While it's been absent from Nintendo's Direct broadcasts since its shock reveal in late 2013, Hyrule Warriors is a potentially intriguing title on the way to Wii U. The Tecmo Koei-developed title, spinning off from the well known Dynasty Warriors franchise, is due this Summer in Japan and will hopefully not be far behind in other major territories.

It certainly has the potential to perform well for Nintendo's system in Japan, though there is a smaller but dedicated Dynasty Warriors fanbase in the West, along with legions of Zelda fans. Tecmo Koei's Yoichi Erikawa has spoken to Nikkei Trendy about his hopes for the collaboration (translated by Nintendo Everything), stating that he anticipates the combination of brands will deliver solid sales worldwide.

In gaming, this is a first-time collaboration. As a new entry in the Warriors series, we plan to release the game Hyrule Warriors in collaboration with Nintendo in the summer of this year. In addition to our Warriors series fan base, Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda is also a very popular series with a large fan base, and I think it will become a great new market. Because of The Legend of Zelda’s legion of fans overseas, we are aiming to sell more than one million copies worldwide.

Getting past one million copies isn't hugely ambitious when considered without much context, though considering the franchises' modest sales in the West and the limited Wii U fanbase, it seems like a sensible target.

A fresh screen — top of the article — certainly promises a fairly attractive game, which will hopefully run smoothly with an army of enemies on screen. We'll get a look soon enough.

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