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Wed 25th December, 2013

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Mikeopferman commented on Editorial: The eShop's Pricing Dilemma is the ...:

Very well done! Love this article. I hate when people complain about pricing when what should be a full price game or close (affordable space adventures, which I own) is actually less than the value. $20 is low for a quality exclusive (aka Swords and Soldiers 2), but our Steam and App Store mentality is creeping into our consoles and we will all be the worse for it. There is a reason I have no games on my iPhone, they stink (sans Hearthstone), and the controls are usually horrible. I am not asking for higher costs, just a mentality that understands quality costs, this is why older Toyotas retain their value, and Dodge doesn't.



Mikeopferman commented on Community Interview: Affordable Space Adventur...:

Thanks for answering my question! Also, I am glad somebody asked about controllers, though we have about 6 now because of Smash. Looking forward to going home later today and purchasing it. I have wanted this experience since I first heard about it.



Mikeopferman commented on Review: Affordable Space Adventures (Wii U eShop):

So exited for this! Buying it as soon as it comes out! Great review! Wish I could find a decent video review somewhere to show my children, that's the real reason I want this, multiplayer with my children. I love Mario Party 10, but let me have some fun exploring something. Thanks KnapNok games.



Mikeopferman commented on Community Interview: Give Us Your Affordable S...:

Absolutely love the trailers, and I got my children looking forward to it as well. Do you think that with 3 players going at it, is one of them a little easier or not as necessary as the others? Not all of my children are incredible players, but I'd still like them to feel like they contribute (6 year old)



Mikeopferman commented on Impressions: Nintendo Made The Right Call With...:

Absolutely hate those aliens at the end that just sit there in over watch, waiting for you to get in range. Jerks! Other that that, I love how it is different from FE Awakening (best 3DS game ever), and causes me to change my strategy. Preordering this now!



Mikeopferman commented on Ninterview: Learning Retro Secrets With A Form...:

Only time I ever called was for Secret of Mana, somehow I lost the girl when playing and she never came back. So I saved my game (mistake) and called the hotline. We tried all sorts of things while talking to him on the phone but nothing worked (it was a glitch), so I had to restart. That's when I learned never to save when something odd happens. But the counselor was great on the phone, he really tried to help me out.



Mikeopferman commented on Feature: A Day in the Life of a Self-Confessed...:

Pumped, and glad I live in the good old USA! Getting Smash and several Amiibos today! Strangely, I always hated Disney Infinity and Skylanders for the stupid toys you had to buy to play the game, but I am so excited about Nintendos toys. Ah, the hypocritical nature of a fanboy.



Mikeopferman commented on Video: This is a Video Game:

Absolutely beautiful! Love the Ocarina of Time reference, and all the love for Nintendo. Sometimes it is hard to put into words what some games mean, this video does it perfectly. Thanks



Mikeopferman commented on Poll: Which Is The Best Legend Of Zelda Game?:

Link to the Past was my favorite till Ocarina was redone on the 3DS. Though, I voted for the N64 version because here would never have been a 3DS version without it. Plus, I love the first time I fought Gohma in OoT. Great Intro!



Mikeopferman commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Should Beware the Slip...:

It is free! This article and a bunch of posts take it way too far! Let Nintendo merchandise their products. I know my children are super excited about it, and unlike some of you, we actually have a WiiU. We are the market Nintendo is going for, super excited. And I would pay for this, I think it is a great deal, BRING ON the Minivan!



Mikeopferman commented on Review: Grinsia (3DS eShop):

I really like this game so far, I am only 2 hours in to it. The writing is what sets it apart, from other jrpgs. Enjoyable, definitely worth $10!



Mikeopferman commented on 3DS Tops Japanese Hardware Chart as Wii U Secu...:

Not a good week for consoles, and the fact that WiiU beat the PS4 is nice but also shows how poorly those home consoles do in Japan. Let's hope they pick up, in the long run all console sales are good because it means people are playing games so they will make more for us to play. Let's hope for better numbers from all next week



Mikeopferman commented on Tecmo Koei Hopeful That Hyrule Warriors Will T...:

Never played a Dynasty Warriors game, but I will buy this on day one because of Zelda, barring a horrible review from this site. I really want Zelda WiiU! I do hope they have a cool multiplayer part in it. I actually thought about buying a cheap Dynasty Warriors game just to get a feel for it.