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mayhem13 commented on Poll: Buying Bayonetta 2 - eShop Convenience o...:

I already got mine from Gamestop where I knew they would have it, but I went to my local Target yesterday and just for fun looked to see if there were any copies left. They didn't even have a price sticker for the game. Which means they never even stocked it. Now it's not a mature thing, they had Black Ops, Zombi U. So why they didn't have it. I have no idea. But that's my story to add. Mind you my local Target has a robust video game section including a large portion dedicated to 3DS, DS, Wii and Wii U so, it's not like Target is shunning Nintendo stuff.

This game has alot going for it in the terrific reviews. But it's also got alot going against it. It's a game for hardcore serious fans on a system that isn't made up of hardcore serious fans. It's a Japanese game made for hardcore serious fans when hardcore serious fans usually hate Japanese games these days. It's a mature game on Nintendo, not known for mature games. It's a third party exclusive and third party rarely sells well on Nintendo systems of the last three generations. Now add to that....retailers aren't carrying it or aren't carrying enough of it. All the same, despite all that, I hope it sells well.



mayhem13 commented on Review: Game Party Champions (Wii U):

The sad thing is on the original Wii, Game Party was considered of a higher level quality for third party games. They had third party games on the Wii that people to this day don't even know existed or are still trying to forget (Ninjabreadman anyone), they were so bad and ignored. They took shovelware to a whole new low. So it made games like Game Party seem better than they were.

But a game like this with no multiplayer (I mean the local kind of multiplayer) that is just dumb. That is usually the one saving grace, two people in a room looking silly, having fun. That can take a game like this and at least make it ok.



mayhem13 commented on Review: Sonic Lost World (3DS):

There is a demo for this game on the 3DS and Wii U, I suggest you people get off an opinion/review site and just play the demos and makeup your own minds. I have both games, I like both. Some people prefer the 3DS version, some prefer the Wii U. Some think they both stink. Either way...demos exist. Play them. I definately don't think this is a 5 out of 10. It's not flawless, the cutscreens are ugly, controls on both versions are odd and the Gyro special stages made me sick. But everything else I generally enjoyed in the 3DS version. Try the demos, make up your minds



mayhem13 commented on Review: Skylanders SWAP Force (3DS):

I always preferred the 3DS versions of these games to the console versions. But since the Swap Force added jumping to the console versions. Alot of what made the 3DS versions better is now gone. I liked the old school Playstation 1 3D platforming style which is what made the 3DS Skylanders so much more fun then those jump pads the consoles had, with those gone, this loses a little bit. Though it is nice that you can keep the skylanders permanently without needing the figures. In case you ever want to sell the figures but keep the game. That's cool I guess.



mayhem13 commented on Review: Sonic Labyrinth (3DS eShop / Game Gear):

Just my opinion like anyone else, but this is a good game trapped in quicksand or a good game trapped in a seizure. I played the Genesis Sonic 3D Blast version and while it wasn't a masterpiece, I didn't feel like I was walking in slow motion or spin dashing with total lack of control either. The Game Gear version feels that way to me. That's not difficult, that is just downright frustrating. Playing this game when Sonic walks is like watching grass grow, playing this game when Sonic spin dashes is like shooting Sonic out of a rubber band, you have no idea where he may go and you can't control it. Zaps all the fun out of the game to me. Had he moved faster like the Genesis version, had the spindash been more controllable, it may not have been a perfect game but it would have been alot more enjoyable. As an idea, a 3D isometric pinball-esque sonic adventure game seems awesome, portable version on the go is even better, but as they execute it here in the game gear version. Awful. For me, it's 3 out 10 and the requirement of alot of patience.



mayhem13 commented on Kingdom Hearts III Highly Unlikely To Appear O...:

@Hungry-Bear hungry-bear, it's all about the money more so now then ever. It is not just about how much money it can make, it is about how much money it costs to make as well. The amount of poor sales and failure stories I've heard from 3rd party companies since the Wii U debuted is too hard to ignore. At this point it is more shocking to hear a 3rd party company supporting the Wii U than it is to hear they aren't.

Kingdom Hearts is an oddity. You wonder if Square Enix even considered KH for 3DS to be a success. It is odd in that respect, because the game is a japanese game that is more popular in America than in Japan. Which is rare. Yet your dealing with a company based in Japan, so sales in Japan are important to them. I heard Kingdom Hearts 3D did solid here but horribly in Japan. That could also be a factor. Wii U we know does horrible 3rd party sales but if Square Enix got burned with the 3DS too. They may be ignoring Nintendo for that reason as well. Plus Square Enix is struggling, don't forget that.



mayhem13 commented on Skullgirls Wii U eShop Release "Unlikely" Unti...:

I like that they are being honest and admitting it is about the money. With all these publishers and developers using their bull about it won't run this or do that. No, the real reason is money. Third party games don't sell on the Wii U, Third party games lose money on the Wii U, why bother making a Wii U 3rd party game if you are just going to lose money. If the Wii U can somehow prove it can sell 3rd party games over the next two years. You'll see everyone come on board and release their games. All about money.



mayhem13 commented on Review: Bloons TD 4 (DSiWare):

Reed, to me a game that doesn't always allow you to beat it. Is broken its 0 out of 10, it totally fails, while your review IS well done and truthful. I can't accept that rating. If I wasn't so busy, maybe I'd call Nintendo and make a fuss to get my money back because one cent for a broken game is unacceptable let alone $4.99. The game rewards people who beat the levels on hard and get gold medals. It's nearly impossible to beat the levels on hard without slowdown glitching and even freezing the game. Let alone the fact that the slowdown kills any fun the game has. I love Bloons TD the series, I have nothing against it, I love TD in general and more of the same is cool with me. But this dsware port of the game is zero out of 10, nobody should spend money on it. Nintendo should remove it from their eShop.



mayhem13 commented on Bloons TD 4:

Avoid it like the plague...aside from lacking 75% of what the PC version had. It also has hideous slowdown (I'm talking 3-5 frames per second!). It also has the dubious destinction of the being the first DS game to ever freeze on me. It froze on level 63 of level 1 (the simplest looking of all the levels) and if you play on hard mode, you need to complete 65 or 75 levels to beat it. Horribly broken. I like Bloons TD games and I like TD games in general. But this version, avoid it. Its not worth playing for free in this condition.



mayhem13 commented on Review: Samurai G (3DS eShop):

I thought Johnny Kung Fu was great. So I'm no blind UFO hater or Nintendo Life hugger. Maybe a 6 or 7 because in no way did it feel like it was anything new, just retro for the sake of being retro. But fun and well done retro nonetheless. This game is not great for sure, but for the price, I don't expect much. 1 star, thats rough. 3 or 4 yea. More accurate. Its brutal difficulty might actually appeal to people. Its a blessing and a curse, if your good, you may just enjoy this game alot in short doses. It's very simple overall...a slightly more complex "I must run". If your not good at this game, you'll get frustrated and probably never want to play it again. The controls are perfectly fine I don't understand what your problem is with the controls, it's the gameplay and muddled visuals that hurt a game that is all about reflexes. I do agree with that.



mayhem13 commented on Review: Rising Board 3D (3DS eShop):

This was a disappointment for me. To be honest, if the previous Pop Island games didn't exist, maybe I would have liked this more. This made me just want to play a Pop Island on the 3DS. Its brutally difficult in some areas. WarioWare like in its rapid in and out style, win or lose, move on. I sometimes like WarioWare but for the most part that spastic gameplay style is not for me. There is alot of these simple running, use your reflexes, avoid things type games. Someone should vary it up a bit more like a 3D graphics run and avoid things type game. But there is so many. The only thing that helps this game out, is it's cheap. Maybe not in comparison to apple and android games. But in comparison to other Nintendo,Sony,Microsoft games. It's cheap. So one should factor that in. I guess I shouldn't expect much for the price.



mayhem13 commented on Review: SpeedX 3D (3DS eShop):

Boy nothing splits reviews quite like 3DS eShop games. I found it quite fun and addicting a game. I think it comes down to one's taste. I thought I would hate it and for the first 2 or 3 levels I did as it was painfully simple. Then it starts showing the challenge and the cool effects. I didn't really notice the framerate, I'm not a guy who really cares about 30fps vs 60fps anyway. If it was really important, I would have noticed. I didn't notice Graphically it's simple, I think that's the point. You are buying for the gameplay. If it is your cup of tea, you'll be happy. If not, why are you even reading this. OlympicCho , the moment your review said this game runs like a turtle, I ignored your review. You clearly are holding a grudge over something.



mayhem13 commented on Review: VectorRacing (3DS eShop):

Its an arcade style racing game, so what one finds to be good controls is subjective. I hate Ridge Racer because I hate drifting. I like games like Daytona USA and Cruis'n USA which can take a person like me who is terrible at racing games but loves them all the same. Make me look good. Thats why I like playing them and that all or nothing style can help people like me who don't want floaty controls.

That said, this game is all graphics. Its for the retro geeks and Vectrex nerds. So I had to get it. I absolutely agree with the reviewer 100%. Its all graphics and not alot of anything. The vector style graphics look great, the 3D effect is good. If you have a good memory, I suppose the tracks stick out. But for me, they just blend together. I guess I need a real background to remember a track. The controls, even by arcade standards are average at best. It is a very limited game. Strip away those cool vector based graphics and you know what, there is not much there. I wanted to like the game more though. I really did.



mayhem13 commented on Review: Nano Assault (3DS):

fantastic game...its biggest thrill is beating a hard level. Its one of those games that you hold a grudge because you can't beat the level, refuse to stop playing until you beat the level, then when you beat the level, you feel so happy, you keep playing. Then that scenario repeats over and over. Sad this has been out forever and yet people are just realizing it now. It was only $20.00 for me and that was three months ago. Well worth it.



mayhem13 commented on Review: Art Academy: First Semester (DSiWare):

good for understanding art, I do not feel it is good at teaching art. I am terrible at drawing but I like drawing. My hope with this game was that it would teach me how to draw better. Its called Art ACADEMY after all. But what I found this game to do alot of, is it shows you a picture and then tells you to copy it. That is not teaching. For instance, it shows a circle...says to copy the circle, what if I draw bad circles, help me, teach me to draw better circles, give me tips. It doesn't do any of that. This game almost always teaches you why you would use a method of drawing, shows a picture of that method...say shading. Then tells you to copy it. No particular explaination as to how you should shade properly. Just copy it. What I do like about this game is, it is relaxing, it gives you a nice pallette to work with, many effects. If you want to scribble, draw random can do alot of that here, its fun, be creative. But if you want to learn...I mean learn well. No. You won't. You will leave this game knowing more about drawing then before you played it. But if your drawing skills sucked before the game, they'll still suck after the game, you'll just sort of know how to shade those crappy drawings and you'll know exactly why you are shading it. So in short, fun relaxing, good options, accurate controls, great on teaching why but not how. This is art ACADEMY and if the teaching isn't good, the heart of the game isn't good. I'd give it a 5.



mayhem13 commented on Review: GO Series: Undead Storm (DSiWare):

It is a good game, controls take some time to get used to though I have played top down games with these style of controls. I guess I can't think of any way to make the controls better on a ds/3ds. But beyond game. I don't know if I'd give it a Personally, I thought it was an 7.5 and that's still very good. But for the price, it has alot of time killing fun. I also like the music. Absolutely worth it.



mayhem13 commented on 3DS Software Struggles in UK Charts:

Odd thing is UK had some of the best 3DS hardware sales during the launch period of the 3DS. In what can be called a rarity, the 3DS sold better in UK then in Japan or America early on. Now oddly enough, games are starting to sell better in america and japan. Systems are selling better. It is the UK that has cooled down at least on game sales anyway. .



mayhem13 commented on Review: Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure (3DS):

I hear alot of people complaining about this game being a ripoff but is it. Should it even be compared to your standard game. The pack you buy is a "starter pack". That alone absolves the game for any extra purchases you make. Starter pack not a full game. Its essentially saying, this is only the tip of the iceberg. If you want more, you can get more, if not, then it is what it is. The extra cost is the portal, figures, etc. Now some say, well why bother with figures. Some people really like having physical figures. So its not your normal game in that, essentially add-ons, dlc is more figures. Not only does it give you more gameplay, more options. You get a figure out of the deal. This whole thing was a gamble, an attempt at something new, so far, it worked. They are making alot of money with this game. But that doesn't make it a ripoff, no one is forcing you to buy the starter pack, the extra levels or the figures. I think its creative and if it makes them alot of money, kudos to them for taking a chance on a new idea.



mayhem13 commented on Review: Samurai Sword Destiny (3DSWare):

...oh wait, I just thought about Urban Champion...hmmm this vs 3D Urban Champion...a tie. There is a retro feel that is cool with Urban Champion and this has a nice 3D effect. No seriously, this isn't the world's worst game or anything, but its just not much of a game in the end.



mayhem13 commented on Review: Samurai Sword Destiny (3DSWare):

Something about sidescrollers with big characters, usually have small gameplay...not alot, too simple. The 3D Effect of this game is really nice. Thats about all I liked of it. I think a four is a generous rating. This isn't an addictive simple game like some casual games are, its tedious, repetitive and probably the worst 3DS eShop game to date.



mayhem13 commented on Zen Pinball 3D:

Be interesting to see Pinball in 3D and Zen Studios truly love pinball games, they make their games very unreleastic in terms of visuals (which makes it more exciting) but very realistic in terms of gameplay (almost like playing real pinball). It works, the 360 and PS3 Zen Pinball games are fantastic. I see no reason why this won't be unless its lacking in content or visual flair.



mayhem13 commented on Review: Metroid II: Return of Samus (3DS Virtu...:

This got me into the Metroid series, I remember renting Metroid on the NES and I probably got like 3% complete in the week that I had it. Brutal...Brutal. Too brutal. This was much easier but it made me a fan because of that. Since I never beat the Metroid on NES or read any game magazines when I was younger, I did not know Samus was a girl until many years later. And I called her Metroid not Samus. I also called Link, Zelda. Anyway to me its a classic and a 10 out of 10. I think it has dated well, its still fun, I'd say 9 out of 10. Its one of those Gameboy games that MADE the Gameboy.



mayhem13 commented on Review: 3D Classics: Kirby's Adventure (3DSWare):

I dont know what people are seeing but I think the 3D effect looks great. Just as good as excitebike or any other 3D Classics games which means everythings looks like cutouts on various levels. Background is far away, foreground in the middle, Kirby, enemies and ground are in the front. You can also go to the options and make the 3D effect stronger if you want. Beyond what your slider will give you. You can make the whole screen bright or have it more honest to the NES Version. Something you have to see to understand. Beyond the portability, the other big thing is no slowdown. It plays smooth as silk.



mayhem13 commented on 3D Classics: Kirby's Adventure:

Hilarious, I just got a toaster NES in the mail yesterday (was in a retro mood) and the first game I played was Kirby Adventure...then I go on the 3DS store today and boom...3D Kirby Adventure.



mayhem13 commented on Nintendo Not Interested in Producing Free-To-P...:

definately he's talking facebook games, I agree with him. While there are about 10 big facebook games that make a ton of money on microtransactions. There is also what feels like 500 or more other games that don't make a thing.

Now if someone wanted to be a real jerk, they could say, 50% of the Wii game library (mostly 3rd party) doesn't have any real value to begin with.



mayhem13 commented on Machinarium Finally, Officially Cancelled:

I agree with anyone who says, why would they announce it and then cancel it and rip on the Wii. Anyone with a half working brain already knows that Wii games have big file limits and that the resolution is standard definition. This guy is acting in 2011 like he didn't know that when everyone knew that for years. And his company makes games. There is more to it but really it is a who cares sort of deal. Most PC's can run it I'm sure...its only a point and click. It plays probably better on a PC with a keyboard for the same reason too.



mayhem13 commented on Review: Crazy Taxi (GameCube):

A fair raiting in my opinion. Xbox got Crazy Taxi 3 exclusively, that was an update that should happened to the Gamecube and PS2 versions of the game. Rather then just a dreamcast port (much as I love the dreamcast), Gamecube was a much stronger machine. Either that, or they should have included Crazy Taxi 1 and 2 together for these ports at a nice price. But that said, still fun as hell, if you rated the game purely for what it is and not compare anything. This was for me a 10 out of 10 at the time. I loved it in the arcades and on the Dreamcast.



mayhem13 commented on Review: BurgerTime Deluxe (3DS Virtual Console...:

I wouldn't mind Nintendo giving us one more Palette option or at least, the one they used when you put an classic gameboy game into a gameboy color system. At least that, so you have black and white, the green gameboy classic and then the gameboy color palette. That would be nice. Three most popular ways to play a gameboy game back in time.



mayhem13 commented on Review: BurgerTime Deluxe (3DS Virtual Console...:

I always knew BurgerTime, when people go retro, BurgerTime is one of the more mentioned ones. I never owned BurgerTime back during its day but I did know about it. Interesting to see the Gameboy one...I'm more familiar with the arcade, atari and nintendo versions. Seems cool though.



mayhem13 commented on Review: Rayman (DSiWare):

Great game on the Sega Saturn for me, back then it was amazing both visually and audio (thanks to the new CD technology). I'm surprised how wide opinions vary on here. I always thought the general concensus was Rayman 1 great 2D side scroller, Rayman 2 great 3d game for its time....everything else until Ravid Rabbids is mostly forgotten. That said I don't have this version, don't need it, I still have the saturn and I still love this game like I did 15 years ago.



mayhem13 commented on Review: 1001 BlockBusters (DSiWare):

Its not too bad if you want a time killer and cheap game. But its definately not going to win any awards either. The game has no physics whatsoever. It has no fx either, the bomb for instance doesn't have an explosion which is odd, it just blasts a bunch of blocks instead of one (use your imagination I guess). The DS is capable of alot more.