Hyrule Warrior Investor

Quite a few major gaming companies are revealing their financial results today, one of which is Tecmo Koei. It had some positive news all around, and in an update likely to bring sighs of relief from Japanese Wii U owners confirmed that Hyrule Warriors — a name that may yet change — is set for a Summer release in the country. It's unclear whether it'll land on Western shores in a similar time-frame.

That's certainly a close release considering the fact that we've seen nothing of the title since its surprise reveal in December last year; with the development evidently nearing its end, we'd hope that it will have a notable presence at E3 next month. In the same investor briefing, meanwhile, it was teased that a major new collaboration will follow this Zelda release, with details expected in the latter half of the year. No details were given, though the company has expressed an eagerness to move onto PS4 and Xbox One with some future projects, so it's up in the air whether this is a project for Nintendo fans to anticipate. Nevertheless, both companies are no doubt hoping for big things from the upcoming Zelda-meets-Dynasty-Warriors experience.

Are you still excited about Hyrule Warriors and hopeful of a Western release in the near future?

[source famitsu.com, via neogaf.com]