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Cathousemaster commented on Review: Flowerworks HD: Follie's Adventure (Wi...:

@JustinH: You can put the pricing down to "rounding" then - it definitely wasn't a business decision. For example - If the price would have come to $4.30 CAD, it would still be $4.00, not $4.50. Its good feedback to know that people are this sensitive to pricing - from now on, I'll be rounding down on all currency conversions. I'll look at changing the full price in Canada from $7 to $6.50 CAD (which makes it cheaper than the the US price, etc).

As far as foreign accounts go - I have done that on my 3DS, but it seems harder on the WiiU (can't remember why :P). Plus, we definitely won't get access to US or Canada games - UK might be the only other English region we get. So its a good point - when it releases in Europe, I'll see if I can switch account and get a copy :)



Cathousemaster commented on Review: Flowerworks HD: Follie's Adventure (Wi...:

@JustinH: what do you mean about the Canadian price? All the prices were set based on the current exchange rate compared to the US dollar (possibly with some minor rounding up/down - and usually down).

It should be retailing for $3.50 USD in the US, and $4.00 CAD in Canada ... is this correct? If not, please let me know!

As for an Aussie being sympathetic ... have a thought for us: because the classification costs in Australia are so high, we are not going to release the game here at all. So I'll never get to play or show this to people on my WiiU :(

I know some of the overworld navigation is 'annoying', but its also at your leisure, and there is no penalty for bumping into things (you'll never lose or fail anything!). Additionally, if you touch a location on the GamePad, Follie will "auto-route" there, without bumping into things. This is especially useful in the forest maze (which is quite hard!).

Work on the first "patch" is progressing well: a few fixes and improvements are in, the in-game menu is working, and I'm looking at player-1 controller changes. Hopefully it should be ready for submission within a day or two.



Cathousemaster commented on Review: Flowerworks HD: Follie's Adventure (Wi...:

Thanks again for the feedback everyone - we love it. I think having this sort of direct conduit between developers and gamers/users is essential - but unfortunately, its unlikely to happen with bigger projects or companies.

Feedback on above:
@sinalefa: thanks for the comment on the blue/purple thing, its a good point. In the patch I'm planning on adding some stripes to the purple pollen, to really differentiate them. If you have issues with any of the other colours, please let me know.

I also like the restart idea (although if the quit/play is quick enough, its close). But we all like a fast "restart" - I'll try and get that into the menu too.

@Stargazer: overworld 'smoothing' isn't an easy thing to do, due to the nature of the game. That said, if you use the touch screen and the auto-navigation it should be very smooth between moves.

As for the Vita - I'm not so sure. Apart from being keen to stay Nintendo exclusive, I think it may be hard to play on such a small screen - even playing with pure touch/direct control on the GamePad isn't ideal (but using the GamePad as a indirect panel for a TV is better). Might look at that in the future, but it won't be something done anytime soon (be a big project).

Looking into the patch now, but just to dash hopes of any immediate fixes: its going to have to go through a Nintendo submission/testing process, so its likely to be 2-3 weeks before its live (at best). Its definitely going to happen though, and the European version will have these improvements at launch.



Cathousemaster commented on Review: Flowerworks HD: Follie's Adventure (Wi...:

I do understand the feedback, so no offense taken - I've been in the industry too long for that ;). That said, I have pretty much exactly the same thoughts on the game, and none of the feedback surprises me so far.

Flowerworks HD for us is a balancing act: I never want to put out "crap", but how much time is it worth spending polishing a previously released game like this? I'll much rather spend my time working on a all-new, WiiU exclusive... and I'm sure you all will too.

That said, unless this covers some of our costs there won't be any more games from us. So its a balancing act.


As a compromise, I'm going to see if I can quickly add a in-game menu - that will also have an option for switching Player 1 to one of the Bluetooth controllers. This setting will be remembered between level sessions as well. You will still have to use the GamePad for menus and overworld. Its not ideal, but its the best I can do for now - it will allow 1-player WiiRemote or Pro control. 2-player games will probably require player-1 to use the GamePad as well.

Would this satisfy the people that want it?



Cathousemaster commented on Review: Flowerworks HD: Follie's Adventure (Wi...:

Hi everyone - this is Michael from Nocturnal again. Your feedback is really appreciated, so bring it on.

We are actually going to patch this shortly (long story!). WiiRemote controls are still in there, but because of the way the WiiU works we decided to make player 1 use the GamePad. I felt that forcing the player to switch between the GamePad and WiiRemote for 1 player was ridiculous. If WiiRemote support is in there, it has to work for the entire game (overworld, menus, game sections, etc).

Personally, I definitely preferred the "direct" WiiU controls (touch/buttons/analog) over the indirect WiiRemote controls. Then again, I don't play any of my WiiU games with a WiiRemote.

One of the strongest feedback points we had on the WiiWare version, was that people hated seeing a "mouse pointer" on the screen, which we'll have to bring back to control the entire game with a WiiRemote.

You can pause the game at anytime - just use the HOME button. But you can't abort levels, just like the WiiWare version. If there are enough requests, I'm happy to add a in-game menu with two options (Continue, Quit).

I'll have a look to see whether we can get the WiiRemote easily working for player 1. You might have to start a level in 1-player mode (otherwise pressing something will activate 2-player mode), hit a button on the GamePad (i.e. + or -), then we can let a secondary controller take over.

Adding full Wii Remote support for the entire game again will be significant work.

Has anyone played with the WiiU Pro Controller? We spent a lot of time implementing that (and generally supporting multiple types of controllers) - is anyone using it?

Thanks again for the feedback - and be honest, we can take it ;).



Cathousemaster commented on Interview: Nocturnal on Flowerworks HD's Bloss...:

Hi everyone - this is Michael. Apologies for the high-pitched sound - its purely a mic/recording thing, and my sound setup (or ears!) weren't good enough to pick it up - might be related to the PC hum in the background during recording.

I can confirm that we have now heard back from Nintendo (re: submission), and will do another pass with some minor fixes and improvements. So at this stage, looking like end of April or start May for the release (est. only!).

As always, any questions ... please let me know, and I'll do my best to answer them.



Cathousemaster commented on Flowerworks HD to Burst Into Life on the Wii U...:


1/ Price: still being finalized but it's going to be cheap. I don't want price to be a barrier to anyone buying this.

2/ Release date: I'm hopeful mid March but this depends on a lot of things. Initial release will be US and Europe should follow within a month or so. But no release in Australia at this stage.

3/ Miiverse: just an idea at this stage, but the same sort of functionality that super Mario WiiU had. Need to experiment and see what makes sense.



Cathousemaster commented on Flowerworks HD to Burst Into Life on the Wii U...:

Hi all - this is Michael from Nocturnal. I'll be happy to answer (most) questions you might have.

@Gob: Online leaderboards are right at the top of our task list for Flowerworks, but won't make this cut. Because Nintendo were nice enough to lend us devkits, that imposed a hard deadline on this project.

This initial release was all about getting a polished title out: we now have a fully working WiiU engine, have added full HD (audio & visual), GamePad (off-TV support), touch screen support, and support for several different controller types.

For those in the US, this also includes all the features Europe got that the initial US WiiWare missed out on (2-player co-op, extra content and difficulty modes, etc).

If this does well enough, I'll definitely like to spend a few more months on the game and add new features: Miiverse, improved gfx, online support, new content and more.

Flowerworks is fun regardless: the e-shop could do with more adventure/exploration games :)



Cathousemaster commented on Review: Flowerworks (WiiWare):

The word 'flower' will always turn a large % of male, macho gamers off. Maybe if it was called 'Fireflower'?

Played the PC demo, is it quite fun, just have to wait until its released for Australia - hurry up Nocturnal!!



Cathousemaster commented on Flowerworks:

Played the PC version a bit, and from I have read the WiiWare vers seems to control better. Its pretty old-school, but is a lot of fun when I actually got into it. Hard in a fun way :)