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Tue 8th December, 2009

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Cathousemaster commented on Interview: Nocturnal on Flowerworks HD's Bloss...:

Hi everyone - this is Michael. Apologies for the high-pitched sound - its purely a mic/recording thing, and my sound setup (or ears!) weren't good enough to pick it up - might be related to the PC hum in the background during recording.

I can confirm that we have now heard back from Nintendo (re: submission), and will do another pass with some minor fixes and improvements. So at this stage, looking like end of April or start May for the release (est. only!).

As always, any questions ... please let me know, and I'll do my best to answer them.



Cathousemaster commented on Flowerworks HD to Burst Into Life on the Wii U...:


1/ Price: still being finalized but it's going to be cheap. I don't want price to be a barrier to anyone buying this.

2/ Release date: I'm hopeful mid March but this depends on a lot of things. Initial release will be US and Europe should follow within a month or so. But no release in Australia at this stage.

3/ Miiverse: just an idea at this stage, but the same sort of functionality that super Mario WiiU had. Need to experiment and see what makes sense.



Cathousemaster commented on Flowerworks HD to Burst Into Life on the Wii U...:

Hi all - this is Michael from Nocturnal. I'll be happy to answer (most) questions you might have.

@Gob: Online leaderboards are right at the top of our task list for Flowerworks, but won't make this cut. Because Nintendo were nice enough to lend us devkits, that imposed a hard deadline on this project.

This initial release was all about getting a polished title out: we now have a fully working WiiU engine, have added full HD (audio & visual), GamePad (off-TV support), touch screen support, and support for several different controller types.

For those in the US, this also includes all the features Europe got that the initial US WiiWare missed out on (2-player co-op, extra content and difficulty modes, etc).

If this does well enough, I'll definitely like to spend a few more months on the game and add new features: Miiverse, improved gfx, online support, new content and more.

Flowerworks is fun regardless: the e-shop could do with more adventure/exploration games :)



Cathousemaster commented on Review: Flowerworks (WiiWare):

The word 'flower' will always turn a large % of male, macho gamers off. Maybe if it was called 'Fireflower'?

Played the PC demo, is it quite fun, just have to wait until its released for Australia - hurry up Nocturnal!!



Cathousemaster commented on Flowerworks:

Played the PC version a bit, and from I have read the WiiWare vers seems to control better. Its pretty old-school, but is a lot of fun when I actually got into it. Hard in a fun way :)