DS Brain Training

Nintendo caused a minor stir earlier this year when it announced DS titles for the Wii U Virtual Console, with the accompanying concept image showing both screens side-by-side on the GamePad; it's an idea that may not suit all games released on the portable, at least not without some alternative formatting. In any case it prompted the scratching of heads and debate around what should be on the retro game service and how the GamePad should be used.

It seems that yesterday's system update paved the way for these games, as the original Brain Training / Brain Age has now been released for free in Japan — it'll come at no cost until 30th June, at which point it'll have an undetermined price. As you can see in the image above (thanks Nintendaan) it works exactly as was conceptualised at the start of the year.

If this is indeed coming to the West in the near future it'd be little surprise if it was an "available after the presentation" announcement at next week's E3 event. Brain Training was always likely to be first up, meanwhile, as it was loosely demonstrated when the concept was announced.

Are you excited about this coming to the West?

[source twitter.com, via eurogamer.net]