS now, but that wasn't ready either.

What is happening with Nintendo releasing consoles before they are ready?

Remember the N64? Comes out with Mario 64, straight away a definitive and groundbreaking game that utilizes the new controller well.



dew12333 said:

Another negative article from nintendolife, is your new writers name Patcher or something.



crobatman said:

I think the real problem is the fact that the Wii U is difficult to develop for. Third parties don't want to work with old hardware and they definitely don't want to waste money working with the gamepad. Nintendo has to pull their socks up and just hire more people, surely making a HD game (which is a lame excuse) can't be that hard, after all Microsoft and Sony have managed for what? 6 or so years? And I know they have massive third party support unlike Nintendo.......

I want Nintendo to go back to their N64 and GC days and just make a powerful console with normal controllers that is easy to develop for. I would also like Nintendo to consider creating a few new studio's, possibly a western one. They do not only need new first party titles but they need to branch out into other genres and possibly some more mature games. Monolith is the only studio that has the right idea so far....



Monkeyofthefunk said:

Yesterday I pre-ordered a PS4 to compliment my Wii U. For me, this years Wii U line up isn't that strong and my current library is mainly indie and VC games. The console isn't being played that often. I will buy games like Watchdogs for my Wii U because interaction (gamepad features) mean more to me than slightly better graphics. Saying that, I'm more pumped for the PS4 launch games than I am for the Wii U's 2013 library. I know next year will be massive with SSB, MK8, possible Zelda etc but this year is about the PS4 for me. Nintendo needed a big gun for this year like MK8 because Mario 3D looks a little tired in the demos and videos. Maybe Mario as a platformer is coming to a end. Just a thought.



mookysam said:

Nintendo management screwed up. They were completely and utterly unprepared for HD game development and there is really little excuse for that. Why didn't they properly schedule projects or allocate sufficient resources? They have said they are working hard to rectify this, but it now means that we won't see the fruits of this labour until 2014 for most titles.

Comparisons are often made between the 3DS and Wii U but turning the Wii U's fortunes around will be much more difficult simply because of the cost of making games for it and the time involved. Can Nintendo afford to be as agressive as they continue to be with the 3DS? Do they have the resources? Moreover, the 3DS has taken a long time to get where it is today - a point where first party software routinely hits (and stays in) the UK top ten. The bulk of its success has been in Japan (where third party support is excellent) and Nintendo have spoken of its disappointing sales elsewhere. What I'm getting at is in the West it wasn't some radical overnight transformation once Mario Kart 7 and 3D Land were released. It took a lot of effort and a lot of investment in first party development over the past two years. How long can Nintendo hold out for the Wii U? They desperately, desperately need third party support.



BXXL said:


So for you, be a Nintendo fan is just say everything they do is wonderful, and nobody has even the right to critisize any of their decision?

Well, i don't know how old you are, my dear friend, cos let me tell you that with time, the Nintendo's rollercoaster never ceases to amaze you, in both very positive and very negative ways... and this is comin' from someone who've seen it all since the Game & Watch days...

Nintendo has always made VERY, VERY bad mistakes, and it's the role of their "real" fans (and websites like NL) to try to tell them the truth, even if sometimes, it's not what some other fans want to read/hear...

Plus, never forget that "fan" comes from fanatic, and being fanatic is never a good thing, for you or anyone else...



Mr_3DS said:

Oh well, I have plenty of games to play. No skin off my nose that I gotta wait longer.



banacheck said:


Not being funny but there is more MMO's, Indie games in the PS4 launch, than there has been on the Wii U and the Wii U has almost been out year.



pc999 said:

It is better good games than rushed ones!!!

The price is the thing that is hurting WiiU sales IMO.



TheAdrock said:

@krunchykhaos re: #81, Okay maybe I'm being overly dramatic about PS. Xbox is complete trash to me, but I don't find PS to worth their high price either. I'm probably a minority but I just don't see why I would buy a scaled-down PC (lower res, fewer FPS, etc) to play the same games I can get on my PC.

@crobatman re: #101, That analysis is pretty much accurate. Also, N managed the U project poorly and continues to bungle it (or so it seems).



RandomNerds said:

I'm not claiming to be a game developer nor am I claiming that I know how the process works… But from where I'm sitting I think we are seeing Nintendo suffering from a lack of resources to update their asset librabry to HD. In otherwords they have limited previous work to draw on to build these HD WiiU games. Alot of what they're doing has to be re-rendered or in many cases made from scratch.



Darknyht said:

The reason we are seeing so many Mario games over the other IP is simple. Once Mario and company have been brought into HD, their models and assets can be recycled. Mario will always look the same no matter the game. That alone cuts down on development time.

The one bright light is that the work for SSB Wii U will create/bring a lot of iconic characters into the HD world. This will hopefully give them a leg up in getting some of those other IPs transitioned.

I do agree though that it would be nice to see Metroid, F-Zero, Kid Icarus, Earthbound, Fire Emblem, Star Tropics, Punch Out, Golden Sun, Sin and Punishment, and Custom Robo series make reappearances. Heck, a few of these could take the mid-tier route and go retro with the graphics and still sell well (Golden Sun and Star Tropics being likely candidates).



Objection said:

Nintendo having trouble developing HD games requiring large teams? Welcome to 2006 Nintendo, glad you finally got here. That's what the extra $10 (20% increase) is for, to pay for higher development costs.
Also, it's definitely hard to develop multiple games for everyone's satisfaction but y'know, if you planned your launches better and stopped rushing them (i.e. 3DS and WiiU,) there'd be more games available and people would buy more (and hopefully there'd be less of a gap in releases, too.)



element187 said:

"With all the money they mad eon the Wii, you'd think they would buy extra resources for the HD-era. They really dropped the ball with their WiiU launch."

@OPLink It was impossible to anticipate. You can't just take a wad a money and go out and start hiring people on the spot to get a game out in time. The process takes months, and after that process has started fully from interview to bringing that new dev into the fold on how to polish the snot out of software, it can take upwards of a year before you see the tangible results... It was reported by Japanese gamers to gaming news sites that Nintendo was hiring like crazy all through last year and this year, but the results of that crazy hiring wont be felt until late this year or early next year.... Hopefully they will have enough resources to start popping out games at least once a month all through 2014.



dew12333 said:

Yes I am old enough to have owned a game and watch, no I do not own any other systems, yes I am a 'fan' and I do know where the word comes from, but then that's what I thought this site was a 'Nintendo fan's website'. Just lately there has been many articles which a very negative and seem to have lost there way with what this website is supposed to be. Yes nintendo has always done things differently and always made us wait all the time, so nothings changed then. So why now do you feel its the right time to agree with 'non' nintendo fans opinions and slate them for something they have always done. We all want everything exactly when we want but I'm used to waiting and always not getting exactly what I want, ill keep waiting in anticipation of the next megaton announcement, but until then ill stay satisfied. Maybe a little more posativity wouldn't go a miss in more articles. Anyway the consumer can always buy whatever they feel suits them best and will, so if they listen to you and these articles I guess they'll buy different system and go to another website

But back to replying to your critism, unlike the other reader I don't always agree with everything in your comments, but if your losing faith as a Nintendo fan then I suppose you could always press the on button on one of your other systems.

Nintendo fan forever...



BXXL said:


Fair reply, and yes indeed, if people want something else, they'll buy something else... but you can't ask this website and some of its users to have nothing but positive things to write about Nintendo, cos' it would be a fraud, and would resume to blind fanboyism...

I've always appreciated Nintendo on the "artistic" side of things, if you will, but on the business side of things, they're far from perfect, and i sometimes expect that they learn from their past mistakes, and improve with time... sometimes they do, sometimes they don't, but if you really like them, you wish for the best, and thus for any kind of improvement... that's all i'm sayin'...

On another subject: Nintendo was the company that made me love videogames when i was a very young child, and i've loved many of their games over the years... but if like me, you really love videogames, for the fun, the beauty, the experience, or whatever they may give you, then there's no shame in finding the same fun, the same beauty, the same kind of experiences or whatever, on any other console or gaming devices...

That's the reason why i also enjoy Ni No Kuni, Valkyria Chronicles, X-Com, Bioshock, Dishonored, Journey, Little Big Planet, Bayonetta, and so many others on my PS3... personally, i'd prefer to live in a world where all games can be played on the same device, just like all cd's or all dvd's can be enjoyed with the same device... and chances are my most trusted brand for that device would be you know who...

But as Nintendo only gives me access to a very small portion of the great games created today (which means their own, and nearly nothing else), they don't give me any other choice than at least buy one or two other gaming devices... i'd like to find all my gaming needs on both their handheld and home consoles, but it's been a long time since they haven't tried to do that, and that's why i'm sometimes very critical...

But it doesn't mean i hate them, or that i've lost my "faith": it's just that Nintendo consoles SHOULD be the only ones i need, and COULD be if Nintendo just improve things, mostly on the third parties front, and even with their first party titles: offering customers more choices and more variety is never a bad thing... but of course, this is only a point of view, and you have the right to have a very different one...



xKing_Koopahx said:

Nintendo clearly needs to hire more people and publishers to create some game for them. They really cant do it all themselves and I think they were either stubborn enough to brush it off or really unprepared. I bought my Wii U at launch wanting to play Rayman and boom! it got taken away from us. What happened to that Sizzle Real they showed us last time on E3? a bunch of games just did not show u. I have 2 games for Wii U, not because I don't like the games. its because I already have the rest on my Ps3 or xbox and pc. Nintendo needs to truly create a experience that cant be done on other consoles because The Games that are coming out are all cross platform or 1 year late into their console. Also cheaper elsewhere

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