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Kingdom Hearts III Highly Unlikely To Appear On Wii U

Posted by Tim Latshaw

DirectX 11 seems to be the key

The teaser for Kingdom Hearts III shown at this year’s E3 sent a tingle down many fans’ keyblades. The title was confirmed for both the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, but unfortunately appears to be another bust for the Wii U.

Director Tetsuya Nomura was asked at Square Enix’s recent Future of Final Fantasy E3 event whether a Wii U version of Kingdom Hearts III was a possibility. Nomura replied that the title is being developed through DirectX 11 and that it can only be brought to "appropriate" hardware.

The Wii U’s supposed weakness in supporting DirectX 11 has been cited as a concern for third parties when discussing bringing their projects to the system, but the true extent to which this may be a problem is difficult to pinpoint.

Do you worry the Wii U isn’t going to have enough juice this generation, or do you think it still has much potential to be found? Let us know in the comments.


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Lin1876 said:

It's not that difficult to port from DX to OpenGL (which the Wii U uses), but whether Squeenix feel it would be worth their while is another matter.



Gunnerholic said:

Yeah pretty sick of hearing that, I would much rather play my Nintendo games alongside the great third party releases, rather than have to purchase a PS4/Xbox or PC :/



Lobster said:

"Do you worry the Wii U isn’t going to have enough juice this generation, or do you think it still has much potential to be found?"

I think the Wii U has enough juice and plenty of potential, but I'm not a dev. It's all down to whether they think it's worth the trouble. A title like KH3 would sell like crazy, so I think it certainly is, but I'm not Squeenix.

Meanwhile I totally agree with @Reploid... What a shame to waste it on the Xbone. Have it be a PS4 exclusive for consoles if you can't be bothered to port it to Nintendo, too, Squeenix, but don't waste it on that trash. It's not going to be worth your time/money.



Retro_on_theGo said:

I'd normally say this is another reason the Wii U sucks and this should be expected, but no numbered KH game has been on Nintendo consoles.



Lobster said:

That said, I'm not surprised, it's not like they've been a big supporter of Nintendo consoles the past 15 years. You know, ever since PS came out.



anders190 said:

Wouldn't DirectX 11 be a problem on PS4 too? I haven't read too much about either of MS and Sonys new consoles but DirectX-API has been locked to Microsofts consoles in the past, right?



PikaNick said:

I think Square should just port over Kingdom Hearts 1.5 remix for Wii U. It would essentially be loads easier to just do that instead of convert to another graphics system.



untokuoriainen said:

Square- Enix just lazy opengl port just possible. Same bullpoopoo than other companies frostbite wont run read they don want optimize bad excuses both companies.



CanisWolfred said:

I wouldn't want an inferior version regardless. I'll be getting it for the PS4 no matter what.



retro_player_22 said:

Not really a fan of the game so to me it doesn't really matter if it comes to Wii U or not considering the only good game in the series is the first one anyways. I'll just wait for the Wii U true crossover RPG, Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem instead.



Emblem said:

Every single technical reason thats been given for not making a Wii U port recently has been a lie or twist of the truth, anyone who knows anything about developing games will tell you this. What it comes down to is money and effort to port, companies are simply not willing to take the time or investment.



AVahne said:

In other words, they won't develop on Wii U even though it's likely sales for the game on XBone will be much less than it would be on Wii U due to a far more limited install base for the series on a Microsoft console when compared to Sony and Nintendo.
Whelp, they gotta start somewhere. Monster Hunter made the jump to Nintendo and did fairly well in the west when compared to past titles. I think it did decently well in Japan when compared to the other home console games and not the portable one. But if this does indeed fail on the XBone, I wonder how they can recoup the losses they make for developing an uncertain version.
And finally, if they keep spouting on and on about developing on Direct X 11 and decide NOT to make a PC version, then I'll find it hard to trust anything Square Enix has to say about Wii U or any other platform from then on.



FriedSquid said:

I think it is a problem for third-party developers, yes. Everyone says that good first-party content is gonna remedy that, but it doesn't stop the Wii U from hurting from games like KH3. Personally I would like to see KH3 on Wii U, but not if it means having a lesser version. So I'm just gonna have to fork up the money for a PS4 if I want to play KH3 (which I do), and I can't have it on Wii U because Nintendo has an inferior platform. So, yes, it is a problem.



BraveBold5 said:

I really like Kingdom Hearts and it will be a great miss to not see it on my Wii U
When i bought my Wii U i already now that 3rd party support would be stronger on PS4 yet, for me, my favorite company at making games is Nintendo that is why i choose Wii U (that and the fact that my girlfriend loves a lot party games)



bizcuthammer said:

Kingdom Hearts needs to be on nintendo consoles. The audiences for wii u and KH are incredibly similar, not so with XBO. I love the KH games, as well as FF and DQ, and i'm disappointed that nintendo once again created a console that Square doesnt want to develop for due to lack of power. I hope they can find a way to downscale it at some point.



iHailPhilly said:

Judging from the specs, its fairly obvious that the PS4 and XBone have more power, but I do think the Wii U has enough juice to make great looking games if devs want to make them. I always get tired of the specs = innovation, it doesn't.



Sir_JBizzle said:

Well that sucks, because had it released on the Wii U, that's the version I would have gotten. With that said, I've pre-ordered my PS4 already as my second console this generation, so looks like that's my only option.



Fazermint said:

@Emblem You're absolutely right. They could port it if they wanted, but it seems they don't want to... Which is stupid, because I think a lot of Wii U owners would get the game. The KH games kinda feel like Nintendo games. When I first saw a vid of KH2, I thought it was for the Wii



BossBattles said:

Thanks for being captain obvious NL. The incessant negativity about nintendo is nauseating. Im sick of it. Nobody knows how to enjoy their hobby anymore. So pitiful....



Ernest_The_Crab said:

This doesn't seem like a very good business move. Not so much the fact that it's not on the Wii U, mostly the fact they put it on the Xbox One.

Microsoft already has a pretty tiny market for consoles in Japan and with their recent behaviour you'd think SE would have thought it'd be a pretty risky endeavour. Though if there's a fat contract on the other hand...that's another story altogether.

However, between now and when the game actually releases this could change. The game is still early after all (they only announced it at this year's E3 cause the fans were getting impatient). A search for release date will come up with nothing. I would say not to get your hopes up unless Nintendo also decides to fork out some cash though.



Arcamenel said:

Isn't it odd to be putting it on Xbox One when that won't even be available to Japanese consumers for a while? Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought I read it will be released in NA first and then other places after a few months/up to a year.



mookysam said:

If they were to consider a Wii U version, why not PS3 and 360 too? Where to draw the line? Surely they are aiming for a certain level of power to realise their creative vision, and it is a fact that the Wii U is weaker than either upcoming console.



Marioman64 said:

Kingdom Hearts never had a chance of getting onto any nintendo home console, it's always been a sony thing for the big games, and a nintendo thing for the handheld games (except for birth by sleep, i still need that...)



TheHeroOfLegend said:

I think another factor that's not bringing Kingdom Hearts is the low install base of the Wii U, so to be optimistic, by the end of the year, when good games like Pikmin and Legend of Zelda come in, we'll get a "Kingdom Hearts is likely coming to the Wii U."



untokuoriainen said:

Maybe autum when Mario 3d and Pikmin and wonderful 101 are out they chance they option,We beleawe opengl port is possible and install base of wu is larger in autum : D hope so.



ToadFan said:

I do think it's odd that they brought it to XBOX One when Kingdom Hearts has never been on a XBOX system. Regardless, Kingdom Hearts games will probably still be on Wii U with future side games like Chain of Memories and Dream Drop Distance. Nintendo may be able to develop something to help developers to transfer DirectX 11 games to Wii U like they did for iPhone games to Wii U. If KH 3 does comes to Wii U I will buy it on Wii U, if not I will buy a PS4 just for KH3, FF XV, and maybe Little Big Planet.



ToadFan said:

@mookysam Kingdom Hearts 3 is only beginning development now, so by the time it comes out in 2015 or '16 the PS3 and X360 will be dead platforms. (maybe not the PS3 with Persona 5)



hYdeks said:

The Wii U has enough juice, don't fuel the troll fire, NintendoLife

As for Square Enix not making a Kingdom Hearts 3 version on Wii U, their obviously stupid, cause this is the exact kind of game Nintendo fans look forward too. Stupid move, Square Enix, get your act together.



rjejr said:

Having seen the video trailer from E3 for the PS4 version I don't recall seeing anything in the video that made me think it couldn't run on the PS3, much less the WiiU.

If Squeenix says FFXV won't run on WiiU, maybe I could believe that, but KH3 looks just like an HD verison of the original PS2 game, it's basically a cartoon.

Not saying they should port it or I expected them to port it, but the hardware not being able to handle it seems like a obvious blatant lie.



Pierceton said:

I hate kingdom heart but this is a shame because this is a 3rd party game that would shine and sell on Wii U



ricklongo said:

Not a huge fan of the series (my one experience with it, Dream Drop Distance, was mixed at best), but let me second that this is the exact kind of game that has a lot of potential among Nintendo fans.



R_Champ said:

@rjejr Couldn't have said it better myself. FFXV? Sure. KH 3? LOL, it doesn't look anywhere near as amazing graphically as "X" does. So what's the excuse?

TBH, I don't care for all. It's just shameless fanservice that acts like it's not. Whenever people starting lauding how great PS4 is because of KH or FF, I laugh, watch the "X" trailer again, then laugh harder. That being said, I feel bad for Nintendo/KH fans who won't get it, and without any good reason. Heck, if someone started a petition to bring it to Wii U, I'd sign it. Wouldn't buy it, but I sign the petition to support other fans.



Rafie said:

If it could go on PS4 and can go on the Wii U. I'm actually bothered by the fact that KH3 isn't on a Nintendo system, yet Microsoft gets this game off the jump without any prior releases. No I'm not mad about it going on the XBO, I'm more upset that Square Enix passed on the Wii U when they have had prior KH titles.



ueI said:

I think I'll give up on the series if they keep playing hard to get.



Aerona said:

I've been supporting the series for years on Nintendo handhelds. As such I'm upset that I won't be able to play Kingdom Hearts 3 without investing in a new console... and I'm not sure I'm willing to do that. If they had been even mildly interested I'm sure a Wii U version could be done. I'm very unhappy with square.



coren said:

Final fantasy is a shell of its former self. The last time I really enjoyed a ff was 9 and before that 6.
So, no im not upset that I don't get to run around as an emo Japanese teen with a big sword in what looks to be modern Tokyo.
Man, what happened to the fantasy in final fantasy.
I was more excited for the remake of ff4 on the DS than any of the console games released in the past 15 years



Jamester0722 said:

It seems strange to me that they put Kingdom Hearts games on Nintendo Handhelds but not their home consoles...



AugustusOxy said:

Oh no, over-rated weird crossover is going back to its home console. Its about time Sony return to its weaboo roots. This makes me happy because it wont be on a nintendo console, because Nintendo deserves good games, not over-hyped bs.



ToadFan said:

@Pixel-Perfect No, not yet. But it's widely suspected for it to be on PS3 like how Persona 4 was on PS2 and came out in 2008. But I could see Persona 5 being on Wii U and PS3 thanks to a lot of Atlus games being on Nintendo systems.

@rjejr It is probably entirely possible for this game to run on Wii U. FF XV I don't think can run on Wii U? Why? Well, because KH 3 is going to be using cell-shaded which purposely makes the game look less realistic and have more "cartoon-like" graphics. Skyward Sword's graphics looked amazing on Wii without being "realistic" so I think KH 3 can do the same.



Melkaticox said:

So they're releasing it on the Xbox DVR...but not the Wii U...

...Huh, talk about bad business decisions.


@ToadFan Persona 5 is coming to the 3DS, Atlus has a Persona game in development for the 3DS (it's listed as just "Persona", and it's been in development for quite a few years now)



ToadFan said:

@ricklongo @bizcuthammer Yes, I agree. I feel like KH series could do wonders on Nintendo consoles. For those who do not know, all of KH's portable games on Nintendo handhelds have done very well, with the two DS games and DDD selling at least 1 million copies each.

@R_Champ I think that graphical comparison is fine for FF XV and X but not for KH 3. That's like comparing a Skyward Sword game's graphics to The Last of Us's graphics. KH isn't shooting for worlds with realistic graphics and KH numbered titles are not "shameless fan service"

@Melkaticox Atlus is? I never knew that lol. But are you sure this Persona game is not just a remake of an old game or like Persona spinoff?
Also, since KH is not coming out anytime soon Square Enix could always drop support for the game if the Xbox One does horrible sales wise.



UnseatingKDawg said:

Don't faze me none - if I play a game with Disney characters, I want to play as the Disney characters.



Detective_TeeJay said:

@AugustusOxy Tone it back a bit, will you? That statement really stung. Is all the ragging on a legitimately good series just because you don't like it really necessary? Sorry but the I-hate-this-game-so-NOBODY-should-have-it attitude irks me.



gaby_gabito said:

OK, we get it already that all these games are not coming to the Wii U. Can we focus more on what's actually coming to the console? A lot of these stories are getting old and sad.



Relias said:

@Lobster and they ruined the Final Fantasy Franchise.. I know.. I know.. and I am okay with it.. the only thing Nintendo gets from them that is major is Dragonquest.. I have learned to except that.. though for the life of me.. I don't see why a Kingdom Hearts can't be done on a Nintendo System.. you would think we'd be the perfect crowd for it.. but they don't care... they don't want to take our money.. and I am okay with that.



J-Manix98 said:

I would think about getting a PS4 only to play KH III and FF XV.
You can forget about me wasting my money on the XBOX One!



Ichiban said:

One of the main reasons im getting a PS4 is for Kingdom Hearts 3. Ive finished them all with the exception of Chain Of Memories. A major loss, and anyone who doesn't think so (I see you all there!) is in major denial....



GamerJunkie said:

Square-Enix 1st party games have almost as many fans as Nintendo and are console sellers.



G3ry said:

I really think its very possible to port the game to Wii U, I would love to buy KH III if they let us!!
I thought we would see KH III and KH HD 1.5 on Wii U after the games on the Nintendo DS and 3DS, please be consistant Square!!!
As for the ps4, STOP PRAISING IT, it only gets credit for the mistakes and flaws of other companies. People are not seeing what they are doing wrong and dont take in mind what other companies do right!!!
sony is a big threat to Nintendo now, if ps4 is succesful, x1 gets more multiplatforms, more games skip Wii U and may throw Nintendo back to last place!!
for that reason Wii U is not doing well. I dont have much money, I only have the enough for my favorite hobby, and I love Nintendo for being a true dedicated Videogame company, I buy their consoles and look foward to see other companies follow their lead and buy well made 3rd party titles made with Nintendo Hardware in mind at least. I want my console to have everything on it, and not buy another. All of U that say they are buying a Wii U and a ps4, U must be very rich to buy a console just for some games, sure its fine, but doesnt solve the problem!!!
Kingdom Hearts III
Star Wars Battlefield
Metal Gear Solid 5
We need those.



doctor_doak said:


True... but for $428 (AU) i'd expect a bit more than 5 or 6 1st party titles a year and some half-hearted ports of older 3rd party games. There needs to be something to fill the gaps between Nintendo releases...I would've hoped that Nintendo had learnt from their mistakes last gen.

I think Nintendo's 1st party titles are going to look spectacular down the line, but I can't see too many 3rd parties putting in the effort required to downscale & yet maximize the console's capabilities when it's easier for them just to stick to PS4/Bone/Pc...



Einherjar said:

I cant remember that much whining when KH 1, 2 and BBS didnt hit Nintendo consoles, but KH3, which is developed for next gen systems is the big deal now ? And if it would be ported, everyone would whine about it beeing "watered down" and "looking worse" than its next gen counterpart.
Everyone hated the Wii ports of HD games, why should it be that different with next gen games on the WiiU ? Isnt it totally normal that devs are now hyped and focused on the "next step" ? Let thjese consoles get released first. Let the initial hype settle and THEN, if the situation settles and nothing changes, then you can complain all you want.
I can defenitly live without "lesser versions" of new games on the WiiU. If i want next gen games, i get myself a next gen system. You cant buy a, say, netbook and complain afterwards that it cant play high end PC games. Like that, you cant expect that games made for a completely different hardware can be watered down easily to the WiiUs less powerfull hardware and keep everything the other systems had to offer. You knew from the get go that the WiiU would end up less powerfull than its competition and that the technically more advanced competition was on the doorstep, i cant understand why so many people are now baffled that devs now concentrate on getting a foothold on these systems...



accc said:

I can't get over how dumb Square Enix was for not creating Kingdom Hearts 3 for the Wii at the height of the Wii's popularity. It would have been a perfect match for the Wii's audience, and with its massive userbase the game would have sold millions upon millions of copies and restored Square Enix to their former glory. Instead, they're on the verge of bankruptcy after being forced to merge with a mediocre Western publisher, and now spend most of their time creating iphone shovelware in order to stay afloat.



kdognumba1 said:

Personally, I already knew this was the case. As for looking at whats possible on the Wii U, looking at Monoliths new game X, Red Dead Redemption from consoles, and new open world games for PS4 and Xbox One such as MGS5, I'd say Wii U has shown that it can push graphics out that are indeed better then the previous generation but not quite as good as the best of the 8th gen. Of course, not supporting the new Direct X is going to also put a wrench in a lot of games getting ported over but the Wii U is still quite capable and it will be interesting to see what type of games come in its future.



Dark_Link said:

Screw Square!! They forgot it was being on the NES and SNES that they got their start with the Final Fantasy games. Nintendo fans, me included are big fans of these type of games, they fit the Nintendo crowd. I expected Sony to get it obviously but for XBone to get it and not the Wii U is ridiculous. They would have made a lot of money releasing it on the Wii U but obviously there is a reason their business is in the toilet because of poor management. I will not purchase the PS4 for this game, I will play it over a friend that ends up getting it. Screw you Square.



Midnight3DS said:

For those saying KH3 didn't look so hot, it's because it is just beginning, and the demo was on the rough side. That baby should be sparkling around 2015.



mikeyman64 said:

I honestly still have my mind set that Square is still a mostly Sony company for AAA games, even though that is far from the truth today. So I defaulted to thinking "Well, now I have a good reason to buy a PS4" and the Wii U didn't even cross my mind.



Syntax said:

Its a shame that the mass media and consumers really think that brand named, high-end hardware, and rendering software is strictly required to enjoy great games. So much so that it somehow degraded into a tier system when it comes to games and systems. This is true when games released in past generations where some where considered the best of all times until the next generation comes and now the best of it's gen are ranked behind some games ‘that clearly shouldn't be there's but are there because it newer‘. But now it's gotten ridiculous when same gen games and systems are pitted against each others to see which is better or inferior by raw spec, and graphical details, we get so caught in it that it unfairly effects the game and the system it's on, in some cases, the bias of some people makes them believe that one game is better than the other when they think it's running on different Systems



Yasume said:

I like how everyone here makes comments like "oh, well didn't like the series anyway" everytime the Wii U gets ignored. You know you care, guys. It's just painful to admit that the Wii U is flopping.



ibrahimman0 said:

@SkywardCrowbar there was a chance and maybe there is still one, Exactly half of the kingdom hearts games r on Nintendo's consoles, so why not release KH3 for Wii-U ? its not like its a exclusive to PS4 since its coming to Xbox One, well the r still couple of years i think until the game comes out ( 2015 maybe) so we will have to wait and see



Syntax said:

So the result is kingdom hearts III being only for Xbox one and PS4 because people would call the Wii u version of the same game inferior and not sale just for missing a few shaders.

I love kingdom hearts but one game isn't enough for me to invest on a second console, I would the same for Wii u if I only liked legend of Zelda.



ScorpionMG said:

@ibrahimman0 I agree some people like KH, but this game has always been on PS consoles, why do we want it on a nintendo console? They wont bring it anyway. It's like asking microsoft to give skype on wii u.



banacheck said:

The PS4 support's DirectX 11.1 it's an upgrade version it can do things other consoles & PC cannot do.

"Those improvements include better shader pipeline access, improved debugging support features out the box, and much lower level access to the system hardware enabling developers to do “more cool things.” That’s achieved not only through an modified DirectX 11.1 API, but also a secondary low-level API specifically for the PS4 hardware."

This doesn't surprise me, but i'll be playing it on the PS4 anyway.



DESS-M-8 said:

this game could easily be made for Wii U and most of the Wii U crowd would buy it, it would be daft not to port it



CliffordB said:

I certainly feel a little sorry for anyone that only owns a Wii U, obviously your always get the Nintendo exclusive's, but, the number of top notch quality games the Wii U continues to miss out on is truly frightening:

Bioshock Infinite, Castlevania LoS 2, DMC, Tomb Raider and now KH III, OUCH!



Pod said:

DirectX is and remains a Microsoft invention, and PlayStation 4 does NOT run DirectX 11, it runs a similar set of compatible shaders.

The Wii U is not compatible with the DirectX 11 standards, but I can absolutely assure people that this is NOT the reason as to why a game wouldn't appear on the system.



R_Champ said:


Final Fantasy characters and Disney characters mashed together in a way that is nonsensical to the point that it makes no sense in its own world, or in each world's separate fiction...shameless fan service. If the series were really so proud of it's emo-teen plot it'd make it work with it's own characters alone. It doesn't (each world could be it's own, but instead that tap into fanboy nostalgia). And yes, I played the first two. Emo Mickey and Ansem-Sephiroth ripoff didn't do it for me.



ritsuka666 said:

Kingdom Hearts III Highly Unlikely To Appear On Wii U'

He, X from Monolith soft looks better than this game actually.



Peach64 said:

People are putting far too much weight into what it looks like. For a start, that teaser is not representitive of the final product. They've already said it wasn't in game. They just needed some footage for the announcement.

Now, it doesn't matter what a game looks like. If its programmed for one piece of hardware, even if it has 16-bit graphics, it will not be easy to port to another, very different piece of hardware. Graphics don't matter. The ONLY reason this will be on Xbox is because the hardware is similar to PS4 they can port it with minimal effort. Porting it to Wii U would be like creating a whole other game. It's not like throwing the code onto Wii U and finding some magical graphics slider and lowering them until it works.

This is going to be happening a lot, and people need to wake up instead of blaming 'lazy devs'.



dumedum said:

I think you should hold a vote over whether articles "X not coming to Wii U" is of any interest to the readers.



dumedum said:

@CliffordB that doesn't make sense. For gamers who spend so much about games, the cost of another console is negligible. You can be sure that if those games are important to such gamer, he'd buy another console.



mookysam said:


That was a rhetorical question.

Are "fans" going to react like this every time the Wii U doesn't get a next-gen third party title?

Does anyone really know the work, time, money that could be involved in getting the game running on the Wii U. It's not just that the Wii U its much weaker (and the game could be rather compromised) it's a vastly different and complicated architecture.



Gamer83 said:

I'd get it for PS4 instead of Wii U but it just seems like such a braindead decision to me to make it available for Xbox One, which may not even get released in Japan, but skip the Wii U. I'm done trying to figure out SE these days though.



LasermasterA said:

I really think that Square Enix should re-analyze their situation. They are a company gone downhill that has gone from making great console games to porting a lot of great games to smartphones, diluting the experience somewhat and removing the uniqueness of a game. TWEWY for example on iPhone/iPad takes out the whole unique dual screen function!

Kingdom Hearts is a series whose tie in games have all appeared on handhelds of Nintendo with the exceptions of Kingdom Hearts: Coded on Mobile and Birth by Sleep on PSP. It has a much larger fanbase in Nintendo gamers than Xbox gamers by a very large margin. I was also introduced to KH through 358/2 days, a game which I loved contrary to a lot of its detractors. If KH3 was coming on PS4 only, then this move wouldn't have been a big surprise since numbered games have only come out on Sony PS2 before and re-releases on PS3. Now that KH3 is no longer Sony exclusive, it should also be ported considering the fact that the game trailer looked like it could be ported to Wii U (I know it is a teaser and not actual game fottage). The Wii U has enough juice for it considering the fact that KH uses cartoonish graphics. DX to OpenGL conversion can be done and an efficient port made on the Wii U. SE is most likely being reluctant to take the effort to port to the Wii U considering the console is not riding at too high sales at the moment.



CountEkkiM said:

@Reploid you are right! no ones gonna buy xbox one.. and wiiu sales is for month 2,6million, ps3 month sale was 2,4 and xbox 360 has 2,0.. so wiiu aales is pretty well.



Randomname19 said:

Give me Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and Kingdom Hearts 2.5 for Wii U when you make it and I will be satisfied.
From what I've seen so far KH3 looks like an interactive movie so I don't care if It's not released.



Araknie said:

Even the Deus Ex Human Revolution supports Dx11 but it will be on the Wii U, Square-Enix si the same liar as ever.



Jellitoe said:

I will miss KH3 but heck I missed KH1 and 2, won't buy another system for one game. If they release it for PC which can handle DX11 I will get it.



EarthboundBren said:

lamest excuse ever..... make it on Wii U, upgrade it for PS4, skip Xbone (wasting time) and..... BAM!!!!! your done square enix!



Dpullam said:

I already expected this game to not come to the Wii U. I guess I'll have to get a PS4 down the road to play Kingdom Hearts 3.



Faruko said:

Chronologically the storyline follows this system order: PSP>PS2>GBA/PS2>PS2=DS>DS>3DS



unrandomsam said:

I have the 3DS one and I hate it. Anything I want from Square Enix ends up being Japanese only or an afterthought.



Mahe said:

@Rumbler Nintendo's criticism is deserved. The Wii and DS were great systems, the Wii U and 3DS less so. But the 3DS has gotten better, and the Wii U is getting there as well, seemingly quicker than the 3DS did. There are some faults that can't be easily fixed, like the poor D-pad of the 3DS or the high price of the Wii U's gamepad, but with enough good games, these faults can be overlooked.

But the suggestion that you must unconditionally and uncritically love Nintendo and everything they do in order to visit this site is pure idiocy.



ToadFan said:

@Rumbler Lately, every single site is having tons of people bashing the Wii U. The same thing happened with the 3DS when everyone thought the PS Vita was going to crush it. The truth is people have been saying "Nintendo is doomed" for a long time.

But you have to realize that sites like Nintendo life are going to be posting almost all news that relates to Nintendo and not just positive news. And you have to admit that Wii U isn't doing as well as Nintendo thought it would be. Most (notice I said "most") of the people that you said were trolls are not trolls at all. They just want people to know that having third-party support is vital to the success of a console. (You might also want to look up the word "tough love")

Also, some of these people may be fans of Nintendo and just do not like the Wii U or Kingdom Hearts at all which is completely fine. They may just like Nintendo because of their portable efforts. Or, they want Nintendo to go third-party.

Speaking of your thoughts on the article, it is still completely possible for KH 3 to come on Wii U. The game isn't coming out for a few years, and by this holiday season the Wii U will hopefully be selling like hot-cakes. By 2014, hopefully more third-party publishers and devs will want their games to be on Wii U.



GamerJunkie said:

I have a Wii U, it does not mean I have to be a fanboy and agree with how Nintendo is handling things.

I am really disappointed so far with my Wii U and so few games.

If you can't handle people's opinions, get off the internet.

I never bash Nintendo, I speak my opinion. So far the games are very weak, they are losing 3rd party games left and right. Am I supposed to pretend I am enjoying the drought of games and lie on here?



Megumi said:

A sequel for a Nintendo game...isn't a Nintendo game. I don't understand these developers sometimes. >_>



krunchykhaos said:


What? Of course the wiiu can run it. It's not like the ps4 has been out for a year and developers have had time to work with it. If developers at least worked with the WiiU for the duration that its been out (and not necessarily released anything just worked with it) they'd be so much better off with porting. I mean battlefield was ported to the ps3 and 360. Porting is not an issue. The wiiu I guarantee you can run kingdom hearts 3. It's not like 1 and 2 were that visually impressive. This isn't final fantasy. I'm willing to bet X will look better visually.



ianmage1 said:

I've already voiced my opinion on Square's decision and I see it as a slap to the face of its Nintendo fan base.
I'm hoping that the Wii U eventually gets a port of KH3, even if it's released long after the PS4 and Xbone release and even if it's the inferior version.
The talk about specs preventing the development of a Wii U version is all an excuse; developers need to actually go through the effort of learning how to port to Wii U. Afterall, what kind of company values specs over their fans?



Sam_Loser2 said:

I'm very sore that after all this time and all those games they push KHIII onto all the next gen consoles that I don't have.

And there's never been a KH on a Microsoft system; exactly what kind of audience are they expecting to find there?



GreatPlayer said:

@Rumbler Rumbler comments reminds me of updates nazis - only allow positive news about Nintendo to be discussed. People have different opinion about a matter.



mbownh said:

traten de hacerla para wii u
he jugado todas las versiones consiguiendome consolas para lograrlo y un ps4 o xbox one no esta en mi presupuesto para continuar la saga



mbownh said:

siempre hay una ecepcion hagan el mas esfuerzo posible para crearla en wii u y como dijo alguien mas arriba el hd remix 1.5 tambien para wii u



Henmii said:

"DirectX 11 seems to be the key"

Nah, the main reasons are:

-Wii u is to weak.
-Wii u is not popular enough.
-Developers don't want to work with the Wii u gamepad.



Relytia said:

What a load of garbage. The Wii-U's Open GL system can support Unity 4, which has a feature set similar to DX11 at a fraction of the cost! To say they won't release KH3 on the Wii-U because of graphical limitations is totally dishonest. It's obvious there are other reasons they won't port KH3 to Wii-U.



Hungry-Bear said:

Sounds like poor excuse to me. What happened to the days where people work hard to overcome any challenge and succeed. Too many game companies are being runned by ignorant nicompoop. Once the Wii U gets into a hot streak, Square will come crawling back to Nintendo.



mayhem13 said:

@Hungry-Bear hungry-bear, it's all about the money more so now then ever. It is not just about how much money it can make, it is about how much money it costs to make as well. The amount of poor sales and failure stories I've heard from 3rd party companies since the Wii U debuted is too hard to ignore. At this point it is more shocking to hear a 3rd party company supporting the Wii U than it is to hear they aren't.

Kingdom Hearts is an oddity. You wonder if Square Enix even considered KH for 3DS to be a success. It is odd in that respect, because the game is a japanese game that is more popular in America than in Japan. Which is rare. Yet your dealing with a company based in Japan, so sales in Japan are important to them. I heard Kingdom Hearts 3D did solid here but horribly in Japan. That could also be a factor. Wii U we know does horrible 3rd party sales but if Square Enix got burned with the 3DS too. They may be ignoring Nintendo for that reason as well. Plus Square Enix is struggling, don't forget that.

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