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NPD Results Deliver a 3DS Milestone And Modest Wii U Sales

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

3DS contributes towards NPD's best November hardware sales on record

After some speculation over performance during the Black Friday period, the NPD sales results — which cover the U.S. market — have begun to emerge. Nintendo has issued its press release to give its version of events that paint a particularly positive picture for the 3DS, while Wii U figures are underwhelming — and arguably statistically worrying — in the face of major launch numbers for Microsoft's Xbox One and Sony's PS4.

To begin with Nintendo's most positive outcomes, the 3DS family of systems sold nearly 770,000 units, taking the lifetime sales of the handheld past ten million and close to 10.5 million systems in the U.S. Pokémon X & Y sold a further 225,000 physical and download copies in its second month, joining significant October sales to take the titles to more than 2.35 million units overall. The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds sold 405,000 units — around 280,000 of these sales were eShop downloads and physical copies, while the remaining 125,000 units are attributed to the limited edition Zelda 3DS XL, which has the game included in the bundle. A host of other 3DS titles — such as Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D and Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon — saw sales increase, and NPD analyst Liam Callahan cited the 3DS as a major contributor in NPD hardware sales hitting a new high for November.

With the introduction of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, coupled with positive sales for the Nintendo 3DS, sales in November 2013 marked the best November for hardware sales on record.

Supported by strong content throughout the year, including this month's The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, Nintendo 3DS hardware unit sales have increased by 15 percent year-to-date through November.

Nintendo has been less specific with sales numbers relating to the Wii U, though did state that Super Mario 3D World sold more than 215,000 copies (download and retail) in its first eight days on sale. In terms of the Wii U, it's stated that hardware sales increased by 340% compared to October. The unfortunate reality is that it's believed, though not supported with official figures, that October sales weren't particularly impressive, with a figure of 220,000 hardware sales for November being bounced around on sources such as NeoGaf. It's another month where the numbers aren't favouring Nintendo's bold end-of-financial-year Wii U sales projection of nine million units. There are clear improvements, but not necessarily on the scale required to meet those targets or silence doubts over the hardware's future fortunes. This was also a month, in terms of software, where the entire top ten is made up of big brand multi-platform games in franchises such as GTA, Call of Duty, Madden and Assassin's Creed, though some of these releases have benefited from four or five SKU's across generations of hardware.

Nintendo, in its press release, provided the following quite from Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of sales and marketing, Soctt Moffitt.

This holiday season, Nintendo is offering an unparalleled combination of value and variety. In looking at these results, two things are indisputable: Our hardware is gaining momentum at the exact right time and our software catalog is stronger than ever.

Let us know what you think of these results below.


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As an indie developer making games for the Wii U, this is a sad day... I don't think they have a choice but to come out in January and revise the 9 million target down to something like 5 or 6. Will be interesting to see how Mr. Iwata addresses this to the shareholders.



JesusAcHe said:

It's still an improvement. I do hope christmas sales are a Little higher but I don't expect too much just yet. It's hard for the WiiU to be as succesful as ps4 and Xbone, but at least it can be a close third (outselling the Ouya of course)



BlueGreen said:

Just for comparison this is the worst November sales for any Nintendo home console prior to being replaced.

Wii U is selling about half as well as the Gamecube and is below the Dreamcast.



Nintendo6400 said:

I know the wii u will succeed maybe not this holiday but hopefully the next. If it doesn't do well next holiday season then I don't know



Nintenjoe64 said:

At least they're now selling as many units in a month in the US as they probably managed in 5 months earlier in the year. I'm worried about their post xmas sales more than this because it could be terrible until Mario Kart. You wouldn't know GAME sold Wii Us if you went into one so I doubt the Xmas sales in UK will be particularly amazing but you never know.




@Nintenjoe64 It's similar at my local GameStop locations. Wii U is way in the back and both PlayStation and XBOX brands got huge signs everywhere. Not just for their new consoles but for previous generation product as well.



K-Gamer said:

Wish them the best, they need to bust there butts off for 2015 or... Idk. To be honest, they really do deserve better.



rjejr said:

Is that 9 mil number from launch until March 31, 2014; Jan 1, 2013 until March 31, 2014; or from April 1st, 2013 until March 31, 2014? Because as far as I can tell it's only sold about 500,000 since April 1st, meaning about 8.5 mil in the next 4 months, and only 2 million since Jan 1, meaning 7 mil in the next 4 months. That 9 mil number keeps getting mention as "fiscal year" but I never see it mentioned as "since launch" or "total lifetime".

2 bright sides:
Nintendo is probably too far along w/ MK8, SSB, Bayonetta 2, X and Zelda for them not to come out on the Wii U.
If you don't own a Wii U yet the price is likely to drop to $199 by next BF.

And it's still possible the Wii U could gain some sales next year if Nintendo gets smart - rather than stupid - and stops promoting the Wii Mini and stops letting games be released on the Wii. Games like Just Dance, Skylanders, Disney Infinity and Lego games. This year kind of made sense as these games were still seeing PS3 and Xbox360 versions but this time next year Wii games just need to cease and desist to get the casuals to upgrade. When the system hits $199 maybe they will.

Actually the only real downside is never seeing a major 3rd party game again, but Nintendo owners should really be used to that by now.



2Sang said:

3ds amazing wii u=pii u
we already knew this although it's nice for an official confirmation



GalacticMario28 said:

Not the best news for the Wii U, but I suppose it could be worse. This at least looks like it could be the start of something.




@rjejr That 9 million is for 4/1/13 thru 3/31/14, which is the fiscal year. I think part of the reason Wii @$249.99 was so successful was because it was going up against a $400 Xbox 360 and $500/600 PS3. At $300, the Wii U is not much cheaper than the new consoles. I suspect a drop to $249.99 when Kart 8 is released.



luckybreak said:

I think the nintendo execs (in NA) should spend less time embarrassing themselves on nintendo directs and spend more time doing their jobs! Seriously they seem so casual on nintendo direct when they are actually in a huge crisis when it comes to wii u. Reggie is hilarious as a meme but only to nintendo fans. Have you seen their instagram? Its terrible. They try to be funny buts its more cringe worthy than anything. The wii u can't become "cool" or "desirable" tech if half the promotional stuff online has middle school level humor. I don't see the Xbox one or PS4 execs embarrassing themselves, except for those occasional twitter slip ups.



AdanVC said:

So if Nintendo sold 50k Wii U past month and it had an increase of 340%, it's around 220-240k units this month... it's a huge boost but unfortunately not enough to compete with sales of PS4/Xbone... I just don't know what they could do next other than release Mario Kart 8 AS. SOON. AS. POSSIBLE. and don't even think about delaying the damn game, Nintendo!

Let's keep it real guys, 3D Mario games have never sold insanely, even if they are absolute masterpieces. New Super Mario Bros series is the one that sell A LOT, that's why the past holiday Wii U sold very well (and because of the hype of being a new console). So honestly, this numbers were expected, that's why they need to release MK8 ASAP, that's a definite system-seller that even grandmas known and want it to play.

The only thing I expect in this upcoming months is a BIG Nintendo Direct focused entirely on Wii U so they can talk about all the unnanounced games in the works.

Or maybe Nintendo doesn't even care about those numbers and they would keep doing the same: cheesy-awkward commercials that keeps confusing people about what Wii U exactly is, delaying big games and release a single NES sport game on the Virtual Console each week. Either way I love my Wii U.



sonicfan1373 said:

I am confused about something and Nintendo's IR info did not clear it up. Did Nintendo expect to sell 9 million Wii U's this year or did they expect their life to date sales to reach 9 million?



hotlfusion said:

"And it's still possible the Wii U could gain some sales next year if Nintendo gets smart - rather than stupid - "

Can you remind me exactly when Nintendo did anything smart regarding the wii u?

As long as they keep the promised games coming I will be happy. As for their top management maybe it is best they step down.

When in March the 9m sales Iwata insist on sticking with fall way, way short there will be a price to pay. I do not see him getting out of this one.
Nothing personal against Iwata but he has handled this whole affair rather badly. Poor branding, poor marketing, poor planning...

Putting that aside come next year PS4 and more so xbox one sales will also drop drastically.



2Sang said:

@AdanVC What is mario galaxy? What is Mario 64? What is Mario Galaxy 2? Only Sunshine wasn't a killer app.



Cyberbotv2 said:

Cool. Considering those sales probably occurred the last 2 days of November during black Friday, that's good. And the Wii u sales shouldn't be compared to anything except itself. The PS4 and Xbox one should be compared to tablets. They are not game consoles, but multimedia counterparts.



TurokJr said:

I don't see why the bad mood about this. Obviously PS4 and X1 are new and sold more. WiiU has a bad year and with two new console they manage to sell very well. The 9M goal is imposible but holiday 2013 is not a failure to me. I don't see a Wii console here but I don't see a Dreamcast failure scenario. That said, I'm very happy with the WiiU so far.



mereel said:

I'm enjoying my Wii U too, but this news makes me sick. I can foresee a world where my children get to enjoy nothing but AC and Madden games every year. Oh and CoD. Why don't more people enjoy the great games that Nintendo makes anymore.?



URAmk2 said:

wii u is bombing hard. smh. so much for mario 3d being a system seller.



AdanVC said:

Let's keep the optimism guys, It could have been worst, at least it sold 100x more than past month so that's a good thing. In Japan it has a pretty good week as well.



gregrout said:

Here's hoping Nintendo doesn't give up on those of us that bought Wii-Us. I am pretty sure Nintendo isn't going to make those bold sales quotas. Considering the design and controls of the Wii-U I'd be very tempted to develop an adapter that allows owners to play their 3DS games through the Wii-U (in 2DS mode). It would be a good way to encourage owners of the 3DS to take the plunge to the Wii-U.



booopn said:

I'm a WiiU owner and happy with it (already have 8 games +), but these sales numbers are truly depressing.

  • Black Friday sales must have been low. Probably not going to get much better through December.
  • Super Mario 3D didn't help and I thought it would (love it, it's a classic already in my books).
  • It's only doing slightly better than Dreamcast, although it should be noted that PS3 had a rough start as well
  • I have high hopes for MK8 and Smash, but if Mario 3D can't do it, I have new found doubts

I'm nervous about the future of the WiiU. They are going to have to take drastic action soon it looks like, but I don't know what they can do...

  • get rid of touchscreen controller?
  • release a x86 based console with more power (on par with xboxone/ps4) in a year or two and support the touchscreen controller as an extra?
  • take a massive loss on WiiU hardware?
  • Buy Oculus Rift

The third party support is getting to an extreme situation now where even first party games are not enough to sell the system. I'm sad



Gerbwmu said:

Ehhh.....back to games.....I expect 80K sold in October which means 270K in November....probably all the last week. Will probably sell another 350K in December....700K for a quarter for NA alone....not news worthy but it could be worse I guess.....Nintendo will throw full support at us at least until November of 2016 so I'll keep playing and enjoying my Wii U regardless.



rumple88 said:

Yeaahh and statistically the iOS (as a gaming) platform was supposed to kill the 3DS. It was supported and covered by news sites even Nintendo fan sites. Correct me if I'm wrong but the turn around happened just short of a year and was shocked back to life with amazing games.

I bought 9 Wii U games this month and I've bought every member of my extended family a Wii U (kinda ridiculous but oh well). I don't know about y'all but 3D mario world, Pikmin 3, wonderful 101, and all these indie games really sealed the deal for me, this console is incredible.

With that said this article has a very negative slant with lose actual figures for the Wii U. For instance I've seem 3D Mario climb 20 spots on Amazon in the past week alone. And had to go to three stores to find a wii u in my town last week.

Maybe none of that matters but it seems pretty big to me.



Dark_Link said:

I try to look at the positives here and that is that the Wii U was selling horribly the whole year and just recently has shown signs of live and is selling better. That we know is a fact. We also know that Nintendo botched the launch of the Wii U big time and they are now paying dearly for it. The basic Wii U model should have never existed and they should have sold the deluxe system at $300 at launch. Also they needed 2 out of their big 4 ready at launch: Mario kart, Smash, Zelda and 3D Mario. Picture the deluxe released at $300 with Mario Kart and 3D World as launch games with their current lineup..Wii U would have been selling great. That's all on Iwata unfortunately, just poor planning all the way around.

But there is still time for a turnaround. Their big guns are coming out in 2014, but Nintendo can't afford to delay any of these games. DKTF, Kart, Smash, X, SMT x Fire Emblem, Bayonetta and a few hardcore type surprises need to happen in 2014 and they need to be marketed all over the place.



Mr_Nose said:

People are making things worse than they are.

There are still twice as many Wii Us in the wild as there are Xbox ones, and PS4s. Things will only improve, especially when the big guns come out.

Sales of the other current gen systems will taper off. Most people are still struggling in a poor economy, and shelling out around $600.00 for a system, game, and online service is out of the question for them.

The economics of the entire gaming industry are very different now. We are not going to see the same kind of numbers across the board as we saw last gen. Heck, many are predicting the decline and downfall of console gaming in general.

Again, I would remind the nay-sayers that the Wii U isn't going away any time soon, Nintendo makes money off of hand helds, clothes, food products, and on and on.

And Sony and Microsoft fans are gloating over selling half as many systems as Nintendo has? Seriously, stop arguing over numbers and enjoy what you have.



gregrout said:

The big problem here are the stockholders. Nintendo will be lucky to stay the course without being hounded to release games for all consoles (e.g. Sega) or develop their games for smartphones. The bottom line is these investors want money yesterday so I don't see them cutting Iwata any slack when he doesn't provide the numbers he's set for a quota. He's kind of been the rock that's been keeping the dogs at bay. Granted he's managed quite a few blunders with the Wii-U but I don't know if there's anyone on board that will stand up to investors if they vote him out. They could end up with a numbers and money CEO and I think we've all seen what those kind of CEOs do to companies (e.g. EA Games).



MadAdam81 said:

Nearly 1/4 of a million in the US in one month - that's not too bad, still not that good either but considering Xbox One & PS4 being released, Nintendo need word of mouth to make December sales at least as good.
As far as shareholders, they won't want NIntendo to throw the baby out of the bathwater and soend an extra few billion to develop a new home console to be released soon - remember, Nintendo started work on the WIi U before the Wii was actually released, if they hurried design and production on their next console to have it ready in 2 years, it won't be as good as it could have been, and wouldn't sell to well, and Nintendo would need another new console 3 years after that, and that would end the company's presence in the home console market.
Nintendo still need to advertise the Wii U much more in each market by showing how great the exclusives are and how the gamepad makes each game - exclusive & multiplatform - better than any other console can deliver with two screen local multiplayer, off screen play, second screen map, character, inventory select etc.



jcags said:

@booopn how is it doing worse than the dreamcast, it already has almost half the DC's lifetime sales?



JustinH said:

Time for Nintendo to open up the warchest. The Wii U has some momentum but Nintendo has to do something bold in 2014.

Worth noting that the 3DS numbers really aren't too hot and I think once January comes these PS4 and Xbone numbers are going to cool right off. I love console gaming but I think these Wii U numbers are the canary in the coal mine. In an age where everyone has a smart phone, the casuals and the softcore are simply not spending money they don't have on consoles.



SkywardCrowbar said:

Wii U was in a tailspin in sales for most of the year, it's been on the upswing since September. It's still trending up. I don't see a problem. Things don't always change over night. It's a momentum thing more than a short term sales thing.

That said, I would like to see Nintendo do some drastic things in 2014. Make a new IP (or 2), revive some old IP's, and buy a developer who can crank out more games.



JaxxRaxor said:

In terns of absolute numbers the Wii U sales projections are not that great but you need to compare the projected November sales to the abysmal state that the Wii U was earlier this year.

I think the 9 million estimate is rather foolish, absolute best case scenario is that the Wii U sells 6 million LTD by March 2014, I think it will be close to 5 million by that time. Unless Nintendo decides to release Mario Kart 8 in Q1 but I doubt that, I would guess April at the absolute earliest (Q2).



Bizzyb said:

I don't see why people are comparing these alleged figures with past figures. It's apples to oranges. This is a COMPLETELY different market than it was 6, 10, 15 years agl. Nintendo Wii U now has to compete against FOUR home consoles, TWO handhelds and a wide range of tablet devices for consumer consumption.

Two of those four home consoles have a VAST library of games, including GOTY, i.e. GTAV and are a valuish prices. The other two consoles are brand spanking new with, while with modest libraries that are weaker than Wii U, lure with the promise of "next gen" grphix0rz! and future support of awesome next gen games. It's just not the same game it was 10 years ago when all they had to compete against was two other consoles and their own handheld,

There's just way too many choices now for consumers, and unfortunately Wii U is in a weird place in the eyes of the consumer. Not quite next gen but not quite sports games, no GTA, no this, no that. I think Nintendo did well overall but they definitely need better sales than this



MeddlingIdiot said:

According the research analyst David Gibson, that works out at about 11% digital sales for ALBW (not including the bundle), and around 7% digital sales for SM3DW.



MadAdam81 said:

@JaxxRaxor They were 3.5 m LTD middle of the year, they have possibly sold between 500k to 1m more since then worldwide, and by March, 6 million is a possibility, and if Mario Kart 8 can help keep that momentum, 9 million by August 1024 (end of Japan financial year), 9 million wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility.
Of course, neither is just 6 million by August next year,.



booopn said:

@jcags You are right I was just copying what was said earlier in the thread. From the numbers I was able to find WiiU is doing slightly better than Dreamcast did in its first year. Maybe NL can write an article with more thoroughly researched numbers?

I will correct my post



DerpSandwich said:

It was nice to see an increase in Wii U sales, but then a lot less nice to see that it was still selling significantly less than PS3 and 360. Nintendo is in a really big heap of trouble right now.



Peach64 said:

@booopn @jcags It's definitely doing worse than the Dreamcast. That had sold around 2 million in the US by the end of it's first year, and the Wii U has just passed 1.5 million. Saying it has almost half the lifetime sales of a flopped console is not good news at all, especially not when they've not even sold a million all year. If this rate keeps up, it's going to take them 6 years just to catch the Dreamcast up.

I really don't think we'll see Iwata in charge come April, and maybe that's a good thing. I know people will hate that idea, but how many people genuinely think Nintendo are making better games now than they were 10 years ago? These numbers are a disaster. People keep using the Gamecube as worse case scenario but that sold over twice this figure in it's second November, and had twice the life to date figures by this stage. Something has to change, because if this keep going this way we're looking at Lifetime sales ending up around 10 million.

They're going to miss their forecasts on both pieces of hardware by a huge margin. That's a poor figure for the 3DS too. It sold more in November 2011. I was sure with $99 2DS deals, and Pokemon and Zelda just coming out it was going to explode in sales, but it has not. The Wii selling 3.4 million in a month is 'printing money', 770k a month is certainly not. Heck, even the 360 did 1.2 million last November.

Oh, and maybe people will realise they were wrong to criticise the UK market for Mario not making the top 10 as it's failed to do so in the US as well? Just as I said in the UK chart thread, the UK is not some anomaly where the Wii U is straggling, it's like that everywhere. The UK chart is certainly more diverse than this month's NPD top 10.



WhiteTrashGuy said:

People still are not getting what the Wii U is all about. My friends want to bash it, but then they see me playing AC on the gamepad while flipping through channels with the gamepad, and then pausing my game and switching the input on my TV while loading up a new movie trailer I wanted to show them all using the Wii U...... then I think they start to get it. I don't want an XBOX1, the WiiU with it's Nintendo TVii application is more than enough for me. Really Off-TV play and Nintendo TVii are the big selling points for the WiiU. Tonight I was playing COD on my gamepad while watching STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE with my 3 daughters. THAT is the power of WiiU.



Kresslia said:

I will always love Nintendo, but this is it. This was the Wii U's last hope, honestly, and it failed to rise up to the challenge. It's depressing to see one of the best games of the year selling so little worldwide (Mario). I think it may be time to pull out of the home console business. Well, not now — they'd lose even more money, but within a couple years. Keep the handheld consoles going, there are no problems there. The 3DS is still fantastic and completely dominates. It will hurt if Nintendo does pull out of the home console business, but these sales are embarrassing and this can't go on.



bobbypaycheque said:

I don't care about sales numbers. I care about games. I loved my Gamecube and it didn't sell well. I'll be grabbing a WiiU after Christmas. One generation of modest console sales doesn't mean Nintendo should get out of home hardware, after Gamecube they brought out the Wii and stomped on the competition. Nintendo isn't going anywhere.



mediumbluemetal said:

I'm new here, but I'm not new to Nintendo, and I would agree with everyone who says that Nintendo's Wii U is in deep trouble. It doesn't have the "wow" factor of the original Wii's new motion controllers, it's not as close spec-wise to the competition as the GameCube was, and unlike the 64, its predecessor wasn't hugely successful with core gamers. Suffice it to say, the Wii U is in a worse predicament than any prior Nintendo home console. And it's a shame too because I love it. But that doesn't mean the big N should stop selling hardware; in fact, being the hardware sales leader last generation (and a handheld sales leader this generation), Nintendo should do anything but stop. Clearly they sometimes know what they're doing.

At this point, Nintendo really only has two options. 1) Create and hugely promote a truly original "killer app" that will blindside Sony and Microsoft, or 2) Ditch the Wii U and release a spec-comparable Wii U.2 by next November. Keep with me and I'll explain.

The former solution could allow the Wii U to survive for some time as it is, but Nintendo needs some real ingenuity to make this happen (Miiverse and Tvii were not what I'd call ingenuity). The "killer app" that I see potential for, though it could be challenging to develop, is a new Virtual Console emulator that allows for online multiplayer control of retro games. Imagine, for example, being able to play Mario Kart 64 in multiplayer mode, only the person you're playing with is online, chatting through the Wii's microphone. An app like this, properly promoted and properly worked, could do some real damage to Sony and Microsoft. I honestly believe that Nintendo could take it a step further and also enhance the original multiplayer experience of these virtual console games by adding support for simultaneous play (ala 3D World) along with online multiplayer. Coding could be near impossible, and it would take more resources than Nintendo may want to risk devoting, but the bottom line is that it's technologically possible, and it's something that Sony and Microsoft couldn't fend off. Beyond virtual console tinkering, Nintendo could also create a killer app that doesn't relate to gaming. Specifically speaking, Nintendo could align the Wii U with either Android or (less likely) Apple to allow smart phone apps to function through the Wii U over the TV. Perhaps clicking an Android icon on the Wii's menu could transport your phone's screen to the TV wirelessly, ala Chromecast, allowing for full-screen control. I also think there's some potential for Nintendo to capitalize on TVii (a currently useless app) by turning the Wii U into a DVR. A USB adapter could provide cable TV input, and programming could be saved to either flash drive or (more likely) an external hard drive, either hard-wired or on the network. I imagine Nintendo could also stream live TV to the gamepad using this setup too, which we'd all use in the bathroom, right? There's also a call for better social networking integration; direct links between Miiverse and Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and perhaps something like Skype (but not Skype since MS owns that) are surprisingly absent from the current Miiverse. But all of this would take a lot of work and time, and Nintendo is notorious for doing nothing to capitalize on the unrealized potential of already-released systems.

Now, my latter suggestion was an upgraded "Wii U.2" which I think is perhaps Nintendo's best bet. Let's face it--system specs are what really sell a system to hardcore gamers. The Wii U will not be getting most of hardcore fans' upcoming favorite titles because developers won't be able to port from PS4/X1 to the Wii U--it's just too weak. For the typical hardcore gamer who doesn't care about the upcoming Mario Kart and whose future CoD and GTA titles won't and can't appear on the Wii U, why by one? This is the justification for a new console from Nintendo. It needn't be new from the ground up, just a spiffed up Wii U with a new processor, more ram, and more storage space so that future hardcore titles can be ported to the Wii U with no major hassles for developers. Comparable horsepower specs aren't all that will sell a Wii U.2 though. Nintendo would first need to take a loss and offer some sort of buyback/trade-in credit (however small) toward the U.2 for current U owners to ensure loyalty, and the console would STILL need some sort of killer app as described above to stand out from Sony and Microsoft. A new "killer app" PLUS a turbo-charged console revision would at least give Nintendo a fighting chance in the console wars for the next 6-8 years. (See bottom note about the Gamepad).

So yeah, those are my suggestions. If Nintendo wants to remain relevant this generation (PS4/X1) and if they want any hope of being noticed next generation, then one of those options needs to happen--a killer app or a new, jazzed-up Wii U successor of some sorts by next holiday season. At this point, no spectacular title will save the Wii U, and it will be a long, long time until the PS5 and next Xbox debut (and let's be real, Nintendo can't expect to do well by releasing a new console mid-generation or years ahead of the competition without the risk of falling flat prematurely). If Nintendo fails to follow one of these suggestions (or something like them), then the Wii U will be another GameCube at best, and I fear for what their next home console will look like.

Note: I can't mention a Wii U.2 or new "killer app" without mentioning Nintendo's current Gamepad (the gadget that was supposed to be the U's killer hardware). It's both the best and worst thing about the Wii U. It's awesome because in games like Zombi U it's killer useful, and off-screen play is an incredible feature that 1/2 the world doesn't know about. But it's also the worst thing ever because it makes people think the Wii U is a handheld, it makes people think it's an add-on to the old Wii, and it's supposed to be tablet-like but it's nothing like a tablet. In either of the above-described survival scenarios for Nintendo's home console, something needs to be done about the Gamepad (though I must note, it shouldn't been killed-off if a U.2 debuts; in fact, it's a good idea, says Sony with their controller-based touch screen). It needs to be marketed correctly, and it needs to be updated. At the least, its range and battery life need to be somehow extended so that off-screen play (and the live TV streaming that I mentioned) can actually be a worthwhile pursuit. For anyone who's ever heard of a tablet, it's obvious that the Gamepad screen is super unresponsive; Nintendo needs to implement a new screen so that their tablet controller actually feels like a tablet. Pipeline wishes are network extendability (being able to play Wii U at work by bringing just the Gamepad to work) and the ability to turn a real tablet into a Gamepad via a Nintendo app for Android and Apple (thus allowing a version of the Wii U/U.2 to sell on the cheap with no Gamepad).



Morph said:

If mario world, mario kart, zelda and smash dont create a significant upturn in wii u sales then i honestly dont know what will. Nintendo have started to get their casual franchises out like wii fit and wii sports, and they seem to be stuck in a middle ground of not particularly focussing on one group or the other and sales seem to be suffering for that.

3DS on the other hand is selling like gangbusters and makes a mockery of all those 'analysts' saying handheld gaming is dead. I'd hazard a guess that next generation nintendo will be the only true handheld player, i could see sony focussing on home console next time.

Maybe nintendo's next home console will be a handheld with home console functionality, they could have the best of both worlds then



MAN1AC said:

I'm kind of surprised by these numbers. I expected the Wii U to sell less, much less and the 3DS numbers are kind of low when you consider they just released Pokemon and the 2DS.



Desy64 said:

Bunch of cry babies, just relax and enjoy your games. Let Nintendo care about sales and whatnot. We, as gamers, only have to one thing: play! That's it, no more, no less. We're no Nintendo employees and their great IPs will come out for sure so just relax...

3rd party? They do incomplete lazy ports all the time, do you really want that? Support indie gaming, there are a bunch of gems in the eShop right now



Marshi said:

@Hernandez I agree with this 100 %. Ive been saying for months "just wait till lego city arives,sales will go up."then "just wait till pikmin 3 arives, sales will go up" and then "just wait till rayman legends" , "just wait till windwaker hd", "just wait till mario 3d world". None of the above has improved sales and at this point I dont think much will.
HOWEVER, I do love my wii u and as long as nintendo keep bringing the games im happy. But If nintendo want those 9 mil sales and more 3rd party suport they MUST PULL THIER FINGER OUT!



jahasnell said:

I just learned something interesting. It turns out that, in its history, Nintendo has sold more consoles (handheld and home) than Sony, Microsoft, Sega, and Atari... combined. Whoa.




Nintendo have a great console on their hands with the Wii U, but fresh thinking is needed in the nintendo camp.

Iwata needs to go, it's as simple as that. They got lucky with the Wii and he thought it would all happen again. The Wii U will become a gamers 2nd console at best and that just isn't good enough, Nintendo have the best franchises in gaming today and could mop the floor with sony and microsoft if they wanted to.

But the reality is nintendo are stubborn and don't really care for their true fans. I think that the company needs a complete overhaul ASAP



Haywired said:

Indeed, I'm wondering where all the "stupid US market and their terrible taste in games" comments are like in every bloody UK sales article regarding the Wii U.



Azooooz said:

I can't believe gamers actually care about sales performance and shareholding stuff. Just play what you have and enjoy!! This is why the situation is getting worse because gamers care about the sales.



goonow said:

Nintendo shareholders must be tearing nintendo a new one over this lol



bronZfonZ said:

Considering that Black Friday weekend consisted of only two days of November, there's really not much to analyze. Parents still had no idea the Wii U was a new console but are probably starting to figure it now by now when they're seeing very little new Wii games on the shelves. The Wii U's sales performance in December will be the main reason Nintendo execs will be either sighing in relief or clutching tightly to their 3DSes.

I, for one, will be having fun on my Wii U and won't be worrying much about sales numbers.



electrolite77 said:


I think Iwata will be looking over his shoulder. The Wii U is behind the GameCube sales at the equivalent point (end of 2002), never mind the Wii, and 3DS is behind DS and likely behind Gameboy Advance sales (at end of 2003 the GBA had sold 49 million).

Nintendo are going to miss his projections and sales aren't reacting as they expected which makes him look like he doesn't know what he's doing. Even worse, if sales are lower than expected that means profits will be. I bet he's not looking forward to his next investor meeting....



electrolite77 said:

FAO people not interested in sales.

Don't read a story about sales. Don't feel like you have to tell everyone you're not interested.




Yasume said:

@Haywired You should know by now that Wii U fans like to come up with excuses, because they can't bear any negativity about their beloved console. Nintendo never being successful in the UK is absolute nonsense. The Wii U is struggling just as much as in the US and just as much as in Japan.



JimLad said:

Last time I checked Wii U hardware was being sold at a loss. Couple that to the fact software is not moving in big numbers and you've got a problem.

One (or more) of these things is going to happen in 2014:
-They will try one last desperate price cut
-They will make a hardware revision that drops the gamepad
-Iwata will step down
-They will cease production on WiiU entirely (I hope not)

The reason we should be interested in sales is because when they are this bad, it means we'll be getting less games or even no games in the future.



Sinister said:

The WiiU is pretty much finished. I doubt Mario Kart alone will sell the system. Perhaps a hefty price cut could change something alongside Mario Kart.
I think we will see the WiiU go into Life Support early 2015.



Datasun_7 said:

The wii U is in serious trouble, there is no doubt about it. I genuinely cannot see a turnaround for the console. If 3d mario didn't do enough then another rehashed smash and mario kart will definitely not. They need to appeal to core gamers again, donkey kong will not do that. They need mature ips and metroid and star fox and more. Well i dont regret buying the console but seriously nintendo if you pull support of the console i wont be happy



Marshi said:

People looking at my comment history know im a stalwart supporter of nintendo and have always beleived at least for the big important stuff that they know what they are doing. So when even people like ME are getting seriously worried about the wiiu's future then somethings not right. Its almost like nintendo dont want the wii u to succeed. And its rediculous when the wiiu's troubles could reverse itself almost over night if it just does a few simple things! Things like advertise the damn thing ON TV! Its all well and good advertising nintendo on a nintendo direct but only nintendo fans who already have a wiiu watch that! Also RELEASE SOME NEW GAMES! Again mario 3d world's performance proves that too much of the same just isnt enough. Dig into rare franchises like f zero or metroid,or god forbid MAKE A NEW BLINKING IP! Start making more mature experiences.

Cmon nintendo,if some ignorant fan can come up with these sound ideas then why cant proffesionals who are paid to come up with them do it?!



Park_Triolo said:

Sorry, but why are US sales of possibly 220.000 Wii Us a bad thing? Especially considering the fact that 2 new consoles just launched. Then there is the fact that November should actually see lower numbers as people usually wait until December to make their X-mas purchases.
Why is it that we can't just enjoy our Wii U without the constant doom-BS?! When the PS4 and Xbone start sliding downhill, I guess noone will notice, but they will slide, and they will slide fast. People are not swimming in money these days, and that's exactly why parents will not buy a 600$-700$ console (if you have to get one game, extra controller and online) for x-mas with no games other than the usual FPS-crap with only marginally better graphics.




ajcismo said:

It doesn't take a business degree or even a class or two to figure out that the Wii U has been so poorly handled by Big N that the breaking point is near. The whole "we do things our way, not concerning ourselves with competition" thing has grown old. The list of mismanagement of The U has grown from a list, to a novel. We've beaten the lack of ads, lack of software, lack of VC, lack of world gaming pulse horse to death. Major 3rd parties, most of which I can't personally stand but know they're needed, have been pushed away. Mr. Iwata, hope you enjoyed your time at the top, but its time to go. Nintendo needs leadership thats going to light a fire, inspire, and have enough business savvy to get the greatest gaming company in history back on top again.



mostro328 said:

@Nintendo6400 i agree if smw3d and Mario Kart and smash, don't elevate the sales next holiday then i well also have to admit the wiiu to be doomed but 2014 looks strong, mk, smb, yoshi, x, hopefully fire embkem x smt, and with am announcement for Zelda maybe a new metroid, 2014 has to be a strong year



Wolfgabe said:

Why are people making such doom over this.? Why can't we just wait until the official numbers come in rather than listening to some post from NeoGAF? I may look terrible but it is an improvement nevertheless. If Wii U were to say keep selling around 150k a week in December, that would be 600,000 in a month



Brett said:

I don't want to be optimistic just for the hell of it, but this 200,000 figure is mostly going to be from the last week of November, and December is definitely going to be better. Furthermore, does anybody know what kind of track GameCube/Dreamcast/whatever was on at this time? Wii U has been on a slow but steady upward trend, which may not have been the case with those consoles.

I won't pretend that any one game will make a huge improvement, but the numbers are climbing, not declining, and this could all work out okay after all.

That said, nine million obviously isn't going to happen, and whoever said Iwata must be looking over his shoulder is right....



MikeLove said:

For everyone saying 'sales don't matter!', this is why they do.

If the Wii-U doesn't sell many units, that means less studios will want to release games on it.

It's simple, really.



ICHIkatakuri said:

I think that's not bad numbers for Wii u sales it's almost 1/4 of a million and although it should and could have been better we all know that wii u was going to do badly with the other consoles to fight for space. The coming months when those people who want to own a Wii u as well as a xbone or ps4 will start to show up and hopefully a better Christmas month in all territorieswould be nice. Nintendo need to start thinking about broadening the market and tapping into New territories if it's going to succeed in being competitive with the Wii u now, more console sales from markets which have not gotten into the habit of only buying Nintendo games can't hurt the third party support.



MadAdam81 said:

Nintendo will need to spend 4 or more years and possibly billions to get their next console out. Rushing it will ensure it will be Nintendo's last home console. They also won't drop the gamepad, as that's what make the Wii U more fun than its competitors. Nintendo need more demo models in stores with more games to show off, particularly ones that show off the 2 screen local multiplayer.
Pushing the Wii U as the one you get if you have friends or family could help if they can get the message across, but the problem is getting people to understand just how great it is.



AJ_Lethal said:

Good Lord, the sales are clearly going up despite the PS/XBO launches and people are still jumping in the "DOOOOMED" bandwagon?

You're freaking disgusting.



electrolite77 said:


It depends what friends and family want from a console. I'm not going to blindly recommend it. If they want local multiplayer, Off TV Play and Nintendo's own output then yes. If they want online, sports games and more choice in the games available I couldn't in all consciousness.



Dogpigfish said:

@RCMADIAX December numbers are impressive so far. I wouldn't be too concerned. Obviously you want to sell to a large audience, but if the game is adaptable like Toki Tori, then you should be fine. From one Indie dev to another, make sure your target market exists on this platform.



electrolite77 said:


Take a walk or something, chief. Get some perspective. If it's going to make you 'sick' don't open sales threads or read the comments. Pretend they don't exist.



VoiceOfReason said:

Well, I have a Wii U. I like my Wii U. I'm going to play my Wii U, and whatever Nintendo does in the next year, that's fine, because I'm not going to worry.



kyuubikid213 said:

Those of you that think Nintendo is going to drop the GamePad or Wii U within the next year or two are crazy. If Nintendo did that, would you want to buy the next system? Personally, I'm not swimming in cash, so thatisnt a viable option at all.

Even if the Wii U tanks, Nintendo will support it until their next console is ready. And even then, it may not be as powerful as the Xbox 4 and PS5. What sells a system in the end are games.

Granted, the Wii U didn't give a stellar year to fans, but the library is building. Eventually, the PS4 and One will hit their drought because of the new tech. And once the hype dies down, sales will dip as well.

I'm positive for the Wii U because Nintendo is behind it. The same company that made the Wii so enjoyable despite its significantly small amount of power compared to the PS3 and 360 can do the same here.

And even if it hits GameCube sales, as many of us have stated before, the GameCube had a great variety of titles and even cult classics to this day.

Enjoy your games. Because I will.



jayclayx said:

I have seen the real graphics potencial the wii U can offer, it is powerful than ps360 so far, games at 60fps managing depth field and complex lightning, the problem righ now is that for a year developers and doomers were saying the wii U is just as powerful as a ps3 and in other scenarios sometimes even worse plus the absence of good games for an entire year were not able to demonstrate people what the wii U is made of, so people right now thinks wii U is just another 7 year old hardware and it is not worthy to spend 300dl when you can get a powerful ps4 for 99 dl plus, so in some way nintendo is facing the consequences for not to choose more hardware for core gamers and not a killer app for a year for casual gamers, sadly it is somehow late for nintendo to recovery from this, ps4 and bone are already on the market and it more difficult to convince people why you should get a wii U



Gerbwmu said:

Mean while I can walk into any store and grab a PS4 or XBox1 off the shelf less then a month after release.....this isn't just a Nintendo Wii U poor sales's a next gen sales issue.....yes we had record hardware sales......unfortunately too many of those came from last gen products. We are stepping into new territory with this generation. Tons of competition....less reason to upgrade.....40 million might be a high mark in sales.



Jimmy_G_Buckets said:

I look at the sales numbers like this; 200,000 more homes with a WiiU. The best advertising is word of mouth. Some family get togethers for Christmas,breaking out the WiiU, can be a more powerful advert than all the Nintendo Directs combine. As long as Nintendo doesn't cancel any of their first party games, however, I really don't care if it sells poorly. I have one. I will continue to support them by buying the great titles only they can make with all of the awesome IPs. Unless you are invested in the company in some shape or form, like a indie developer or shareholder, what interests do you have in how many units they sell? Besides Internet fanboy fodder that is.



rjejr said:

@RCMADIAX - "That 9 million is for 4/1/13 thru 3/31/14"

I want some of whatever it is theyre smokin'. They must have really bad glaucoma or something. Are they even at 1 mil yet?

"I think part of the reason Wii @$249.99 was so successful was because it was going up against a $400 Xbox 360 and $500/600 PS3."

I've been saying that since before the Wii U launched but nobody ever listens to me. And what did they do this year (in the US), put out a very attractive red Wii Mini w/ Mario Kart for $99.99.

I mean, what uneducated consumer wouldn't want to buy this?



bizcuthammer said:

When i talk to most gamers, they love Nintendo, but they love 3rd party games like GTAV, Assassin's Creed, Call of Duty, Destiny, Borderlands, Final Fantasy, and stuff a lot more. They aren't willing to shell out $300 for a system that doesnt have most of those games. Tons of gamers love Zelda, Smash Bros, etc. But they also love other games, and they arent going to buy two consoles this time around, as its just too expensive. Wii U doesnt have a chance to win this gen, guys. I'm not being a downer, just being realistic. The head guys at Ninty have lost touch with the gaming community, and the casual market has moved onto other platforms. Hardcore Ninty fans are all thats left. Wii doomed Wii U, because Nintendo gained fluke success with it, and so to them it justified their 'let's do something different' strategy. The problem is that as time went on, and the shovelware piled up, and the good 3rd party titles left Wii, it alienated the gaming community, who left for Xbox and PS3. And when Ninty announced their next console, with a brand name that included 'Wii' and no obvious upgrade over current gen systems save for another gimmicky controller? Yeah, they scoffed. I like my Wii U, but i understand why it's failing: because it doesnt have what gamers want in a new $300+ console.

I think Ninty should give it til Smash Bros. If that doesnt work, its time to burn it and move on to something else, whether its a new console or being a third party dev. Whatever they do, they need a new direction and philosophy because the old one clearly isnt working.



rjejr said:

@hotlfusion - "Can you remind me exactly when Nintendo did anything smart regarding the wii u?"

Replaced that stupid Nintendo Land game w/ either NSMBU + Luigi levels, or Zelda, or Skylander Swapforce bundle (though 8GB is completely inadequate I bet they sell a few, I almost bought a 2nd Wii U for it).
Dropped the price to $299 and got rid of the useless 8Gb bundle.

Sadly that's all I got.



bro2dragons said:

Me? I'm still hopeful. Perhaps baselessly so, but hopeful nonetheless. I'll say this, though. I work for a mid-level. American newspaper and we've been collecting kids' letters to Santa for cute articles. Not every kid asks for a new system, and I'm sure plenty already have one. But about 50 percent of those asking Santa for a new system want a 3DS, 40 percent want a Wii U and the rest want an old system. I realize it's not any kind of reliable data, but it is nice to see a somewhat random sampling of kids preferring Nintendo and not a single one asking for an Xbox One or Playstation 4.



Yorumi said:

These stories are always interesting to watch all the armchair execs that are so confident they know how make killer sales and yet somehow never actually try it.



Mahe said:

@DarkwingLz Mario 3D World's sales are universally showing a lack of interest towards the game and a decline from previous games due to lack of wide appeal. Making this game was a mistake, Wii U needed something better.



TingLz said:

@Mahe: First of all, your source mentioned first month sales, which is inaccurate because it hasn't been one month yet. Secondly, the difference in percentage is only 2% and 5%, and that somehow makes it a complete "flop". Third, how does first month sales determine an interest overall? Perhaps you need better data than this cherry-picking nonsense



Jimmy_G_Buckets said:

@FutureAlphaMale I grasp the concept...I'm also confident that Nintendo will produce 10 great "must-have" games for the system. Whether they sell 10 million WiiU's or 100 million, regardless. You must be referring to titles such as "101 party games for U" or some other shovelware.



jmax said:

@Nintenjoe64 Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze is releasing in February. That's a pretty major 1st quarter release that will be arriving well before Mario Kart. It should help.



jmax said:

@Mahe Due to lack of "wide appeal"? A critically acclaimed 3d multiplayer Mario game? Yeah, I don't think it is an issue of "appeal". I believe that the issue is that the WiiU install base is still too low. In order for the game to sell through the roof, people would have had to also go out and buy a WiiU system. Releasing on the heels of the big PS4 and Xbox One launches, it doesn't surprise me that gamers didn't have another $350 sitting around.

I actually think that the new Mario game will help move WiiU systems over time, but Nintendo still needs to grow its library over the next year for the WiiU to really be an attractive buy. With another small price drop and the release of Mario Kart 8 and Smash Bros. alongside Donkey Kong, the WiiU will really have a pretty impressive lineup that really should be hard for consumers to continue to ignore.



electrolite77 said:

Yeah, all third-party games are shovelware.

Can't....roll....eyes....hard....enough. That's some serious desperation in your efforts to defend Nintendo.

Every Nintendo console has had its line-up enhanced by third-party software. Even the N64 which got the least support in terms of quantity got the Turoks, ISS, Quake 2, Wipeout 64, Silicon Valley, Body Harvest, Mystical Ninja, Rocket, Star Wars Rogue Squadron etc. etc.



MikeLove said:


No, I'm referring to all the popular third party sports games, RPG, action and adventure games which grace the Sony and Microsoft consoles but skip all of Nintendo's.

If you don't want the option to be able to play Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Metal Gear, Resident Evil, Fallout, Dark Souls, GTA, Red Dead, Tomb Raider, etc on a Nintendo system, it makes no sense to me.



rmeyer said:

The ps4 right now is feeling like a giant paperweight. With a ton of games recently delayed I'm really hoping some games come out. Perhaps Nintendo is waiting for people to see how boring the new consoles are knowing that they have more than a few superior games. Pikmin 3 itself is a good reason to go Wii U right now. The drought has started with the xbox and ps4 consoles.



IxnayontheCK said:

I'm reading a lot about MK8 helping WiiU sales. I have my doubts, I don't know any PS/xbox gamers that ever talk about or that give two s#!ts about mario kart. =/



LuckyLock said:

I hope the sales of the Wii U improves. I have been a very confused gamer, and tried all of the consoles except the Xbox One this year in one capacity or another.

Since I have no device (lost it all this year, recently bought a new tv.), I have been thinking which console I would buy in 2014. Out of all of them, I think Wii U is the better proposition. Off TV play is actually awesome. The games on it are also different than what you can find on the other two.

I don't like what I see on the new HD twins. Monetization in full priced retail games, franchises having always online component (latest heard are Assassin's Creed and Far Cry), ads in the dashboard. At least Nintendo isn't like that yet and I hope they don't change toward this model.



Dogpigfish said:

A lot of Debbie Downer comments today. Nintendo is making a lot of money this year. Wii U is doing pretty well and game adoption is significantly higher on this console, not to mention quality games. I usually follow User ratings over critics and last I checked Nintendo has released some quality games with exceptional reviews. The twins have yet to release something compelling on their consoles, but have spent significant marketing budgets to sell units. Wii U is the only system with a reasonable software schedule in 2014. 3ds Miiverse and universal accounts just got added. This is the greatest Nintendo year ever. Instant replay value added to your 3ds library.



IxnayontheCK said:

@Yorumi of course it's possible, my issue is really Nintendo isn't going to reel in the typical hardheaded ps3/xbox gamer using MK8. So really comparing the Numbers annoys me because Nintendo is really running its own race.



Yorumi said:

@IxnayontheCK They've long since stopped trying to get that crowd. They're not into pandering, and the people who think you're someone only a gamer if you play CoD and GTA arn't ever going to give nintendo the time of day. I'm agreed that the numbers game is just stupid cause even nintendo's worst selling consoles have tons of absolutely classic games.

Mario kart has been pretty popular lately, DS, wii, and 7 all sold well. I don't expect the wiiU to suddenly explode into record sales but mk8, smash, and zelda are going to push sales.



TingLz said:

@FutureAlphaMale To be fair, a large majority of Nintendo console owners want to play Nintendo games. This can lead to Wii U sales anyway even if they have an Xbox One or PS4



LittleIrves said:

@AJ_Lethal I award you Best Coined Term for "pessimism porn." People love to hate.

Yeah, the numbers aren't stellar. But let's all just wait and see what happens. A guy could get whiplash from all the back-and-forth extreme reactions people have to every piece of financial news out of Nintendo.

Whatever the case, I'm just happy this company hasn't yet sunk to the lowest common denominator yet and pandered to the FPS-or-bust crowd. They're doing what they do: Joyful, family-friendly, positive games. Mario 3D World and Pikmin 3 are beautiful games that no one else could make. They even took time to develop and release a Guide to the Louvre, for crying out loud! This is what I want the future of gaming to be about. Inclusive, edifying, fun.



Hale-Bopp said:

All Nintendo has to do is find a way to get Minecraft on both 3DS and Wii U and all their troubles will fade away. I'm half-joking, but you know it would help.



NintyMan said:

Try as I might, I'm no market analyst and I highly doubt most of us here are. I don't care if Wii U sells great or badly because I care for the games. I still like Wii U, and as long as Nintendo keeps making good games for it, that's all that matters to me.



Doma said:

If Mario 3D wasn't/isn't enough to impact hardware sales in any meaningful way (during this holidays), no game ever will. Why can't you fanboys accept this? There's no point in persisting with that stupid “WiiU install base is too low” excuse anymore. This was their biggest release! the one game Iwata pinned all his hopes on for a comeback.

The system is done for... It won't be worth it for anybody to continue making games on in the long run. I'll be expecting more than a few cancelled games in the coming year.



IronMan28 said:

It's funny how people act like a system that costs $300 USD with a game is expensive, but $400 or $500 without a game isn't expensive. Think about it this way, the system costs $250 US without a game, that's damn cheap considering it came out last year. Even worse, a system that came out in 2000 was actually $300 and had no pack in games, but people were more than willing to buy it. I'm just trying to figure out the logic with you people.



Sceptic said:

Pretty hopeless. The WiiU needs a management team to look after it, not that clown troop at Nintendo. I'm amazed Nintendo of America hasn't flat out revolted. There must be somebody with an MBA in that company. Where the heck is he (or she)?

Like I already said elsewhere, the sad truth is they'll probably be lucky to even reach 5 Million units sold.



Sceptic said:

@Yorumi: Feel free to do so, but there's no need to wait a year. End of march 2014 - Nine Million units.

That epic failure will be the industry running gag long after anybody remembers what the WiiU looked like.

The great news for you is I get to eat my words regardless. As a WiiU owner, I'd rather be wrong here.



Yorumi said:

@Sceptic you could perhaps take time to remember history, both with nintendo and other companies. But I suppose that would be more difficult than trying to antagonize people.



gatorboi352 said:

@Cyberbotv2 "And the Wii u sales shouldn't be compared to anything except itself. The PS4 and Xbox one should be compared to tablets. They are not game consoles, but multimedia counterparts."

This might be one of the worst comments I've ever read on the internet.



URAmk2 said:

Sceptic didn't antagonize anyone. you just seem overtly defense. it's not his fault the wii u is selling poorly.



JustinH said:

@Daisaku36 I agree. Everyone's got something to blame here and most of them are kinda ridiculous. My expectation is six months from now when the PS4/Xbone launches are settled it will be clear that this whole industry is built around broken models. The Wii U data is really bad, but the 3DS numbers are only three times those and the North American top 10 is just awful. I'm afraid mobile has eaten away all but the hardcore. And that is a very sad state of affairs.



AlmightyDerek said:

Pretty much what I expected for the Wii U. Some thought it would do great, most thought it would do terrible. I figured it'd be somewhere in the middle. Not high enough to prove the system isn't doomed, but not bad enough to write the system off. Hopefully December will tell us more. It will also be interesting to see if the other systems continue to sell well after the launch period.



JaxonH said:

Wii U just can't seem to catch a break. What a shame too, cause it's an absolutely magnificent console. Seems like we Nintendo home console gamers might become quite the niche group of players. Oh well. At least there are a few million of us that know fun when we see it- I mean, even if Wii U sold HALF what the Gamecube did, that'd mean there's at least ten million gamers in the world who still have good taste



QuickSilver88 said:

If you look at VGZ charts momentum is building...lthe system did close to 250K global he last week of November alone. So each month has improved especially in US and Japan (which Japan has no other new console). EU and UK still have little lift. The question is an they keep the momentum they have built? If they can keep selling say 600k-1mil a month global then the sysyem will be a moderate success probably selling close to N64's 35mil. Nintendo seems to have not just an adveftising problem but management ones as well. Let me elaborate:

1. Many 3rd parties have said Nintendo did nothing during the design of WiiiU to consult them for ideas.....which Sony and M$ both did.
2. Wii momentum and development ended in 2010 with Zelda SS the only major in 2011. Yet Nintendo had no major 1st party at launch.....which Wii, GC, N64, Snes and Nes all had....funny 3DS same problem and same horrible start.
3. They did such a horrible job naming and marketing most consumers didn't even know what it was.
4. They kept whiffing with E3.....first by bowing out of a major presentation and then by really dissapointing by hyping Retro and a new 3D mario and then delivering news of 3D World and DKCTF...which are going to be great games ut were not what fans were wanting?
5. They couldn't get any co-operation for major announcements at e3 for games like COD which took months of rumors before lamely confirmed. Why couldn't they go to activison and say lets do a promotion with a new WiiU Zapper....notthing suprising. It was admitted that games like GTA5 and Crysis 3 had builds running on WiiU but nothing.....Nintendo should have went to Rock Star and thrown money and an offer to publish WiiU something. They did no joint promotions even with strong supporter Ubi who could have showed off Splinter Cell, AC4, and Rayman which all turned out very good.
6. Whatever the hell happened with EA...people blame EA who beyond just pulling support also trashed the console and in a way its supporters. I don't think this just happened due to poor sales and/or orgin....something bad and ugly must have went down between Ea and Nintendo...say what you want but if anybody needs anyone more is Nintendo and not they will keep selling millions od units on orher systems while Nintendo get no Madden, Fifa, NFS, ME or Dragon Age.
7. While the libray has more dpeth than people want to admit with great exclusives like Lego City, MHU, Pikman, W101, 2 Mario games, Zelda WW as well as some good 3rd party releases like Batman, nfsmw, injustice, rayman, deus ex, ac4 and 2 cOD games the system is totally lacking in other areas mostly sports and racing.
8. VC is moving so slow on WiiU and has done nothing to excite other than get Earthbound releases.....No N64, no GC, why not bring DS and 3DS to wiiu?

So bad moves have been made. The WiiU is not terrible spec wise and the gamepad is not a bad concept but needs better utilzation. If I was their CEO this is what I would do.

1. Go kiss the donkey of some key 3rd party companies and titles. Throw some money and even help porting engines like dice to WiiU.
2. Colaborate like they did with Sega on F-Zero, SSB with namco , and SMTxFE with Altus...titles that the don't want to or have time to develop they should farm out and then oversee and publish. Criterion did awesome on NFSMW...imagine them doing a new waverace or excite bike/truck.
3. Do a major cross over 3DS/WiiU title like Pokemon, Animal Crossings, how about Advance wars.....make it so you can cross play/buy and also move your campaign and online battles between home/portable. 3DS over 40mil now...why not entice those gamers onto wiiU.
4. Get a marketing team with a clue that knows how to build hype.
5. Keeping a steady stream od 1st and 3rd party exclsusives is a must.
6. Get off your donkeys on VC and bring something more than nes/snes.

Last idea is for the future.....everyone says WiiU2 must come soon but that would be a horrible move....but how about we know WiiU is not super powerful, nor uses a lot of watts of power. So in a few years when 3DS is winding down make a discless WiiU handheld....that uses a slimmer, trimmer Gamepad design and runs WiiU games and maybe has more ram and flash.....and has a wireless module with hdmi for hdtv second screen and usb3 ports for Hd and sd I could play offTV anywhere, come home and go dual in the next generation Nintendo makes one console that is portable and home......the have always dominated handhelds..if they could make a portable strong enough to do 1080P then many portable users would see no need to buy a home console and Nintendo could rule the world again.



MadAdam81 said:

The Wii U will be lucky to have 10 million sales by this time next year. The Wii U needs games like the N64 system seller, otherwise the Wii U will be it's worst ever performing home console - however, don't expect Nintendo to replace it in a couple of years, the Wii U won't be replaced for 3 to 4 years.



MadAdam81 said:

@QuickSilver88 I like that idea, but even in the meantime Nintendo could bring out a gamepad that can at least play VC games away from the Wii U.
Somethung else that would be great in the meantime would be a Wii U/3DS/DS version of the Super Gameboy - imagine playing Pokemon X & Y on the Wii U gamepad + TV? Hopefully it wouldn't cost too much to make, as it could really help to sell Wii Us to 3DS owners.



element187 said:

@booopn people need to get over the idea that a single game will save the system... It's going to take a large library of exclusives to move systems. It will be a slog for Nintendo until they can get the price down to an impulse buy level + more and more exclusives.

But what I don't understand is the hyperventilating over this data. Selling these consoles is a long term proposition and the value of the console goes up as it gets more great games and the price falls. The idea that Nintendo would throw in the towel is insane. They will see this system to the end in 5 to 6 years..... Sony might throw in the towel with their failed handheld, but Nintendo give up on their home console.



DESS-M-8 said:

Nintendo should just bite the bullet and admit they messed up the entire first 15 months of the Wii u lifespan. They're games need to hit shop shelves in abundance ALL year next year as all xbox and ps4 bells and whistles will be blowing hard next year and they NEED major 3rd party titles that missed this year. Unfortunately they need:
Battlefield with DLC
FULL DLC and multiplayer support
While most of these titles are just regurgitated annually, unfortunately their sales numbers are ridiculous which means a LOT of people play them, if these games aren't on your system? That is a BIG reason to not buy your system.
Saying "we're not competing, we're different, buy two consoles" is an utterly stupid tactic to take, some people have more than one console; a lot don't. They should be striving to be the number one choice, not striving to be every bodies 1st second choice.
They need to do something to attract these developers back to Nintendo ready for full support ready for 2014's wave of annual clone franchises or there will be more millions of people NOT buying Wii U next year.
It really is as simple as that. Most Nintendo fans will have bought a Wii U already with the rest slowly upgrading and providing the drip drip of sales numbers.
Nintendo now need to go after where the numbers are.

Be careful with your description next time as your comments at the end can be considered highly offensive. -LZ



Excep7ional said:


I don't think Sony will give up on the Vita, not just yet anyway. The Vita bundled Ps4 package seems like a nice deal so that might make the sales go up. Not to mention the remote play function is getting high praise from the people that experienced it, so that will probably help it grow.


I agree with this. Nintendo is successful, but if they actually abandon that "we are doing our own thing" mentality and get into competition, I believe they would be doing much better in the Home Console race. I always like Nintendo Consoles, but the lack of 3rd party support always made me stray away from picking them up. They need to change that.



electrolite77 said:


"in the next generation Nintendo makes one console that is portable and home"

This keeps getting said a lot and I reckon it may be the way to go for Nintendo in the future.

In the present though, I'm amazed they haven't tried to leverage the 3DS success to sell the Wii U. A Gameboy Player type device, cross play between systems, cross buy offers, multi-format VC. Nintendo just seem stuck in stasis.



BlackStar9000 said:

@Hernandez Step it up is right, WHERE IS THE ADVERTISING! I see some ads now, but they are short and OVERLY kid friendly, I see multiplat games being shown in HardCore detail for the Sony and MS but NONE for the Wii U, its pathetic, but necessary for Nintendo to grow, you dont fight when there isnt a challenge, and the MUST fight back hard if they want the Wii U to survive, its time to LISTEN TO THE FANS NINTENDO!!! HEY! LISTEN! :{



opeter said:

There was nothing wrong with the Wii. Nintendo had only one thing to do: updated the hardware, so it would show and play full HD games (1080p).

The Wii U gamepad it one of the biggest and most expensives fails for a Nintendo console. They should have just keep the motion sensors (maybe upgrade them a bit or two).

And also, where are the AAA 3rd party titles? Why are we constantly reading, the developer X is abandoning the Nintendo platform.

Of course indie games are great and sometimes a big refreshment, but you can't base your console market only on indies in the long run. Who will buy such a thing, when there is non of the bigger names on it.

Nintendo needs to understand, that they can't compete with the the Tablets/Smartphone markets and games and also it shouldn't.

One of the problems it, the Wii was a real revolution/innovation. The Wii U is just, I don't know, what to say.

What do you think, why do people buy PS4 and Xbox One consoles and not the Wii U?



element187 said:

@Excep7ional Sony has yet to announce a slew of games for the vita. The only thing that can save the vita is throwing a s___ ton of games at the device! but they are unwilling to do so. It needs 1 great game per month to save it. Relying on being a second screen to the ps4 won't cut it,

So I politely disagree, Sony is letting it languish because their priority is ps4 apparently



Crazy4WiiU said:

Wii U sales (source
187,369 units in October 2013
*** 550,812 units in November 2013 ***

2.2 Million units for 2013 to date
4.5 Million units since launch in 2012 to date

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