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Mario Kart 8 Drives Wii U Sales In The UK, Claims Second Place Behind Watch Dogs

Posted by Damien McFerran

Hardware sales up 666 percent

To the surprise of pretty much nobody, Ubisoft's Watch Dogs has claimed the top spot in the UK multiformat chart — but Mario Kart 8 has sped into second place, causing a massive spike in Wii U console sales.

According to Chart Track, the PS4 and Xbox One versions of Watch Dogs claimed the top two spots, with Mario Kart 8 effectively coming in second and pulling ahead of the 360 and PS3 editions of Ubisoft's open-world hacking adventure — the Wii U version of which has been delayed.

Eurogamer is reporting that Wii U hardware sales have grown a staggering 666 percent during the Mario Kart 8's launch week (something that will no doubt please Iron Maiden Fans), with 82 percent of those sales being the Mario Kart 8 hardware bundle.

Were you one of the many UK gamers who took the plunge with the Wii U last week? Let us know with a comment.

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User Comments (126)




That percentage, is it a sign of thigs to come?
I'm not suprised, MK8 seemed pretty anticipated but I wasn't expecting it to beat Watch Dogs.



Raylax said:

Number of the beast. Bowser must be in pole position.

Up 666%? Must mean they've sold another 666 Wii U's



Peach64 said:

Oh, I thought the UK hated Nintendo? Nope, great games will sell if marketed right. The big question is what it will really do to hardware sales. I hope this is a true turnaround, but it's impossible to tell with these percentage sales, especially as sales would probably at an all-time low last week due to the bundle's arrival this week. Don't forget that last year we had the headlines 'Wii U sales increase 900%' after Xbone announcement and 'Wii U sales increase 600%' after the Wind Waker bundle was released. Hopefully MCV throw out an article on hardware soon.

I think Watch Dogs monster success also shows how wrong it is to say new IP does not sell, and highlights what a travesty it was that Wonderful 101 was sent to die without any marketing. Games don't have to be part of an established franchise to sell. Could W101 have sold as well as WD? No, but it could have at least been in the top 5 selling Wii U titles.



darthmawl said:

I dont get why people dont buy a Wii U after the release of Pikmin , W101 , Zelda WW HD , Mario 3d World , Dk TF and now the best wii u game to date Mario Kart 8.

Wii U's Library is amazing.



Farmboy74 said:

I would love to know how many copies it sold. Great number 2 slot never really stood a chance getting to number 1 when going up against Watch Dogs and its multiplatform release.
I think a large part of the UK are closet Nintendo fans!, but don't want to admit it.



MAB said:

To be fair though there isn't much else to buy on a PSBOX41... So it doesn't really surprise me that W_D is doing well on those systems



Flash-Jordan said:

downloaded it and loving it, hopefully this game will have a big online following(and hopefully dlc) for years to come



Yoshis_VGM said:

@darthmawl Well, Mario Kart is arguably the best selling series out of all of those games you listed. Mario Kart has always been one of Nintendo's biggest sellers - it's usually the second or third best-selling game on every platform it's been released on.

But, this is amazing news! I wish there were some hard numbers. Can't wait to hear reports from the Japan launch (since those provide numbers) and the North American launch.



Flash-Jordan said:

although it must be said that up 666% on barley nothing isnt neccessarily all that impressive but number 2 in the chart is i jjust hope it can keep good momentum in the coming weeks.



smikey said:

Good news for Nintendo & the uk hopefully some of the American's who are always saying we hate Nintendo will give us a break now.
I'd expect sales to increase again next week too on both hardware and software.
We've already got 2 wii u consoles in the house one for me & one for the kids but zi will be buying a 3 rd at xmas so the kids can each have their own waiting until xmas to get the last one just incase there is a limited edition one or a great xmas bundle.

A friend of mine got watch dogs on ps4 om friday and traded it in this morning he completely hates it.
I'm not saying it's a bad game I haven't played it & i'm getting it for wii u but he was less than impressed



Yasume said:

As Peach64 pointed out, the 666% increase in sales mean nothing until we see the hardware numbers.



smikey said:

it should also be pointed out as pointless trivia the number of the beast is actually 555 not 666 that's just a common misconception / myth found that out on QI or something like that



Guybrush20X6 said:

In laymans terms the sales are 6 and a bit times better than they were before but as many have said that doesn't mean much until we get the last set of numbers.



JosieC84 said:

WOO HOO! GO NINTENDO!! If they can release DLC with battle arenas and more characters ASAP, that should help sale heaps.

Seriously Watch Dogs is overrated IMHO but it is the most anticipated game of the year after all.



Varoennauraa said:

@smikey 666 comes from the Book of Revelation

Revelation 13:18
"18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six."

Where does the 555 come from?



Starwolf_UK said:

I'm worried the hardware sales are fueled by the good pre-order bundles on the MK8 system (£200 for instance) and now that those deals have gone and Wii U hardware seems to have gone up by about £30 across the board (as people now want Wii U systems so you don't have to try and sell them as hard) that the sales boost will be short lived.

But looking at the big picture. Its crazy to think that about 2 weeks ago you could top the charts with like 10,000 copies sold of something.



NintyMan said:

Of course actual numbers are better than percentages, but this is still great news. I'm curious to see what the Japanese and North American numbers are.



ICHIkatakuri said:

Did watchdogs sell 667% more than their last large multiplat game? Cause everyone knows they're the neighbour of the beast.



cookiex said:

I'm going to assume the remaining 18% consists mostly of the NSMBU bundle since here in Sweden it sold out almost as fast as the MK8 bundle.



PJR0cks said:

Well the good news is, Mario Kart 8 lost to a title that has apparently done very great, the even better news is the is the second best opening for MK in U.K, this is great news, really.
I am disappointed that MK lost to both PS4 and XBOX one, I knew it won't be first but I was hoping it will beat the XBOX one version, in U.S pre orders apparently it's ahead of the XBOX one version so I'm hoping it will open second in NA. and well we can be sure it will open first in Japan, I've seen a lot of Japanese players in the multiplayer, I think it sold incredible over there.



123akis said:

Great achievement Nintendo! but why couldn't Ubisoft release Watch Dogs next week because Mario Kart 8 would of been 1st in the charts! Ubisoft just does it on purpose!



Artwark said:

why the percentages instead of numbers is what bothers me...... HOW IS ANYONE SUPPOSE TO FIND OUT THAT % IS AS GOOD AS NUMBERS?!?!?

But hey atleast MK8 is booming sales right now......



Prof_Clayton said:

I honestly feel like delaying WD and then releasing it on the same week as MK8 as well as delaying only the Wii U version is just to spite Nintendo. I mean seriously, they had to know when MK8 was coming. >__>



hiptanaka said:

This bit from the Eurogamer article says more than the percentage, I think:

"Nintendo's racer earned the company its biggest Wii U game launch in the UK to date, and the second best launch for a Mario Kart title ever in the UK."

Not bad. I hope they can keep momentum.



Marshi said:

Hmmm a 666 % increase probably means around 15-20k systems sold. Not that great a numbe but a step in the right direction. I think now (right now) would be a perfect time to readvertise the games already out for wiiu. Walking into your local game store to see a single shelf with mario kart 8, mario 3d world and loads of shovelware dosnt promote how many gems are now available on the struggling system.
Mario U, mario 3d world, pikmin 3, mario kart 8, zelda wind waker, game and wario, nintendoland, w101, ac 4, batman origins and city, lego city, monsterhunter 3, wii fit u, wii sports u. And im sure loads more. If all game shelfs are guna show is the mario games then the general public will ofcourse think thats all wiiu has to offer,which is not true. There are more truly classic games for wiiu now than there is for the ps4. Nintendo should advertise that fact



Grumblevolcano said:

@Prof_Clayton I disagree, if Watch Dogs for Wii U came out same day as the other versions then its sales would be extremely bad as people could use the logic of "why buy Watch Dogs when I can get Mario Kart 8 and on top of that get Wind Waker HD or New Super Mario Bros. U free" (I doubt the other games will have been selected much).



StarDust4Ever said:

Hooray for Mario Kart!

Is anyone really that surprized? It's one beast of a game...

Now, turn your screen upside down to reveal the hidden message:




AJWolfTill said:

Mario Kart has always been fairly big in the UK. I saw a family stop at a Mario Kart 8 poster and get really excited yesterday, made me smile.
If we see similar results in other territories, and Nintendo maintains strong marketing for this title then they will have the perfect stage for their E3 conference.



rjejr said:

So what's 666 in multiples - sextupled? I don't know any after quadrupled.



NodesforNoids said:

So then the Wii U sold what, 666 systems? Considering how terribly the system is doing in PAL regions, I honestly wouldn't be surprised if it only sold 1 system last sales term.
I'm only half joking.



NodesforNoids said:

And let's face it, next week those numbers will plummet. To the tune of a 500-600% drop-off. Nintendo might get better numbers in Japan / NTSC regions and they might even stick around for a few weeks, but 666% for a region that barely acknowledges the console even exists? Flash in the pan. Until Smash, Euro gamers are going to be pushing Wii U back under the rug. It's a graphics market where only football sims have the chance to break the FPS / GTA barrier.



rumple88 said:

Wasn't mk8 released later in the week? So these percentages are worthless watch_dogs had a full week to rake in sales while mk8 only had a partial week.



BrownGamer4 said:

I think what everybody is forgetting to mention is that WD has been out for five days while MK8 has barely been out for two-that's a full three days of sales not accounted for as far as MK8 is concerned-I fully expect one of the best selling series of all time to outsell WD handily..also what's up with all the Ninty haters on this Nintendo site?



Nintenjoe64 said:

666% isn't going to be massive numbers but if the boost lasts for a couple of weeks it won't take long to double the install base in UK. I just hope they don't let the momentum completely disappear i.e. release some desirable games in the coming months and advertise them.



Peach64 said:

@Rumple88 @browngamer4 Game sales are heavily front loaded for day of release. Both Watch Dogs and MK probably sold more on day 1 than they will sell for the next month combined. WD has been phenomenal. The Xbone version accounted for 25% of its total sales, and that version outsold MK, so overall sales are at least 4 times what MK sales are. 3 extra days won't make THAT much if a difference.



NavySpheal said:

@MAB To be honest, same could be said for the Wii U.
That being said, I'm really happy for this sales spike, and I hope it sells even better in other regions.



zeldazero said:

Where we can get the figures for all areas. I never see game sales for the states? Is there a website for this info?



faint said:

@Yasume while this is true these "numbers" only count for one day while watch dogs had a four day head start.



Rafie said:

@Marshi Ummm...yeah let's wait to see what E3 has before we start suggesting the Wii U should advertise what "classics" they have over PS4. To be honest, that type of marketing isn't Nintendo anyway. They need to continue to focus on new IPs and such and advertise THAT! MK8 is the only game Nintendo has advertise severely outside of Tomodachi.



Caryslan said:

@darthmawl For me, the Wii U is still not worth the money, especially since my PS3 still has alot of mileage left in it. Those are all impressive games, but I really don't care for Pikmin 3 or Wonderful 101, and I'm not a huge Mario Kart fan.

Smash may have compelled me to pic up a Wii U, but its coming to the 3DS. So, if I want to play Nintendo games, I can play them on my 3DS, especially since the 3DS has a much stronger library than the Wii U at this time.

So for me, the Wii U is still not worth the money even with its impressive games. I'm hoping for another price drop before I go pick one up.

I'm still catching up on PS3 classics, and Smash is coming to the 3DS first, so there is really no hurry to pick up a Wii U.



faint said:

@Peach64 actually your wrong about that. Lots of family's buy mario kart. They tend to buy things on the weekend. You don't follow game sales much do you.



jariw said:

@Kaine_Morrison In what way do you think Pikmin 3 is a terrible game? Personally, I think Pikmin 3 is one of the best games I have ever played (using Nunchucks), and we have probabley soon spent more time in the 2-player modes than in any other local multiplayer game.



Marshi said:

@Rafie Exactly my point mate. They need to start being more aggressive and start competing. They say they are not in competition with sony or m$ which may be the stance the company takes,but it only takes a quick glance at any videogame forum to realise thats not how the public sees it



MoonKnight7 said:


Aw that's a shame you don't like Pikmin 3. It's my favorite game on the Wii U so far. To each their own. I can fully understand waiting, consoles are expensive.



Technosphile said:

2nd place in the UK is like 30k, don't get too excited.

The Media Create numbers will be far more telling.



Peach64 said:

@zeldazero The North American sales come out once a month, typically the 2nd or 3rd Thursday of the month. UK charts are every Monday, and Japan every Wednesday. This game is going to dominate Japan.

@faint a There is no chance that more families bought this on Saturday than all those that pre-ordered online at Amazon, Tesco, Game, ShopTp etc over the last several months. Day 1 is always the biggest day.



Peach64 said:

@zeldazero The North American sales come out once a month, typically the 2nd or 3rd Thursday of the month. UK charts are every Monday, and Japan every Wednesday. This game is going to dominate Japan.

@faint a There is no chance that more families bought this on Saturday than all those that pre-ordered online at Amazon, Tesco, Game, ShopTp etc over the last several months. Day 1 is always the biggest day.



FilmerNgameR said:

LOL that number is trippy. Hopefully it sells more and that number will be over 9000% just watch.



smikey said:


I got it quite late on Saturday afternoon.
It's not too bad online even though it's a better voting system than the wii I still seem to be playing the same tracks over & over though.

I'm probably in a minority but I'm not that fond on any of the new tracks maybe some will grow on me one day & I hate that n64 rainbow road has been split in 3 so in reality it's one lap I know it's a long track but I'd prefer to do 3 full laps.

& again i'm probably in the minority but I quite like the battle mode.

lastly you know you're playing mario kart when online or even offline you get nailed 20 times on the last lap & drop several places.

Hope Nintendo life set up a no weapon tournament
& ban the bikes all I keep unlocking with the coins is bikes I have no intention of ever using bikes It's called Mario Kart I hate bikes! (yes I know you were on a bike with Baby Luigi I followed you around enough!



dabaumer said:

It's important to remember that watch dogs has a three day head start, not saying MK would have won but that is essintilly three days of MK numbers



plunkettmonster said:

@darthmawl I completely agree, the Wii U is a fantastic system and has an amazing wealth of games, I just don't know why people aren't buying it. I love it so much I have two in my household, so I don't have to fight the kids for game time.



Starwolf_UK said:

@Technosphile The sales for each week are not static by any means. A few weeks ago number 1 was 10k sales so you can't say 2nd place is 30k. Its turns out actually, from the Watch Dogs platform splits, its total (estimated from the LA Noire comparison in the PR) and using the individual formats charts MK8 sold anywhere between 50k and 104k. Maybe using the 2nd biggest MK launch info gives a better constraint on that.



WanderingPB said:

I played MK8 all weekend! this is a great game and i hope it keeps up the sales momentum because the WiiU needs its.

@Peach64 Nintendo had a Wonderful 101 Direct remember? I agree that more commercials wouldve been nice but the funny thing is alot of people that dont have a WiiU yet (like urself) have stated that they wanted to get W101 just from the positive response from the people who actually played the game. Which in my opinion trumps the bad reviews it got from the media kinda like the word of mouth of gamers is worth so much more than quickly rushed game reviews. Ur were negative about this game in the beginning too and look how ur views have changed. W101 isnt perfect but its still a game that takes so many creative risks in gameplay and controls that most devs are scared to do. but it does demand u to pay attention and learn because once u get ur first Pure Platinum rank there's no going back. Its hard to understand until u play it and thats just a fact



bronZfonZ said:

@Peach64 If the Wii U can maintain solid sales numbers for this year MK8 will very likely be an evergreen seller, much like MKWii was. It will likely not reach 35 million, but long after Watch Dog's sales flatline and Ubisoft announces Watch Dogs 2, MK8 will probably still be selling 100K a month.



Caryslan said:

@MoonKnight7 I played Pikmin on both the Gamecube and the Wii and I never really got into it. Glad to see its back for people who do enjoy the IP, but for my own tastes, I want to see a new Star Fox or F-Zero.

I don't buy home consoles until they are usually two years old at the earliest. This gives the system time to build up their game library, drop in price, and see if there are any hardware revisions.

The biggest thing for me is that consoles are pretty expensive right now. I got my PS3 back in 2012, so I have not even scratched the surface of classics that I need to play on that console. And since the PS3 is going to be supported for another couple of years, I see no rush to upgrade.

For right now, my 2DS and PS3 are the perfect combo to play most of the games that are coming out. Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire remakes, and Smash Bros are coming to the 2DS, while stuff like Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and Mortal Kombat X are coming to the PS3.

Heck, I still have to catch up on some PS3 games that came out earlier this year such as Castlevania: Lord of Shadow 2.

I like the Wii U. I think its a great system that gets bashed unfairly, and I intend to get one when the time is right. But for right now, my 2DS and PS3 are more than enough.



Ernest_The_Crab said:

@Peach64 However, Nintendo games (especially the ones from the really popular series) have longer legs than most other titles. It's quite possible that those extra days would make a difference in the sales numbers. Their titles are notorious for having a different sales trend (unless they are poorly reviewed).



Kirk said:

That's a big jump for Wii U but it's only going to count if it lasts for more than a couple of weeks...



Wonky_Kong said:

well, i'm going to grab a wiiu on this weekend. 666 is a large jump, but can it keep it's momentum



MoonKnight7 said:


Hey I don't blame you, the PS3 has some fantastic games. I highly recommend The Last of Us, if you like those kinds of games. The story is simply fantastic.

I have a tingling feeling that we'll get a proper Star Fox title reveal at E3, but please be advised that I have nothing to base this on, haha.



Luna-Harmony said:

Great news what with a bunch of fails on ps4 & xboxone for games over hyped now people can see how good the wii u really is.
If only if only the wii u had trophy system like other console for in game challenges.



Hy8ogen said:

Although the percentage does look awesome, but I'm holding my breath for the actual numeric numbers.....



AVahne said:

Percentage doesn't really mean anything if the previous sales numbers were horribly low anyway. If the sales stay consistently good after this point, then that'll be time to celebrate.



JtotheY said:

@Peach64 But is it really new IP? I mean, GTA + hacking traffic lights, cameras and pipelines = Watch_Dogs..
People just get overhyped about open world games.



JaxonH said:


I don't think anyone is under the impression new IPs don't sell. It's new IPs on NINTENDO platforms that struggle. Watch Dogs sold because it's on PS and Xbox. Now, if what you're saying is true- if all it really takes is some solid marketing to propel a new IP into the top 5 for Wii U, then that means Watch Dogs should do exactly that when it releases on Wii U. Yet somehow, I get the feeling that it won't. DESPITE all the mega-marketing the game has seen. In fact, Watch Dogs was hyped about as much as a game can get. So if THAT doesn't even hit the top 5 during it's release, then we know marketing has nothing to do with it on Nintendo platforms, agreed?

And I'm not under the illusion that marketing doesn't help sell games. I just think that you see WAY less bang for your buck when it comes to marketing new IPs on Nintendo consoles as opposed to PS and Xbox. Look at the millions of dollars they've spent marketing Watch Dogs. Then watch it release on Wii U and only see an extra 100k in sales for it. I do think Wonderful 101 actually DESERVED to sell as well as any other Nintendo game on Wii U. It was fantastic. Unfortunately, Nintendo fans can be very fickle and many just stick to what they know.



Dpishere said:

Yep I was in fact one of the people who decided to get a Wii U Mario Kart bundle. Went into Walmart at midnight on thursday and though I only got 3 hours of sleep before I had to go to work it was totally worth it!



Dpishere said:

@JaxonH True that. I am unfortunately one of those people who buy Nintendo consoles for Nintendo games primarily, though I do have ZombiU and Splinter Cell Blacklist coming my way. It is a shame though that we are unlikely to see very many third party ports due mostly in part to how poorly they sell. Not blaming the publishers because it is simply business sense, still stinks sometimes though.



YT-SutibunDatsW said:

@Raylax exactly what i was going to say. saying 666% means nothing if the total was only like 100 or something like that. how significant is the number



JaxonH said:


Welcome to the Wii U club! It's a great system- I think you're gonna really enjoy it. Ya, I'm mainly a Nintendo kind of guy myself, but I do like 3rd party AAA games too from time to time as well- which is why I bought the other 2 consoles for on the side.

As far as Wii U goes, allow me to make some personal recommendations to go alongside Mario Kart 8, ZombiU and Splinter Cell Blacklist (all of which are very good btw).

Pikmin 3- Easily the most charming game on the system, and different than anything you've ever played. HIGHLY recommended.

DKC Tropical Freeze- Imo, one of the greatest platformers of all time, if not THE greatest. Challenging, vibrant, expertly designed levels with pinpoint mechanics make for great time trial runs, which can be uploaded and viewed in-game. HIGHLY recommended.

Wonderful 101- One of the best games of 2013. New, fresh, and packed to the brim with action and fun. You won't be disappointed in this one.

Wii Sports Club Golf- Hands down the most ingenious golfing game I've ever played. Use the gamepad to see the ball on the grass with your club and power meter, and use the Wiimote as your club, knocking the ball from the gamepad into the TV. It never gets old, is very skill-based and gamer-oriented, and some of the best multiplayer fun I've had in a long time.

New Super Mario Bros U- A fine addition to the 2D Mario line of games, and by far the best of the New series. Excellent, colorful levels and vibrant colors makes for some fine 2D platforming. A solid game through and through.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate- My favorite game of all time. Period. People talk about Dark Souls and hardcore gameplay? MONSTER HUNTER is where it's at. One of the deepest and robust games ever developed, with hundreds of quests and monsters to hunt, excellent skill-based gameplay with RPG elements. 4-player co-op online is still alive and well. A true must-own.

Rayman Legends- If you're a 2D platforming fan, look no further than Rayman Legends, although I still think DKC takes the crown. With gamepad integration this is the best version to own- the touch screen Murphy levels are a blast, and every day/week new challenges are added with leaderboards, all in addition to the main game.

Super Mario 3D World- If you own a Wii U, there is no reason to not own this game. 12 worlds, 8 in the main game and 4 after, the latter 4 can get very challenging, especially if you're star/stamp hunting. I can't recommend this game enough.

Child of Light- Surprisingly, one of the funnest battle systems I've ever played in an RPG. The game is just really fun, Idk what else to say. There's a reason it's still at the top of the eShop charts.

Also- Darksiders 2, Batman Arkham City, Mass Effect 3, Injustice, and Assassin's Creed 4 are all worth owning if you haven't played them before.



Dpishere said:

@JaxonH Actually I got Pikmin 3 with the Mario Kart 8 Wii U bundle and am very much looking forward to playing that seeing as I loved playing and fully completing Pikmin 2 with my bro, and the fact that this game has a co-op mission mode is icing on the cake!. I also already own Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for the 3DS and agree that it is definitely one of my favorite games released on the system. Seeing as I absolutely loved Donkey Kong Country Returns so much so that I have beaten it three times with one of the playthroughs being a complete 100% run so I am sure I will love Tropical Freeze. Honestly most of those games are already on my to-get list but I have to take it slow since I have only had the system since Friday, but those are great suggestions and plan on adding most of them to my Wii U library as time goes on.



JaxonH said:


Right on man. I would suggest that Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is worth buying again for Wii U. For one, you can get it as low as $20-25 now at various retailers if you shop around, so it's cheap. But for two, it has full online and HD graphics (and natural twin analogues- no CPP needed). It's definitely a game meant for playing online, and the great thing is, you can transfer your 3DS save to Wii U and not even skip a beat.

If you ever want someone to hunt with, just let me know. I'm always down for a little MH



Dpishere said:

@JaxonH If I do ever decide to get Monster Hunter Ultimate for Wii U I will be sure to join ya for a hunt, though I will certainly end up getting Monster Hunter 4 instead seeing as I pretty much completed every single hunt, story quest, and crafted all the armors I wanted in Ultimate. Had a blast playing local with my brother.



faint said:

@Peach64 Familys don't pre order. Core gamers preorder. Family's go to wall-mart or where ever. Games like watch dogs do well due to preorders and then they die off or become gta. Mario Kart is an evergreen. I promise you will see mario kart in the charts around Christmas but not watch dogs.



Zombie_Barioth said:

Its not just about the pre-orders, launch day is prime time for game sales. Its where the bulk of the sales are made, and the following week or two are the most crucial after that.

Evergreen games like this keep selling consistently despite their age, it doesn't mean they sell a lot, just that they don't fall into obscurity or into barain bins after the 1st month or so like most games. Watch Dogs could be Ubisoft's GTA, the next Assassin's Creed, or a one hit wonder, who knows.

What exactly do you mean "become GTA", your aware GTA is an evergreen series too, right?



ledreppe said:


It's the upcoming library that's putting off people. They'd rather have an X1 or PS4 because there's more in the pipeline than on the Wii U.



Haywired said:

True, but @Peach64 's comment wasn't about evergreen/family sales putting MK over WD until Christmas and beyond, it was about not being enough to make a difference for their first couple of days on sale, which was the original point he was responding to (I think).



faint said:

@Zombie_Barioth i said die off or become gta. meaning a mega it. it apears watch dogs has done this but i dont see it selling to well by summers end while mario kart still will



faint said:

@Haywired i know what she was talking about. she was comparing first week watchdog sales (5days) to mariokarts (2 days) she believes that most of the people who picked up these games preordered. i digree a feel mariokart will surge next week as well.



Zombie_Barioth said:

Ok, gotcha, yea the hype for it will die down by then at least. Its the first game so it won't enjoy the kind of continued success GTA has through out the year.

Most people who picked it up the past couple days probably did pre-order, thats just the typical thing to do for any major release since they get priority.

That doesn't mean only those who pre-ordered are interested, especially for Nintendo games. Most are likely waiting sales, their next paycheck, their next trip into town, something along those lines.

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