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Reaction: Our Thoughts on Nintendo's Big Day at E3

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Lots to consider

With day one of E3 now long closed, it gives us an opportunity to look back at Nintendo's efforts. It was arguably the most sustained onslaught — over the course of 8-9 hours — that Nintendo's ever produced, starting us off with a Digital Event, following up with rolling live demonstrations from the Treehouse team and rounding it off with the Super Smash Bros. Invitational. On top of that, Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime was a high profile presence, cajoling the media into exploring the latest that the company has to offer.

It was a long, at times frantic, day, so some members of the team are now taking the chance to think back on what occurred. Did Nintendo succeed on its big day at E3?

Darren Calvert

Following on from the predictable 'same-ness' of Microsoft and Sony's presentations, I felt Nintendo's E3 broadcast was like a breath of fresh air. They certainly had a lot of upcoming games to show for the Wii U and surprises which they have been keeping up their sleeves.

Aside from the big heavy hitters, it was refreshing to see Nintendo focussing on unique experiences which can only be offered with the Wii U GamePad. This was a clear message to everyone, they are not going to be de-bundling the chunky peripheral any time soon and that they still have faith in the concept. Certainly games like Splatoon, Mario Maker, Captain Toad really hammered this point home, and during the Treehouse session with Miyamoto afterwards the theme continued with Project Giant Robot and Project Guard, which if anything felt laboured on a little too much.

One of the highlights of the presentation for me was seeing more of Yoshi's Woolly World, which looks even more visually stunning now. The revelation that the game will also have two-player co-operative play was the icing on what was already a very delicious looking cake.

IGN's reveal of Devil's Third was a pleasant surprise too, it's great to see the Team Ninja spirit alive and kicking in the newly formed Valhalla Game Studios. The only real disappointment for me during the events of yesterday's presentations was that we didn't get to see even a fleeting glimpse of Star Fox for the Wii U, which Miyamoto had clearly demonstrated to TIME; even a one minute look at this most anticipated game would have been appreciated.

Damien McFerran

While sectors of the gaming press seemed to have issue with Nintendo once again skipping the traditional press conference for a pre-recorded presentation, I think ultimately the much-hyped "Digital Event" was a success. It allowed Nintendo to engage its audience more effectively, and the humorous segments which were included simply wouldn't have worked as well if shown during a staged press event. In that respect, Nintendo proved the doubters wrong. The Treehouse Live broadcasts have also gone down well, technical issues aside. We're basically getting to see more of these games than ever before, which is great.

However, I still think the company needs to learn a little about pacing when it comes to its E3 presentations; Splatoon looks amazing, but it was given perhaps a little too much screen time and should have come earlier in the event. Zelda on the other hand didn't get enough exposure in my opinion, and would have arguably been a better choice as the final game to be revealed. However, this is a fairly minor complaint — overall, I thought the entire broadcast was excellent.

Moving away from the Digital Event and looking at the games themselves, I think there's a lot to be positive about — despite the lack of Retro Studios or Next Level's work-in-progress titles. We all wanted a Metroid or F-Zero, but in the cold light of day it's obvious that Nintendo is wiser putting its efforts into projects like Amiibo, which could be a massive success for the firm. Sure, Nintendo is following where Activision and Disney have already been, but the concept of a single figure being compatible with multiple games across wildly different genres is a truly groundbreaking one.

Elsewhere, Smash Bros. is surely going to find its way into the homes of many Wii U and 3DS owners this holiday season, and while it's perhaps not as recognisable a franchise as Mario Kart, I'm sure it will trigger another surge in hardware sales. Yoshi's Woolly World looks scrumptious, and Mario Maker could be the game which illustrates most keenly the benefit of the GamePad — that touchscreen is going to be the perfect interface for such a title.

Overall, I think it might be a little overzealous to say that Nintendo "won" E3, but it certainly didn't lose it, as some had predicted.

Tom Whitehead

First of all, what I think is exciting as we look back at day one is that, unlike previous years, it feels like there's more to come. I'm well aware of past instances where Nintendo's used press briefings on days two and three to reveal big games, but the difference this time is that Nintendo seems set to share most information with the public through its live videos. That, to me, is what's really mattered so far in this E3.

Sony and Microsoft are following a formula that works for them, there's no getting around that, as its live press events do earn serious concentrated buzz from the media. I think Nintendo's innovative streak this year — delivered as a reaction to being on the back foot, I suspect — may have stolen a march, however. Even today there'll be hours of Treehouse coverage, which is promised to be fresh from what we saw yesterday. As a result I'm still buzzed about following things closely today, rather than having a sense of scaling back after an initial blowout.

The first day, however, was terrific, because of that always-online approach. Like Damien I thought the Digital Event was pretty strong, though the running order and pacing could have arguably been better, but that's always a source of debate. It was solid overall, though, and after a stuttering start on Nintendo Minute and Treehouse, it all settled down into a nice groove — though, I'm sorry Miyamoto-san, the two 'Project' games didn't do a great deal for me, and skipping Star Fox was disappointing. The Super Smash Bros. Invitational, meanwhile, was excellent. The announcers occasionally seemed off-form, but for a live event using a pre-retail build for a competitive tournament, it all went through smoothly; huge praise to the Treehouse chap that managed the debug system and organised the matches. It all made Super Smash Bros. on Wii U look fantastic.

So I thought Nintendo nailed it as a whole, one of the best days I remember of any E3 — the bold format really worked. To finish with the games that excited me, Zelda is a no-brainer, Mario Maker intrigues me, though my fanboy moments mostly came with Xenoblade Chronicles X; 2015 can't come soon enough.

Martin Watts

Nintendo really knocked it out of the park for me this year; it had clearly been listening to its audience across various channels and, as a result, is now working to deliver what they wanted. It wasn’t a perfect showing by any means, but it certainly showed that Nintendo is taking some pretty big steps in the right direction.

The biggest part of Nintendo’s Digital Event for me was the unveiling of Splatoon. It’s crazy enough that Nintendo is actually developing a third-person online multiplayer shooter, but what made this game so special was the hugely innovative gameplay concept behind it. Painting the arena to mark your turf adds a whole new strategic element, but then you can also transform into a squid and speedily zip around this tagged area makes the combat must faster paced than your average modern competitive shooter.

Otherwise, the main Digital Event had a lot to show, although I’m curious as to how much of what was unveiled will appeal to consumers outside of Nintendo's core following. The major exception here could — and if Nintendo markets it appropriately — should be the Amiibo NFC figures. I’m personally excited to see how these will work across different games, and I’m really hoping the feature will allow for more than superficial changes; the NFC usage in Super Smash Bros. is a good start as it seems to already have some depth to it.

As for the rest of the day, I found the Treehouse Live @ E3 demos slightly disappointing; the team looked a little out of its depth when technical hitches arose, and the demos themselves were a tad too long, repeatedly showing the same things over and over. Thankfully, the production values increased quite considerably when it came to the Super Smash Bros. Invitational. I really enjoyed getting a close-up, unscripted look at the game, and the Grand Final match was perfect evidence that the game potentially has a very bright future within the competitive scene — which I imagine Nintendo was keen to highlight.

Those are some of our thoughts on day one, let us know what you thought in the comments below.

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6ch6ris6 said:

they need to show some new 3ds games or i will be disappointed.

so far microsoft's conference was the best. full of AAA games. i dont think sony had any games i would care about (except mgs5). so right now nintendo is one 2nd place



Savino said:

I dont know if someone already said that, but "amiibo" sounds like amigo (friend) in portuguese and spanish!



therealmario101 said:

"it was OK" and "2nd place"? Are you freaking insane? Yesterday was absolutely positively astounding. Microsoft "AAA" games? Yeah okay, have fun with that. Mean time, I'll be enjoying/counting down the days for the real games that were announced yesterday, and the one that I've been waiting on since it was announced. I'm talking about nothing other than Super Smash Bros. of course. A bundle with a gamecube controller, the game itself, and the adapter? Hell yeah. Nintendo had E3 "won" the second they announced the Smash tourney. That said, the concept of "winning" E3 is stupid in the first place, it all comes down to what company catered to what particular fans interest. Fan A will always disagree with Fan B, and vice-versa, when it comes to who "won", so I wish people would just agree to stop debating such a trivial topic.



0utburst said:

I agree with DMF on the digital event. But it was very good overall.

Yoshi's Wooly Yarn put SM3DW's graphics to an average. It's beautiful. Plus it has co-op so I'd be playing this with my kid like we do in SM3DW and MK8.

And Splatoon is just genius!



MeddlingIdiot said:

I see the lack of anything from Retro Studios and Next Level Games as a positive. Yesterday's event was really strong without those two studios in the mix, which is a testament to Nintendo's output. Obviously Retro and Next Level will have something to show us in the near future - that will most likely blow our minds - and knowing that's yet to come on top of what we saw yesterday... Well, it's certainly a great time to be a Nintendo fan!



XFsWorld said:

Lol the Robot Chicken thingy approach was really funny. It makes me think that Nintendo is finally listening to their fans. Seems like they may finally give Mario a break and bring out their other IPs shine.

Yoshi's Wooly World looks so darn gorgeous and fun.
Devils Return was a surprising exclusive with all the blood. Will be getting that .
The way they revealed Palutena as being a new challenger for Smash got me being even more hopeful of a new Kid Icarus game too.
Splatoon looks like a fun multiplayer game, will be keeping my eye on that.



shigulicious said:

Nintendo went "all in" for the WiiU and I'm very impressed and excited. The amount of games,quality games, displayed yesterday was enough to make my wallet hurt already. I cant wait for more Zelda footage. I need more.



Shiny_Sentret said:

I loved it, but I was annoyed by the lack of 3ds games. Some people are broke and can't afford a Wii U, but it was defiantly smart to focus on the Wii U as it isn't doing so well.



TheAdza said:

I thought this years Nintendo E3 would be pretty lame following the last couple of years, and while I haven't heard some announcements that I would like such as DQ7 and DQX, and some FZero love, Splatoon was my surprise game of the whole show. Looks like so much fun. Mario Maker turned out to be true, and Yoshi's Wooly World amazed me as did both the Zelda games. Well done Nintendo. It's a shame a lot of these games aren't coming out this year to build up hype for the sagging sales of the Wii U, but by 2015 the Wii U will have a killer library of some of the best games ever made. Makes me forget some of the problems I have had with the system thus far. Well done Nintendo. 10/10.



erv said:

This is an incredibly strong e3 if you ask me. Splatoon and captain toad are both surprises that I really want, Zelda is jaw-droppingly beautiful, the amiibo thing looks like something nintendo may just do right.

That zelda though… that is just insanely beautiful. Absolutely incredible design work.



Mayker said:

I'm actually surprised that all the editors liked the presentation so much. I can understand liking it, but it seems like they were particularly impressed this year. I ended up being very disappointed. The lack of new titles, especially for 3DS, really killed it for me. And 90% of these "new titles" were just localizations.



MoonKnight7 said:

It was a great showing that's for sure. It was one of their best in a long time. We'll have to see what else is talked about over the next day or so, but I was a bit disappointed not to see SMT x FE or a proper Star Fox demonstration. Obviously we'll hear more about Star Fox later, but I'm now a bit worried about SMT x FE as we haven't heard a peep for over a year.

Minor gripes though, it was a great showcase of games. I loved everything I saw.



unrandomsam said:

What is disappointing is the lack of stuff for the near future. (I think Nintendo had it right before in announcing stuff when it is close to release.)



MoonKnight7 said:


It's true, there really wasn't much of a 3DS presence. Though, it isn't over yet, and if I recall correctly there's going to be a 3DS game announced today.

It was direly important for Nintendo to really push the Wii U, especially after the success of Mario Kart 8. They have to try and keep the Wii U momentum going. I wouldn't write off the 3DS just yet, I think more announcements are coming soon. Plus, they've surprised us before by announcing things well after the E3 dust has settled.



Shiny_Sentret said:

@everyone The most likely reason they only showed 2 already announced 3ds games, is probably because of the Wii U's poor sales. They needed to inform people about good games coming, and convince them to buy one. Everyone watching already has a 3ds.



MAB said:

My 3DS has been collecting dust since I got a Wii U anyway so more power to the awesome U... I pity the fools that only own a 3DS



Mayker said:

@MoonKnight7 Yeah, I'm looking forward to the announcement. Everybody seems fairly certain that it will be Majora's Mask 3D, which despite not being the newest game to announce, still has me frothing! I do hope other games will still be announced.

Xenoblade Chronicles X was revealed in 2013, and Bayonetta 2 was revealed alongside the Wii U. I wouldn't quite call them new.



MoonKnight7 said:


I will admit that the loss of Xenoblade this year was a blow, but there is still plenty for me to buy this year. I have no complaints in that regard.



sinalefa said:

Why do people forget that Nintendo, with its Directs, can announce games whenever they want, not just at E3?

I liked the Robot Chicken segments. Added humour to these "all too serious" E3 showings, and catered to a not that young audience. And since they appeared randomly, they force you to watch the whole thing. And they had plenty of interesting games, including new IPs like Splatoon and Giant Robot.

But I guess you can't please everyone, and that some people can't be pleased.



gp993 said:

2014 and 2015 for wii u :

mario kart 8

sonic boom

super smash bros wii u

hyrule warriors

bayonneta 2 and bayonneta 1

Xenoblade chronicles

mario party 10

kirby rainbow curse


legend of zelda

starfox wii u

mario maker

captain toad ...

art academy wii u

yoshi's wooly world

and more ...

Now what's your comment ?

which was best ? Nintendo or Sony or Microsoft ?



Montegarde said:

@TechnoTaylor The fact that they didn't mention virtual console AT ALL yesterday makes me think some sort of announcement pertaining is coming later this week.



Trikeboy said:

I hope they upload the Treehouse stuff. Living in Asia, I missed most of it by foolishly being asleep.



Trikeboy said:

@Shiny_Sentret I think we will see Mother 3. Two of the call outs during the Robot Chicken sections were for Star Fox, which we know is coming and Mother 3. When pressed about it in the IGN after show Reggie said he had nothing to announce right now. There is a slot for an unannounced Nintendo game. I have a feeling its that.



onery said:

Forget all the talk of winning and all that. Look, every console got their strong points this show (Double Fine... Tim Schefer... please please please consider the WiiU for Grim Fandango also...T.T) and ultimately everyone should be happy in their respective camps with some of use moonlighting in multiple camps; which there's nothing wrong with, healthy relationships and all that. A lil' bit of fanboyism is unavoidable (I have it, I admit. My jaw dropped at the Zelda reveal and I've yet to properly put it back in its place), but do consider civility and respect for each other. It's up to us to make a less toxic environment in the game industry and having knee-jerk reactions to badly constructed trolling or baiting will not help matters in the long run.

That said, can't say that I'm not bloody excited for literally everything shown on the digital event (Zelda! And with a possibility of a female protagonist (wish this was more concrete, oh well...)? What's not to be excited about!?)!



MajinSoul said:

So, Nintendo's direct was amazing. One quality game after another.
They proved that they don't depend on third-party games in order to offer a unique and amazing gaming experience on their system.

However, I was more surprised of Microsoft's and Sony's. To me it seemed like the switched roles when compared to last year. Microsoft shifted from consumer unfriendly and entertainment to games, games and games. There show was all about games, be they exclusive or third-party. Sony, on the other hand tried to do the same as last year: winning the crowd by mocking Microsoft. Well, they failed in my humble opinion. It was funny last year due to the terrible design decisions of Microsoft, but not so much this year. Microsoft was strong and as such their mockery was emberassing. Also, isn't it funny how they always claim to be about "games" and "gamers" and made fun of the enternmaint system of Microsft, and a huge part of their conference was about "TV". /facepalm. If I were to buy another console next to my WiiU it sure wouldn't be a PS4 after this E3.



OneBagTravel said:

Great turn out for Nintendo. This is classic E3, showing footage of upcoming games. Not just rendered trailers. I'm bummed about the lack of 3DS titles coming but with this being such a huge Wii U event, It might have sparked me to get a Wii U down the road.



Peach64 said:

While I was a little disappointed by the lack of new games, what they showed looked really, really good. Zelda is right up there alongside Xenoblade as my most anticipated Wii U games. I was delighted with Splatoon, and so happy they're letting it being a new IP. I'm also incredibly happy Star Fox was announced. I don't care how little it was shown, just happy it's coming. Can't wait for this new 3DS game either.

As for the presentation, I don't think it makes much difference wether they do it like this, or like Sony and Microsoft. Either way it's a whole bunch of videos coming our way. I thought it was a lot better paced than Sony's which got bogged down a lot when they talked about movies and TV shows, but not quite as good as Microsoft's which just seemed to give the right amount of time to each game.



Shiny_Sentret said:

Anyone else think its weird that everyone is okay with a Last of Us remake one year later, yet everyone goes crazy when Wind Waker was remade ten years later?



Razanbuddu said:

did anyone else watch those demos of Miyamoto's new games and think they just begged for 2-player 2-gamepad play? I feel like by focusing like this on the gamepad they are pushing out good multiplayer experiences here since they seem unable or unwilling to have 2 gamepads used at the same time. (Though i do realize the backseat player potential of Project Guard is pretty awesome)



LeviCelJir said:

This whole E3 was disappointing to me. Microsoft was bad. Sony was bad. Nintendo was good but I wasn't interested in any games because they were all on Wii U and I only have a 3DS so I was atleast hoping for one good thing on 3DS.



Gerbwmu said:

I was disappointed by the digital event. Although entertaining and alright on it's own, I thought it was the treehouse part that helped Nintendo shine and since most people only seen the first 45 mins it probably looks like a lesser showing from Nintendo, but when you add in the huge amount of content shown yesterday and what I assume will also take place today, I think overall Nintendo had a great showing. Run-on sentence......sorry! Anyway, I'm hoping for a few more surprises today and some more quality time with my new best friends in the treehouse.

To answer who won E3.......I think the gamers.....seems like everyone has something to be excited about and while it may hurt the wallets, I think we all have multiple games to be truly excited about.



MAB said:

@LeviCelJir To be fair, you do have Smash 3DS soon... The only problem is you can't hook up a bigger screen and a Gamecube controller to the 3DS



therealmario101 said:

I'm 99% satisfied. Not complaining at all btw, but I certainly would have exploded had we got: new Metroid, Majora's Mask, F-Zero, some GOOD Star Fox footage, and Captain Falcon confirmed. Keep up the good work Nintendo, you truly know what you're doing <3



WanderingPB said:

Overall i was very happy with Nintendo's Digital Event…honestly the mii fighter and amiibo didnt really interest me but i can see the potential there.

But as for all the games…YES! Every game showed is going to be a day one buy for me! After 3D World i always thought that if they made a game of Captain Toad i would buy it…then Zelda…the moment he snapped his fingers…yeah…Bayonetta 1 & 2 coming packaged together…i still cant believe it…Splatoon honestly just looks like so much fun especially being able to launch to assist a team mate!

And i agree with Tom…it feels like there's more to come. Retro an Next Level what are you working on????



MAB said:

@LeviCelJir I can't imagine playing Smash using the 3DS slider stick or stiff D-pad and tiny buttons... My big hands are cramping just thinking about it



3Daniel said:

i thought nintendo's e3 made owning a wii u this holiday season essential. as october thru all of 2015 looks great. the games look great! but for those who already own a wii u it looks like another drought is upon us in EU and US. mario maker would have been a fantastic summer release. hopefully mario kart dlc comes out soon as battle mode is already a chore slogging thru the same tracks you race on.



Gerbwmu said:

@MAB - you know what they say about a man with big hands............he needs a wired GameCube least that's how I think the saying goes.



smikey said:

I must admit I'm a super Fan boy when it comes to Nintendo but I never really got a major buzz from the digital event.

The games they showed were all fine & I want them all but it just didn't hook me.
Good to see so many more announcements after the digital event (& a lot in the last few weeks to be fair) but they could have put a few more videos in the digital event it is what people will most likely watch.

as favourites Zelda obviously but My wife to be is really excited to play yoshi & she's not much of a gamer though I've already warned her if she lags behind i'll eat her yoshi & just run around with her.

Pac man in smash pleases me no end, amiibo sounds like a terrible name (no I can't think of anything better right now) but I am going to own them all.

The worst part for me was virtually everything being 2015 they surely can't have a drought next year.
& mario party 10 still having the stupid car.
I was really hopping for animal crossing wii u which looks like 2016 release at best.

Good overall e3 with things still to be announced I imagine we'll get a nintendo direct around August with a few more game announcements & hopefully n64 & gamecube vc before the end of the year.



MAB said:

@Gerbwmu No, it just means I need to buy big gloves in my experience but the Gamepad will suit me just fine



antipop621 said:

I thought they killed it this year - their best since 2010 imo

maybe a bit too much time spent on Splatoon



Shiny_Sentret said:

@smikey I think the reason that they brought the car back was to focus on the Bowser (player using gamepad) vs. everyone else (who will work as a team).



jjmesa16 said:

Yesterday was a good day for Nintendo but not excellent.

I loved Splatoon (probably an eShop exclusive) and Captain Toad's Treasure Tracker, and I think both are day 1 purchases for me. Mario Maker looks interesting and could keep people entertained for many hours. Amiibo is an interesting market for Nintendo to enter as it is extremely crowded with Skylanders and Disney Infinity. However Amiibo can play across multiple Nintendo games which is awesome. Yoshi's Wooly World also looked great but I wish it was coming out this Holiday, as they showed it at last year's E3. Mario Party also looks awesome and I'm surprised that they didn't show it in their presentation.

SSMB and Bayonetta 2 are also great but we have already seen so many trailers for those games. Xenoblade Chronicles X looks outstanding although it seems that it is a slow going project with a delay to 2015. I feel we will see more X at next years E3. I think it will probably be in the west by Holiday 2015.

Still a lack of games for Wii U for 2014. Zelda was great but I would have liked to have seen more footage or gameplay. The absence of games from Next Level Games and Retro was somewhat disappointing but those might come up later in the show. Star Fox was also absent from the presentation. I was also hoping for some announcements about cross platform purchases. Such as buying one game and having it be on both consoles. Perhaps the biggest omission for me though was Virtual Console. Where was any information about Virtual Console games? No new/old NES, SNES, DS, Gameboy Advance, or even GameCube and N64 games?

Here are my E3 rankings:
1. Sony (Project Morpheus, PS TV, and lots of exclusive/cool games)
2. Nintendo (Great games and Amiibo)
3. Microsoft (Good games but I saw too much multiplayer)

EDIT: To be clear I am not a Sony fanboy. I DO NOT OWN a PS3, PS4, or a Vita. I DO OWN a NES, Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance, Advance SP, DS, 2 DSi's, GameCube, Wii, 3DS, 3DS XL, and a Wii U.

I just think that Sony had the best games overall and some cool new hardware.



Bizzyb said:

Best Nintendo E3 showing in years.

Zelda looks absolutely amazing, as does Yoshi Wooly World. Also, including Bayonetta 1 with Bayonetta 2 was an incredibly genius move...and that Smash Invitational...sooo hype. To top it all off we got an excellent nice surprise out of Splatoon, my personal Hidden Gem of E3 2014.

Say what you will about MS and Sony but Nintendo madeE3 FUN this year. Hats off to themselves



mostro328 said:

Only thing i expected that wasn't shown was.fe x smt, the event was great funny,

Its obvious that bayo was delayed to include the original



DopeSamurai said:

@gp993 Nintendo Sony and Ubisoft they won E3 they were the bast really enjoyed MS's press over but Sony's Ubisoft's and Nintendo's were better I'd give Microsoft a 7/10 EA 5/10 Ubisoft 8.5/10 Sony 8/10 Nintendo 9/10 E3 overall 8/10



Faruko said:

It was an amazing conference for people who didnt had a WiiU imo (PC gamer here by the way), they showed A LOT of exciting things, very diverse too... Yoshi, captain toad, X, Splatoon, Smash, Zelda, etc... In fact qfter it ended i called the local game store and bought a Wii U, yes, this conference made me pull the trigger on that, it was THAT good imo

And not to mention i loved the treehouse stuff, livef that Nintendo didnt do a single one stuff, we actually got around 1 hour of X on !!!!

These are good times



andrea987 said:

I agree with Damo here, Zelda U should have really been shown A LOT more to keep the hype going as much as they could. Aside from that, awesome show.



PJR0cks said:

The fanboys here at Nintendo Life really make it hard for anyone to enjoy anything Nintendo, all you want from consoles are VC games and the same predictable crap again and again, Sad really.
Nintendo didn't win anything yesterday, they started out good but the digital event that started with humor and fun soon turned to a boring video with a documentary vibe with nothing new to add, Splatoon was a nice surprise but it's not something you keep for the end, the end needed a big AAA game, unfortunately Nintendo didn't have any. they really don't have much respect for 3rd party either, I mean no mention of Sonic? or all these great 3DS games coming? Microsoft started with COD, and that game isn't even an exclusive.
all these new kirby, toad, mario maker, Mario party, wierd robot games crap, was just a way to shove the gamepad in people's face.
just make good games Nintendo and people will stop whining about the gamepad, don't make stupid games that make better use of the gamepad but don't change anything when it comes to hardware sales.
I can now see why Nintendo only mentioned MK8 and Smash in their yearly briefing, add 2 or 3 mediocre games like hyrule to it and there is literally no other game coming to the console to interest non Wii U owners until 2015.
But I'm sure I'm in the wrong here, people will tell me how xbox and sony are the ones lacking in quality titles and start naming the games...



shonenjump86 said:

I like what Microsoft and Nintendo had to offer this year. Something for me to look forward to on Xbox1 and Wii U. A little disappointed of lack of 3DS news though. Besides Uncharted 4, nothing really caught my eye on Sony. :/



rbmoura85 said:

The only important thing is that we get a Captain Toad amiibo the greatest hero of all time



rjejr said:

I was impressed by the NDE and I'm overall happy. For those not happy w/ the NDE, did you sit thru all 2 hours of the Sony show? It puts things in perspective.

Wii U DOES have games in the last 6 months of 2014 -

Bayonetta 1 + 2 (that's 2 new games for those who haven't played the 1st, and the first is really good)
Hyurle Warriors w/ Link and friends and a Midna who looks adn plays just like Bayoennta,
Watch Dogs is coming out, it even has a video on eShop so even I think it will be out this year,
SSB hopefully maybe - kind of make or break for the holiday I'll admit
Sonic Boom
Skylanders Trap Team
Disney Infintiy Marvel
Lego Batman 3
Sports Club in July for $40
and some cool DL stuff like Shovelknight
and you should all still be playing MK8 and your free game

3DS is getting:
SSB game for the 1st time ever on a handheld
Pokemon AS and OR
Fantasy Life
Tomodachi just came out
And probably Majoras Mask 3D by the time I'm done typing this
What else does 3DS need, it's a 3 yr old system that's already had plenty of good games, next year it gets toys

And if Wii U really does gets all those games promised for 2015
Captan Toad
Star Fox maybe
Zelda maybe
well thats a pretty good year too

I'm happy, hope you're happy too



Stubborn_Monkey said:

It was good. I liked everything I saw.

My only complaint is that there should've been MORE. More Xenoblade, more Yoshi, at least something about Starfox, and, of course, more Zelda. It was understandable though, as those games are most likely still too green for serious display.

There were also pleasant surprises: Splatoon feels very fresh, and I was surprised by the warm reception the game had. Kirby was funny and charming. Capt. Toad looked nice. Mario Maker will surely bring to Wii U ruthlessly punishing levels. Lots of fun to be had overall.

And if you thought there wasn't much on the 3DS... hey, that console is already, uh, consolidated in the market. It is the Wii U the one who needs most attention right now. It is hard enough to sell a single console that relies almost exclusively on First-Party efforts to do it with two.



rastamadeus said:

@therealmario101 It all depends on what you wanted from E3 really. As someone with only Sony machines at the moment I wanted games for this year. Sony failed on that part, badly. I don't like LittleBigPlanet, it's a dreadful platformer (far too floaty) so that and a driving game you can get for free is dreadful. Yes, 2015 looks amazing but I want a reason to use my PS4. I still have none. So for me Sony lost.

Microsoft is similar. There's nothing must have for this year so although I thought they had a good show they also failed on this years stuff. Second place.

Nintendo have games coming this year - SMASH!! - which look great fun. The stuff showed off for next year also intrigues me greatly, especially Splatoon. They 'won' E3 for me.

This really is Nintendo's chance now though. With Sony and Microsoft having nothing exclusive to make you buy their consoles this Christmas Ninty have to go all out. If they don't then they're idiots and have blown their best chance ever to catch up with their two competitors who seem afraid of going head-to-head with Smash 4.



Mahe said:

@rjejr Games of interest from your list:

Wii U 2014:
Hyurle Warriors
SSB hopefully maybe - kind of make or break for the holiday I'll admit
and some cool DL stuff like Shovelknight
and you should all still be playing MK8 and your free game


Wii U 2015:

Face it, not a lot of people are interested in Skyward Sword 2 or shovelware like Captain Toad. That was a massively disappointing showing from Nintendo.

That's some 5 interesting games total for one full year, on two platforms, and the interesting games were announced as far back as January 2013 (Xenoblade X). The new announcements? Simply terrible.



cfgk24 said:

Nintendo totally won E3 with innovation and quality, not to mention the personalities! I really really hope and expect the. Amiibo figures to be of exceptionally high quality...



rjejr said:

@Razanbuddu - "they seem unable or unwilling to have 2 gamepads used at the same time."

I've been pushing heavily for dual gamepad usage the past 24 hours on here. Not going to repeat it all now but you can click on that pretty girls face to the left and see it all if your interested.



rjejr said:

@Mahe - Don't know what to tell you, I always come into E3 w/ very low expectations, and they were just barely met, so I'm good w/ that. There was a heavy focus on Wii U over 3DS, which I think needs to be slowly phased out for the 4DU or Unity or whatever starting next year, so I hope they are working on games for next gen. Wii U got some adult games in XCX and B1 + 2 and SSB and Splatoon for family and a bunch of kids games. What else were you really "expecting"? Not "hopeing for" or "wishing" or "desiring", but expecting? I don't even know what Robot Chicken is but Reggie was funny.

@Grumblevolcano - Thanks for the head's up, that was kind of a rush job off the top of my head.



electrolite77 said:


"there is literally no other game coming to the console to interest non Wii U owners until 2015.". You're confusing yourself with all other 'non Wii U owners'. Particularly ironic when there's someone higher up this very page who went and bought a Wii U off the back of that conference.



jjmesa16 said:

Here are some questions for everybody:

1. Why should I buy a Wii U versus buying a PS4 or XBOX One? Aren't there more titles out for the PS4 and XBOX One?
2. Why not wait to buy a Wii U until Smash comes out?

Note: I already own a Wii U so these questions are for potential Wii U buyers.



SneakyStyle said:

I can't wait for 2015, soo much awesomeness heading our way, the Nintendo Digital Event has given me hope again. Thank you NINTENDO!!! <3 Xenoblade, Zelda and amiibos will take my money and I don't even mind one little bit. xD



electrolite77 said:


"not a lot of people are interested in (sic) Skyward Sword 2 or shovelware like Captain Toad"

Again, speak for yourself. It's not hard to find very positive reaction to both games. You don't like them, fine, but don't try and vindicate your opinion by assuming it is shared by anyone else.



Razanbuddu said:

@rjejr I'm glad someone else noticed! i agree completely with your other comments. there is such great potential for amazing multiplayer experiences here.



electrolite77 said:


Strange question really (as you own a Wii U) but you would buy a Wii U if it had the games you wanted to play.

I have a Wii U (bought it when Wind Waker HD came out which added to NSMBU and Pikmin 3 was the tipping point) and while Sunset Overdrive and No Mans Sky look great neither MS' or Sony's shows were enough to persuade me to buy either machine.



Mahe said:

@rjejr Well, for starters, a Zelda more like this:

@electrolite77 You do realize that's a catch-22 in your own claim? You're trying to vindicate those games by the people who have expressed positive opinion, while discounting negative opinions. Sales figures will eventually show you that yeah, not many people wanted Skyward Sword 2 or Captain Toad, after all.



EverythingAmiibo said:

OH MY GOSH!!! Who's psyched to finally have a pet charizard?!? After all these years! Also, ZELDA U LOOKS FANTASTIC!!!!!



Franklin said:

At a time when many games are being downloaded, and physical cartridges and discs are getting smaller, the figurine trend seems to be catering to a general desire for something tangible.

I wonder, how much the origin of Splatoon's gameplay concept was derived from Super Mario Sunshine.

Captain Toad seems like a game that no-one asked for, and I find it surprising that people are asking for it now.

Yoshi's Woolly World looked very good, but I question the need for yet another 2D platformer on Wii U.

Perhaps I'm not the Kirby fan I once was, but another Kirby game next year leads me to fear that saturation point may soon be nearing for the pink blob.

I can see the immense appeal of Mario Maker, but it's not for me; You take something magical apart, and it can be difficult to put back together again.

Zelda looks promising, but no more than that at this stage.

Overall, a good E3.



NintyMan said:

This is easily the best E3 for Nintendo since 2010. I was pleased with Yoshi’s Woolly World, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, Zelda U, Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, Splatoon, Mario Maker, the Super Smash Bros. reveals, the Hyrule Warriors updates, and Star Fox U. They showed a ton of gameplay all day yesterday and so much that I couldn’t track of it all. The Digital Event was a major improvement from the E3 Direct last year with humor, a better presentation, and few technical difficulties.

The downsides are very minor. I think they should have announced Pac-Man at the end of the video instead of Palutena and they should have showed more of Star Fox U. I also wanted to see more new 3DS games besides Pokemon, but maybe they’re saving that for today or tomorrow? There’s still that mysterious 3DS game that has a second closed presentation tonight after Smash Bros. last night. I look forward to Smash Fest!

Oh, and amiibo could seriously be huge. It’s exactly what I wanted Nintendo to do when they were first proposing the NFC figurines. Mario Party 10 also looks fun and more interesting just because of Bowser being playable, a first in the Mario Party series besides a minor minigame in Mario Party 4.



Shy_Guy said:

Nintendo did a great job at E3,Zelda looks so amazing! 2015 will be a great year for Wii U. Nintendo won E3



unrandomsam said:

@DestinyMan The downsides are the lack of anything of any substance whatsoever for the foreseeable future. (Its not unlikely for anything to be delayed unless it has a firm release date in the next say two months).



Sherman said:

Can somebody tell me what was the "2:40pm – Nintendo Demo" title they talked about? I was watching the Treehouse all day long, but never saw a "special" event or heard anything about a "Nintendo Demo" event.



TruenoGT said:

I think they killed it yesterday, loved about everything they showed. Some real surprises and great new ideas. A little too much "2015" though. I was also hoping for some Virtual Console developments, but the new stuff made up for it. Perhaps a future Nintendo Direct or even later today or tomorrow we'll get our VC fix.



jjmesa16 said:

@Mahe I'm agreeing with @electrolite77 here. I'm pretty excited for Captain Toad next year. The Legend of Zelda's art style is phenomenal and looks like a cross between Skyward Sword and Twilight Princess. On your list you forgot about Splatoon. Are you not excited for that game?

Speaking of shovelware, you are excited about Shovel Knight? Just kidding, Shovel Knight looks awesome and is sure to be one of the top eShop games this year.



Action51 said:

I thought it was a big win for Nintendo.

The digital event felt they they were just hitting you with games and announcements and gameplay footage one after the other with very few breaks. The only negative was that the Starfox reveal was kind of sloppy and left people confused. They should have plastered a logo up there or something.

The Treehouse stuff was good, and they should have dropped that three minute eshop reel into the digital event, because that was pretty impressive too.

The Smash Tournament was amazing once it got underway. I have never really watched a competitive gaming event before, and I left having enjoyed myself thanks in part to the awesome people here at Nintendo Life too!

As far as this Captain Toad thing goes, @Mahe ...Remember many fans said they really wanted a game based on the Captain Toad levels of Super Mario 3D world. Nintendo gave them what they wanted...what's the problem?



Captain_Toad said:

The WiiU needs a DESPERATE kick in the pants and the 3DS needed a cooldown from the already dominating lead from the past 2 years. And they delivered.

In short. Minus a few pacing issues, they destroyed my doubts after the event started rolling. And to think there's 2 more days of this.
@Mahe "Face it not a lot of people wanted shovelware like skyward sword or Captain toad." Either you're hanging out with the wrong people, or just have a mind-set that what you think sucks, everyone else has to feel it too.



Zodiak13 said:

Lots of good stuff in my opinion. Wish a few more WiiU titles were for this year, but not really a big deal. I am so busy selling and building a new house my game time is extremely limited when you add 70 hour work weeks with it. Thankfully I do not require more than 3 hours of sleep, so I usually get in an hour before I crash. No need to buy new games for a bit with my exorbitant backlog.



Kosmo said:

To those who regret that 3DS didn't get much coverage: it doesn't need to. Games are flocking to 3DS like crazy already, the eShop is packed with goodness, and the next big games to come are all well-known already.

For me, Nintendo made the right choice in focusing on the Wii U, as it much needed the attention. ANd we've got the whole package: new IPs, innovative use of the Gamepad, and old favorites. Plus, surprises, like Miis and Palutena and in SSB, or Bayonetta 1 coming bundled with the second.

But what's also important is the form that everything took: over-the-top humor, autoderision, Reggie vs Iwata, and a Luigi Death Stare. That proves Nintendo is LISTENING to its fanbase, and isn't some stuck-up dinosaur like some would like us to believe. Next to THIS presentation, Sony and Microsoft look pale... and boring. When will THEIR two bosses be duking it out?



LasermasterA said:

The Digital Event was amazing! I was unable to watch the treehouse events but I really liked the reveals and every game looked amazing. Too bad most of them are for 2015. I am really excited for the end of the year with Hyrule Warriors, Bayonetta 1+2 and Smash Bros I really need to get a Wii U ASAP! Although I hope more reveals are in the pipeline before E3 ends. Plus more 3DS games would also be nice.

Splatoon was totally unexpected but was really interesting. Too bad I am not too much into online games but hey this might be just worth a try!



PJR0cks said:

You can't tell people what to like, some people like FPS, Sports games, Racers, RPGs, 3rd person shooter, Adventure games, action Adventures, open world games, MMOs, Strategy games and the list goes on.... and well they will go ahead and buy a PS4 or XBOX one or a PC.
And some like platformers, MK8 or SSB, very cute kiddy games, games that look 2 decades old, Games that are 2 decades old, Mini games and Party games, and well these people will by a Wii U.
@electrolite77 Well first off I am a Wii U owner.
"Particularly ironic when there's someone higher up this very page who went and bought a Wii U off the back of that conference", not really since he could have gone ahead and bought the console for a number of other reasons, including smash.
@DestinyMan So you were pleased with >>everything<< Nintendo had to offer.



faint said:

@Mahe explain to me exactly how this is skyward sword two? I love to know how you guys figure that out after watching a short clip.



unrandomsam said:

@Kosmo They are not flocking like crazy there is not even a single entry in most genres that is decent. (Compared to say the GBA or DS which did have 2 or 3 in every genre).



Nintendo6400 said:

I liked the robot chicken segments especially since I called happening (to myself) except I thought it would be a commercial. Maybe there will be a Nintendo Robot chicken special, but probably not.



Minotaurgamer said:

It was much much better than MS and Sony's sleeping pills but I expected more interesting content. I actually was more suprised with the announcements outside of the video like star fox and pac man in smash bros. Hyrule warriors looks fun but I am still not sure. I dont care about Bayonetta. That game will bomb like its predecesors.

I am not very excited about the new zelda art style. yes its beautiful but I am tired of beautiful and quirky zelda. I want cool zelda back. and aounuma always same the same stuff over and over again and always dissapoint. the game never cared about the roots of zelda which shows in his dissapinting games full of puzzles and anime garbage. I don't trust him.



Sir_JBizzle said:

@MAB yea, my hand is pretty much cramping at the thought of playing smash on the 3DS. I'm getting anyways, but the cramped layout is the reason I've never finished MK7 or put much time in Super Street Fighter IV anymore (though Capcom helped alleviate that problem by placing the supers and ultras on the touch screen)



zool said:

It was not surprise that Nintendo has more games lined up for the coming months, unless you thought that they would not have any. But it is rather a small line up of games that we are talking about since it covers the next 18 months.

I guess the Amiibo stuff will please the kids but serious gamers could well be put off buying games if the only way to access parts of the game is to purchase expensive plastic toys.

Words like Gimmick and bandwagon come to mind when talking about Amiibo's but I guess it could be a money spinner for Nintendo unless the kids have had enough of collecting this stuff.



electrolite77 said:


I'm not trying to vindicate them, I'm saying there is positive reaction out there and your opinion is only your opinion. Which is completely true. Also, 'not many' is a relative term and essentially meaningless. By using that you can never be wrong or indeed right.

As for "Skyward Sword 2" Awful attempt at trolling. 4/10. Must do better.



worldstraveller said:

As for the complaint about the lack of 3DS, isn't it today they gonna announce the unannounced title of 3DS, anyway? I'm pretty sure, we're gonna have some more.
remember there is also Fantasy Life to talk about that appeared on Digital Event.
but I do agree, Nintendo did came strong, Splatoon, Captain Toad and Zelda caught my attention (besides being attentive to the interview with Co-Director of Kingdom Hearts)



electrolite77 said:


Captain Toad looks good, his levels in 3D World are great. People don't have to have asked for something for it to be popular, in fact some of the best things in life are things you only find out you wanted when they're offered to you.



rjejr said:

@Razanbuddu - "I'm glad someone else noticed"

Yeah, I think it's one of those things that will be discussed a lot in the weeks after E3, right now everything is just about the games, as it should be. I'm just a stickler for details and E3 is all about widebrush CG.



PJR0cks said:

@faint well it will be both wrong and stupid for me to tell people what games to like, but personally for me games are like art, I love strong mechanics but only if they are in service to something bigger, Nintendo has presented bunch of games that are nothing but new ways of functionality, I wish they started to put more effort into creating worlds with characters that have more depth then the ones who already exist, Toad treasure..., Kirby Rainbow, Robot..., and even splatoon (which I will get and will probably enjoy), just show Nintendo's obsession to somehow make the gamepad more relevant, well if they focused instead on creating great games, people with go ahead and buy the console and use a Pro controller.



electrolite77 said:


It's post 68 mate, he/she bought it on the back of the conference. I guess it was tough to read the comments when you had your anti-fanboy (which apparently-and bizarrely-is anyone happy with Nintendo's announcement yesterday) rant all worked out and ready to go.



rjejr said:

@MAB - "major takeover"

Well I wouldn't go as far as a Wii U "takeover", I'm thinking more major "makeover". Like first letting people know the Wii U exists and it has games that people actually want to play like MK8 and SSB and Splatoon as well as Bayonetta and XCX with Zelda on the horizon (that's supposed to be a pun.) Wii U starts now, again, but for real this time.

Have you met Mahe? You two could have a lot to talk about



BestBuck15 said:

While I didn't see any of Nintendo's presentations. I'm very happy with all the new games I'm reading about on NL.

I feel really optimistic about Nintendo and for the first time I feel they could easily take on Sony and M$ and beat them if they can do the same next year and the year after. It's getting very stale with Sony and M$. Same thing with more power. Nintendo could breath fresh life into the games industry.

The problem is a lot of so called gamers don't have a lot of 'cop on' like @Mehe



rjejr said:

@Action51 - Wanted to personally thank you for the comments on PS the other night during the Sony event, helped keep me awake and laughing. You and Allin1 or Iamwilliam, something w/ an A. Good stuff.



DarkKirby said:

Far, far too much Splatoon coverage. They even put on TWICE (which is more than any other game got). I don't know if Nintendo intends for Splatoon to be the "shooter of Nintendo" with the physical space and time they spent dedicated to it, but I don't think it's going to happen. Personal opinion, it looks like a for young kids Nickelodeon game to me. You win by just painting the environment more than the other team? They're going to need a lot more complex and skilled based objectives for it to be interesting.

Mii Fighters, Palutena, and Pac-man where 100% expected already. Of those, Palutena is the only one that I actually care about. And the Miis are CENSORED by disallowing them during fights with randoms? WHAT IS EVEN THE POINT THEN. Where is the next Greninja. Wii Fit Trainer, and Villager people did not wholly expect? Please at least have an Awakening character playable that ISN'T Chrom. My picks are Lucina, Tharja, and Nowi (Dragon Form). For my Pokemon pick it's Gardevoir, but that seems less likely than my Awakening picks.

I'm not in favor of the NFC figures. They are glorified DLC, that's in fact HARDER to buy than normal DLC. Little kids who don't know better grab them from stores to play their Disney MMO. I collect figures myself, but I demand high quality of the ones I purchase. I'd rather Nintendo license out the right to make Nintendo figurines to respected figurine companies so they can produce high quality ones instead this NFC glorified DLC.

Xenoblade and Hyrule Warriors looks okay. I'd be nice of they spent more time showing Zelda as she looked to most interesting to me. Midna was all hand splats.

There was barely any information on the new Zelda Wii U game and Star Fox.

The Smash Invitational was nice and the highlight on the day, although I disagree with the Free For All items on Stock/Time format being MOST of the tournament. You get what'd you expect, people staying out of the fight and spamming items that appear, because that's how you win Free For Alls with items.

Hungrybox was robbed, not because the Zero Suit Samus (ZSS) player was a scumbag, as some people claim. He was robbed because the rules didn't make sense. Tournaments have the rule that the player with more life wins (less percent/more stock) if time runs our for a reason, so the person losing doesn't benefit from running. It's rewarding a player for doing worse to have it at their benefit to run while losing to timer scam.

Hungrybox also clearly showed to be the better player than the ZSS player despite ZSS apparently having the tier advantage, but lost anyway because the rules rewarded the ZSS player for running while behind.



JD1000 said:

I loved it. I loved the variety,and I loved how lighthearted everything was. The other shows were filled with such levity it got kind boring. The only showcase I watched in entirety.(I only have Nintendo consoles, so go figure). One question though, any news on the Shin Megami X Fire Emblem title, which was confirmed on many a gaming site? I was pretty psyched to see something on that.



Faruko said:

@PJR0cks Sorry if i care about shovelware games im clearly not good enough to be able to see what games are good and what are bad !! please enlight us with your knowledge !!!

Meanwhile ill keep playing MK8 (from the WiiU i just bought) and if i get tired of it, ill just turn on my PC and play Wolfestein, Dota 2, Battlefield 4, Starcraft 2, TF2, etc...

And all those amazing PS4/XB1 games Sony/MS showed ? i can play them on my PC, with better graphics and controls

win-win for me



YoshiTails said:

I was awed by the opening of the digital event. That was a really special opening.

As one company, Nintendo can only do so much so we'll always want more.

Open world Zelda and Woolly world are stunning highlights for me



Kirk said:

The first 30 mins of the "Digital Event" were very solid imo; with some truly brilliant humor and great reveals.

That starting fight between Iwata and Reggie was just brilliant. All the little Robot Chicken segments were very entertaining too. There was also a good selection of games I genuinely thought ranged from pretty good to great at times. I really liked what I saw of Smash Bros Wii U, Yoshi's Wooly World, the new Zelda etc. Then it stumbled a bit into the final hurdle with basically the last reveal reveal of Splatoon, which I thought looked like your average indie PC game masquerading as a game Nintendo somehow thought was worthy of basically closing out it's "Digital Event" with, which it really wasn't imo, and then it came to and end far too soon.

In my opinion the "Digital Event" needed to go on for about another half hour with maybe five or six more big games shown, mostly Wii U games, and finish on a reveal of a game that everyone would be genuinely impressed with and excited by, as opposed to Splatoon (which I'm sure some of you are no doubt convinced was worthy).

Overall, what Nintendo showed won't in any way, shape or form, fix the the Wii U situation imo but I did see a few cool games and for the first 30 mins that "Digital Event" was winning E3 as far as I'm concerned...but by the time it came to an all to soon end I don't personally think it had quite managed that feat.



MoonKnight7 said:

"You do realize that's a catch-22 in your own claim? You're trying to vindicate those games by the people who have expressed positive opinion, while discounting negative opinions. Sales figures will eventually show you that yeah, not many people wanted Skyward Sword 2 or Captain Toad, after all."

I would argue, you have vindicated your own negative opinion, while discounting positive ones. You cannot make that kind of accusation when the games haven't been released. Especially Captain Toad, as this is a new game entirely, you have no previous releases to base an opinion on.



BXXL said:

A little bit disappointed with the lack of news regarding Retro and Intelligent Systems, and would have liked a couple of gorgeous JRPG's to add some variety to the Wii U line-up...

But otherwise, an excellent E3 for Nintendo, so much so that i changed my plan for my future home consoles: i've just ordered my Wii U MK8 pack on amazon, and will buy my PS4 sometime next year, when a few excellent games will (finally) be released for it...

I really thought the Wii U was in deep trouble, but now i may imagine it has its chance on the market, with at least 10 to 15 excellent games in the first half of its life... maybe it will be a Gamecube kind of success, but my Gamecube gave me a lot of fun back then, so nothing wrong with that... let's just hope Metroid and Fire Emblem will come next, tho...



Faruko said:

@kirk i dont get this "In my opinion the "Digital Event" needed to go on for about another half hour with maybe five or six more big games shown, mostly Wii U games", isnt what they have done with the "Nintendo Treehouse live" ?

After the Digital event, we got all the big games on that stream for about 6-7 hours, and the same today, and they have been showing big games, talking with developers, etc...



Kirk said:


Eh, no. The "Digital Event" was specifically the main video* and the Treehouse is this live show going on now. They're two totally different and separate things.

I think the "Digital Event" should have lasted longer, had around 5 or 6 more big games shown on top of what was already in it and ended with a better game than Splatoon.

How could I make that any clearer?




Neferupitou said:

Nintendo has the best fans! Wish Microsoft fans were this loud and pumped up, especially since Microsoft had a better conference than Sony, yet Sony's fans were screaming extremely loudly for all the nothing they got.



Link506 said:

I think Nintendo hit a home run this year, the only problem I have is that they didn't announce GameCube VC. How desperately I want to try smash bros. melee.



Dpishere said:

I must admit Nintendo impressed me this year with a personal favorite being Yoshi's Wooly World. That game looks superb!



JaxonH said:

I don't think we'll be seeing anything from Retro in the "near" future. They literally JUST released DKC Tropical Freeze 4 months ago. Count three years, that's when we can expect their next project (which I think we all know will be Metroid). I'd say holiday season 2016 sounds about right, with a reveal either next E3 or, more likely, a surprise reveal the one after.



meatbinbanquet said:

i was honestly expecting to be disappointed. I don't think I have ever shouted "SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY" more times in one sitting. I really liked the idea of Splatoon, and am amazed that Devils Third is an exclusive. I also cannot wait to replay the original Bayonetta and dive straight into the sequel. Too many games coming and not enough money



rbmoura85 said:

@Mahe if you keep talking like a toadette, captain toad is gonna slap you like a toadette...

Well, besides the many people that asked for captain toad game to be made, if there are people who are not interested in it, its their loss...because i just love its simple beauty. Its something only people who have a deep apreciation for videogames, their essence and aesthetics, will understand. Its like playing an 3d high def atari game...i just love it.



Rafie said:

I felt that Nintendo definitely "won" E3. Games after games after games were shown and it was great. I actually smiled a lot during their show. If I had to rate it, I would definitely say 9/10. GAMES GALORE!!!! That's all I have to say.

Sony had a good show going until they started with that tv and movie b.s. I got bored at the moment. However, they picked it back up showing games like Bloodborne and Uncharted 4. It wasn't a bad show, but it wasn't great either. They have quite a few games that I want to get though. Far Cry 4 is huge for PS. Just good. 8/10

Microsoft also had a good show. They played it safe and showed the games. Although I was disappointed because I wanted them to show more 1st party seeing as they claimed to have lots of exclusives on deck. We already knew Halo 5 was coming. Nothing was shown but a bunch of multiplats and 2 exclusives. Still, the presentation was very good and it wasn't bad, but wasn't great either. I gave it a 7.5 because Sony showed more exclusives on their part.

Now Nintendo has been hammering out games galore this E3. I honestly don't see how anyone would think otherwise. Ubisoft and Nintendo killed it! I'm so happy to be apart of the Nintendo family as we have games coming. I'm looking forward to damn near ALL the games coming. I passed on some of Microsoft and Sony's games. I have to say that 2015 is going to be a battle between the 3. Nintendo is coming out swinging and folks are getting grand slammed on! Good stuff, Ninty!



Genesaur said:

@MAB Man, why are you not on my Wii U friends list? Are you MadAussieBloke, or just MAB on your Nintendo Network ID?



SebCroc said:

I don't understand some of the harsh negativity a few people in the comments are giving, the presentation was fantastic! A lot of work went into showing all they could at this time. Developers almost kill themselves doing what they do...



Dragoon04 said:

It was a really good digital event. It made the announcements entertaining it was amazing! Splatoon was a big surprise and and Amiibo looks fascinating!


Can't deny that some things were missing. Like the DS virtual console information announced months ago, and that Quality of life platform is still a big mystery.



R_Champ said:


LOL, I wouldn't be THAT mean about it, but I've been frustrated with everyone being content with only the 3DS getting any love for a long time and as soon as Wii U starts to get AMAZING games they complain because they don't own one (what is this? Neogaf?)...start collecting those cans because Bayo 2, Xenoblade Chronicles X, and Splatoon (along with others) are Wii U exclusive



WinterWarm said:

Well, 3DS coverage was a little scarce, but all in all it made me decide to buy a WiiU. I simply cannot miss out on Xenoblade, Zelda and Splatoon.

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