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Talking Point: Nintendo's System Updates Bring The Wii U to Another Level

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

A major leap from day one

For those that owned the Wii U since day one, cast your mind back to its UI (user interface) and OS (operating system) when you fired up the system for the first time. It was, to be rather blunt, a mediocre experience, mainly due to its excessively slow performance. Don't forget that a popular video of a Japanese fan becoming agitated and timing the system's boot period was far from inaccurate — compared to various modern gadgets, it was below expectations.

Of course, the nature of any new system and its OS is that it'll be far from perfect on day one. Nintendo knew this, and there's little escaping the fact that when the system launched it was in a state that could be summarised as "that's functional, it'll do". TVii, for example, wasn't ready for launch in the US despite being promoted heavily in the region — it's still not available in the EU, of course — and gamers became used to absent-mindedly checking emails while waiting for menu transitions.

This recent update is the fifth major version, with each category having multiple tweaks in-between. The day one update was actually version 2.0 and the most substantial, essentially turning a husk of a machine into a full fledged console. Think that's an unfair characterisation? Not really, as version 2.0 added Nintendo Network ID support, Wii backwards compatibility, Miiverse, the eShop, the internet browser, the friend list, external hard drive support, Wii U chat, Wii system transfer and the download management tool. You could play games without installing the update, but not much else.

That, in fairness to Nintendo, is par for the course with a new console release, with day one updates common in an era where changes are made late in the day and manufacturing begins months before release. It's also worth bearing in mind that, slow performance and issues aside, the updated Wii U on launch day was far and beyond the capabilities of the final Wii after its updates; some of these features may have been common on rival platforms, but it was a big leap for Nintendo.

Two subsequent minor updates provided that good old system stability, but version 3 came along in April 2013. The major new feature was that the system could now download content and updates while in standby mode, a feature that's increasingly in use on the current-day. Elsewhere services such as Miiverse and the web browser had added support for controllers such as the Wii U Pro Controller, downloads were set to automatically install, Wii Mode could be accessed quicker and there were general improvements in areas such as the eShop. The headline feature was that the operating system had a boost in speed, though it could still be undeniably ponderous at times. A notable mini update in this set came in July, meanwhile, opening up the automatic notification of content through SpotPass.

Version 4 was to come in late September 2013, and the main feature was that it allowed the system to automatically download — though it's optional — free or trial software; examples include the Wii Sports Club main app Wii Karaoke U. Support for a USB keyboard was added, while the browser included support for easily uploading a screen of the TV or GamePad to social networks, for example. A quirky headline addition from this update is the ability to play Wii games solely on the GamePad, and when a pointer is required the camera serves as a sensor bar — one of those "awesome but I'll never use it" features, we suspect. There were neat improvements overall, though it was perhaps the lowest profile of them all so far; three minor updates followed that served the role of boosting stability, oh how we love stability.

That brings us to version 5, which arrived without a moment's notice this week, delivering some key enhancements promised by Satoru Iwata earlier in the year. Namely, it introduces the Quick Start feature, as upon immediately booting the console the ten most recently used games and apps are displayed on the GamePad — a simple tap of the icon loads up that game, in the case of disc copies assuming that it's still in the drive. Even if you want to access the standard menu it's just one tap away and, undoubtedly, seems quicker than before. The option to set a default user for automatic login is now immediately accessible when tapping on the user account icon on the GamePad; in our experience movement between apps and the home menu seems slicker than before, with an obvious error on one of our machines in failing to fully quit Netflix, for example, no longer to be found. There's a zip to the OS that is quite striking.

The user interface has also had a minor overhaul, with subtle but pleasant changes made to add neater quick access shortcut buttons and a cleaner look. For those just buying a Wii U now it seems like a slick, and importantly quick, system that actually uses the GamePad like a handy tablet-like device, though navigating with other controllers is, of course, an option.

Over 18 months after the Wii U launch and onto our fifth major firmware version, there's a feeling that the operating system is evolving into an appropriately modern setup, decidedly less clunky and limited than in October 2012. Zipping between apps is the way it should be in the face of strong interfaces on PS4 and Xbox One, though each is very different from Nintendo's, and likewise in a tech climate where pacey iOS and Android devices are the norm. The GamePad, meanwhile, all set to be prominent at E3, can and perhaps should be pitched to parents as an accessible, inexpensive tablet-like device that enhances how a console can work in the home. A quickly launched game is only a tap away, the interface is clear and easy to understand, and it'll even have some DS content in the future. A recent Wii U adopter we know, despite being tech-savvy and owning plenty of gadgets, enjoys the fact he can start a game loading on the GamePad while using its universal controller to turn on his TV. All built-in and accessible. Add the fact the GamePad will now act almost as a standalone device in delivering notifications, and it's looking a little more essential to the hardware.

The Wii U of today certainly feels like a fully-realised setup, albeit short of some key apps such as the ability to live stream that's enjoyed on other current-gen systems, while we'll complain about the Nintendo Network ID being hardware based until it isn't. Those complaints aside, however, the system's come a long way since its launch.

If Nintendo can use exciting exclusives to get more consoles into living rooms, consumers may be pleasantly surprised at what it can do.

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FullbringIchigo said:

I like the new update although I have noticed that some of my games take longer to load now super mario 3d world mainly



Agent721 said:

I like the quick start & the update to the look. But the biggest thing for me is how much quicker everything loads compared to when I first got the system. I also love the fact that system updates can now be done while the system is off. The update took me at least ten minutes to download & install, and I am glad that will no longer be the case going forward.

I hope the new Wii U users will discover a great system, that many had perhaps underestimated. With so many great games now available, many of which are exclusive to the Wii U, it is a great time to rediscover the great fun Nintendo gaming delivers.



AdanVC said:

It's such a great update, everything runs so faster, especially the Internet Browser. Waaaaay faster than before. That's excellent because I use it every day.



unrandomsam said:

I don't understand why people want folders (Organise by screen and use the back triggers to switch between screens) or want to use touch (Means the touch screen has to be cleaned more often).

I like that it is faster but I have no interest in enabling standby. (Or notifications).



Hordak said:

For me, if Nintendo announces at E3 that the Nintendo Network ID will now all be tied to one account rather than hardware, they will effectively win E3 regardless of any other announcements. That's for me. Although, I would still appreciate:
Zelda Wii U
Metroid Wii U
Star Fox Wii U
F Zero Wii U
Kid Icarus Wii U



BossBattles said:

Wii U is a fun console to play. If gamers still wanted to enjoy life, it would be more popular. Gamers would rather talk about sales, and bash everything a company doesn't do as opposed to enjoying what they actually DO.



Hordak said:

...and I want all NES, SNES, Genesis, TG-16, N64, and Neo Geo games released for Wii U Virtual console.



vonseux said:

Stop asking for the same gamea you have already played. Gosh. No one apreciates new ideas and concept ?



smikey said:

I don't really use the quick start menu at all but i'm sure it's better for some.
The notification's are virtually pointless as they're only for Nintendo Notifications mostly on games I've already bought or direct's I've already seen.
At the very least they could notify you of new messages in miiverse if not new comments ect.

I've had 2 wii u consoles since launch day & never regretted buying either of them but over all the performance is obviously better.

The new miiverse update today is a good one too though I wonder how long it will take people to want 500 characters for a message then 750 & 1,000.



brandonbwii said:

Nintendo's VC service is still a complete mess. Even if it doesn't have GamePad and Miiverse support, I should still be able to have all my VC games out of Wii Mode and buy all the old ones using the eShop currency system.

On topic: The timing of this firmware update reminds me of when 3DS updated when Mario 3D Land came out. It's slick, fast and makes perfect since for a tablet-like device.

I also give props for how well Miiverse has been integrated in MK8. Miiverse is hugely underrated IMO, as I'm looking forward to Pushmo World soley for that feature.



brandonbwii said:

Nintendo's VC service is still a complete mess. Even if it doesn't have GamePad and Miiverse support, I should still be able to have all my VC games out of Wii Mode and buy all the old ones using the eShop currency system.

On topic: The timing of this firmware update reminds me of when 3DS updated when Mario 3D Land came out. It's slick, fast and makes perfect since for a tablet-like device.

I also give props for how well Miiverse has been integrated in MK8. Miiverse is hugely underrated IMO, as I'm looking forward to Pushmo World soley for that feature.



Phantom_R said:

Playing Wii games on the GamePad would've been the best update... if it didn't require turning the TV on first for no reason.



GustavoMaciel said:

Anyone noticed the gamepad screen is a little sharper now?
It's as if there was some kind of "flickering" before, like an analog TV signal, that's just not there anymore. You can still notice the lower resolution and some pixelation, but even those pixels are a little sharper and everything is less grainy. I thought it was just me at first, but then I saw some people mention this on reddit and NeoGAF forums. Then I tested it again (Tingle's chart in Wind Waker was much clearer) and now I'm convinced the video compression is improved on the gamepad.



unrandomsam said:

@brandonbwii I think Miiverse is overrated. I wish there was a switch for disabled for Miiverse. (Like there is for Standby). Same for Mario Kart TV. (Annoys me having to put no to miiverse every time I start NES Remix for example with the touch screen).



OneBagTravel said:

I'd really like to see more of this. It always seemed in the past that Nintendo releases a console and abandons the OS. I'm hoping they can squeeze some juice out of the 3DS's performance on load times and app switching. Here's hoping!

For the Wii U though, I'd love for them to patch in the ability to connect and stream media from your network.



ghasfarost said:

@Hordak agree totally. However, DS Virtual Console seems more of a priority for now. It shouldn't be too hard to port their already existing Wii VC catalog to add Miiverse feature, Restore Points and Off-TV play. I bet Sega would definitely help Nintendo with VC for their Genesis (perhaps Dreamcast? ). I think that they should dedicate a few more resources on moving all those platforms emulation to WiiU this year ends or starting 2015 when there is generally a game drought.



Axed84 said:

@unrandomsam For some reason I never thought about using the different screens to organize my games/icons until I saw you suggest it. It's genius, and that will totally least until they release an update that enables folders.



Williaint said:

I'm not really interested in the warning system... I'll check it when I'm interested.

Well, I use folders on my 3DS, so who knows?
Maybe with Update 6.0.0 it'll be as synchronized with the 3DS as OS X Yosemite is s'posed to be with iOS 8...



ToniK said:

I will probably use the Quick start menu about 9 times out of 10 from now on. Really good update that made the U seem like the console it should have been all along.



vonseux said:

@unrandomsam mk8 is not mediocre. Its gameplay and performance are crafted to perfection. What bugs me are hose far cries for virtual cobsoles and hd remakes. to me those are fine distraction between new games. Thats all.



bofis said:

FOLDERS please...otherwise this new update is amazing and totally brings back memories of older consoles (basically Gamecube and older) where the default was to boot straight into a game, not a menu.



ricklongo said:

Folders and gamepad support for Wii mode, that's all I want OS-wise right now. Make it happen, Nintendo!

EDIT: By gamepad support I mean being able to use the gamepad itself as a Classic Controller.



FJOJR said:

Nintendo making use of the Gamepad?! Maybe 6.0 will coincide with Smash Bros. and the GameCube adapter. If they allow GameCube BC and/or VC oh boy look out.



xerneas said:

Quick start is brilliant! I agree that Gamepad is improving and the image somehow does look better..? When I bought WiiU I thought the image on the pad looked quite awful and dim, now I'm happily playing off-tv MK8 in my room all the time.



Dpishere said:

Though I haven't owned one until recently, I am pretty happy with how it performs. I can only imagine the launch problems though.



IceClimbers said:

Pretty good update. Now Nintendo, I'd like to see similar OS updates for the 3DS. Make it less clunky and more snappy. Also, improve the time it takes to load the eShop, make the internet browser faster, increase the number of wifi connections you can have saved on the system (having 3 connections only in 2014 is unacceptable), etc. Oh, can't forget friend requests and a messaging system for Miiverse/NNID.



Player1 said:

It's ridiculous, there is the Wii U Pro Controller and then you can't use it for all games. Why try to shove it down people's throat? Super Mario Bros U cannot be played as First Player (Single Player) with a Pro Controller.

System updates are all fantastic, but these controller "incompatabilities" need to be fixed. Urgently.



Deadstanley said:

Maybe I missed it, but did they ever address the issue of booting the WiiU into Wii mode and selecting the button output to "TV & Gamepad" without the need to have the TV accessible?

Meaning, if the TV is occupied by a family member and I wanted to play a Wii title using the Gamepad as the output device, they make it so that you have to click a button on the TV screen to activate this mode... kind of non-intuitive considering the reason why someone may be booting the Wii to output on the Gamepad is because the TV is already in use.



bloodycelt said:

@vonseux, why not? There were plenty of games released right when 3D began that never reached their potential due to horrible controls, and horrible 3D. And many of the 16-bit era games are highly polished and playable games that have accessibility issues because not everyone has a CRT television and the original console and cartridge.

For me to even want to play a new game, it would have to be better than the classics. The entire reason I and others I know bought a Wii was so we could replay the classics without pirating ROMS.

I never see people complain about remastering 2001 Space Odyssey or Citizen Kane, why shouldn't the classic video games be remastered and presented to a new audience?



WhiteTrashGuy said:

Now just announce ZELDA U, METROID U, STAR FOX U, and F-ZERO for 3DS and Christmas will be yours, Nintendo. Imagine if STAR FOX was going to be a Holiday 2014 release alongside BAYONETTA 2, 'X,' and YOSHI'S YARN. And SMASH BROS. needs to hit on or right after Christmas. That is how you get the hardcore gamers back.



grovertheblue said:

@DakotaM47 Yep, folders please. My setup in my 3DS uses them heavily and I see huge application for them on my WiiU with my growing library of games and my 500GB hard drive steadily filling up. I am a bit of a hoarder and while @unrandomsam suggestion to organize by screen has worked so far, my screens per platform are not enough already. Folders would be very welcome and if you don't want to use them, whatever, no ones loss.

PS: Nintendolife, @ThomasWhitehead, when are you going to get a "like", "+1" "up or down arrow" system for your comments section? WiiU Daily's ( system in their comments works quite well and serves to encourage people to share and comment more on articles IMO. Always nice to get some feedback from people and fellow readers on your views and opinions. Just a thought.



Nintendo_Ninja said:

Haven't got around to trying it yet, but it looks nice. In the dry January and February droughts, they should release a boatload of VC titles.



Super_Gravy said:

Umm… I'm not sure if folders might solve my problem or its already solved before I reached the limit. My problem isn't about organizing the games but it is the fact that I'm running out of slots on my Wii U.



ThomasBW84 said:

@grovertheblue Those sort of things are always under consideration, but will only be done if / when it seems like the right move. Our web guy Ant Dickens is always thinking of potential improvements.



SecondServing said:

The new update definitely made the Wii U faster. It used to take about a minute or two to boot up my Wii U, but now it only feels like 15 seconds.



MinecraftGreek said:

I just bought a Wii U....I went from cool, to Way Cool in a matter of days.

Never complained about the boot time, but now I'm like BAM, lets game!



Xcape_DuCkMAN_X said:

This should have been a day 1 kinda thing, oh well. I will say this however, its like having a new Wii U all over again....but much better......and with my games on it!!!



Darknyht said:

It's an improvement on boot times, but I am more impressed with the redesign of the menus and layout on the gamepad. Some of those changes seem so simple, but make things so much easier.

As for having Wii-Mode without the TV. As sometimes I just don't want the TV on but want to mess around with a Wii game or Virtual Console game still locked in Wii Mode. My only complaint is that you must have a TV plugged in and tuned to the correct channel to start it up.



electrolite77 said:


That doesn't make sense. We can have both. A lot of old games are difficult to play and/or expensive to buy. Why should they be consigned to history? No other form of entertainment does that.



Guybrush20X6 said:

Not all great news, I had to send my WiiU away due to a glitch in the update. To be fair though, that may be due to my crappy internet rather than the update itself. sigh I'm getting a wired adapter for when it's fixed.



JaxonH said:

There's a good number of improvements I'd like to see made to the Wii U OS, but I'm not stressing them. As long as the system plays games and provides Miiverse/eShop access I'm satisfied for the most part. I'll just patiently go with the flow, and as the system improves, well, that's awesome. Hopefully we'll see some of the changes we've been hoping for over the course of the next 2 years or so, like Gamepad substitution for Classic Controller Pro in Wii mode, things like that.

But for now, hey, I'm happy. It's all good.



Guybrush20X6 said:

Though from that I leart the hold music from Nintendo customer services is the forest theme from Ocarina of Time.



123akis said:

The Wii U is so much quicker than it was when I got it at the end of 2012!



MikeLove said:

I like how the blue light flashes on the gamepad now while it sits on the table untouched.

Hopefully that causes the battery to die quicker, so when I turn on the Wii-U using the pro controller my gamepad won't come to life as well.



maximo_jd said:

i like the new update ,but i think they need to give us the option to where we can customize what games/apps are on the quick select. For instance a lot of my non-eshop games are on disc yet my quick select out of whats like 8 boxes has 5-6 of them taken up ,but by disc games. I rather be able to quickly access my disc, netflix, youtube, then eshop games for the rest of the spots.



Sir_JBizzle said:


I don't understand why people want folders

Probably because some people (myself included) want more control over organisation. Your suggestion is what I have actually done from the jump. Particularly since I'm all digital. Disc tray/settings/VOD/Most used games on page one, Followed by Retail-Indie-NES-SNES-GBA-Least Used/Random and I'm still finding myself hurting for space. Not to mention it sucks when you buy a few more games and you have to do a partial re-organisation. I'd like all my games/apps condensed to as few pages as possible, really.

The other part that sucks about the grid system as is without folder support, there's no way you can jump to a page without hitting the triggers multiple times. If they had a system where you can shrink into a multi-window view and select the homescreen you want to access (e.g. similar to what you see on smartphones and tablets), I'd be a bit less tepid about not having folders. Heck, if you could jump to a window by touching the page indicator along the top, that would go a long way.

Besides, what does it hurt to have the option available to people who want it?



noctowl said:

Are you guys hiring? I'd love to pump out some articles correcting errors and common misconceptions that I see repeatedly on this site.

@Hordak it is tired to the account. I could throw my U off a mountain buy a new one and restore all my purchases. No, it's not as straightforward as it is on the other consoles, but tied to hardware is simply incorrect.



Ferkner said:

@Hordak Something new would also be nice. A new IP to add to their stable to shut up those who complain they always reuse the same things.



Kirk said:

And it only took 18 MONTHS to get this basic stuff.

Well at least it's an improvement but it's still not quite ideal yet.

Almost there...



FilmerNgameR said:

Is it really that hard to release an update that will allow me change the background of the Wii U and 3DS menus. I'm getting really bored with the plain white tbh. Having a selection of colors and being able to use photos from the 3DS photo library for a background like the psp would be awesome.



mjc0961 said:

"A recent Wii U adopter we know, despite being tech-savvy and owning plenty of gadgets, enjoys the fact he can start a game loading on the GamePad while using its universal controller to turn on his TV."

He shouldn't have to use the GamePad to turn on his TV. Both my PS3 and PS4 can automatically send a signal to my TV to turn on the TV and switch to the correct input just from me turning the console on. No extra button presses required. Nintendo making the GamePad a TV remote so I can manually do what the Wii U should but isn't automatically doing for me is a lazy solution. And one that's just another example of Nintendo trying to force the GamePad down everyone's throat at the expense of the user experience.

I'm tired of having to turn on my TV via the GamePad. I'm tired of having to access system settings and the eShop via the GamePad. I'm tired of games that don't have the option to have the map as part of the on-TV GUI (WWHD and MK8, looking at you especially) which forces me to keep the GamePad propped up on a table if I want a map.

Nintendo: the GamePad SUCKS. It has poor battery life, it's massively uncomfortable to hold for long periods of time (especially if you need to use L and R), and most importantly, it can obviously do NOTHING to enhance games. Not even you can find a real use for it in your first party software. Instead of shoving the POS down our throats at every turn, update the Wii U system software and the games to what they should be and ditch the GamePad as the main controller. Let people who care about off TV play buy one as an optional accessory and let the rest of us use our Pro Controllers without having the stupid GamePad tag along like an annoying younger sibling that needs babysitting.



FabioSMASH said:

Love my Wii U even pre-new update! LOVE the GamePad (with battery upgrade) and use it far more than the standard TV view.

Looking forward to: Folders and Better Internet, as well as: Smash Bros, Zelda U, Mario Golf, F-Zero, Star Fox, another Zelda U, Excite "something", Wave Race, and Pokemon Snap



Bizzyb said:

@BossBattles seriously. The state of gaming and gamers seems to be gradually getting worse. Note: I'm not talking about the games themselves.



Dr_Corndog said:

Having only purchased my Wii U about a month ago, I never had to endure the clunky interface of its early days. This newest update is quite nice, though I do wish there were a way to switch profiles without exiting software.



hcfwesker said:

The only 2 things left on my wishlist (least things that are possible) are folders, and they need to upgrade how many Friends we can have. 100 Friends is just too limited between MH3U, MK8, and Smash coming soon.



NodesforNoids said:

Two things about Sony's PS3 I want to point out for all those bashing the Wii U and the NNID: one, to pair a Dualshock 3 controller with a Vita, you have to go on to the PS3 in order to make the pairing. Two, PS3s CANNOT be taken off the authenticated systems through any means beside that PS3. Aka, if your PS3 goes down, it's the same as with the Wii U. If however Nintendo decides that a defective Wii U must be replaced, Nintendo will assist you in deactivating that Wii U.
Cross buy is always going to be a sticking point, but alot of 3DS gamers don't own Wii Us and vice versa. Meanwhile, Sony still limits the number of systems that can be activated simultaneously, a move which still sees console manufacturers behind Apple in that respect. I might rail on the Wii U... alot, but I do see some positivity in Nintendo's 6th home console (not including the stationary Virtual Boy).



rjejr said:

I like that I can now use the HOME button to turn on the Wii U. I know that's lame, but my basement is dark, and so is that red little button.

And quick start all the way. Though I do feel bad for the wara wara developers, that will barely be seen now.



joey302 said:

Just gimme more vc wii u classics!!! After 18 months it's still only one vc game per week??? That's just ridiculous!! Soooo many classics out there yet...I don't get it at all!



Klunk23 said:

While quickstart is cool is very well designed I don't even think I'll need it with how fast the system boots up and loads stuff now.



AshFoxX said:

@mjc0961 "He shouldn't have to use the GamePad to turn on his TV. Both my PS3 and PS4 can automatically send a signal to my TV to turn on the TV and switch to the correct input just from me turning the console on. No extra button presses required. Nintendo making the GamePad a TV remote so I can manually do what the Wii U should but isn't automatically doing for me is a lazy solution."

Wow. Nintendo is lazy for putting a neat little feature in the gamepad because you are too lazy to turn on the TV yourself?

Bravo. I have just lost the last shred of hope I had for humanity. Better get to work programming my N64 to cook for me.



ICHIkatakuri said:

Nintendo needs to scrap it's current menu screen as it's cumbersome. Still think they should bundle everything into one screen with apps, media and downloaded games having their own areas so everything is kept neatly in one place then the option to sort your games by type such as VC or indie with links to that eshop category in that menu. I imagine if people bought a system now, older eshop games would be hard to find unless there was some sorting or unless you had a blank library section in your menu and it encouraged you to have a proper look at what's available.



0utburst said:

I hope by the next update we can customize the quick start shortcuts with favorite/preferred apps/games and not just the last apps used. Also Folders as most have suggested. But I'd prefer vertically-scrollable menu with scroll bar to be honest than folders.



Sanqet said:

Anyone who can remember how bad and slow the firmware was at launch will appreciate the difference now but if they launched the wii u with the currant firmware they might have sold more consoles I remember trying to convince two friends to buy the wii u but once they seen how slow it was they lost all interest in it for some people it is the first impression that makes the lasting impression nintendo should have waited until it was in a more finished state before releasing the wii u



Genesaur said:

My favourite part about all of this is that the general perception of the Wii U is changing. Two not-really-all-that-close-but-still-cool friends caught wind that I'd picked up the system and recently texted me, inquiring when they could come over and try it out (independently of the other, mind you), and the other day, a female coworker who knows hardly anything about gaming was idly chatting while on break about how cool the GamePad is. She didn't call it the GamePad, but I knew what she was talking about when she said, "Y'all can use the Wii remotes; I'll be using that [GamePad] every time." I really can't remember what it was she called it. In any case, it's quite rad to see that shift occur naturally outside the inner world of gaming.



datamonkey said:

Nintendo should be commended on the improved Wii U user experience it has since launch but I still feel there are many improvements still to be made.

Top of my list is the proper account system. For now all of my money is going to Sony and that will not change until Nintendo sort unification out.



readyletsgo said:

Very cool article, nice read!

Got me thinking of a blog from last year ign had about how the 360's OS has changed from launch to today, you wouldn't even know the OS from then now, and I think that's what will happen with the WiiU by the end of its life since its launch.

I was listening to Nintendo world reports podcast there and they were talking about the ware ware (or whatever it's called) and how it's actually kinda pointless and doesn't do anything and maybe it should be removed as it just shows games that we all know already, albeit, for people like us. But I could relate, I just never look at it, I did when I first got the system, but after a few days, I lost interest. I understand it's for Ninty and other companies to advertise their games but it's a big space that isn't used very well, 8 games at one time, I'm sure they could show at least 20 games to have a look at, old and new instead. Or maybe have it on the gamepad and the main grid on your tv instead.

Just seems like a bit of a waste to me.

Also, as someone who hates Facebook and Twitter etc, miiverse, just don't get it sadly. Maybe. Just too old for these things (32).

And another thing (sorry), what would be the chances of the WiiU playing GameCube disks in a future update? Like, could the laser in the WiiU read the little disks or is that impossible? If it is then the GameCube vc will defo happen with the GameCube adapter being released eventually.

Phew! Long ass read there lol



Alucard83 said:

Starfox is ok but only if it's an other Adventure game! I LOVED Starfox Adventure and not the shooting version.



Alucard83 said:

@datamonkey To be honest i think Nintendo little rushed with the WII U. Those updates that later came coudl've been all in there and it would've been better received by the gamers.



erv said:

This update is majorly good as it is the most game focused update ever. It is now easier and quicker to pick up my gamepad and play a game than it is to pick up my ipad and play a game.

Without the annoying interference of notifications, multi stuff somethings and low attention span short bursts.

I think nintendo nailed it this time around.



Mario-Man-Child said:

I wish people would stop about GCN remakes and GCN on the Wiiu VC. There was nothing wrong with the original, so why waste time making it shiny.

If people are so desperate for GCN games Ebay is full of them. Just get an old Wii or Gamecube and your laughing. They're not going to be released on Wiiu VC.



readyletsgo said:

@Blue-Thunder Sadly, I think you are in the minority there. I would love a remade HD Sunshine, F-Zero, Metroid Prime, Billy Hatcher, MKDD, RE4 etc, its a perfect money spinner for Nintendo no doubt and people like me and many more who bought Zelda WWHD would jump at the chance to buy a HD remade disk version of a lot of Gamecube games.

Failing that, the Gamecube VC is a no brainer, sell them at €15 (prob sell them for min €20 knowing Nintendo) and money will pour in for Ninty, lol not that they need it. But its gonna happen, eventually.

Not everyone wants a Gamecube and/or Wii hooked up to their tv along with there Wii U. Too many connections and plugs and two sensor bars and controllers, just to play Gamecube games that Ninty will make no money from.

It needs to happen, Sony did it with PS2 (VC and HD re-releases) games on the PS3, why not Nintendo with a stronger system now?




I would love to see an update where games can be organised into folders, similar to what the 3DS can do(only allowing a name for the folder to be displayed rather than just a letter!) I only have around 4 spare channels on my Wii U menu now and I'm getting worried that I'll have to delete stuff! A minor inconvenience but one I shouldn't have to deal with!

@Blue-Thunder everyone has their own opinion. I would love to see VC releases of Gamecube games(Which I firmly believe WILL happen within the next year) or more HD re-releases. If you don't want them, don't buy them. With either eventuality, it will not prevent Nintendo from releasing brand new top quality software. I believe most VC games are handled by much smaller teams and in some cases I think they may be farmed out to external studios to deal with but whether I'm right or not, re-makes are part of the business and all consoles have them. They are successful and perhaps seem by studio's as a smaller risk.



Amateur said:

It's a update that is pretty helpful in the way of moving around on the Wii U Menu. I like it.



TreesenHauser said:

@Player1 "It's ridiculous, there is the Wii U Pro Controller and then you can't use it for all games. Why try to shove it down people's throat? Super Mario Bros U cannot be played as First Player (Single Player) with a Pro Controller."

Just curious, how long has it been since you played New Super Mario Bros. U? Because Nintendo updated the game for Pro Controller compatibility a year ago and when I play it it's my go-to option, especially as a solo gamer.



readyletsgo said:

@Blue-Thunder oh yes I have indeed, all look beautiful still but what's so wrong in wanting them remade? Or having them on the WiiU VC? As many have said already, it's an extra system of games to add to the VC, for people who never played them or loved them at the time and want to play them on one overall system, just like NES SNES N64 Mega Drive TG16 etc etc, on the Wii, how does that interfere with your gameplay of other games on the WiiU?

You can attach a HDD to the WiiU up to 2TD, I would think Ninty have plans to eventually release GCN, and lots of them.

Sorry man, I just don't get your point on this one.

EDIT: also, I know re4 is in HD on the 360 and ps3, I've bought that game on both them systems over the years, also the gamecube and ps2 version a few times, Iand of course the ultimate version, the Wii version.

Want it on WiiU, the GameCube version, and ada's ps2 version in one package

Hell, I want re4 on the 3ds! Lol



Sean_Aaron said:

Things I still want to see:

1. Ability to insert rather than swap channels - I like to alphabetise in two game categories and I buy a lot of software so moving a dozen-plus little icons is slightly annoying.

2. Folders. I don't "need" these, but it would mitigate against 1, above.

3. Customise Quick Start items

4. Customise Home Menu items

5. Consistent control method for navigation across apps - I've noted that the right stick on the Gamepad seems to be used for scrolling in both the browser and the eShop, but in game manuals it does nothing - bit odd really.



nathanbjohnson said:

Anyone else confused why the quick-launch screen shows games that are disc based but are not currently in the drive? One of the 10 should obviously be the disc that is currently in the machine and the rest appear to be wasting a spot. Was this just an oversight in the logic when coding this?



Anguspuss said:

I totally forgot about this. Been stuck on mind numbing course all week get home got code for free game via mario kart promotion.

Turned on game pad & bloody hell whats going on. that is impressive
just wish my DL speed was better for the free game



S20TEW said:

Anyone notice background on mii in top left no longer blue if connected orange if not it's just grey and that used to mean not linked but I am or is this the same for u all?

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