ZombiU was a standout game at the Wii U's launch, bringing some excellent horror to the system while utilising the GamePad to enhance the experience. It was a tad rough around the edges, like launch games often are, but nevertheless did a lot of good things.

News of its impending re-release on PS4 and Xbox One (as Zombi) prompted a little disappointment, but it's interesting to see what's now been revealed - from the perspective of a Wii U fan. Ubisoft has announced that it'll arrive on 18th August on both systems, as well as PC, as a download-only game. It's also released a trailer, below.

It looks like a bare bones revamp to us, perhaps even more of a port than a remaster of any description, and is the same core game as on Wii U. We can't help but think that it'll be a little worse off without integrated dual screen play, too, and there's no mention of an equivalent local multiplayer mode; on Wii U that was reliant on the GamePad.

In any case, it's likely to be a budget-priced release, and it'll be interesting to see whether it performs well on other systems. Despite praise for the Wii U launch title, Ubisoft wasn't shy in being disappointed with its commercial performance.