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Xbox One UK Sales Set to Pass Wii U's Lifetime to Date Figures

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

North American figures also provide a reminder of the challenge ahead

It's well known and statistically clear that the Wii U has had a poor start on the market, a trend the company is striving to turn around with cheaper prices, value bundle offers, increased marketing and major game releases. The challenge ahead has been brought into focus this week in the UK, however, with MCV reporting that the Xbox One has sold around 150,000 units in its first 48 hours; that's apparently just a few thousand units short of the Wii U's overall UK sales since its own launch nearly a year ago.

Nintendo's UK sales have been specifically highlighted as a weak-point in Satoru Iwata's financial briefings during the past year, though the most recent results brought better news courtesy of strengthening 3DS performance. The Wii U's continued struggles were largely expected through the Autumn / Fall period, though an increase in sales is now anticipated with a variety of titles on the market and this week's arrival of Super Mario 3D World, which landed in North America last week.

It's not just in the UK that the Wii U's year-long head start is in danger of being lost. While Microsoft reported around one million sales across various territories in its first 24 hours, Sony's PS4 reported the same landmark in North America alone; even accounting for a launch day rush and momentum tailing off, it's a particularly impressive start by Sony's system ahead of its European launch this week. As of 30th September Nintendo reported 1.75 million Wii U hardware sales in "The Americas", once again showing the slow progress of sales. As in every territory, Nintendo of America will be hoping its marketing, major releases and alternative target audience — as demonstrated in its TV adverts — will give the Wii U a seasonal shopping lift.

Of course, launch day sales are often substantial, though for some comparison the Wii U shifted around 400,000 Wii U systems in the US in its début week; sales naturally fall away after an initial rush.

The UK figure is disappointing, and we'll soon see whether the Nintendo Holiday lineup leads to a revival in the platform's fortunes around the world.


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I'm gonna just say it, I personally wouldn't buy an X1 right now. It has no decent games and is way overpriced, and the only reason I can think of is just so people can "hey look, I got the new xbox"



unrandomsam said:

@I-AM-REGGIE The same could have been said about anybody who bought a Wii U other than extremely recently. People who only play Fifa and Call of Duty need a PS4/Xbone to have the proper versions.



DilMan33 said:

I would not mind if the XB1 had brilliant titles. But no, actually the launch titles are actually quite poor, terribly designed, with just graphics flashed up.

God help the industry!



Einherjar said:

@I-AM-REGGIE Pretty much that But honestly, wasnt buying the WiiU on launch also an act of pure fanboyism ?
But it was to be expected. The XBOX-359 has all them brown shooter garmez for all he bros out there AND you get the added bonus of beeing able to say "ive got myself an expensive new hardcore TV reciever instead of a kiddy games console"
To be honest, i had a really good time with my WiiU so far and its only getting better. There is really no need for any of the new consoles. It will be the first time that i wait for a major price cut and proper games. Lets see if the next generation is worth beeing called that, or if its really just Ubi, EA and the likes, rereleasing their games to justify the insane production costs.



Garo said:

I'm seriously starting to wonder if anything can save the Wii U after the initial goof-ups; naming, marketing and all. Let's just hope Nintendo learns from this.

@themajorityofposters I assume: cry some more.



mostro328 said:

Sucks but hey lets see how sales keep up after launch fanboys buy day one, nintendo will have to capture the hardcores from within, metroid with some kind of online mp can bring. Some people over, or a new ip rated MA, nintendo is pumping out good games, 2014 will be a good year for gamers as long as WW3 hasnt started



AdanVC said:

It's common for new consoles to sell a lot on it's first week because of hype, and naturally those numbers are going to decrease for X1/PS4 after that. @I-AM-REGGIE is right, the ones who buy Xbone right now are just fanboys because seriously, that console doesn't have ANYTHING attractive, even with Kinect and the voice control gimmick. Their launch games have been doing terrible on reviews and once people in the UK have the chance to play them, they would realize "seriously? This is it, Xbone?". Right now Wii U have the brightest future in terms of games, Xbone in the other hand... the only known anticipated exclusive game coming soon is Titanfall (oh, another FPS, what a revolutionary Next-Gen thing)... the other ones are multiplatform games anyways (Watch_Dogs -coming for Wii U as well- and Destiny) Because seriously, what other attractive exclusive games Xbone is getting starting 2014?? Even with Halo 5 that console is just a big EWW for me.



Samurai_Goroh said:

That's just one particular market, one that the Xbox brand has conquered the past generation if I'm not mistaken. Meanwhile in Japan...
And the "PC Twins" will have very good launch window sales, Wii U had very good sales last year too. I'm more keen in what happens in a couple of months into 2014.



6ch6ris6 said:

xbox one has some cool launch games:
dead rising 3, forza 5.
makes it way more interesting than the ps4.
wiiU launch had cooler games though



Worthy said:

...and suddenly I stopped feeling sorry for those who have been having trouble with there Xbox One's, lol!! (just kidding)



Mr_G said:

when nintendo is at its worse it achieves its best. So maybe this is a good thing then nintendo will come out with some great games that they will put their all into.
But thats just wishful thinking. I seriously think nintendo is in serious trouble



MeddlingIdiot said:

@AdanVC Don't forget that Titanfall is coming to the Xbox 360 too, making it even less of a reason to purchase an Xbox One right now.



ricklongo said:

The Wii U beating the Xbox One in the UK would be akin to the Xbox One Beating the Wii U in Japan.

I am interested in the Xbox One numbers for the United States / Canada, though. That might prove to be more of a race.



ScorpionMG said:

fanboys always get the console at start, lets see how it continues in the future, i don't bet everyone would want to spend on a 500$+ console.



iwasbornonxmas said:

Personally I love the fact that the wii u is struggling at the moment just due to the amount of cheap accessories and lowered pricing point for the games, for example I managed to pick up a wii fit + balance board bundle for £19.99 at a a supermarket!!!!!! Without a doubt Nintendo will be able to turn around the wii u into a successful console.....just like the 3DS.





No it can't, the Wii U offered a brand new way to play games and had better launch games. Zombi U, NSMBU, nintendo land, ninja gaiden 3 (the proper version) plus a few good indy games.

And as for fifa and whatever, you can get those on PS3 or 360.



HawkeyeWii said:

When I read the stats about the sales in the UK my jaw dropped...... wow... just wow.......That is embarrassing.



DESS-M-8 said:

Sales at end of Q2 2014 will be more telling. This was always gonna happen.
New console? Follow ups to very popular existing consoles? Right before Xmas? I can't believe they've sold a lot!!!????
Nintendo are idiots, I can't believe they thought simply riding the back of the Wii would work. The Wii died 2 years ago at least, they were far too late with a HD console. In the UK the Wii had been branded something I cannot say here at Nintendo Life as it is against our Community Rules! In the social consensus for males between 14-35. They needed to ditch the Wii name and LAUNCH something new. Not silently slip something onto shop shelves with the Wii name in it and expect an unknowing crowd to know what was happening and have an uncontrollable desire to buy.
The Wii U is by far the best console ever made. It is the best console of the next generation and it IS a NES/SNES(will be N64 & GCN also in near future) and a Wii all in one piece of hardware.
Sad to say though, it has already started to fail and will continue into the ground. Nintendo have really REALLY screwed this one up somehow
Even in quotations, such slurs are not permitted here. Please stop — TBD



JadedGamer said:

I cant believe people are paying 500 for a new console. Yet I paid 350 plus games for a wiiu day one. Nintendo marketed their console as a hub for the living room. The twin consoles truly are. they offer 1080 p graphics and a dvd blue ray player..etc Nintendo would have been better served putting a dvd player in their console. That's not bending to the competition but more leveling the playing field. That may have changed perceptions on the system and truly brought it to the next gen, not that its not. But many consumers see that it cant do everything like dvds and will shy away from that .



rjejr said:

Didnt Microsoft offer FIFA free with the X1 just to increase UK sales?



Ernest_The_Crab said:

@unrandomsam Yes, it is 720p at a constant 60fps. We also have to factor in that the team hasn't done anything in HD yet without reusing existing resources.

@rjejr Yes, they did include a free copy of Fifa, which now that I think about it, would explain the sales considering the power of Fifa in the UK.

Apparently, the game hit the top of the charts due to the bundling.

@DESS-M-8 Nintendo isn't the only one to make this mistake. Sony tried this with the PS3 and tried to ride off the success of the PS2. They found out the hard way that wasn't going to work and had to work hard to get where they are now with the PS3.

Nintendo isn't stupid for making this specific error, they are stupid for making this specific error under the specific conditions right now, especially considering the competition has made the same mistake before (twice actually if you count the Vita).

This is why Sony is in a stronger position right now, they had to learn their lesson the hard way. I wouldn't be surprised if Nintendo is in a stronger position for their next console if they fail here (and they do have the money to survive at least one failure).



shonenjump86 said:

I'm actually getting a Wii U pretty soon. Now is the time to get one. Getting the bundle with the NSMB games, not really high on NSMB games that much but it doesn't hurt to have games that come with the console . I still plan on getting an Xbox One as well in the near future. The new Killer Instinct and Dead Rising 3 are must haves for me.



Darknyht said:

A Quote from an article I found today: (

"During the GameCube era, Nintendo of Japan became confused by North America’s obsession with violence, epic cinematic stories, and photo realistic graphics. By 2004, games such as “Halo 2″ (sold 8 million units) and “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas” (sold 17.33 million units) were stealing attention away from Nintendo’s first party
“In meetings it was clear [Nintendo of Japan] could not understand why the brand had fallen so far here in North America or comprehend why the mature titles, and more powerful consoles, were so successful. Nintendo represented fun, in the purest sense of the word, they always have. When you play Nintendo games you laugh, you yell, you smile, and you jump around. You have FUN. Someone, sadly I forget who, would later quote in one of those meetings that “Consumers don’t want fun anymore; they just want to kill people… in HD.” It was actually kind of true, and with the cultural differences between Japan and the US, it was easy to understand the confusion,” said Mercury in 2011."



mercurio2054 said:

why Nintendolife is making echo of news like this!? does this interest to nintendo fan?
no, IMO.



Jazzer94 said:

I thought this was going to happen soon last time I was in Game I saw around 20+ Xbox One sales while waiting in line compared with 2 Wii U sales.



AVahne said:

I'm disappointed that Nintendo let their one year headstart go to a complete waste. They made a much weaker system than their competitors again, couldn't get enough third parties interested enough to develop respectable games (way too many shoddy ports among the few third party games, many of which are considered old games), and they couldn't convince the consumers to buy into the Wii U experience.
Even with a weaker system, Nintendo could've worked harder to convince third parties to bring more decent games to the Wii U. Also, Nintendo just weren't ready for launch. They didn't have enough of their own IPs ready, which is what most people buying a Nintendo system will be wanting, and they weren't ready to develop for the "HD generation".
Sigh, at least there's Mario Kart 8 coming. It should definitely boost sales to ensure that the Wii U gets Gamecube level sales. I don't see the Wii U reaching PS3 and 360 sales, much less Wii sales. Just hoping that it'll survive the usual 5-6 year life span that Nintendo home consoles usually have, so that I can have the chance of seeing more classic Nintendo franchises developed in a more modern era; like Star Fox and F-Zero!



Peach64 said:

Maybe this will make Nintendo realise they need to put some work in? Because they, and a lot of their fans seem to think everything will just work out well in the end. They say there's Mario Kart and Smash coming, but the Gamecube had those too. They've shown with the 3DS they can eventually make good games, and SM3DW is a start on Wii U, but why have they made exactly the same mistake again?

I believe they got arrogant with the Wii sales, and thought a new Nintendo console was all they needed, without worrying about the games, but the fact is the Wii, despite it's amazing sales, it's probably not held in such high regard as Nintendo believes it is. Loads of casuals bought them, but a LOT of those people stopped playing them pretty quick too. You can pick up pre-owned Wiis with Wii Sports for £20 now (for some perspective, SM3DW on the eshop costs £50). The amount of people actively playing Wii and wanting it's successor it seems is actually not that big.



Luffymcduck said:

I've had lots of fun with WiiU but even I can tell that most of their effort has been put to 3DS. Great that, but a full year headstart was lost there.



Robottiimu2000 said:

The one big difference with launch titles is that WiiU runs it's predecessors games which is not true for xbone and ps4. And that was a very good boost for launch titles for someone like myself who didn't own a Wii before.



Jazzer94 said:

@AVahne Nintendo seem reluctant to bring back F-Zero and Star Fox which makes me sad as I think both would benefit far more on Wii U with its potential power.



Mahe said:

And some people claim that the Gamepad isn't harming Wii U...



Mahe said:

@Peach64 And yet the Wii version of Just Dance 2014 is the best-selling one, and Wii has constantly trounced Wii U this year in both hardware and software sales. Obviously, people are still playing on Wii despite the dearth of new releases.

If Nintendo had released Wii U without the Gamepad, things could be different.



Zael said:

Nintendo wii u needs more games to appeal mature gamers
Everyone plays videogames but only adults have money to buy them.
Nintendo should change its politics
Ip like mario and kirby are ok but are also sufficient to bring younger gamers.
Next you need to bring adults and to do so you need games like rpg, strategics, fighting, action, stealth etc.
ip like star fox or f zero, but also fire emblem, could help
But I refer also to games like card master, hal is a second part to nintendo. they have many old school games to reboot (which can appeal adults) but they continue with things like kirby or yoshi story
Nintendo is wrong this time
The gamepad is the first error, next the game lineup
4-10 old years gamers don't push the market because are parents to buy games to them, and parents spend low budget for this, probably they buy 3ds to their sons
The home console needs to be adult oriented, in fact xbox one and ps4 are outselling wii u in only few days.
People know that they will find much more games on ps4 x1 targeted to adult and buy them.
Zelda mario metroid, xenoblade still remain the best games ever but you have only one of them per year, people know this.
A wii u costs about 240 $ in production (material), the gamepad is the 25% of that cost
A ps4 costs about 380 $ (material), a pad for ps4 is about the 4% of the cost
with only 140$ of difference sony and microsoft offer a next gen hardware, third parties and adult contents
The result is x1 sells in 48h what wii u sells in one year
Nintendo you don't learn from your mistakes, you say that you don't listen to consumers when you want to offer something new but at the same time you produce only ip that consumers buy for sure, so you listen to consumers as a matter of fact, but this is not the way to make business because you see only sales and not what players are asking



Savino said:

People that are saying that is just the fanboy base buying the console and next year will see the WiiU winning the race is completly delusional.

Sorry to say but gamecube sales is a great perspective for WiiU right now! I mean, look at those numbers! Both consoles have no games worthy and still are selling like hot cakes....

Can you imagine it next year?! Next CoD, next BF, next NFS, next Assassin Creed, next Mass Effect (or similar), Dragon Age, elders scrolls... nothing will coming to the WiiU... so sorry to say, but not even Mario Kart and SSB will drive sales as people think....



rbmoura85 said:

@Peach64 to release mario kart in a console like gamecube who had almost nothing atractive to it and was unkown to the general public, is not the same thing as to release mario kart in wiiu, wich is a console build upon a very successful brand who is widely know by casual players, namely "wii"



rbmoura85 said:

i think that we will only have a clear picture of whats to come once all the novelty of xbox1 and ps4 wears out...only them the consoles with the better value will stand out...we will have to wait and see



fairybats said:

I'm not sure if the rumours are true, but the thought of a Kinect spying on me, and shutting off movies if someone else walks in the room, well, are a huge annoyance. And having to be connected to the internet every 24 hours or the system will lock is also ridiculous. I think there's going to be a lot of backlash for the xbox1 after the initial sales wave is over.



rmeyer said:

The English must have missed the memo. You aren't supposed to buy an xbox one. It's putting a camera in your house.



URAmk2 said:

lol! 3rd place for wii u is looking more & more like reality. im looking forward to all the rage & denial to start pouring in from the fanboy's.



Mahe said:

@rbmoura85 When Nintendo made the Gamepad, they squandered that brand. The Gamepad sucks and it shouldn't come with the Wii U.



belmont said:

I have a Wii U and I will never buy an X1 but I really don't understand what's the deal with the X1. If someone wants to spend 500+ euros to play fps (or FIFA) games that he/she enjoys it is perfectly fine. Also it is fine if someone wants to spend 350+ euros (at launch) to play Mario. I don't play fps games but if someone likes them he or she is not "bad gamer" or "enter random bad word" by default. And by default whoever plays Mario is not "the ideal best core gamer".

Also PS4 and X1 are not PC twins. There are many key differences in first and second party titles like Uncharted etc. that you can't find on the other one or PCs.



Kruger85 said:

LMFAO!!!!That is an utter humilation for Nintendo!!!
Seriously Xbox One ONLY 50k behind Wii U lifetime sales after only 24hrs on the market?
Also in America Wii U lifetime sales 1.8 Million....PS4 1.1 Million in 24 hrs!!!
By next week the Nintendo would have lost all its Wii U market share worldwide to Sony and Microsoft!!!
So much for the RUSHED year head start!!!
There is no way the Wii U will survive,yeah Mario is coming but it will still not be enough especially v the next gen.
Xbox One had lame launch titles yet in the UK charts in had all 15 games in the top 20!!!!!!!!!
The Wii U needs to be scrapped and for Nintendo to think about making a new more powerful console, the Gamepad STILL has ZERO games that are made for it and it costs to much and still cannot use 2 gamepads in the same game!!
The under power console worked with the Wii....but that has proved to be a fluke.
The amount if interest already in the next gen in just a week is more hype that the Wii U has had all year!!



james_squared said:

The Sky is Falling! What are we going to do? For me, I'll continue to enjoy my Wii and Wii U games. Marvel Superheroes is great with the second screen.



unrandomsam said:

@belmont Most of the friends of mine who play Fifa seem to get more time out of it than I have with the £500 worth of 3DS games that you just go through never really improve and then finish never feeling content.



aaronsullivan said:

Can't read much into this yet. It's way too early.
I gave the PS4 and XB1 a good look, but I really don't understand what people are playing on those systems. At least with the Wii U my family played and loved Nintendo Land for weeks. (Have hundreds of hours on that game and still climbing) That wasn't everyone's experience of course and reviewers weren't all that nice to Nintendo Land so maybe some of these mediocre looking launch games are giving some people loads of joy.

As for buying on day one, the Wii U looked far more promising at launch than it turned out to be. Nintendo lost Rayman Legends as an early title, and EA erased itself from the future of the platform publicly. Pikmin 3 got pushed off. The promise of the launch vanished quickly.

A couple of bright spots held us over though: Lego City Undercover, Sonic ASRT with two screen play and believe it or not Just Dance 2014. We did go download + revisiting the Prime Trilogy though for awhile there. Now, we can't possibly keep up. Just had a fantastic time with Wii Party U, Pikmin is still getting played (longer than expected with all that DLC), we are holding off for Christmas on some big ones, but we can't fit it all into a healthy lifestyle very well.

Two games interested me: That Wave Race mini game from the new Kinect Sports on XB1 and Resogun on PS4.



Rafie said:

@aaronsullivan That's a preference, Mr. Sullivan. If you saw something to buy a Wii U through NintendoLand, then that's great. Others will buy the other 2 for their own preference. So yes there is appeal to all 3 at launch for whatever reason the consumer wants to purchase it for.

To all of those saying that people buying the Xbox One and PS4 on launch day are fanboys are fanboys themselves. That's completely ignorant to make such a foolish claim. I bought a Wii U on launch day....does that make me a fanboy?! Of course not. I also bought a PS4 on launch. That still doesn't make me a fanboy. I'm not even playing the PS4 right now due to 3D World. Still, anyone who purchases a console on launch day are FANS of the console, company, gaming, etc. That doesn't make them fanboys/girls.



MikeLove said:


"Can't read much into this yet. It's way too early"

The PS4 sold nearly as many consoles in 24hrs in North America as the Wii-U has sold in 365 days there.

You are telling me you can't discern any information from that statistic?




unrandomsam said:

Only thing I want on either of the PS4/Xbone is Crimson Dragon

The only thing I really want for the Wii U is Donkey Kong Country which they delayed. (Probably also get Sonic Lost World as I loved Generations regardless of what others think). Gunlord I will probably get on both 3DS / Wii U (Already have it on Dreamcast but its annoying getting it out all the time).



banacheck said:

PS4 this friday as well them figures Game put out are very impressive for EU launch, its already done one million in 24 hours in two country's. So i'm fully expecting the PS4 to outsell the XboxOne in its homeland, but the XboxOne sales are good also considering the XboxOne announcement. 2014 is going to be an excellent year for games, Infamous: Second Son, The Division, MGS Ground Zeroes, Watch Dogs, Destiny, The Evil Within, The Witcher 3 and loads more, just 4 more days to wait.



PinkSpider said:

Really not surprised by people in the U.K.
Fifa and COD go hand in hand with most people in the U.K Gaming market.
They don't really appreciate generally inventive games like Pikmin 3 and Mario World and obscure Japanese titles, I don't see the Wii U ending but I do see it ending in the U.K market. I have never seen anyone standing in GAME looking at the Wii U section. Everybody in the queue usually have XBOX games in there hands. I don't actually know anyone that owns a Wii U. None of my friends will ever buy a Wii U they are all XBOX fans.
Its a shame how Nintendo have been forgotton after almost being the pioneer of gaming in the late 80's and 90's



aaronsullivan said:

Yes, it's a preference which made it astronomically better for me but I still found the Nintendo launch to have just as much if not more to offer than this pair of launches as objectively as that can be measured. Obviously it dried up fast on the Wii U. I did try to explain that in my opening paragraph.

Also I think and hope you're not insinuating I'm calling people who buy those consoles "fanboys" because it wasn't my intention. Seems like you are addressing others but I just want to be clear.

Genuinely curious what games you have for PS4 and what you think of them.

What exactly CAN you acertain from this? The XBox 1 and PS4 sold a lot more than Wii U at launch. Okay. The Wii U launch actually looked very promising at first as well. At least in North America. It was basically sold out at first. We know how that turned out. The population of "core" gamers has always had a preference for Playstation and Xbox and those are the people who buy consoles at launch. This is unsurprising and not new information. I guess nothing has changed?

What I'm waiting to see is if the parents and guardians of kids and teens are going to go out and pick up the Wii U this holiday or are they going to pass on it or are they going to buy one of these two new systems. Will people buy into the XBox One as their one TV media consumption device, for instance?

None of those questions are being remotely answered by the launch numbers.



YorkshireNed said:

I think the success of the Wii with the family market alienated the average gamer. At my workplace, I'm the only one talking about getting a Wii U for Xmas, everyone else is talking about XBox & PS4. I don't care, I think of myself as more of a connoisseur. I drink real ale, they drink mass produced lager full of additives. I seek out the best underground music, they watch X Factor. Still, while I may be happy, Nintendo's shareholders won't be. I am also not a naive Nintendo worshiper. I know the harsh facts

With the Wii U being so far behind the competition on tech specs, it was never going to do well with the third party developers. What we need for the Wii U are rock solid Nintendo smash hits. We need a Xenoblade Chronicles style epic JRPG. And whoever runs the download service needs sacking.



MikeLove said:


How many of those are 'verified' purchases, and how many are just bitter PS4 fanboys returning the favor after Xbox fanboys gave their system 1-star ratings?

Of the 10-12 reviews on display when I clicked the link, only ONE was verified. Do the math.



GamerJunkie said:


Playroom, Resogun, contrast are 3 free games that came with my PS4 and all are decent and different. On top of that you have DC UNiverse and other free to play games on there too. Its got a variety of games from different genres right off the bat and you get 6-7 free right away......

Sorry nintendoland is not better than that. ON top of that you have solid as hell sports games for soccer, football, basketball fans. You have incredible FPS games BF4, COD and killzone. Assassins creed 4 and so on... it is a very solid launch lineup compared to the few games Nintendo had.

I love Mario 3D world, but its the 1st game ive played in months on my Wii U. It was a bad 1st year and people are showing that with both real next gen consoles outselling Wii U within a week of launch compared to Wii U in a year.



Rafie said:

@aaronsullivan Not all, Aaron. That's why I said "to those" who are calling people fanboys...blah, blah. Not pointing you specifically out. In fact, I didn't even know you mentioned anything about being a fanboy/girl in your post! I also started a new paragraph to get my point across to the others. That's why I didn't continue to write in the paragraph that specifically has your name in it. My apologies still.

As far as games for the PS4 is concerned. I don't have any. I only have the free games that game (Contrast, Resogun, Playroom). The reason for that is that I REALLY wanted Mario 3D World and I knew that particular game is more up my alley than something like Killzone and Knack. Also, my children has to have Christmas, so I couldn't get any games for myself. I'm fine with that for now. I will eventually pick those games up.



Rafie said:

@FutureAlphaMale Yeah both camps from MS and Sony completely annihilated Amazon with their fanboyish reviews that's not verified at all. Misleading people to buy either system. If this continues...both camps will end up destroying each other. It's amazing that people will put so much energy to wish badly and go as far as making fake accounts. We all know it's fanboys and girls.

You know I was debating with someone here a few months ago about "fanboys" in general and this person said that Sony had the worst. To this day I still believe that to be subjective when there is no way of knowing. However, I will say that I now agree with this person to say that Nintendo fans aren't nearly as bad. They are still bad now, lol.....just not as bad as the other 2.



aaronsullivan said:

@Mahe What does your vision of a GamePad-less Wii U look like? Loving the GamePad more and more as it does stuff nothing else can do. How exactly has it harmed sales do you think? How do you think this article or the sales of the PS4 and XB1 supports your conclusion in any way?

@Rafie No problem. Your post just flowed nicely from what you were saying about me to the fanboy thing. I'm in agreement that people who buy at launch are often just fans, and they have reason to be. Nintendo has NEVER let me down at launch with a home console and has provided me hours of new and fun experiences every time (every portable launch has been a letdown however). I'm a Nintendo fan. Doesn't mean I have blinders on or ( @FutureAlphaMale ) stick my head in the sand even if it might seem that way sometimes.

I'm always talking about Wii U here, but I've got a pretty wide set of gaming taste: I like my PS3 (Shooter and Shooter 2 are my faves) and I love my Apple devices, too. I also love a whole bunch of euro-boardgames and am currently developing a video game right now (iOS and Android). On the PC/Mac I'm playing Starcraft 2 with my wife and when I get time I enjoy Battlefield 3.



MikeLove said:


Ya I agree. I find Nintendo fans more 'snobby' however, as if their gaming tastes are more refined than those of PS and Xbox owners.

I love Nintendo, and if I could only own one system it would be theirs, but I'm not foolish enough to think the other companies are awful or that their games aren't any good.



MikeLove said:


I can ascertain that since Sony and Xbox have both eclipsed or nearly equalled 365 days worth of Wii-U sales in a week or less, that their new consoles are far more popular with the gaming public.



aaronsullivan said:

@FutureAlphaMale I'd say the new consoles are less popular so far since currently reported numbers show more people own Wii U's than either console alone. :/

(Incidentally, If you believe that Wii U sales go mostly to families with kids you might have to increase the Wii U popularity number higher, too. Not sure if that's the case though.)

I admit the trend lines alone would tell a predictive story where the XB1 and PS4 crush the Wii U. They went from zero to 1,000,000+ in a day right? But my thinking is that there is a very different audience that could start picking up Wii U bundles this Holiday much faster than Sony and Microsoft can supply consoles to the core gamers.

After all, there are currently more exclusive games with higher ratings on the Wii U than the new consoles whether you are a core gamer or not. (I will say that PS4 comes close with it's downloadable games though.)

What is more convincing to me is reported elsewhere: The reports of pent up demand. If that demand pans out and if Sony and Microsoft can produce consoles fast enough it will probably be a sizeable lead over the Wii U anyway.



Kuksenkov said:

@Zael I love the fact that Xbone and PS4 seem to be the only next gen consoles, they're CURRENT GEN TOGETHER WITH 3DS, VITA AND YES WII U.

People need to realize that the UK is Xbox territory, as well a Fifa and Cod territory, that's what they buy over there. So as Japan is Nintendo territory and buy Pokemon, Monster Hunter etc. No sourprise, Xbone will not sell that much in Japan. Simple.



JayMiller1988 said:

If Super Mario 3D World and the other games don't start selling Wii U's, especially with Black Friday around the corner, I don't know what will.



Buduski said:

Wii U systems are actually sold out this holiday in many of my local retailers here in PR like gamestop, toys r us and walmart, I think best buy has a few but left but they are really flying off the store shelves.



aaronsullivan said:

@banacheck 2014 should be great for games, I agree. The promise of all the consoles is mostly out there. The variety of gaming that is coming due to the renewed focus on indie and smaller downloadable games is growing as well, which makes me think the early part of this generation is going to be a veritable renaissance of gaming. The new Steam platform may even bring a refresh to the PC gaming scene.

Besides the games you mentioned there's also Mario Kart and Smash Bros. next year as a big deal from Nintendo's side. Also Titanfall (though not entirely exclusive to Xbox 1) is promising. Good times ahead.

Of course here in 2013 I'm pretty sure the highest rated exclusive that's currently available on a new console is still Super Mario 3D World.



Darkness3131 said:

Everyone is always saying that Nintendo should change this and that to make it more appealing to the other side of the market. I think there is a line to draw with that. One of the reasons Nintendo is successful is because its different. Yes, there are some marketing changes that Nintendo can make to maybe get the word out more, but I still place my trust in Nintendo in that they have other things to throw around other that shooters (also not saying that the PS4 or XB1 only have shooters, just relating to the fact that whenever I'm criticized its for something silly such as not being a gamer because I don't play shooters.) I think Nintendo has its place in the market; whether or not its a market leader its still at least part of a semi-large niche market.



aaronsullivan said:

The only thing that could make Nintendo lose this generation is if it can't keep making awesome games. So far it is winning. As I mentioned earlier, I believe It still has the best rated exclusive on all the new consoles: Super Mario 3D World.

I think the Wii U numbers have a chance at keeping pace with the other two over the next year or so but if they don't I hope Nintendo keeps winning the other way. Obviously, it has to profit enough to keep the business going but I hope a company that stands for quality games and new experiences that include all ages can succeed in the market. In fact, the real loss would be if it couldn't. If Nintendo had to stop being risky and just do the same as others do that would be a loss for all of us and I'd argue gaming, in general.

(BTW, not trying to disparage Microsoft or Sony here as the new consoles have some awesome new stuff, too.)



Dogpigfish said:

If people want to fork out $650 average to start up an Xbox one, more power to them. I see that as money I could put towards a great deal of Wii U content. I'll let you know when I see something more compelling than Wii U and I'm no fanboy. I own a 360 and PS3.



ToneDeath said:

It feels like pop culture in general has just settled into a state of such mediocrity that anything not mediocre (such as the best Nintendo games) is outside of most peoples comfort zones...I dunno. I do think Nintendo deserve recognition though for still being as great and passionate about what they do after nearly 40 years in the video games industry. I know it's ultimately a business, but the innovation and sheer quality of the latest Zelda and Mario games says to me that they haven't 'sold out' just yet.



GamerJunkie said:

The Wii U is good for 3-4 games a year max(1st party games). Most of the 1st party stuff is not even worth getting. But a few are must owns like Mario 3d world.

Online play on Wii U is non existent pretty much. I have the sonic & mario olympic game that just came out and 0 players are online in all events.... pathetic for 2013.

graphics and motion control are the worst on Wii U of any machine. The ps4 camera and controller work 100% precise since it sees you and the controller with cameras. So, that hurts nintendo as well, they are the worst at motion gaming which was their gimmick last gen and they still use it a lot to try to sell machines.

Nintendo has the highest prices for all "download games/indies/etc. They charge up to $15 for 20 year old games with pretty much no new features. PS Plus gave me over $60 worth of free games on launch day. Each month they hand out tons of free games to all customers for $30 a year membership. For the same $30 on Nintendo eShop you can only get one indie game, bowling and tennis pretty much. Its a total joke how much they rip people off. PS4 also has a ton of free to play online games like warframe, dc universe online and blacklight retribution now and many RPGs coming soon all free. Nintendo? NONE!

Nintendo has focused way too much on handheld and it has shown this generation where they released a machine that has little power, uses a sensor bar from the old wii and has little online play and features still compared to the others.

Nintendo can still churn out 3-4 great games a year so you must own a Wi U if you are a fan of those few, rehashed series(mario, zelda, kart, etc.) like I am, if not theres no reason to own a Wii U.



B3ND3R said:

..... Well that's good for them... I guess...?
I'll be too busy playing Mario 3D World with my special lady and Zelda a Link Between Worlds to care about the Xbox of the One variety. Plus once X and Smash Bros. comes out I will probably forget Xbox Juan exists xD
And if Persona Q gets announced for localization, OH MAN... I will cry manly tears.



faint said:

@GamerJunkie you right we just got nintendo land with the system. We didn't get a truck load of 30 cent games or the delux digital promotion. We didn't get free internet ether. Totally sucks



divinelite said:

I rather fed up of fanboyism of nintendo
Don't get me wrong I have nes, snes, nds, dsi, 3ds so Nintendo still shape my life but all fan boys said fps is just too much...

While don't you ever realize platformer is more tiring than every other genre ever. And Mario is the God of platformer and you never fed up of that?

Nintendo is not as innovative when it comes to platformer genre just as Microsoft and it's fps addict



SomeBitTripFan said:

@Mahe : What are you, a broken record?
"Gamepad is bad.Gamepad is bad.Gamepad is bad.Gamepad is bad.Gamepad is bad. Nintendo needs to get rid of the Gamepad. Gamepad is bad.Gamepad is bad. The Gamepad is the only reason people don't buy a Wii U. Gamepad is bad.Gamepad is bad.Gamepad is bad.Gamepad is bad.Gamepad is bad.Gamepad is bad.Gamepad is bad.Gamepad is bad.Gamepad is bad.Gamepad is bad.Gamepad is bad.Gamepad is bad.Gamepad is bad."

We get it, you don't like the Gamepad, but getting rid of it would be suicide. What would be the selling point? Sub-par specs? Not as pretty HD? Motion controls that require a remote instead of the Kinect? I don't love the Gamepad, but with enough effort, it could be used to provide an experience that can't be offered with raw technical power. What you're asking Nintendo to do is make a console with a small library to compete with the massive library and lower prices of the PS360. That would effectively murder the Wii U.



faint said:

@GamerJunkie heh your making a few generalizations and a few of the things you are saying are flat out wrong. I know this because I have a wii u. is the ps4 better? Well that's up to the gamer. Don't come here to lie tho. Some one will always have a wii u to set you straight. Oh and the indies set their own prices. Just ask to tribes who have released 2 two dollor games this month.



Marre35 said:

It looks exactly as i feared, Nintendo has lost it big time & now we have the numbers to prove it. So no Wii U for me then...

Will be sticking with PS3 for now.

Maybe next time Nintendo will see things differently.



Nomad said:

This morning I've seen two bus's with X1 advertisements and one with PS4, where's the one with Wii U on it?
Oh, there isn't one.



hotlfusion said:

Bad sales will put you off buying a console? Because the majority of people don't do something you will just follow their example?
I am not digging you I am just curious.
Do you even like Nintendo games?



unrandomsam said:

@SomeBitTripFan An updated Smartglass running on something like the Surface along with a normal xbox controller would be able do do anything better than the Wii U that the gamepad could do. (The Surface already supports Miracast).



larry_koopa said:

The Wii U is going to be a third-place console. There's going to be a lot of great games for it that I am truly going to enjoy, but it will be a distant third to both the PS4 and Xbone. The Wii U sold awful when it was the only next-gen console on the market, so why would its' sales all of a sudden jump now that the other two next-gen consoles have been released?

But you know what? There's nothing wrong with being in third place. The Game Cube was a third place console and I loved that at the time as well. As long as the Wii U is bringing me Mario Kart and Smash Bros. I couldn't really care less how it does compared to Sony and Microsoft.



Luffy said:

meh back to mario 3D land. Let the suits worry about the numbers. Lets just enjoy pure fun with our friends. In love with mario 3d world.



GamerJunkie said:

@faint I have a Wii U since launch and a PS4 both at launch. How can anybody set me straight when I have both sitting here and play both? The indies that Wii U has for $10-15 are $1 and less on STEAM for pc gamers and come in bundles many times 4-5 of them for $1-5 total, I own them all on steam lol. Nintendo charges way too high also for the VC games like NES and SNES games they have some at $10 ridiculous.



GamerJunkie said:

@faint HUh? PS4 day 1 for free they gave everyone resoGun, Contrast those are $15 games each and a $20 warframe pack DLC. On top they gave 1 month free PS pLus($5 value) and a $10 credit in PSN store to buy anything else we want.

On top of that DC universe online, warframe and blacklight retribution.

Wii U gave us only Nintendoland lol. And PS Plus will be giving 3-4 games EVERY MONTH free. Please..... Nintendo is the cheapest company of all and with the rip off prices eventhough their machine has the lowest specs and least games..... ON top of this, if you own a vita or PS3, you get 3-4 more games for each of those consoles too all for the same $30 a year. So in all you could get over 100 games a year for $30 on PS plus, nintendo cannot compete with that.

I own a Wii U and PS4 both launch day. Stop trying to tell me idk what im saying because I do. I am a gamer buying every console for probably more years than you have existed on earth.



faint said:

@GamerJunkie I'm 31 friend. If you do own one then what is your miiverse handle? The entire net will tell you they have something to prove their point. I never said one console was better than another, only that you are not being honest and are exaggerating quite a bit. You also pass off opinion as handle on miiverse is the same as here btw



faint said:

@GamerJunkie only earthbound is 10 and I got 60 hours of gameplay out of it. Don't use Steam sale prices to compre use the normal cost lol. I also have a steam account. I personally prefer consoles tho



faint said:

@GamerJunkie maybe your argument should be nintendo should have more sales. Well they started. I just got mega man 2 3 and 4 for about 3 a piece. Last week I got zelda 2 for about 3 bucks as well. I also recived digital delux point for all of these purchases. Like I said stop exaggerating. Lol



SomeBitTripFan said:

@unrandomsam : Smartglass is an optional function, one that will likely be ignored for the most part. The Wii U essentially forces the developer to try and use it in some way. Also, there is a distinct lack of physical buttons on tablets and phones. You think setting up a Surface as a second screen and using an Xbox controller would work? That is far too ridiculous of a set up to be practical. Would it work for off-screen play, sure, but as a dedicated dual screened game... ugh, I don't want to imagine that. Key Point: Smartglass is optional, not everyone has a Windows 8/RT/Phone/Device. The Gamepad is consistent between Wii U's and directly integrated into the console.



GamerJunkie said:

@faint $3.49 a piece for 20 year old megaman games is not a deal lol. Most of us bought them in the past. They should be giving things like that away for free each month for us being Wii U owners. Instead they milk their fans over and over same old game that you got on NES, SNES, gamecube, Wii, now you pay again $3.49 to get it on Wii U and think its a deal?

Sony is giving away $15-40 new games 3-4 per month, every month for each of their machines that you own....

Here is an EXAMPLE FOR YOU: All of the pinball tables that you can get on Wii U for Zen pinball 2, look there for PC you can get all of them, about 40+ tables for $6. Or, $1 gets you over 20 of them. Nintendo has the worst deals man.

EXAMPLE TWO: Look at the top all of those games are FREE. Dragons dogma is what $40 normally that 1 game alone. Then add in the PS4 games too.

On top Nintendo has the weakest machine graphically, weakest online capabilities and worst motion/camera system too.

So, do you understand yet why its selling the least? Its most expensive to get games, weakest and offers the least games...



faint said:

@GamerJunkie like I said prices are set by the party's. The pinball price is set by them. What I wrong with paying 3 bucks for mega man? That's barely more than a cup of joe. Also if I had it on the wii the upgrade would be a dollor. Why is it that people like you use the whole everyone naught that game years ago argument when it comes to nintendo but ignore all the rereleases the other company's do? Hmmm like I said I never stated one was better than the other only that you exaggerate and you tell half truths as well. I have no problem with the net on any wii u game I own. I also prefer local coop but get online for re and ninja gaiden here and there. Never had one issue. If playstation has perfected the art of motion control then why did ps move fail? Ehhh what ever. You still haven't posted you're miiverse handle so I'm deciding your a fanboy troll. Lol



faint said:

@GamerJunkie also if that's why it's selling the least then why did the wii sell the most? Don't you give me that casual argument ether. That's pure bs and everybody knows it



GamerJunkie said:

@faint I have both machines, you have only Wii U and defending it like its your mother, so you are the fanboy here.. I get them all and I can give my opinion on PS4, PC(steam) and Wii U since I am comparing things I have tried and own. You have not, so shut it please.....

Why did wii sell the most? because they sold it as an exercise machine, a machine to help old people, a motion controller gimmick, a kids machine, etc. So it was bought and played by a whole bunch of new gamers and a wide audience. The Wii U is failing to have anything new to interest people that have a Wii already, so thats why its selling the least now.

You also mentioned about the cameras? The PS4 has a whole new camera man, 2 cameras that takes a 3d view of the room and is 100% precise and knows where you and the controller is at all times to the exact mm. It also has voice recognition for in game, and also to control the UI of the PS4 and even logni using face recognition, its not the old move system... they UPGRADED while Nintendo stayed with the old wii sensor bar that is horrible in accuracy.



faint said:

@GamerJunkie I never said I didn't own a ps4 where did you get that idea? Maybe I'll just say I did and you'll believe me like you expect people to believe you. What's your miiverse handle? Yes I do have steam. Lol. I don't have any fitness games for my wii tho and it appears I have quite a few m rated games for the wii as well. Mad world is sitting on my shelf right now. I prefer ninty games mostly due to game play and aesthetic. Sony has a few like katamari damashi that I like but they abandoned most of them after the ps2 which is when I abandoned Sony. They don't make enough games I like anymore. Minecraft has proven that graffix are meaningless if the game is good. Sony just doesn't excite me the way it did during ps1 and 2. I actually abandoned ninty during the n64 for Sony. I've never liked xbox other than viva piñata which was masterful but also felt like a nintendo game. Not surprising when you know who made it. My whole point has and is still that you exaggerate and lie. I haven't trashed a single console during this debate yet you get defensive. Nintendo does have issues like the no account system and region locking ( which is very irritating ) so if I want to complain I will use those instead of parading opinion as fact and bending the truth. All systems have positives and negitives. It's all about what you want and I am happy. I think it's very sad that you do this just to say my toy is shiny and yours isn't. I don't care about god of war or the last of us or grand theft auto but will battle you at pikmin any day. Now prove to nintendo life that you speak the truth. What's your miiverse handle?



JaxonH said:

@GamerJunkie Personally, I don't care who's selling what. I don't own stock in MS, Sony or Nintendo so why should I? I care about what's the funnest experience, and the console selling the most, or the console with the most advanced tech, is NOT always the funner system.

All I will say is I own both a Wii U and PS4, and my PS4 has been collecting dust since release day. 1 hour of Killzone almost put me to sleep, and Resogun was fun for an hour or so, then I lost interest (not that it's a bad game, there's just BETTER games on Wii U). Bought all the multiplats on Wii U (Gamepad over graphics all day long). I'm glad I bought a PS4- there's games coming I'm looking forward to like FF15 and KH3. But for the foreseeable future, it'll be biding it's time on my floor.

A point I'd like to make is pertaining to your statement about the PS4 camera. First of all, it's a different technology and is reflected by the additional $60 price tag. Wiimote sensor comes free in the box. Secondly, high precision is nice and all, but what purpose is it achieving that you and I can enjoy in our games? It's great for switching screen splits in 2P local MP games, and it's great for Playroom (doesn't interest me personally), but that's as far as it goes. The PS4 camera, for all it's glorious tech and precision, adds zilch to my gaming experience. No games use it, so what's the point?

The Wiimote sensor on the other hand, for all it's "imprecision" and "cheap tech" adds VOLUMES to my gaming experience. Pikmin 3 and Wii Sports Club, two of the best games on the Wii U, both utilize that Wiimote sensor to create something very special. And the precision in both those games is more than sufficient. It boils down to this: The PS4 camera is more closely related to Kinect than Wiimote sensor, and the utility of the PS4 camera is completely different than that of the Wiimote sensor. They're aiming to achieve 2 different things, so perhaps it's not best to compare apples and oranges. The apple will never be good at being an orange, and visa versa.



eltomo said:

For a console not selling decent versions of the AAAA games, CoD and EA Sports franchise these figures are probably quite reasonable. If x1 didn't have those games, as few as these wii u figures would the x1 sell.

Sales figures are looking good for x1, but people aren't buying it for exclusives. Same goes for PS4 to be honest.



ICHIkatakuri said:

Hasn't the Wii U only sold a few thousand units in the UK since it's launch weekend? So maybe they have the same launch numbers



elstif said:

@PinkSpider Wow, that´s interesting 1 out of 3 people that bought an XBONE are very unhappy with it. I can see a lot of bad reviews because the console has hardware failures/problems. If this happens wolrdwide I can see MS going down and PS4 winning. I´m not too worried about Wii U, I´ll have my new Mario Kart, Smash Bros. and Zelda. MS and Sony can fight for the FPS and FIFA market



supocarta said:

I got my wii u last friday instead of xbox 1 as i got it for £220 with mario/luigi +sport club life time passes.
Aswell when played the demo's of xbox1 they where just more of the same crap and they want £470,so stick with xbox 360 for at least another 12 months.



seronja said:

i LOL at the rage of fanboy's on this page xD look the wii u is a nice system indeed, but it's not a good console in general, the 3rd party support is for x1 and ps4 but not so much for the wii u, and consoles are not just for 1st party games anymore, you need both exclusive and 3rd party games for the sake of "variety"... i own ps3, xbox360 & wii U when it comes to home consoles, but i will get a ps4 when the slim version comes out in the EU, and a x1 in about 3-4 years simply because both ps4 and x1 will have more great 3rd party games to offer then wii U ever will + their exclusive games will get bigger & better in about a year or 2... don't hate consoles, play them & have fun with them



DarkJamD said:

@6ch6ris6 Don't forget Killer instinct. I would like to try that game because i enjoyed SNES version even more than Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat.



GamerJunkie said:

@JaxonH Wii U requires you to buy wiimotes, nunchucks, controller pro and all kinds of stuff to use with different games, it does not COME in the box how you stated..... They only give you a gamepad which can't be used for all games. You pay well over $60 to have every controller needed.

My Wii U, I have owned it since launch and it collected dust probably 300 of the 365 days I owned it. Right now I am playing it a lot because of Mario 3D World, but we are 1 year post launch!!!

PS4 you say yours is collecting dust? Well I play mine everyday. There are 3 F2P games on it alone that are worth playing at least once a day, I play warframe once per day, assassins creed 4, madden, fifa, killzone are the games I own and sorry I am not bored of them in 1 week, you must have a short attention span to be bored of a bunch of good games so fast or you didnt buy many games. reSogun and contrast are also worth playing too.

Yes the Camera on PS4 is a different technology, its modern and destroys the Wii U sensor bar, it was $60, but as I said the Wii U makes you invest more than that in controllers to play all the different games and its still far inferior since the movements are not even tracked correctly and it cannot do all the ps4 camera can.

You people that defend the Wii U are blind or just pretend to be, the numbers are showing how poor Nintendo has done with this machine in year 1, far too few good games, no 3rd party support, poor online features, poor advertisement, and it all adds up to the other 2 machines outselling the Wii U's yearly sales in 2-3 days......... nuff said.



GamerJunkie said:

@elstif People will buy PS4 for Metal Gear solid, kingdom hearts, final fantasy, infamous, gran turismo and many other exclusives... They have more exclusives than Nintendo by far planned for this machine and many are machine sellers. They have tons of japanese RPGs and series that people love and Nintendo does not have those. Then add in they will be getting FFXIV, EQ Next, Elder scrolls online and tons of other online mmo type games, that will attract millions more that enjoy those games. Wii U will have none of any of this.

Yes I also love Zelda, Mario games, but look in 1 year Nintendo only made 1 of them so far that is a system seller which is Mario 3D world. The Zelda they came out with is an old game with a few improvements, aka a joke when you have a "next-gen" system and you are re-releasing gamecube games as a main feature. Nintendo cannot satisfy most games, they have no RPGs, no sports games, no FPS games, no MMORPG games, no games in so many genres. They kill themselves by sticking to just kid games, family games and then the 1st party platformers mostly.

I am really happy to have my Wii U but I also can see how poorly Nintendo has done with it up to now. IDK why people on here pretend otherwise.



JaxonH said:

@GamerJunkie Think you're missing the point. That PS4 camera that "destroys" Wiimote sensore, how exactly does it "destroy" it? It does nothing but look pretty and waste your money. No games use it. The Wiimote gets used. And again, despite being simple tech, it does it's job perfectly. When I play Pikmin 3 I never once said to myself, "this dated tech is too inaccurate". Why? Cause it was right on the money. Can't say the same for PS4 cause, yet again, no games use it. It's a $60 paperweight. So all the advanced tech in the world doesn't mean a thing.

And to me, Warframe, Madden, FIFA, Killzone, etc... are definitely not games that interest me. Those games are EXACTLY the type of mediocrity I'm put off by. I hate realistic sports games with a passion and though I gave Killzone a chance, it just reaffirmed my beliefs that I hate most FPS (there are a few exceptions like CoD, don't know why but I like it once a year). I hated Killzone on Vita as well. Assassin's Creed 4 is good, yes, but I have that on Wii U where I can play with the gamepad. My brother has it on PS4, and I borrowed it to test the differences, and I'm convinced I made the right choice in the gamepad over slightly sharper graphics. But yes, it's a good game and I'm glad we can agree on that.

As for Wii U collecting dust a year, not sure about you but I started off with a bang last year, played New Super Mario Bros U and the Zelda, Metroid and Pikmin games in Nintendoland til I beat them, then I moved on to ZombiU til I beat that (game wasn't the best but it was ok), Assassin's Creed 3, Call of Duty Black Ops 2 was excellent witht the gamepad btw, went ahead and scooped Batman Arkham City and Darksiders 2 (both PRIME examples of a port done right using the gamepad), scooped Sonic Racing Transformed, and by that time Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate released, the finest video game ever made. I STILL play MH3U to this day, beyond 500 hours in.

There was other games too I picked up, like Injustice Gods Among Us, Ninja Gaiden 3, to keep me MORE than busy til the amazing Pikmin 3 released, which imo is the 2nd best game on the Wii U (right behind MH3U). After that, it's been rapid fire ever since, adding Wonderful 101, Zelda Windwaker, Sonic Lost World, Batman Arkham Origins, New Super Luigi U, Rayman Legends, Splinter Cell Blacklist, Mario 3D World, Assassin's Creed 4, Call of Duty Ghosts, Deus Ex Human Revolution, Wii Sports Club, and many more still on the way shortly. Any way you slice it, if the Wii U collected dust 300 days out of the year, it wasn't for a lack of amazing games.

I'm not saying Nintendo hasn't made mistakes (poor advertising is a good example) which has resulted in poor sales. But DO NOT make the mistake of automatically assuming a console's sales translates to how entertaining it is or how great it's games are. Sales ARE NOT a perfect bellweather. Many people are ignorant (ESPECIALLY gamers, since the majority of gamers are younger), and would rather buy a more expensive console with paid subscription online access and defective launch units, with no amazing games to play that aren't on Wii U, simply because it's what's popular. It's what their friends tell them they're supposed to want, so that's what they want. Many people would rather BELIEVE the Wii U has nothing to offer them because of their preconceived notions, and rather than take a look, try some new games and see for themselves, it's easier to maintain a false belief than challenge it. Case in point- Gamecube REMAINS to be one of the finest consoles ever made when it comes to game selection. And yet, the console sold horribly. Horrible sales and failure of the public to take notice DOES NOT NECESSARILY EQUAL no good games.

And the common misconception that Nintendo only makes "kids" games doesn't help when it comes to ignorant, gullible gamers either. Cause they actually end up believing it, not taking into account Wii U exclusives, and these are just the exclusives so far we know about on Wii U (not counting multiplats or future unannounced titles) Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101, Mario 3D World, ZombiU, DKC Tropical Freeze, Monolith Soft's X, Zelda U, Smash Bros 4, Mario Kart 8, Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem, and Bayonetta 2, none of which are casual kiddy games, and all of which require a deep level of skill or is highly competitive.

Point is, we're all Nintendo fans here. We come to this site because we love and prefer the games Nintendo makes. We find them to be some of the funnest in the world, and most Nintendo fans have been and to this day enjoy their Wii U. If you come to a Nintendo fan site, and start arguing how Nintendo's console is inferior to Sony's and how Nintendo's tech is so dated, but look at saintly Sony with their glorious camera technology.... don't expect people to take it well. We don't defend Wii U out of blind fanboyism, we defend it because we genuinely think it's an amazing console with the best choice of games. Do we think Nintendo is perfect? Of course not. They make mistakes like everyone else. But I know this, for all the criticism of Wii U lack of games, I've got 33 Wii U games on my shelf as of one year, and I don't buy crap games.



GamerJunkie said:

@JaxonH Most of the games you mentioned are inferior games that are also on the other machines, the wii u versions have the worst graphics, missing features and missing online modes etc. You bought a ton of games I got for 1/10th the price on PC and that look and play better, so you are not a very smart shopper and showing bad examples.

The PS4 camera is used by me all day, everyday so far. You can use it in all of the games for online voice chat(yea I know if you only play nintendo machines u still dont know what online gaming is.... in 2013!! hahaha), then you can stream your games to twitch which is pretty cool and a big thing in gaming nowadays, again I guess you don't know what that is? You can use it to login, to control menus, and it will be used in many games in the future too, playroom is only a demoish type game, but they are adding 2-3 more modes to it very soon to show off more of the capabilities.

This site is not a place where everybody are blind fanboys that prefer nintendo. Many of us love nintendos great games, but also have a brain and can see their faults and also we like games on other platforms as well as Nintendo.

I have a Wii U, I am not an enemy of Nintendo, I am a realist!!! GET REAL!!!



JaxonH said:

@GamerJunkie So you know, I play online on the Wii U EVERY DAY, even right now. Voice chat headset the whole nine yards. And I'm not paying a monthly fee for it. So don't tell ME who's the smart shopper.

Prettier graphics doesn't mean "plays better". Prettier graphics means exactly that, and ONLY that. And if you're referring to PS3/360 counterparts, it takes a magnifying glass to notice any difference at all. Granted, yes there are TWO games missing a co-op feature in that list. TWO. And for both of them, they're features I would've never given the time of day. So I really don't feel like I'm missing much. It's like saying "well that game doesn't have the tacked on afterthought MP mode that wasn't even in the original 2". Yeah, and I'm supposed to care, why exactly?

I have a PS4 and Vita too, so don't come at me like I don't know anything. I have a balanced perspective, and that perspective is, I do have online gaming, free that is, WITH voice chat- for the games I play anyways, and not one Wii U multiplat plays better on another console. One word: gamepad. No gamepad, no buy. I've become acclimated to its use, and it feels prehistoric to play AC4 on PS4 after having played it on the Wii U. The graphics I don't mind. In case you haven't noticed, Wii U games look really freaking good. No, not as good as PS4. But I can't remember the last time I played a bad game but was entertained nonetheless because of better graphics. It's never happened. If the game is good I'll enjoy it, if it's not I won't. Graphics never enter into that equation.

I'm happy with my Wii U, and I'm happy with the games on it. Especially all the exclusives that aren't on other systems and don't play anywhere else. Matter of fact, I bought my Wii U specifically for the exclusives. Because Nintendo exclusives are SO good, they're SO fun, that an entire console is worth it just for them. All the multiplats with gamepad use? Icing on the cake. I enjoyed Splinter Cell Blacklist just as much on the Wii U as I would have any other console, in fact, even more. That gamepad just can't be rivalled.

That's as real as it gets.



MikeLove said:


"Prettier graphics doesn't mean "plays better". Prettier graphics means exactly that, and ONLY that"

It also means better processing, larger worlds, better physics, more characters on screen, smoother framerates, etc...

But nahhhh, lets pretend the new consoles only make things more shiny!!



JaxonH said:

Swoosh! Right over your head.

We're referring to ports, so unless you're a frame counter or some mathemetician that likes to calculate which gives better technical results, it's 6 in one, half a dozen the other. I own Assassin's Creed 4 on Wii U, and borrowed it on PS4. The game looks a little sharper and crisper, THAT'S IT. That's the only noticeable difference. That argument is getting tired. I care about tangible results, not theoretical improvements.

More characters on screen lol? Yeah, cause that's been my number one complaint with my Wii U: There's not enough characters on screen! If only it had more characters! SARCASM

Larger worlds? Hello, we're talking PORTS. PORTS. No larger worlds in PORTS. Same worlds, same content.

Better physics? Right, because that's been the absolute number one thing I wish for in a game. Screw whether the gameplay is fun, it's all about the physics! Right?

Better framerates. Ok, we all want better framerates. But um, last I checked many PS4 games aren't even surpassing 30, so that's a bit of a moot point, don't you think? Especially when many Wii U games ARE and WILL be hitting 60? With that in mind, seems to me the hardware has nothing to do with it, wouldn't you agree? And concerning ports, 30fps vs 28fps isn't exactly upsetting me. Matter of fact, I would never know if someone didn't tell me.

But yes, you're right, new consoles do more than make things shiny. Never said they didn't. However, being more shiny is usually the only TANGIBLE result I notice, and when it comes to VISUALLY BASED GAMES, tangible results is all that matters. I don't care what goes on behind the scenes. If I can't look at one version of a game and say "My goodness what amazing framerates you have!" then I don't wanna hear about it.

The most important thing that ANY new console can bring, is a new way to play. Something that shakes up the status quo. Something that offers MORE in the way of how I play. For me, Wii U does exactly that. I'm playing games that were never possible until now, and the added convenience of simple things like maps and touch shortcuts speak an inch but walk a mile. It's a convenience that's hard to get "un-used" to when playing another console. I have to actively remind myself I need to stop the game and pause to do anything, cause I'm so used to doing it on the fly.

Bottom line, is sure new consoles do more than make things shiny, but Wii U does even more than that. It actually gives a new dimension to gaming. Yet I don't hear anyone bashing Sony or MS for their failure to bring anything new besides FB integration and more fees.

*** For the record, I recognize both Sony and MS will have must-play games that Wii U won't, which is why I opted to purchase a PS4 day one. But that's the ONLY thing that matters, to me anyways. The heck with the framerates, the characters on screen, all that senseless noise. I care whether the game is fun or not. The fact I enjoy most 3DS games more than Vita is a testament to the fact that specs don't hold much clout. So get over them being your number one argument for a console's superiority, and take a good, long gander at the GAMES.



supocarta said:

I agree with always wait before upgrading your console, at least a year .
As for wii u by next christmas i think sales will be very respectable and will force more 3rd parties into the frame,i even bet fifa will return.
roll on friday "Its mario time".



MikeLove said:


"The heck with the framerates, the characters on screen, all that senseless noise. I care whether the game is fun or not."

If all you care about is "fun" how come you don't just own an NES, SNES, and Genesis? How come you feel the need to keep upgrading your consoles to the newest models if you don't care about graphics, gameplay enhancements, etc?

And judging by your avatar, you are looking forward to the new DKC:TF game.

Why? It's simply a more polished, better looking version of the SNES DKC games. Graphics and amount of enemies on screen don't matter, right? You said that yourself. Stick with the old DKC games and save some cash!



seronja said:

@Jimonfire not a good excuse IMHO... i upgrade my consoles for the more superior hardware and not for the games to be honest, my friends and family upgrade their consoles for the same reason too, hence the reason why i skipped the Wii because it was still bassicaly a gamecube just with new ways to play that others just copied and had that same experiance to offer ( sure not as good but they still had motion control options )



IronMan28 said:

I love how now that XBox is outpacing Nintendo (and so is Sony so far), people will gladly point to sales figures when mentioning why their system is "better", when last generation this argument was pretty much considered BS. I love consistent logic.



akaDv8R said:

@Kruger85 Not 50k behind in 24 hours, a few million to be exact. Also, only recently, it was finally revealed that the Wii U has a GPGPU inside. This is what most gaming PCs are now using. It not only handles all the graphics, it also handles a lot of the process intensive instructions that the CPU would normallu
y do. Developers are only just realising this, and that simply porting games is not making use of the hardware. As soon as Devs get to grips with how to code properly, you will be able to see what the Wii U is actually capable of. All consoles first years or so games look awful when you look at games that are made 2,3 or 4 years further down the line. Lastly, as for the Gamepad being USELESS. I would love to see you play local multi-player on your ONE or PS4 without splitting the image. IF you can show me that, I will eat my words.



element187 said:

@I-AM-REGGIE that's exactly why a new console has an explosive run out of the gate, but more value conscious consumers notice that it has zero games right now..... Goes for the ps4 as well.

Next holiday the system library will be ready to compete. But. Nintendo's Wii U library is set for this holiday and next year looks to be much more promising.



MikeLove said:


So you are telling me you have played every single Dreamcast game ever, and that's why you had to upgrade? There was nothing new for you to play on it and you ran out? How about playing every Atari title? It's all about the gameplay, right?

Or are you saying that the shiny looking games on newer consoles caught your eye, and made you want to buy new consoles?



element187 said:

Normally I agree with you, but frame rate is HUGE. It's far more important than the visual fidelity dudebro gamers want... But the thing is if you want to avoid the 30fps ghetto, the only systems on your radar is PC/Steambox and Wii U.

Nintendo has always understood the importance of a solid, buttery smooth frame rate. Very few of their first party content is 30fps.... Pikmin 3 and Wind Waker HD are 30 fps. I believe that's it. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

NSMBU/NSLU, 3D World, Wonderful 101, Game and Wario, Wii Fit U, Wii Party U, Wii Sports Club are all 60fps. Nintendoland is 30fps while you are in the plaza, but is 60fps in each of the events.

And about the future, DKCRTF, Smash, MK8, Bayo2 all 60fps. I believe project X will be 30fps. I'm hoping the SMTxFE crossover shoots for 60, but it's not a deal breaker for an RPG to be 30fps.

Higher frame rate is crucial if you hold solid gameplay as a top priority, it's why Ninty shoots for it whenever they can....... Sony and Microsoft know dudebro gamers don't care about perfect gameplay, they only care about how realistic a game looks, hence why they keep playing the same games with little to no innovation in gameplay mechanics, constantly talk about graphics nonstop, so they are perfectly happy in the 30fps ghetto. If their Sony and Microsoft customers demanded 60fps, they would be forced to provide it, but instead their customers don't understand the difference, they want that marginal visual upgrade.



JaxonH said:

I do, and yes, I still play the older games. Why do I upgrade? New games I haven't played before. Graphics and tech ability is a bonus, not a prerequisite.



element187 said:

@Zael Nintendo does have mature franchises, but they don't sell as well as Mario and Zelda, so it would be immensely stupid to make those their launch year games when they need sales. Metroid, Fire Emblem, Xenoblade are far more mature than any game on X360.... Have you played any shooters on Xbox? The chat is just full of immature twelve year olds. Games of gore just to have gore for gore's sake is even more immature than Mario.

Next year has two very mature titles on the way, Project Xenogame2, Shin Megami Tensei vs. Fire Emblem....l I'll take those two titles over anything on the dudebro boxes any day of the week and seven days to Sunday.



uneek said:

@james_squared @Mahe yeah, i'm not affected either. so what if wii u finished last. or the xbone outsell the wii u. nintendo doesn't care why should i. i'll just enjoy my game and let nintendo make games for my wii u..



uneek said:

@Luffy i agree to that. just enjoy our game and let them worry to that. super mario 3d world is awesome. and the music is amazing.



uneek said:

@GamerJunkie this guy is like a member of a cult who is worshiping PS4. your greatness is yours, so just play your game. we don't care how you worship your PS4.



Jimonfire said:


No you have it wrong. For example, I played my GameCube to death. And my favoite game is Metroid. I bought the Wii becasue i wanted to play Metroid 3 Prime. Since they cut life support for the NGC i had to get the Wii to continue the seires... get it?



GamerJunkie said:

@uneek Uh no. I play PC, PS4 and Wii U. I just talk real talk.

Now, Mario 3d world, that is something to brag about its great, a game of the decade type game.

The only people that are fanboys and defend the 1 machine are poor kids that can't afford to have more than one machine for the most part. Enjoy arguing over which is best, I have all 3 to enjoy!



GamerJunkie said:

@element187 Hey buddy, I own 5 games on PS4, all are 1080p and 60FPS.... wth are you talking about lol. NBA2k 14, assasins creed IV, madden 25, fifa 14 and killzone all 60fps and 1080p and they are even advertising it on the actual game box because xbox1 cannot do that they are only in 720p mostly.



faint said:

@GamerJunkie Don't you have to buy a second controller to utilize local co-op on the PS4? Don't you have to buy the PS4 camera separately? Don't you have to buy a head set for chat?Can you play PS3 games on your PS4? I started off with a huge library day one due to backwards compatibility. It's built into the game pad on the U.Can you use any of your PS3 controllers with your PS4? I didn't have to buy any Wii-motes for my Wii U. I already have 2. The only games I can think of that require wii motes are Just Dance (I may be wrong about this) Wii Sports, and Wii Fit U. Why exactly is the Wii U more expensive than the PS4 again? Your argument is invalid.



jayblue said:

I just bought xbox one and it rocks fifa,forza,battlefield are amazing the next gen is here to stay.



GamerJunkie said:

@faint What? I am saying for even 1 player games you need 3+ types of controllers for Wii U. Many games require wiimotes or nunchuks or pro controllers and none of those come with the console. The balance board also...

I know PS4 camera is extra $60, but that gives you motion control + face and voice recognition and tracks all of your movements better than even the balance board because it is taking a live view of you and your room with 2 cameras in 3D! It has precise tracking of movements and distance, etc. It will not weigh you, but can do everything al of the other Wii u controllers can do and more all in one.

I have Sonic vs mario sochi olympics on Wii U and you need a wiimote and nunchuk and gamepad. It uses all 3 and gamepad alone cant be used for many of the events. I am not talking about for 2 player games even. Then for virtual console or wii VC many need the Wii/Wii U pro controllers also.

I started out with 5 games all free on PS4 day 1. Contrast, resoGun, Warframe, DC universe online, Blacklight Retribution. On top of that it had a big library of great games to buy. They even gave us $10 in credit to buy more games and a free month of PS plus. many games also come with 7 days of plus too.

Why is Wii U more expensive? Because PS PLUS($30 a year) gives you 3-4 games FREE each month man. That means I will have 40-50 free games in 1 year. Wii U offers nothing free. And if I do ever get a VITA it will also give me 3-4 games free per month for that system too all included in $30 a year membership. What can you get for $30 a year on Wii U? 1 game or 2 old VC titles or indies, its laughable in comparison.

I don't see how you can't understand this?



faint said:

are they your games? can you play the same game 2 months later? it sounds like renting to me. I van buy quite a few games for 30 bucks. I don't have the sonic mario game but isn't it a mini game collection? I'm not surprised it wants multiple setups. No one single game on the wii u vc needs a wii mote unless it's co-op and the second player needs a controller.



GamerJunkie said:


PS Plus is $30 A YEAR!!!! ONE YEAR!!! that means it is only a little more than $2 a month. You get 3-4 games on every console you own PS3, PS4, VITA. So it could be up to 12 games a month for the $2-3 you pay. YOU OWN the games and can play them as long as you own your console. Its not renting. They stay on your PSN account, so as long as you are a PS plus member, you can play them, in 5 years from now you still can play them, etc.

If you don't like any of the games one month who cares, by the end of one year you got 40-100+ games pretty much FREE!!!

I know its hard to imagine if you only have Nintendo consoles because they give you nothing free and charge you $15 for even 1 indie game lol.

This is my point here. I have steam on my PC which I have 550 games for because they almost give away indies, the ones Nintendo charges $10-15 for are 5 for $1 on PC. PS Plus is now offering all of these games per year for only $30 a ear, another excellent deal.

What is nintendo offering? NOTHING FREE or cheap!!



faint said:

@GamerJunkie I read just fine sir. you own the games is what I am asking. Are they on your hard drive for good? Can you play them say 5 years from now if you wanted too?



GamerJunkie said:

@faint Yes you own them forever, you own them. Read about it here:

And look at some of the games. They are games that cost $30-40 many of them. Many are brand new and even exclusives.

Also the PS plus membership allows every member of your family to play the game online, offline, and get all the benefits of being a member.

Nintendo is just a joke when it comes to value compared to this deal. That's what i've been trying to tell you.

It is normally $50 a year(still very cheap for all you get), but it is on sale for $30 a year for black friday.

And stop lying please, for $30 you can't get anything from Nintendo. What the wii tennis and bowling for $20 and then a $10 indie game? Wow 3 games dude!!! I can get 40+ from the Ps plus for the same $30.



faint said:

@GamerJunkie Here is a current price comparison between several steam and wii u indie titles since you like to use it as an argument that ninty charges too much.

wii u steam
trine 2 19.99 19.99
runner 2 14.99 14.99
sisters 14.99 14.99
puddle 3.99 9.99
toki tori 2 14.99 14.99
the cave 14.99 14.99
little inferno 9.99 9.99



faint said:

I read it. They are not on your hard drive then they do not belong to you. DRM. It's simple. No net = no games. They decide to stop the service = no games. They are letting you play them but no you do not own them.



Laxeybobby said:

Nintendo Head of UK heard to say "Oh well guys, start packing up, switch off the lights, turn around the 'Closed' sign. We're obviously going to go out of business because of these figures"

Laughable - Nintendo will be here for many more years to come.

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