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Video: The 10 Biggest Wii U Games Of 2014

Posted by Damien McFerran

It's a bumper year ahead

Not so long ago, we asked you to pick your most anticipated Wii U game for 2014 from a list of the 10 titles we thought were worth getting excited about.

Fast forward a short while and the results have finally been counted and verified, and our trusty video expert Rory Cocker has duly created this handy presentation which not only shows the games in order, but also features his own unique input and plenty of lovely footage.

So sit back and enjoy. You'll be getting your grubby hands on all of these titles — and more — in the next twelve months.

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User Comments (132)



MrGawain said:

I would most be excited to see a youtube video that isn't blocked by my Wii U due to adverts.



PorllM said:

@MrGawain Are you using the app or the browser? have you switched the user agent?

Youtube works flawlessly on Wii U, I'm sure we can help you if you provide more information.



Nomad said:

Great games coming soon. I hope we get some more news on whether Yarn Yoshi makes it out this year.



MrGawain said:


The browser. I've never signed up to Youtube so I don't know if that's what you mean by 'User Agent'? Some video's say 'this device can't play this video' (Mainly stuff like Boogie2988) but this one is just showing 'advertisement' at the bottom and refuses to load.

Most of the rest of the time it works fine.



LavaTwilight said:

Out of that list there's 3 day1 purchases for me - Watch Dogs, Mario Kart 8 and SSB! There's also Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze that I'll probably get, Hyrule Warriors is a maybe but after watching this I think I might have to get FAST Racing Neo too... just to fill my need for a new F-Zero for a while



unrandomsam said:

So a months worth of content spread out over a year. (Donkey Kong is the only one that I really want at all in that list which isn't good for a whole year).



the_beaver said:

Good year indeed. I'm glad to see so much love for X! A second position (even ahead of Mario Kart) is a good sign. I hope it will sell very well!
I wonder what new surprises we will see through this year. I see it well the way it is, but another blast at the end of the year (perhaps a new Zelda or Metroid?) would be so cool!



element187 said:

X should be number 1 on the list followed by Bayo2 and MK8

:::: puts on flame suit ::::



Ganondwarf said:

2012 and 2013 sucked for Wii U I mean it wasn't all bad but not that many good titles I think some of the games on top 10 were crap and I hope there are secret games coming out this year nintendo hasn't revealed yet which I'm sue their is!



Realgamer4life said:

@unrandomsam What are you smoking. I have games still in the wrapper.

Maybe it's because I work 8 - 10 hours a day and
have a social life that I can't play all those games on the list in a year that I love the list.



rjejr said:

The Wii U is getting 10 games this year? Think Ill have to try and name them begore watching the video.

SSB probably
Bayonetta 2
Lego Movie game
Lego Hobbit
Dynasty Warriors Hyrue
Yoshis Yarn Planet
Disney Infinty 2
Skylanders 4



element187 said:

@unrandomsam if you buy 10 retail games per month, you must have a crazy gaming budget. I try to limit myself to just one per month.

This is a list of the top 10 games, not all games coming to the Wii U in 2014.

I personally don't know why scram kitty is on the list but not QUBE or Forgotten Memories. Both seem to be a hecka more creative and original.... Different floating boats and all.



MAB said:

There are more than 10 indie games I'm looking forward to this year on top of the big retail release schedule



WaveGhoul said:

Here's what i plan on picking up based on what has been announced for 2014.

DKCountry: Tropical Freeze
Shovel Knight
Super Smash Bros. U
Yoshi's Yarn Planet
Mario Kart 8
Bayonetta 2

Not too sure about 'X' though....



Kolzig said:

A lot more coming than which were in that video.

Really waiting for Bayonetta 2 and X. Also really hoping for that surprise that Bayonetta 1 would be ported to Wii U and be either bundled with the disc of Bayonetta 2 or as eShop downloadable game.



MAB said:

@WaveBoy At the slow rate you attack your backlog you won't have time to play those games until 2019



rjejr said:

I aleays forget the indie titles.

X is so big in won't release in the west in 2014. Ild be impressed if it even comes out in Japan this year.

Despite my strong belief in conspiracy theories in general, I dont 5hink GTAV had anything to do w/ W_Ds delay. If yhat were the case it would have a date by now. You know, like DKCTF getting delayed so as not to coincide w/ SM3DW. W_D is just in trouble. And maybe console dropping trouble.

Great job Corey. The quips, the voice, the comedic timing all very well done.



DarkCoolEdge said:

I started Bayonetta (ps3) on friday and since then Bayonetta 2 is a must have for me. What an awesome game.
In fact, I went out buy Vanquish too and Rising: Revengeance will follow soon.



open said:

@MrGawain sometimes I have to watch the video directly on YouTube, easily done by clicking the YouTube button in the bottom left hand corner on the video to open in a new tab.



rjejr said:

@element187 - I'm not really excited for it, but considering it's (S)NES graphics I'm suprised Shovel Knight wasn't on the list.

Guess it's Corey's list - 3 racing games: MK8, Project Cars and Neo.



Alucard83 said:

.................................... Flat. Sorry only a few games are top on this video. Nintendo you should try a bit more. Try RPG game for example!



unrandomsam said:

Pier Solar and Gunlord are the two indies that will be worth having that I know about.

(They are already known to be good. But get comparatively little coverage).



GearsOfWarU said:

Shovel Knight? My Most Anticipated games are Smash Bros Wii U , Bayonetta 2 , Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze , Mario Kart 8 , Shovel Knight , Project Cars .... Hope for a Suprise Star Fox or Kid Icarus U game & maybe a major. 3rd Party Port like Destiny ; )



Marshi said:

Not hard to do a top ten when theres only ten titles announced for the wii u this year!



shigulicious said:

If Neo Racing has solid online, I'm getting it for sure. Those guys do great work on Nintendos hardware. My excitement for X has diminished some due in part of the MH4U confirmation. Here's hoping Watch Dogs is incredible on the WiiU. Great implementation of the gamepad please! I was born and raised in Chicago so I'm interested to see the locales.



SphericalCrusher said:

Awesome list. Plus, there will be E3 announcements, some of which will come out this year. My only concern is that I hope Project Cars and Watch Dogs actually come out on WiiU and are not cancelled. Looking forward to both of those pretty hardcore.



sugarshack said:

Sadly "X" shouldnt be on the list. no confirmation on a release date yet. that onrail kitty shooter did seem fascinating.



smikey said:

X would be my first choice from that list though I do intend to buy them all on or soon after release (like I do every other nintendo game)

Smash bros is my least fav of those 10 but only because i always suck at it.
of those not on the list i'm most looking forward to yarn yoshi (surely a 2014 release) and shovel knight.

and what i'd most like to see announced for wii u is mario golf I just love those games (I know it's comming to 3ds) & mario soccer since ea don't like us & even if they did I haven't liked fifa in over 10 years

also I wouldn't be surprised to see a mario party wii u in 2014 though they aren't what they use to be i still think we'll get one.
& lastly annoucements for metroid / f-zero or star fox none are especially my games though i would buy them but they would make so many people happy & I suppose it would show nintendo are listening some times



DarkCoolEdge said:

@rjejr Thanks but while I appreciate a good story I don't really care about 'em except for RPGs
Plus, one of the reasons I got Vanquish is that it is short. I have too many games and a lot of them are 20+ hours long or more. I don't have enough time to play everything I want.



ghall said:

Watch_Dogs, Hyrule Warriors, Mario Kart 8 and X are what I'm really looking forward to this year.



Emblem said:

@sugarshack X has been listed as 2014 since its reveal. The last update suggested a summer release. That's not to say it couldn't be pushed into 2015 but is doubtful as its been in production since Wii U was announced.



Volmun said:

hmm for me its
1st. X 2nd. Shovle Knight 3rd.Mighty no9 4th. Bayonetta2 5th. SSB (iv uh gon blank...)
That bit about Bayonetta 2 made me lol.



MrWalkieTalkie said:

Great list. I intend on purchasing each of those games!
Other great games I'm personally looking forward to include:

Yarn Yoshi
Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem
Assault Android Cactus
Shovel Knight
Hyper Light Drifter
Child of Light



WaveGhoul said:


lol! Hey man, i have more important things to play like vintage mega drive classics such as GunStar heroes & Other hardcore hootenany like chicken shoot and talking about Cats & Bacon in the super friends chit chat forum.



TruenoGT said:

I'd be shocked if X came out this year, at least in the west (hope I'm wrong!!). I'm thinking/hoping that there will be several other unannounced games for 2014 which could qualify for this list. Can't wait for the next Nintendo Direct!



AlexSora89 said:

Holy Sugar Honey Iced Tea, Smash Bros.! The mere thought of a portable SSB has already secured a place in my heart as the most memorable thing about 2014. Nothing else matters at the moment.



Morph said:

Im surprused theres even 10 games coming to wii u this year lol.

Seriously tho, i cant watch the video right now but my list would be:

SSB, mario kart, bayonetta, x, donkey kong, yarn yoshi, fe x smt, watch dogs (if we still get it), hyrule warriors not including eshop



OliverAdam said:

1 of these games has a date. Pathetic. These are the only f'ing games we know about anyway. There's like 8 retail games coming out for the system. Just kill it already and get on with it, the next-gen Zelda deserves a bigger audience, stop kidding around with this dying machine.



Zach777 said:

More like the list of the only 10 Wii u games coming out in 2014. It's sad that two of them are eShop only.... They are really lacking on software....



vattodev said:

I don't know how Child of Light is not in that list. And I really hope that SMTxFE gets announced for 2014.



CaPPa said:

I'm doubtful that 'X' will release this year in North America, maybe in Japan.

My top 10 for 2014 at the moment:
1. Bayonetta 2
2. Mario Kart 8
3. DKC Tropical Freeze
4. FAST Racing Neo
5. Watch Dogs
6. Shovel Knight
7. Hyrule Warriors
8. Super Smash Bros
9. Project CARS
10. LEGO Movie.

I hope we'll see Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem and Yarn Yoshi this year too.



navonod18 said:

lol not once did they say Wii U is only going to have 10 games this year, the title obviously says ten "biggest" games. Implying that there will definitely be more games, just not as highly anticipated as these... -_-



Hunter-D said:

Just give me Smash Bros. and I'll be set for the next 6 years.

Interesting top 10, and a great vid from Rory!



markybbop said:

I think with the exception of scram kitty, its a very promising list. Its a shame there isn't an exclusive FPS for us on the list especially when the xbone and ps4 have the likes of titton falls, destiny, Halo all coming out



SparkOfSpirit said:

I'm really eager for Yarn Yoshi as it is by the highly underrated Good Feel who made two of the best Wii games. It also might be the best Yoshi platformer since Yoshi's Island which is something the green dino really needs.



Zyph said:

FYI Bayonetta 2 is not directed by Hideki Kamiya but Hashimoto Yusuke ( He's only the supervisor for that game.



DerpSandwich said:

Let's just hope they all actually come out this year. I wouldn't call X or Smash Bros. sure bets, and there's that rumor that Watchdogs might get cancelled.



unrandomsam said:

@Pichubby All depends on Donkey Kong whether I get one now or much later (I liked the last one enough that I would buy a system just for that if it is pretty similar. Mainly because none of it was wasted and I loved every second of it and the difficulty curve was perfect).

I probably will get X at some point but I thought Xenoblade Chronicles was good not great. (Certainly not Legendary).

Mario Kart is they made it more like Fzero or All Stars Racing Transformed then I would like it but they won't so I have no interested.

Smash Brothers quite liked Melee didn't really like Brawl that much. (I like The King of Fighters XIII). Brawl seems to reward just mashing the buttons over trying to play it properly.

I can just get Gunlord on 3DS (Already have it on Dreamcast) and Pier Solar on Dreamcast if I have to.



SecondServing said:

Smash Bros, Rayman Legends, and Bayonetta 2 were the main reasons I bought a Wii U, so 2014 is gonna be kick-donkeyfor me!
Please watch the profanity — TBD



mudmask said:

You know what? This was a good video - I think it did a great job showing the otherside of all the negative hype generated towards the Wii U last year, showing some actually really great titles.

X is my number 1, though. Hopefully that comes out this year...



Dandalfa00 said:

This looks good. Still trying to play a little catchup because I just got the Wii U (Pikmin 3 and W101 are a must and hopefully I'll have the time to do WWHD) but SSB and MK8 (and Bravely Default) are my essential games of 2014 thus far. I won't be able to say no to X if it comes out though. What I really want is Nintendo do give us another Direct. With DKTF less than a month away they must be planning one soonish. It's crucial that they give a definitive release date for games like MK8 at the same time. Hopefully, they also pull out some big surprises before E3 time. For those that don't remember, Pokemon X and Y were announced in January last year out of the blue. I don't expect something Pokemon big... but something would be nice.



banacheck said:

I'm looking forwards to X because I love RPG'S it's ashame the Wii U has hardly any, Donkey Kong I'm looking forwards to too love the DK games. Bayonetta 2 I'm looking forwards to, I already have Watchdogs pre-ordered for the PS4 with infamous & Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes.



Sceptic said:

Anything that says Q3 you can move to "awesome games coming in 2015". Then randomly cancel two or three others and you have your real list.



DarkKirby said:

Smash Bros. Wii U - "2014".

Seriously, there is so little information about Smash Bros. Wii U and Bayonetta 2 I have my doubts about a 2014 release, and if they are even released likely Fall 2014 the earliest.



seronja said:

is the project Shin megami tensei x Fire emblem still alive? there is like not even a single info about the game since it was announced... also i would put Bayonetta 2 on my #1 most anticipated Wii U game



SanderEvers said:

I actually only need 2 games:

MarioKart and SSB.

With those I'll be hooked for at least 2 years



gregrout said:

Mario Kart 8, Super Smash Bros and X (if it doesn't go into 2015) look like "take my money" titles. I think I'll go with Watch Dogs on PC. There rest seems promising; but they're not resonating too high with me because Nintendo has saturated it's library with platformers and racing games. I hope for the Wii-U's sake they diversify their library, a few RPGs and going after Minecraft would greatly help this console.



mamp said:

Your smash bros delivery could have been better, but loved the video good job!



unrandomsam said:

@mostro328 Your sentence doesn't make sense. Basically everything is a sequel which is ok if you liked the last one. There is also nowhere near enough quantity. Don't think one or two games a month for most people (That they really want) is an unreasonable expectation. Gamecube released with (Or very shortly afterwards) Rouge Squadron 2 / Wave Race / Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg / Resident Evil 4 / Viewtiful Joe. Good selection across lots of genres. Wii U has lots of 2nd rate ports and platformers (Of which I suspect the only great one will be Donkey Kong due to the difficulty being watered down over time so much by Nintendo themselves).



marck13 said:

oh yeah.
2014 Is going to be awesome! Personally I gonna get over the half of the mentioned games ..and some more indies. And hey, I'm sure Nintendo will surprise us with even more!

Anyone bashing the Wii U just isn't by all his senses.



Bolt_Strike said:

Fast Racing Neo
Watch Dogs
Smash Bros.

Those are the only ones that really interest me, but Mario Kart 8 and Hyrule Warriors are maybes.

Lineup is all right, but could be much better. A lot of the major franchises are being too safe with the gameplay, which makes them less interesting. We don't really have enough games that do something new and fresh, and the Wii U could use more of those games because those are the kind of games that would inspire a console purchase. I'm hoping a new game announcement made by E3 will change this.



mostro328 said:

I think we missed the possibility of getting Yoshi Island Yarn in 2014.............I know and truly believe that Zelda and, Metroid (if announced) will be 2015 titles



Nintygek said:

I've been buying Nintendo (Actually my parents ) sinds 1987. I also bought all 3 Playstations and all sega's (no dreamcast). The WiiU is so great I don't even want a PS4 just now. I currently own 37 hardcopy WiiU games and the only one's I play are the Nintendo first party titles. The rest are just boring as hell!



Yosher said:

What, no Yarn Yoshi? That's definetely my 3rd most anticipated Wii U game, right after Smash Brothers and Mario Kart.



CasuallyDressed said:

Hi guys! Just to clear something up, here's what Thomas wrote in the original feature:

"Our aim with this list is to avoid speculative entries, but include titles stated to be coming in 2014, even if no specific date has been given; we're optimistic that all of these games will arrive this year. We'll update our list every three months, but long-absent titles such as the previously teased Yarn Yoshi don't make the cut this time around."



JaxonH said:

Buying all ten. Plus SMT x Fire Emblem. Plus Yoshi's Yarn. Plus whatever else they announce this year that we don't know about yet. Bring it.



citizenerased said:

This is honestly a pretty weak list, and that's disregarding the fact that X likely won't make it this year, and we have no concrete release date on many of these titles (including Bayonetta 2 and Super Smash).

I blame Nintendo for never showing titles more than a few months ahead. You know they're gonna show titles at E3 that will release this holiday, why not show them before, build some hype? I'm looking for an excuse to buy a Wii U here, Nintendo.

Also, lol @ calling Need For Speed, Deux Ex, Monster Hunter and Resident Evil "new", when they're all ports from older games.



luke88 said:

One of my most anticipated games is Nihilumbra, and I just read that it is finished and has been submitted to Nintendo for testing, so assuming no serious bugs are found it could be out pretty soon. Good times.



May_Nyan said:

There should have been a text post... I did not like the video at all and it takes much longer than it should.



element187 said:

@SparkOfSpirit what we saw of yarn yoshi so far looked great... Keyword, looked great. But if it had the non existent difficulty of Kirby Epic Yarn, I will probably skip it. As cute as epic yarn was, it was something I could only play with my nephews, trying it one player was epic yawn inducing.

I don't mind if the first 50% of a platformer is easy, just as long as the difficulty ramps up to the point I want to throw my controller across the room, then I'll enjoy it.... My biggest beef with Rayman Legends is the easy difficulty never ramped up.



aaronsullivan said:

Yeah, Shovel Knight is up there for me.
Also, Scram Kitty.
Hard to beat Mario Kart 8
and my kids are through the roof about Super Smash Bros. (just from a few screenshots and two videos I showed them for the first time tonight)
Can't imagine what will happen to them when they find out there will be an update to Disney Infinity.
Truth is, though? 2013 is still going: Disney Infinity is played daily, Wind Waker is getting love and Rayman and Mario are on the back burner despite how much we all love them. Rayman is probably the biggest blast for 4 players. I'm loving NES Remix as well... there are several games we have that haven't gotten as much attention, though once again we really enjoy them (Wii Party U, Wii Fit U, Runner 2, Dr. Luigi, some virtual console games)

We literally have WAY too much to play. So... some delays would be great Nintendo. (I kid!)



gregrout said:

I'm really hoping Nintendo has a lot more up their sleeve. 2014's looking like it's plagued by the same old genres. Assuming Donkey Kong isn't enough we're going to get Teslagrad, Wooden Sen’SeY, Aban Hawkins & The 1000 Spikes, Scram Kitty and his Buddy on Rails, Armillo, Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty, The Unlikely Legend of Rusty Pup, Shovel Knight, James Pond: Codename Robocod HD, Mighty No. 9, Another Castle.... that's about 75% - 80% of 2014's announced titles (so far) and they're all platformers.



archlord said:

I'm with @gregrout here. We've known about many of these titles for quite sometime except for Hyrule Warriors and a couple others. I see only 'X' and Bayonetta 2 being released beyond spring... what's after that?



woodlin37 said:

i just want to put this out there but I DONT WANT NEW ESHOP GAMES!!!! i want physical copies of games, now you may say why dont you want new eshop games? i will tell you why they are too overpriced thats why, i dont want to be paying £10 £13 for downloadable games, its madness at those prices, £4 or something like that yes but not a quarter of a physical game at retail.
The Physical games nintendo are bringing out this year are amazing and im looking forward to all of them, as well as X, Watchdogs and Bayonetta 2 of course, but whats after that? i have no idea, personally i would love to see Kid Icarus, Animal Crossing, Metroid, F-Zero, a sports game of some kind, Starfox, a new adventure for the Zelda franchise, A new adventure for Mario, Luigi's Mansion 3, Mario party 10.
Theres lots for Nintendo to go at they just need to do it faster instead of drip feeding us with eshop rubbish.



Bolt_Strike said:

@Psyclone The majority of the list is incredibly predictable and not really exciting. I mean, a lot of the biggest names are generic, uninspired sequels to the usual suspects, they don't really stand out much. Same old, same old doesn't do much to inspire a purchase of a new game console, especially one that's inferior to the competition in nearly every other way.



Sean_Aaron said:

Looks like a good list. I'm on the fence about Watch Dogs and I'm not enough of a racing fan to be interested in Project CARS, but the rest look like keepers. Whilst it's true there's some franchise entries there I've only ever played Mario Kart on the SNES twenty years ago and never touched Smash Bros. or a non-arcade Donkey Kong game so those games are new experiences for me and I'm looking forward to them. Looks like a full calendar to me!



justjoined said:

Monolith Soft X is #1 for me. Hopefully Nintendo improves the Virtual Console in 2014. I want to see GameCube games on there, I want to see games that never made it to Wii VC, but perhaps most importantly I'd like to see them add more support for the Wii U Pro controller. At least make it work with Wii VC so I can sell all these dusty classic controllers I have laying around and re-invest that money towards games.



Daemonite said:

Like there are even 10 WiiU games coming out this year?!?
Sorry, but that list is mediocre at best!



Hortencio said:

Oh YEAH, gettin' good now!!
SSB4; X; MK8; DKC: Trop Freeze; Watch Dogs (please don't forsake me...or should I say U!); Shovel Knight; Teslagrad; Child of Light, Another Castle, Pier Solar HD + the pending VC releases – all that, plus maybe Bayonetta 2, The Girl and the Robot, Tengami, and Two Brothers (not to mention some of the aforementioned '13 ports that have become mad affordable these days...). And to all those ‘plainers crying about lack of titles, the diversity and/or originality within 2014’s lineup, here’s a suggestion: Do something else!?! There are literally millions of other things to do with your days besides play videogames or complain about them on the internet; give it a rest, you’ll live longer! In the words of many a redneck: "if you don't like it, then you can git out!"



sugarshack said:

@emblem. Wrong. A release date is a definitive month day year with complete certainty. X has none of these. put away the fanboyism. it's embarrassing. kids..



Booboos35 said:

Mario Kart 8, DKC Tropical Freeze, Smash Wii U are my top 3. Also this years E3 could show new games coming out this year too!

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