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Wed 26th Sep 2012

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AgentAPE commented on Don't Expect To See A Mainline Pokémon Game O...:

"There’s no download content or microtransaction content developed specifically for Pokémon X and Y. We’ve not come up with any ideas on that yet. I like the idea that Pokémon can be enjoyed with just one piece of software. You buy the game and it can be enjoyed just with that one software that you buy. That’s a key point for Game Freak."

Im glad there are developers that still think this way. DLC and constant game patching are really starting to sour my gaming experiences as of late. constant paywall, nickle and dime tactics. then game companies get mad when no one buys that crap to begin with. People didnt have any problems throwing 60 bucks at a game 2 generations ago because they knew the game was stacked with content. now its like, let me wait as long as possible before I purchase this game because when I get home I gunna have to cough up another 30 to 60 bucks just to get the whole experience.

sorry,old man rant, gunna run out and pick up this game now.



AgentAPE commented on Without iOS Support Nintendo "Doesn’t Reach ...:

It seems to me the iOS end of things is using all this negativity to try and get some nintendo quality to appear on its devices. Sorry, not gunna happen. I think alot of theses smart phone/tablet users thought that they were gunna get a real gaming experience on these devices thus getting rid of the need for a dedicated device.

my nephew has an ipod touch, he liked that thing for about a month, he soon realized all he could play was copycat junk and and simple one touch games. now all he does is check out 9gag, listen to music and saving his money for a 2ds and a copy of pokemonx/y.



AgentAPE commented on Nintendo 2DS is Actually Made With Just One Sc...:

as a gamer with big hands, the shoulder buttons on this thing look great. Seems to me that nintendo has made a butt load of cash from the original and xl series to even have given this the ok. I also like the kid friendly approach, my nephew broke his 3ds plug port sometime ago, the hinge and L trigger are next.



AgentAPE commented on The Pokémon Company International Confirms We...:

it seems that this generation will be locked, as in no past games trading up. kind of glad about that as B&W are broken. I really dont want to see the games online features flooded with shinies and perfect stat pokemon. that kind of ruined it for me.



AgentAPE commented on Aqua Moto Racing 3D Developer Keen to Bring it...:

its games like this that makes me wish nintendo would let more companies co-dev some of their less popular/mainstream games, give these guys the wave race license, some cash and a little dev help for the old nintendo magic and BAM! new game for the WiiU , even better make it a capable/solid eshop exclusive with lower then retail cost. highly unrealistic, I know , but it would be nice.



AgentAPE commented on Ian Livingstone: Nintendo Should Have Their IP...:

if nintendo ip ever graced other platforms , itll raise the bar on quality so damn high nobody would ever buy any of the other crap ever put out by anyone else, drop pokemon on iOS and nobody would ever think of playing the endless imitators released on that platform ever again.

it might be a good way to kill the competition, but itll never happen.



AgentAPE commented on Just Cause Dev Thinks Wii U Is "Cool" But Has ...:

instead of running out there full steam with a AAA title,why arent devs takiing the eshop into account and making something cost effective and entertaining, all the while; getting creative juices flowing with the gamepad and getting revenue .

low risk investment, easy stepping stone to gamepad and wiiu achitecture, and puts them in the spot of developer that cares, increasing the chances that next game will sell even better.



AgentAPE commented on LucasArts Shut Down By Disney:

this is sad, I thought they only bought the starwars ip not LucasArts/Films completely. hope those guys move on to disney interactive/buena vista games, loved to see them help with future kingdom hearts games.shame.



AgentAPE commented on Epic Games Rules Out Unreal Engine 4 For Wii U:

@Lopezdm i agree, this is the key problem in the industry right now, budget stability. AAA games ( like tomb raider) are turning 3.4 million units in one months time with still very unsatisfactory profits. if nintendos approach with "lower tech" , which it really gives devs strong tech with the ability to really push old/cheaper engines in new ways, works , it can be very benefical.



AgentAPE commented on MercurySteam Still Interested In Developing A ...:

alot of overreactions to the MercurySteam castlevania going on here, people acting like they made superman64 for the 3ds or something. To me its a refreshing take on retro castlevania, especially after 7 games of metriod-vania.



AgentAPE commented on Talking Point: The Problem With 'Old' Wii U Ports:

i think many of these publishers are thinking that wii owners that upgraded to Wii U didnt own a 360 or ps3, the thing is wii went coupled with most gamers that had one or the other. Simply, these ports are far too old and to pick them up at "new" prices when they can be gotten for a third or less of the price for the other consoles in this kind of economy is a no-brainer that itll lead to poor sales.