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Talking Point: The Timing of Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. Direct Raises Expectations

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

A release date must be on the agenda

During 2013 Nintendo delivered 16 Nintendo Direct broadcasts — that's the count from the official Nintendo of America website, which includes some game-specific "mini" videos and does not include some Japan-specific examples. By this stage of 2013 there had been four Directs, and there was typically a broadcast of some form every month of the year. This year has been a little different in that we've had one video, on 13th February, and the second is the Super Smash Bros. Direct on 8th / 9th April, depending on your time zone.

The reasoning is multi-faceted, but company circumstances have surely been a major factor. At the beginning of 2013 Nintendo went on a drive to counteract struggling Wii U sales while pushing an exciting line-up that would drive the 3DS to excellent results for the year, leading hardware charts in various major territories. It was all about building buzz, selling systems and their games and giving fans a continual top-up of info, all against a backdrop of impending hardware releases from Sony and Microsoft. That latter fact — and perhaps internal doubts about the impact of what it was planning to show — led Nintendo to drop its standard E3 presentation for a Direct video, and as the year progressed the 'form' of the videos did waver in quality, before ending on a high with a December presentation full of charm and — perhaps against the odds — confidence.

Looking back on the first four months of 2014 the summary can perhaps be simple — it's been tough for Nintendo. There have been some top-notch games for Wii U and 3DS fans to enjoy, yes, but January was full of unavoidable negativity. It was unfortunate that talk around Nintendo was about its drastically reduced sales targets and projected financial losses, so rather than working on Direct broadcasts and hyping games the companies management — led by President Satoru Iwata — was preoccupied with presenting a business plan to shareholders. There was some information of interest to gamers, such as a Wii U update that'll bring new GamePad features and DS games coming to the home console, but a good amount of talk on strategy and the mysterious QOL (Quality of Life) platform that didn't affect the immediate future. These were necessary areas for Nintendo to cover, but it meant that time passed with a focus away from what many gamers prioritise — games.

We finally had a Nintendo Direct on 13th February, which included some announcements, footage and reveals for both systems, with the 3DS having the lion's share. After its blockbuster effort at the close of last year it was perhaps a little subdued in comparison, but there were some pleasing reveals and surprising download game announcements to tide us over. We suspect many breathed a sigh of relief that Nintendo Direct was back; real-world concerns of profit margins were finally put back in the boardroom cupboard when they belonged, and we were back to talking about interesting titles on the way.

After the active role of these broadcasts in 2013 we expected the next Direct to arrive around a month later. Within the Nintendo Life office we initially speculated there would be one on 13th March, exactly one month after the last and preceding some extended Nintendo Network Maintenance. Nope. Then we thought there'd be one on 18th / 19th March following the end of the Year of Luigi. Wrong again.

It's that exciting run of broadcasts — major and minor — of the past that causes some of us to start getting the sweats when a month passes. "When is the next Nintendo Direct?" "Why hasn't it been announced yet?" It's no exaggeration that we half-expect an announcement most days once the four week mark has been hit, even identifying certain times of the day that are typical of announcements in past years, at which point we watch out emails and Nintendo's Twitter accounts a little more closely. Like coffee addicts suffering a caffeine crash, each day or loose prediction — no matter how much logic is behind them — that's unfulfilled is a disappointment. With that said, Nintendo has successfully brought some buzz back for fans in the past two weeks: the launch line-up of Game Boy Advance titles on the Wii U Virtual Console delighted some, while this week lifted the lid on the ever-closer Mario Kart 8.

This Super Smash Bros. Direct, though, is an interesting case. First of all, it's rare that Nintendo gives more than 24 hours' notice for a broadcast, making this feel less like an ambush and more like an early tease. The major topic, and one that was certainly mentioned within the Nintendo Life community, is surprise that the second Direct of the year — after a slightly longer than normal wait — is focused specifically on the Wii U and 3DS titles. As we haven't been given so much as a release window before now it's been tough to gauge what part of 2014 is being targeted. It's not the only Wii U title — to focus on the home console — that's in that position, though we've certainly seen plenty of the Masahiro Sakurai's creation in screenshots and reveal videos to suggest the project is progressing well. The second half of the year is a given, with some instincts suggesting a Fall release, while it'd be understandable if it's held back for the Holiday season. Much is surely dependent on how well development is proceeding behind the scenes, in addition to the release timings of other major projects including Bayonetta 2, Hyrule Warriors and Monolith Soft's X.

It's the unknowns around releases such as those, including the particularly thin 3DS retail line-up after May has passed, which raises the intrigue and unsurprisingly has left many wondering why this isn't a full-on multi-game Nintendo Direct. In branding it with Smash Bros., we're led to categorise this with equivalents in 2013 that covered games such as The Wonderful 101. There is scope for a game-specific broadcast to cover additional surprises, as happened with the Wii Fit U broadcast, but focus is very much on the much anticipated brawler.

That'll bring its own pressures, of course, though Nintendo does have the opportunity to cause a lot of excitement. While Sakurai-san's daily Miiverse posts have taught us a great deal about some character moves, stages, tweaks to physics and more, relatively little is known about the shape the actual game will take. We've been told enough what won't be included, such as a story mode, but we sure want to see more of the different modes that'll feature, what innovations and new ideas these will bring and, of course, plans to deliver a strong online component. Super Smash Bros. Brawl had good intentions in respect to the latter area, but fell well short with limited options and mediocre, laggy performance in many cases. Nintendo's newer hardware has delivered far better online experiences since, so we can perhaps look ahead with optimism at what it can offer.

It would surely be considered poor form, too, if Nintendo teases us for the duration of a presentation and fails to tell us when the game is coming. A release date has got to be a priority for so many fans, and by giving us a themed Direct the big N simply has to deliver one. At the very least a firm release window is required, especially to help settle the nerves of those that still refuse to believe a 2014 release will happen. That pessimism can be wiped out, and we'd suggest it'd be foolhardy of Nintendo to be promoting the game in this way if it was in doubt. That could be the big finale, and we'd also hope that a surprise or exciting promotion will also be part of proceedings, especially as this is coming to Wii U and 3DS with no notable cross-play; tempting us to buy both versions — even if one is at a discount — has to be a focus for Nintendo.

Taking an optimistic outlook, in any case, we'd hope Nintendo has plenty of exciting information planned for this Super Smash Bros. Direct. It's choice to focus on the game can, on the one hand, be considered disappointing in light of how many other projects are still in the wind and awaiting firm details — on the flipside, it could mean that this title is that bit closer that we expected.

Whatever Nintendo does, it must do more than repeat previous reveals or simply summarise what we've seen before, ending with "we hope you look forward to playing this in 2014". We consider the company, and its Direct broadcasts, to be better than that. Assuming the best in this scenario, it could be a hugely exciting day for Smash fans.

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Guybrush20X6 said:

I heard that X's developers tweeted about the direct telling people to watch it. the same thing happened with Punch-out wii's devs and little mac in February.



duffmman said:

I don't expect a release date, in fact I wouldn't be surprised if they say its delayed. I do however expect the official name(s) of the two games, 3 to 5 new characters announced with 1 to 2 of them being completely new characters (not veterans), and then just news on new features, maybe some maps and items as well. Should be good fun.



bizcuthammer said:

If they don't give a release date in this Direct, then there's something seriously wrong with the way Nintendo approaches marketing. I think they'll give us one, or at least a release month. My money is on October/November.



NintyMan said:

A release date sure would be nice, but I'm not expecting it. I can see them waiting until E3 for that. Even if they did announce it on April 8th, it would be a release window, something like "Fall 2014" and not something exact.

No, what I think might happen is that more than one character will be revealed, such as a newcomer and two veterans or a newcomer and a veteran or some other combination. And if it's anything like the Smash Bros. Developer Direct from E3 2013, Sakurai will go over a broad list of details, such as character tweaks, stages, and items. Regardless, it will be an exciting Direct for Smash fans!



duffmman said:

@bizcuthammer I disagree, they probably learned their lesson with Brawl. Giving a release date so early only to have to delay it time and time again. I'd rather not be told November XXth of this year only to find out in October that its coming out March XXth of next year.



ValiantPixel said:

I expect a release MONTH, at least one newcomer and at least one veteran, along with information on the different modes and online functionality. Having 30+ minutes to talk about this single game warrants all of these options.



bizcuthammer said:

@Guybrush20X6 i hope thats true. I follow monolith soft on twitter and didnt see anything about it, but that could be cause it was tweeted while the western world was asleep. I would love to see Shulk in Smash Bros as a fighter. Or if not that, then some new info/footage on X in the Direct.



rjejr said:

I really think that, 55 days or so before MK8, if they are having a SSB ND that doesnt include a date they are doing themselves s great disservice. Feb and March droughts are behind us snd things are looking up, a nice summer release - Ild settle for summer if we cant get a date - could realy help right the Wii U ship. It would also imply something else big is coming this holiday. Ive been a bit worried this might be THE holiday game.

No date would ruin whatever other great surprises the ND might reveal.

Summer for SSB
autumn for Bayonetta 2
holiday - ? (Hopefully something other than Music 2 or Sports Club baseball and boxing, maybe X? That would rock as I still dont expect it for s long time yet. Zelda either.)

Wii U needs SSB to be dated.



bizcuthammer said:

@duffmman its not that early anymore though. October is just 6 months from now. And i'm not sure they have learned much from anything... They announced this game before it was even in development back at E3 2011. The game began development in early 2012 lol. Most of that was cause they had a really lame showing that year for WiiU and they namedropped Smash Bros to get some cheers, but it still happened.

I think we'll get a release month, and i dont think its an unreasonable request of Nintendo since they've been giving us a 2014 release since last year for this game. That means we're only 8 months away at least, so they should be able to give us a pretty good time frame as to when we can expect the games.



duffmman said:

@bizcuthammer yeah but they were announcing delays for Brawl, only a month or two before its supposed release last time. Like they really wanted to make that release, and realized only a month or two before hand that it wasn't going to happen. I'm sure with Namco helping, a release date will be more realistic to make, but even still if they do announce a release date I'm going to take it with a big grain of salt, as I recall even Melee was delayed too (not nearly as bad as Brawl, but still).



duffmman said:

@rjejr I highly doubt a summer release for Smash, Holiday at the earliest would be my guess. But really I'm betting it'll be delayed to early 2015.



Dpullam said:

My anticipation for this game is already through the roof even without a release date. It's just too bad that I don't own a Wii U right now since I really don't want to purchase the Nintendo 3DS version unless it is a last resort. I would easily prefer the gorgeous HD visuals of the Wii U version by a longshot.



Buduski said:

Trying to control the Hype so I won't be disappointed if this Direct falls short of expectations.



AdanVC said:

It's been a very slow year in terms of Nintendo Direct broadcasts. The thing is, even without ND's, Nintendo has managed to create a bit of momentum lately with previews offered to the press with games such as Mario Golf and more epic with Mario Kart 8. The lineup of GBA games on VC, and now with this surprising Smash Bros Direct. This clearly shows that Nintendo has been doing things differently lately compared to last year and I believe it's been working great because after those MK8 previews, the hype for this game now is insane and it's great to think it reached those hype levels without the need of a Nintendo Direct and that's a really good sign.

April is going to be an interesting month considering a year ago is when it was announced that Nintendo would not held a Press Conference at E3 in 2013. So I just REALLY hope they don't repeat that for this year's E3. That Nintendo Direct was excellent but doesn't bring the attention of the mass media as Press Conferences do. Plus, since this would be the E3 on wich the new Zelda game will be revealed what a better opportunity than showing it in a Press Conference so we can see the epic reactions of public.



rjejr said:

@duffmman - Summer ends Sept 19, thats over 5 1/2 months away. If Nintendo cant finish a game in 5 months that yheyve been eorking on for 2 years then I dont thimk they should be having a ND for that game right now. Wouldnt make any sense at all. If it eere just a "Wii U" ND and SSB was mentioned along with B2 and X and Child of Light then I would agree w/ fall or autumn or holiday.

If yhey cant announce summer in early April then they are stupid for having this.



Tops said:

I think not giving a release month (at least) would be terrible. The Wii U really needs this and to be brutally honest it's irritating that they keep cycling through news about their biggest four games (Kart, Smash, 'X', and Bayo) but only one has a release date. I think people deserve some more concrete information



andrea987 said:

Just push the consoles, particularly the U, advertising the heck out of the games! And not just "for the fans", for EVERYONE, everywhere: Tv, internet, stores, etc etc.



jjmesa16 said:

Do you think that this will be the last Nintendo Direct before E3 or do you think that they will have one before the release of Mario Kart 8?

In terms of the Nintendo Direct on Tuesday, I'm very excited to see new footage/character(s) from the new Super Smash Bros. If Nintendo doesn't give a release date it will pretty much be a failure for me. A release window would be a bit disappointing too as Nintendo hasn't stuck within their windows as of late. I'm expecting this game to be out around September but I wouldn't be surprised if it comes out during the holiday season. Overall I'm kind of expecting good things from Nintendo as the last couple of Nintendo Directs have been a bit disappointing. Hey maybe Nintendo will give us Super Smash Bros. 64 or Melee, the best game in the series, on VC but I doubt it. I can dream right?



AJWolfTill said:

@koelboel Please please don't be Riki!

I don't think this will be exclusively about smash bros but any other announcements will tie into it. For example they could combine information about Yarn Yoshi with his announcement for SB. Similarly Shulk with X, Chrom with SMT Vs FE.

My reasoning for this is that whenever a direct has focused on a particular game in the past it has been labelled as "MINI" whereas this one has not been given that treatment.

I really want to believe that Iwata isn't going to say "We need a little more time before we announce a release date, please understand". If this is the case I at least expect them to announce it will be playable at this years e3.

Surely we are going to be hearing about interconnectivity, game modes and character reveals. I also expect that they will either show the cinematic opening in the direct or e3.



AJWolfTill said:

OMG Imagine if they released the content of the original smash bros remade in the new engine on the eShop to promote the game!



Farmboy74 said:

I think they need to announce dates for Smash, Bayonetta, and X and hopefully have more information for Yoshi Yarn, Hyrule Warriors for E3 and maybe some games we know nothing about



Dreamcaster-X said:

It's an interesting time. There's not much on the 3DS horizon that we know about & the big Wii U titles we do know of have been in development for years. I'm hoping Nintendo has some tricks up its sleeve but a game delay wouldn't be out of the norm for them. It could be catastrophic to the Wii U though for this year if Bayonetta,MK8, & X are the only games coming. Even X is a long shot at best. They NEED SSMB badly this year to get things turned around.

Still I can't wait to play MK8!!



GamerGleek47 said:

@duffmman Well, I don't know if I'm right with this (please correct me if I'm wrong and please be nice :3) but when they first showed off Brawl, the game wasn't that far in development, while SSB 4 really has been in development since Sakurai finished Kid Icarus: Uprising + the rather little time he took as a vacation. If you look at the daily screenshots and the latest trailer (even the Rosalina and Luma trailer) they look so good! If I didn't know better, I would think the game was releasing next month!
But I do believe the 3DS version will launch 3/4 months later than the Wii U version? Simply because we haven't seen that much of it. Sure, we've got like three new stages over the past few weeks, but I still don't think is enough :/



duffmman said:

@rjejr Don't hold your breath for it to come out by the end of September, thats all I'm saying. If nothing else, you gotta give them credit for putting in as much time and polish to make the smash games quality.



GamerGleek47 said:

@jjmesa16 I strongly believe they will do a Mario Kart 8 Direct. The game is releasing in two months and we still don't know anything about Local Multiplayer, Miiverse implementation, two objects we still don't knoe about, probably a few more characters and, most importantly, the Online Modes and Mario Kart TV.
I also hope a Bayonetta 2 Direct. Is only fair they do one since TW101 had one LOL



aaronsullivan said:

It's not multi-game because that's going to held off for the E3 timeframe.

There has to be SOMETHING major to announce about SSB to have a direct for it though.



duffmman said:

@aaronsullivan The name! The name! Its time we find out what these Smash games are going to be called, surely the final names aren't Super Smash Bros for Wii U/3DS. Also a few more characters and stages.

They could easily do another Smash direct in another couple months to announce more stuff too. Smash has always been a huge title for Nintendo, can't really blame them for milking as much out of its hype as possible.



DiscoGentleman said:

I think it's pretty realistic and logical to expect the release date to be holiday season 2014, so October/November. It'll be the lead game for holiday sales, and mosdef a system seller, especially with a console bundle.



epicdude12302 said:

@duffmman the release date is a first priority for me. Then the name, which I also hope isn't Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS. I wonder if the different versions will have different names.



sinalefa said:


The thing for me is that if they don't announce something out of left field, then this should be the holiday game. From experience, the holiday game is a game that anyone can enjoy, like SM3DW. With that said, I would be overjoyed if we get Smash before that.

X has no chance of being that game, being that it is a niche release, same with Bayo 2. Hyrule Warriors does not seem to be exciting enough for that either. So the only thing that I could think of would be Yarn Yoshi or again, something new (even if it is based on an existing IP) that Nintendo announces around E3 and that no one knew about.



ShadJV said:

They'll confirm Ridley, Goku, and Reggie as playable, Yoshi as an assist trophy, and delay the game until Holidays 2016.

In all seriousness, I want a demo, even if it's unlikely...



JtotheY said:

I've been expecting Smash to come out this summer for a while now. Really hope they announce a release period.



rjejr said:

@sinalefa - " that Nintendo announces around E3 and that no one knew about."

I'm hopeing for that, but I'll admit I can't think of any E3 game announcements that came out by that holiday. Maybe one of the Kirby games - Epic Yarn or Return to Dreamland? Was DKCTF announced at last E3? it was originally scheduled to be out last holiday so that would have counted. It should be Yarn Yoshi.

A Pokemon toy game, like Skylanders or Disney Infinity (I'm still waiting for Pokepark 3) would be a good holiday game.

I think my problem is I don't see SSB as a holiday game. That game will sell whenever it comes out, just like MK. Games that are family oriented or kid friendly need to come out at Christmas. You're right, that rules out X. I can't imagine another Lego game w/ Lego Movie just out and Hobbit due this week but my kids and I want a Lego Dreamworks Dragons game

Guess we'll know more Tuesday night, and even more at E3.

If Nintendo only has MK8 May 30th and SSB "holiday" that makes for still struggling Wii U sales throughout the rest of the year though, and I just can't imagine them letting that happen. E3 HAS to have something for holiday.



EverythingAmiibo said:

PREPARE FOR... disappointment... it'll just be a Sakurai's Fashion Show, with the controls of Brawl and 1 new Vet shown off



Funny_Moblin said:

I seriously can't believe you prefer a release date sooo badly...over content. (facepalm). New content is something you haven't seen before, whereas for a release date, the game will come out whenever it does. Knowing when it will be released doesn't change anything.

Sure, you can tell me you need to know the release date in order to manage your plans for buying games, but for pete's sake, you guys are CRAZY, you are putting the release date before new content!!!



MrGawain said:

Ideas for Smash Bros subtitle:

Smash Bros: Fracas.
Smash Bros: Skirmish.
Smash Bros:Fisticuffs.
Smash Bros: Well Good Beatin's.
Smash Bros: Hullabaloo!
Smash Bros: Dust Up.

or the most obvious 2 game fight package:

Smash Bros: BUNDLE!!!



Funny_Moblin said:

@SecondServing It's ok to want both, but people are OBSESSED with release dates, as if it's a life or death situation. Obviously everybody wants both. But content is clearly much more important.



Azooooz said:

I expect the release period to be summer this year. But I could be wrong.



6ch6ris6 said:

(mario kart 8 in may + super smash brothers in september) x price cut in november = wiiU rescued



AlexSora89 said:

As excited as I am for this, I have to say this Direct made my own hype skyrocket for several reasons, namely -
1) finally a Direct focusing on Smash Bros. alone, after many directs that kept saving the best for last
2) finally Smash Bros. is getting some recognition from Nintendo themselves, as they never treated their own fighting game as one of their top franchises (and it really deserves to be considered as such)
3) finally some good news for the Wii U
4) finally the chance to see a lot more stuff in a single update
5) finally some focus on the first Smash Bros. to have the honor of being also portable, what with it being long overdue being never stressed enough



Action51 said:

I think it was smart to call it a "Smash Direct" because of how the gaming media inflates expectations and then calls Nintendo out on the carpet for not meeting the arbitrary expectations that they created.

Calling it a general direct would cause everyone to demand releases for every announced title...because Nintendo.

I do think they'll give us a Smash release date, as well they should. Before anyone says I'm being a Nintendrone, just tell me what are the big announced release dates for games on the other consoles besides Ubisoft's multiplatform but delayed indefinitely for Wii U Watchdogs?

Let's be honest, most of the big publishers are waiting for E3 to make the big announcements.



BertoFlyingFox said:

All I'm expecting is a name reveal and maybe a new character or two. Maybe a release date, if we're lucky and this werent the planet Earth.



markybbop said:

I think we will get a date as I personally think that nintendo thinks e3 is thst important. I really hope its a 2014 release date, fingers crossed october which for me is a distance between mk8 and before call of duty if we get it, I do hope we see some more games coming our way that we havnt already seen but thats wishful



JaxonH said:


Nintendo confirmed this is most definitely going to come in 2014. Can't remember what was asked, but basically they responded and said that the game WILL come this year.

And with a Direct specifically for Smash Bros coming BEFORE Mario Kart 8 and E3, which is less than 60 days away, I've got to assume the game isn't more than 6 months away from release, and could possibly even come as soon as 4 months. Because if the game wasn't releasing until the Nov/Dec holiday season, they would just wait until E3 to give details. The fact they're giving details NOW, when it's so close to E3 and they could so easily just wait 60 days, tells me that if they waited until E3 they wouldn't have enough time left before release. Kind of like how Pikmin 3 released in August, so they announced the release date before E3. Because you certainly wouldn't want to go to E3 and say, "oh, by the way, our mega blockbuster hit is releasing in like 8 weeks"



Dpishere said:

Being a big Smash Bros. fan, I can't wait to duke it out with my main man Mario yet again! That being said since there is no story mode I hope there is something better to replace it because in the over 300 hours I played Brawl, only 8 of them were on the Subspace Emissary mode, so the removal of the story mode is fine by me. As for a release date, I really don't NEED to know an firm day as I would rather they give themselves time to delay it if it needs extra polish. I want this game to be every bit as good as the other entries in the series!



sub12 said:

My guess....

May: Mario Kart 8
Jul: Bayonetta 2
Aug: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
Oct: Hyrule Warriors
Nov: E3 unveiled title (hopefully) or Yarn Yoshi
Nov: X



azg said:

May: Mario Kart 8
Jul/Aug: Bayonetta 2 / Smash ( leaning more towards Bayo )
Oct/Nov: Hyrule Warriors
December : Smash or Bayonetta 2 ( Smash more like it )

Zelda and X ... 2015
Glimpse of "secret project" at E3



Gold_Ranger said:

Nintendo better offer a DISCOUNT to those who buy both games and NOT just for Digital Only!



K-Gamer said:

The game feels like it doesn't feel like there's a whole lot left to develop, except for the adventure type mode.



Gold_Ranger said:

The WiiU Version will come with Special Controllers designed EXACTLY like the GameCube Controller!



Tritonus said:

Calling it!:

"Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS will be available immediately after this direct".



Gold_Ranger said:

As great as that would be, Nintendo wouldn't do that as it will interfere with Mario Kart



Monkeh said:

Really hoping for a release-date/window, but somehow I think Nintendo still isn't going to slap a date on this one.. but lets hope I'm wrong!



AshFoxX said:

I am just hoping for some sort of Wii U/3DS incentive to get both copies such as a bundle, discount, or really cool connectivity stuff between the two games that would make the extra purchase worth it.



turnmebackwards said:

Hopefully be a Nintendo Direct show casing the game. If they don't confirm a release date not much point in a direct. And just leaves us Wii U owners in the dark.



enderboy221 said:

You know what, I'm going to say it. I think Smash on Wii U may come out in july. It looks way too far done to be in 2015.



Ernest_The_Crab said:

@rjejr Well they can always "say" summer and then delay it. At the end of the day it wouldn't have changed the fact that they did "announce" it for summer.

Wasn't Brawl released after a full roster was revealed on their website? If we get one reveal per week (not likely) it would probably end up being mid summer. Chances are an early Fall release date.



Gold_Ranger said:

I hope that there will be NO MORE reveals, Roster wise, with this Direct.
I want some damned Surprizes for when I actually play the game!



rbmoura85 said:

I think they wanna talk about smash now, because it could get overshadowed when nintendo reveals zelda and other things during e3.

I also think they will reveal to us that its going to be released prior to the hollyday season and leave us wondering what nintendo is going to release during the hollidays....cough cough zelda u cough hehe



2Sang said:

The only expectations that are raised of mine are the release dates. I expect them both to be out before black friday now, and possibly even before the summer's over.



epicdude12302 said:

I heard several rumors months ago that SSB would be released on April 8th. I never believed them, but now ai'm wondering if there's some connection.



siavm said:

Here is something crazy. What if it is releasing this month. And this direct is the kick off to a crazy month of promotions for the game. They have released kart and smash a month apart last time. Maybe that is the plan this time too. I know that sounds crazy but they have stealth launched games before like this. But most likely is a later date revealed, characters, some game modes, and maybe even how the online will work this time.



2Sang said:

That's some pretty stealthy thinking. Now you got my hopes up jerk

But seriously, this direct may have been planned months ago.



2Sang said:

@Ernest_The_Crab Brawl didn't have any unlockable conetnt until it was released in Japan. By the time it came to the US (If I remember right March 8th), almost all characters were on the site, albeit with spoiler alerts. Everyone knew the full roster before it came to the US, though, so maybe Sakurai is considering a universal release date like pokemon X/Y



Nintendo_Ninja said:

Hopefully, this will be the answer to the burning questions about the game. We have been waiting for a release date for a while now, so hopefully it is revealed this time around. That and some veteran character reveals would make this Direct fantastic. If they don't announce new characters or a release date, what will they announce?



rjejr said:

@Ernest_The_Crab - "Well they can always "say" summer and then delay it. At the end of the day it wouldn't have changed the fact that they did "announce" it for summer."

I think a delay for SSB is a given Of course I've been waiting months for a MK8 delay, I just naturally expect everything to be delayed.

Dinner conversation settled on August. My oh so funny kid said Aug 31st. They can say "planned" August, which is still 5 months away, and then late June, after everybody has bought a Wii U for MK8 and SSB, they can delay it until Oct.

Anyway, if they are having a ND this game better have a date and soon, we all know if they say "summer" it means August so they might as well say August and be done w/ it. Anything later than Aug and they just could have waited to let Reggie announce it at E3 for a little redemption, or deja vu, depending on the actual release.



AkinaChan said:

Really, I just want them to confirm Chrom and bring back Yoshi. Those two are already expected, so as far as character roster, I'm already very happy :3 Besides that, I just really want something big for single player like Subspace. I know Sakurai said no story mode, but perhaps that simply means the single player experience will be different from what many would expect. Either way, I'm really excited about this Direct! HYYYYYYPE TRAAAAAIIINNNN~~~~~~ ;D



AkinaChan said:

@enderboy221 I'm kinda thinking that too now At the very least, between August and October. I mean, from those screenshots, the game is looking very far along



GamerZack87 said:

It saddens me to think that there is still no representative for the Golden Sun series to join the roster. Isaac would make a perfect addition to the line-up, promoting him from humble Assist Trophy to fully-playable Brawler/Meleer/Smasher in a similar manner to Little Mac. Here's hoping that he is revealed in this new Direct broadcast.

Also, though far less hopefully, I'd like a revelation that Waluigi is, in fact, going to be a full character, and that "Assist Trophy" is just one of his abilities.



Franklin said:

It'll be about connectivity between the 2 versions, plus release date, and 1 new character.



IceClimbers said:

In my opinion, Smash Bros for Wii U could be released in Summer, Fall, or Holiday 2014. Late Summer/Fall would be a good release for the Wii U version. The Wii U arguably has the stronger lineup for the second half of 2014 compared to the 3DS's relatively weak lineup. Given Iwata's situation, the Wii U version needs to come earlier. The 3DS version of the game has to come in late Fall/Holiday 2014 to fill up the release schedule. Either that or its Holiday 2014 for the Wii U version and Spring 2015 for the 3DS version.



Skeet102 said:

3 things will be announced.
1: a new character
2: 3ds and wii u connectivity
3: the release date



Ernest_The_Crab said:

@rjejr But if Smash Bros does come out in summer/early fall that would mean that Nintendo is saving something big for the holiday season.




AVahne said:

Would be great if they also bring out a demo. Currently my hype meter for this game is sitting at zero. If they release a demo, then my hype meter may go up to 10/100.



Nomad said:

The timing of this Direct is certainly interesting. Why would Nintendo have a direct focused solely on Smash if it wasn't nearing completion? It wouldn't make much sense for them to dedicate that much time to one game when E3 is just around the corner. What more could they show of it at E3 or another Direct. I wouldn't be surprise to see this release third quarter.



TurretGunZ said:

Shouldn't we be grateful were getting more news on SSB4? This whole article seems like more ways to complain about Nintendo, Theres already more then plenty of that nowadays, Its impossible to be happy or optimistic with things like this. Games are suppose to be fun, not massive controversial worldwide epidemics. Why the hell cant we be happy about new news and for things to come? It seems like no matter how many good things Nintendo gives us at a time its never enough anymore for the gamers of today.



3MonthBeef said:

Would love to hear about something other than X, Bayonetta 2, Mario Kart 8 like broken record. There's a running danger of hype fatigue.



AkinaChan said:

@Revere Exactly before the direct was announced, I was thinking they might just be holding off so they have a good amount of info to provide at E3. With this Direct comming up, I think they have some big titles ready to be revealed that will be the new focus. Mayyyybe even something new that will be ready by the holidays? As far as Smash Bros at E3, I'm sure people will be able to try the game out, so there will be a little new info at that time as well.

But, yeah, I don't see the game comming out any later than Early November at this point :3



ZachBeacon said:

They’ll announce a character everyone expects anyway (Yoshi?) and then maybe give us a date that is far into the future like December 2015 (only to push it back five more times).

I think the best we can hope for at this point is old SM games on Wii U VC.



Bolt_Strike said:

There's no point in having a Smash Bros. Direct if they're not going to share some more concrete information on the game. Like a name and a release window. Heck, I don't care if they just say "Holiday 2014" or something, just some kind of ballpark estimate of when it's coming out. I also think they should show off a newcomer and/or new mechanic.



ZyroXZ2 said:

They're probably doing a direct so they can give lots of new and cool information, and then let people know it's delayed until 2015.



Hunter-D said:

Don't think we'll get a release date, maybe a month/quarter?
I expect to see Super Smash Bros. to be released in Q3 2014 at the earliest.

On the names, didn't Sakurai already confirm that they were being called Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS?



Detective_TeeJay said:

"We are pleased to announce that both the 3DS and Wii U versions of Smash Bros will be available on the Nintendo eShop immediately following this presentation!"

...If only.



Megapokepaul said:

Like the nintendo direct about pokemon X and Y where we discovered the starters mega evolution and new Mechanics and new characters , who wasn't VERY excited before and after it ?!?! But since it has been announced more than 48h before it officially airs then we can expect something big , really big.



LasermasterA said:

Can't wait for this!!!

I hope they announce some characters as well as a release date. Isaac (Golden Sun) joins the fray !



Miss_Dark said:

release date will be december (christmas / new year), they'll bundle it with a wii u hoping that this will turn into some kind of "second release"



CommandrKetchup said:

I predict a Wii U/Super Smash Bros. U themed bundle featuring a SSBU "skinned" console and gamepad, larger hard drive and SSBU game with exclusive case. Also perhaps a voucher for exclusive DLC (character, stage etc.). This would push a lot of consoles. The DLC would be released for everyone else on the eshop after a month or so.



Jazzer94 said:

Yeah this is the time to announce a solid release date E3 should really be focused on games we either don't know about or know very little about, hopefully Smash comes out July/August to me it looks nearly finished so I'll remain hopeful.



Grumblevolcano said:

I think it'll be Q4 2014. However part of me thinks it'll be early to mid Q3 because after May 20th, Brawl won't have any online functionality anymore. Although it wasn't as popular as Mario Kart Wii, you could still find an online match very easily (even now) so Smash Bros for Wii U needs to fill the void that the Wii/DS online shutoff creates. Mario Kart 8 does exactly that by there being only 10 days without any "home console" Mario Kart online.



LavaTwilight said:

I cannot wait for this! I hope the direct touches on one or two other games first, you know just to give updates on games we're already expecting, maybe even announce a new purchase for WiiSports or something else like that as a surprise. But on the main topic they simply MUST provide a release date. They'll be so sadistic to build hype like this over several days and then turn round and withhold the bit of information EVERYONE is waiting on! I hope for a surprise announcement of a newcomer too, maybe some new weapons, more info on single-player campaigns, why we must own both WiiU and 3DS copies, etc etc.
I'm looking forward to 8th



Artie said:

@AJWolfTill They can't show us intro video or Sakurai will have to cut it because it won't ever have the same magic as the first time.



rjejr said:

@Ernest_The_Crab - "that would mean that Nintendo is saving something big for the holiday season."

They BETTER be. Otherwise the Wii U line-up looks like this -

Jan - nada
March - nada
April - multis Lego Hobbit and Cabelas hunting game #248 and Spiderman
May - MK8, but not Watch_Dogs
June - nada
July - y pues nada
August - y nada y pues nada
Sept - not Assassins Creed
Oct - not Batman
Nov - SSB
Dec - Just Dance 2015

Gotta do a whole better than that if they want to sell their own console.

Really though, why have a SSB ND w/o a soon date w/ E3 2 months away, and Bayonneta 2 still doesn't have a date, and April has some indies like Shovel Knight and Scram Kitty and pretending-to-be-indie Child of Light? If the date isnt the next few months they should just have had a normal ND.

Either way, they better have some more games coming out this year.



Mr_Video said:

I'm really excited to see what they reveal this direct, I mean there has to be at least one noteworthy announcement if it's completely devoted to Smash Bros. Or well, I hope so anyways.
I don't really need a release date. I'd prefer if they didn't announce a date prematurely and then rush it to make their deadline only for it to be an unenjoyable game.
All I really want is some more game-play details like a new game mode, and a newcomer reveal. It might be wishful thinking asking to see Lucas and Ike confirmed for a return, but I will definitely be crossing my fingers...



Funny_Moblin said:

@Mr_Video Really....Ike is not completely worthless, but you want Lucas back....what a complete waste of a character spot. Even Ness is better than that complete clone. Do you also want Pichu back?



Jllanos22 said:

All I want to know its the release date. It's there are some new character we haven't seen yet, then keep it that way. SSB wii u most be release very, very, very soon.



SecondServing said:

@rjejr Well we know Bayonetta 2 is coming in 2014... They've said it in multiple Directs. My guess is Bayonetta 2 will come in September, just like the Wonderful 101.



SecondServing said:

@sub12 There is NO way X is coming this year. Nintendo has been avoiding a release date for it unlike Smash and Bayo 2. Iwata always says in the Direct "We hope you are looking forward to playing this title in 2014." after a Smash or Bayo 2 trailer, but never says that for the X trailers. My guess is X is a Spring 2015 title similar to DKCTF.



Nintendude789 said:

What I'm expecting is the following:

Reveal at least 1 or 2 newcomers, and a couple of veterans.

A release month.

Show some modes in game.

That's basically it. But for some reason, my guts is telling me Pac Man will be revealed at the direct. It's just a guess, don't hate on me.

And Sakurai doesn't reveal any release month, don't hate on him.



rjejr said:

@SecondServing - "Well we know Bayonetta 2 is coming in 2014"

Says who? Emphasis on "says". I would bet it is, like 80% sure, but I'm not at 100% yet.

Like you say in your next post - " Iwata always says in the Direct "We hope you are looking forward to playing this title in 2014." after a Smash or Bayo 2 trailer," - it IS 2014, and we aren't playing it yet. I'm of the mind that you can only use YEAR as a time frame when you aren't in that year yet, once it is that year you need to give a season or a month or "holiday". Until B2 gets more than 2014 where am I supposed to put it in a list of games?

2013 - Pikmin 3, W101
2014 - DKCTF, MK8, SSB maybe, B2 maybe
2015 - Zelda maybe, X maybe

Not even Nintendo can sell consoles like that. Well at least they should stop trying.



sub12 said:

If it was not for the 2013 January Nintendo Direct, the 2013 E3 would have had quite a few surprises outside of DKC: TF and Zelda: I'm optimistic that Nintendo still has a few surprises left in order to full up the second half of the year. For sure the 3DS must have something new in the works, like a Metroid title or a remake of Majora's Mask, given that both have been teased.



sub12 said:

I'm hoping Nintendo becomes pro-active on HD remakes for the Wii U as well,.....that strategy worked pretty well for Sony and the PS3, it's a cheap to make guaranteed seller that helps to fill the voids.



neohopeSTF said:

Smash isn't going to get a delay it doesn't make sense the game is practically done at this point from pictures, looked far even in the E3 gameplay.



G3ry said:

PLEASE change Siper Smash Bros WiiU/3DS !!!!!!
It looks too much like brawl.....maybe making the characters bigger would help combine the Meele and Brawl Feel to make it perfect!!!!
Give it a name FFS!!!!



Yellowkoopa said:

Maybe in this direct, they might even announce Nintendo 64 and Gamecube virtual console support and have the 1st Super Smash Bros for the N64 and Melee be the first games for their systems. That will be an awesome celebration. (I might not have to buy the originals on amazon or ebay for ridiculous prices, but if they go down in price, I'll still try to do so)

On a sidenote, who knows if they will delay the game? I have the feeling they might, but its unlikely since the Wii U is in a need of quality titles, I just hope they didn't rush development and make this new smash bros underwhelming. And yes, they need to change the title of the game.



Aceboss100 said:

We can say what we want about Nintendo but as soon as they release Smash Bros. we are all going to buy them like a pack of Black Friday shoppers.



noctowl said:

I just hope for a bundle of the two games is announced for a cheaper price, since I plan on getting both. A pro controller bundle would be great too.



sinalefa said:


I'm of the mind that 2014 means anything between Jan. 1st and Dec. 31st, like Amazon does. Look at MK8 when they said May, and it ended up being the 30th. That is technically still May, even if it is almost June.

I prefer being months without a date, than having the date pushed and pushed. As games take longer to be completed, it must be harder to assign an unmovable date or avoid delays. The GBA games and eShop games like NES Remix 2 help soften the blow. At least for me.



Williaint said:

I don't think hoping for a name is too farfetched. An approximate date? Unless it was coming out this summer, I'd guess the most they'd include would be a general estimate. If they are actually aiming for a 2014 release, I'm guessing November-December.
In the direct, I'd be surprised if they didn't introduce at least one new (or veteran) character to the battle and at least one new (or veteran) map.



IceClimbers said:

They're not going to give a specific release date unless it's coming in June/July. After Brawl's multiple delays, I'm positive that Sakurai has learned his lesson.

Your release schedule is off. Here's a more complete one.

May 30th - Mario Kart 8
June - Nothing
July - Watch Dogs
August - Bayonetta 2
September - Hyrule Warriors
October - Sonic Boom
November - Smash Bros
As for X, that could come in 2014 or it might be pushed to Spring 2015, I don't really know. Bayonetta 2's release date will likely be announced at E3. Either way, everything other than Kart is speculation at this point.



sub12 said:

IceClimbers, I think thats a pretty solid prediction, but I still believe Nintendo will unveil something during E3 for the 2014 Holdiay season, even if it's a HD remake in the vein on Wind Waker.

I don't see them trumping the PS4 or XB1 anytime soon though.



XCWarrior said:

November 23, 2014 for Wii U version.

Early spring 2015 for 3DS version.

Those will be the release dates given on Tuesday.



Mr_Video said:

@Funny_Moblin Well yes, yes I do my good sir. Lucas wasn't the worst offender in terms of clone characters. But yeah, I agree that his move-set could have been something more unique.
I just want to see him, and Ike return because I love the characters and the games they originated from. I hope that isn't too unreasonable.



FlaygletheBagel said:

Question. Is it actually confirmed that the new Super Smash Bros games don't have their final titles yet? I'm just curious if Sakurai ever said anything about changing the titles. Believe me, I hate the titles "Super Smash Bros for Wii U/3DS" as much as the next guy, but I don't think they ever said anything about giving them new names. Idk, maybe I'm just not remembering.



2Sang said:

please don't compare lucas to pichu. Lucas is a relatively important video game character and a very important character in Japan. Ike is worth keeping, though I will agree with you on that. He'll continue to become more obscure because he'll be buried under newer characters like Chrom. However, because he was the first 3d fire emblem protagonist and he was in 2 games, he should still stay in.



RawkHawk013 said:

Super pumped after having read this! I could see a release month or specific period being announced. Would much rather them saying it comes out later and it turns it comes out earlier than expected than vice versa. Will be fun!



Funny_Moblin said:

@Mr_Video Hehehe. It is more reasonable to have Chrom replace Ike, with a very similar moveset of course, and wanting Lucas in just to see him?? If you didn't know, each character spot is very important, and no character should get in because you want to look at them. For that, you have Google images, Brawl, or Youtube videos of Brawl. You can even buy Lucas wallpaper so you can hang it on your ceiling and look at it every night before going to sleep.



Funny_Moblin said:

@2Sang I understand that it may be imporant to have characters in a game just because of their history and other nostalgic reasons, but wouldn't you much rather have a new character with a unique moveset (Rosalina, Little Mac)? If you want Lucas to return, for Smash sake, they should at least replace some moves, and make them unique.



2Sang said:

@Funny_Moblin Definitely. I'm not arguing against that. I think ganondorf, wolf, especially toon link, luigi, and lucas all deserve moveset changes and all have enough history and detail in their games to create moves from. In fact, I think Dr. Mario and Young Link should come back even, but give them movesets based off of their games like masks and the ocarina or using viruses to create flame, electric, and ice moves.



rjejr said:

@SecondServing - "I'm just sayin Bayonetta 2 needed to be in that list,"

Yeah, your right, it does. It also needs a date, And I wasn't screaming at you, sorry if I came across that way, Nintnedo's lack of dates, or months, or seasons just makes me nuttier than usual.



Funny_Moblin said:

@2Sang Yeah, I agree that other clones should return if their movesets are changed. But because of the 3DS limitations, there's not much space to pick many clones, even if their movesets are changed. I wanted Young Link to replace Toon Link, because think of how cool it would be if he was Majora's Mask young Link. Putting on different masks and transforming. Falling moon as a final smash...etc.



Coffeeman777 said:

I wonder what role the gamepad will have. I think I would prefer to have separate release dates. Maybe the 3ds version first?



Mr_Video said:

@Funny_Moblin Haha, well no, I would also like to actually use the character, not just stare at them. If that were the case I'd take your suggestion and plaster a image of Lucas in all his glory on my ceiling.(Heck the idea is actually pretty tempting...)
But yeah, sorry that we don't see eye to eye on which characters are noteworthy enough to make an appearance in Smash. Just my opinion is all. I'll enjoy the game regardless of who or who doesn't make an appearance and I hope you will too.



Turbo857 said:

Would be nice to see, Pac-Man, Chrom and Ike announced in the Smash Bros. Direct. But it's vital that they nail down this online component since Brawl's was abysmal.

Mario Kart Wii's online component was perfect in my opinion and it was released very close to Brawl so I don't know why Brawl's online was so bad. It's never hard to find an online match against someone in Street Fighter IV even today so a smooth online experience in the new Smash Bros. will tremendously boost the Wii U's online viability/interactivity.



Funny_Moblin said:

@Mr_Video That's...that's...that's touching! Yes, we each have our own opinions. It's just that this game seems pretty tight on character spots, and I prefer new characters with new mechanics instead of clones.



Rhansley64 said:

I expect Mr. Sakurai to host it. (In the same manner Mr. Kamiya did with the Wonderfull 101 Direct).

Release Month Nov 2014.

Special limited edition Nintendo 3DS XL and Wii U models to celebrate 15th years of Smash Bros.

Platinum Games Character (doesn't matter if it's Wonder Red or any of the Wonderfull 101 cast or Bayonetta herself either way I expect a Platinum Character in Smash).

And a Super Smash Bros App. (Just Imagine a Mario Kart channel style app for Smash Bros to check your online leader boards, live broadcast matches or even setting up tournaments in like a community style feature (kinda like Mario Kart 7's Community mode)).



NintyMan said:

The release window will be announced in the Smash Bros. Direct.

The Japanese Smash Bros. Twitter account noted several hours ago that “a concrete release date” won’t be confirmed. On the bright side though “we will be revealing a rough release window.”
“[Notice] We are currently not at a stage where we can announce a concrete release date; however, in tomorrow’s broadcast, we will be revealing a rough release window.”

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