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Life long gamer and Nintendo fan

Male, 33, United Kingdom

Gaming since the NES days, a gamer at heart but with a love for all things Nintendo. Wouldn't say I was a fan-boy but Nintendo will always b my first choice tho I do play and have other systems like a 360 and psp

Mon 17th Dec 2012

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S20TEW commented on Platinum Hopes to Bring "More From Bayonetta" ...:

Anything platinum I'm hoping platinum is the new rareware of nintendo also would like to see divil may cry / bayonetta crossover and, or, either vanqish 2 with first like what done with Bayonneta and lastly w101 sequel see what Luka gets up to as new wonder red goggles lol new mad world for wiiU would be welcome but like I said anything from platinum for nintedo I'd welcome. They make one hell of a team w101 proved it lol



S20TEW commented on Rusty's Real Deal Baseball Has Some Interestin...:

Original looks like Japanese comedy piss take surprised they accepted it and west version looks like a stoner lol but none would bother me like a other coment more interested in how much I can haggle seen as it will b real money but I fear it will b over shadowed by wiiU virtual console for those who have the gampad awesome size big hd tv makes them look dated hd tv show up 2 much and not what built for IMO



S20TEW commented on New Watch_Dogs Trailer Highlights a Living, Br...:

It is such a shame bout all the hassle bout wiiU version 2 me or my opinion should I say is the game is totaly suited for the system having 2 screens (gampad) one u on the tv and 2 ur device the gamepad maybe it won't look as good as ps4 version but in this day there is no such thing is really bad graphics been proved wit ac4 as for having the 2 screen one as the device has been proven in deus ex using it 2 hack terminals managing ur augments and using it as ur scope in a sniper rifle when done right it's awsome just needs someone 2 give a dam and not b lazy I understand that might not sell as much as the install base is smaller but u got 2 spend 2 make money more that do will bring suport along with it just my opinion tho



S20TEW commented on The Year of Luigi Officially Ends on 18th March:

2 finish his year they should announce original luigis mansion with the WW treatment for wiiU it would b on like donkey kong for me lol here's wishing but yeah even on vc for quickness lol who knows still a month but doubt it



S20TEW commented on '90s Arcade Racer Targeting Mid-2014 Release, ...:

Take my money Nintendo lack good racers I'm not counting mario kart I love it but I mean real racers and Daytona brings back good memories I'm so wanting this and happy we(u) lol getting this can't wait and as for online nowadays shouldent b a prob but that would b even better if it is hearing bout this game has made my day as I didn't know it was coming



S20TEW commented on Remember, Wii Fit U's Free Trial Offer Expires...:

Iv downloaded the trial but iv not started yet do I need 2 start by 31st also do u need 2 pair the fit meter by a certin time just that it says on site u can pair even after ur 31 day trial is up dose this still go even after 31st of jean it's so confusing I can't get the same answer twice lol can any1 help plz thanks



S20TEW commented on Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut:

I just got this in a sale for really good price and I fancied somthing a bit different on wiiU what do u guys think iv never played is it a mix of rpg and shooter iv read review which helped in deciding 2 get but wanted 2 no what it's like from u guys the public players type thing lol thanks



S20TEW commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

@sinalefa no prob I thought I'd better say seen as game told me still annoyed but this is the first time they have let me down normally they send them a day early lol but this has made me worry and thinking bout using amazon from now as they are cheaper only use game for bonus items that's why il pay a little extra ps4 going 2 loose them a lot of costom after this weekend and a lot of mix ups



S20TEW commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

@sinalefa least u got ur game mine still not here gutted like btw they have sent bonus separate so the game came on time u should get bonus thru week thoght I better say before u spend more money pal I'm glad u got game even tho day late I was hoping since it didn't come on relase I'd get it on sat but nothing came but they confirmed that it was sent and bonuses shipped separate all coz ps4 we shouldent loose out coz ps launch it sucks lol hope iv helped save u reordering