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Thu 10th Nov 2011

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fairybats commented on Wii U Wins "Deals Award" For Being One Of The ...:

I'll always be a PC gamer at heart, but when it comes to consoles, I go Nintendo because they aren't afraid to push the envelope. Plus, many of my fav games of all time have the word Mario in them (I still remember the feeling SM64 gave of being able to explore a 3D world, for example). I did have an Xbox 360 for a time, but other than the excellent Fable 2, there was really no reason to own one since practically everything else was also for PC, and you don't have to pay gold membership just to freaking use the internet. Oh, and I love the Wii U thanks to Super Mario 3D World (the VC release of Earthbound helps too!)



fairybats commented on Xbox One UK Sales Set to Pass Wii U's Lifetime...:

I'm not sure if the rumours are true, but the thought of a Kinect spying on me, and shutting off movies if someone else walks in the room, well, are a huge annoyance. And having to be connected to the internet every 24 hours or the system will lock is also ridiculous. I think there's going to be a lot of backlash for the xbox1 after the initial sales wave is over.



fairybats commented on Nintendo Download: 28th November (Europe):

I already own Uncharted Waters on Wii VC, and there's no real point in save states in that game, so I'll be skipping. And I'm with the others, physical copy of Mario all the way! It's the reason I bought a Wii U in the first place!



fairybats commented on Review: Milon's Secret Castle (3DS eShop / NES):

I know it's not the greatest game ever, but it's cute and I enjoy picking it up and playing every now and then (I have it on Wii VC). Finding secret areas is a lot of fun, and I love that there's different ways to enter the castle. Probably a 6/10 for me



fairybats commented on Review: King's Knight (Virtual Console / NES):

3/10 is definitely harsh for this game... I found it slightly boring to play (and the background music gets really annoying), but visually it's a really nice game with distinct levels, characters, and monsters. It's especially interesting from a historical standpoint. I'd say it deserves at least a 5



fairybats commented on Reggie Has Seen The Xbox One And PS4 Launch Li...:

The upcoming games for wii u are definitely why I'm buying one soon. Sonic Lost Worlds, and the new Mario World look fun. The previous lineup wasn't enough for me, especially since a lot of those games were available on other platforms.



fairybats commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Low-Key Approach to ...:

I like the idea of the 2ds, it's cute. I own a 3ds xl, and love it, but I never play any games in 3d because 3d gives me a headache. That said, I still like the fold-up design (and obviously the bigger screen) of the xl. But if anything, maybe the release of the 2ds will remind people that they don't have to play games in 3d, and it's not just some gimmicky system. The games are fun on their own!



fairybats commented on Review: Stonekeep: Bones of the Ancestors (Wii...:

Maybe it's because I was such an avid PC gamer in the 90's, but I LOVE this game. I love how the graphics look old school but updated so they have neat features like ambiance and proper 3D. And I love the control scheme too, it makes it more challenging to have to remember how to cast different spells and swing certain weapons. It's also refreshing not to have to simply tap 'A' all the time to attack. And I like how it's more laidback and you have to explore, and it's awesome when you find something new. I seem to be the odd one out here, but yeah I love Stonekeep



fairybats commented on Review: Mario Kart 64 (Virtual Console / Ninte...:

I agree with the previous comments, you drive way too slow. Since playing Double Dash, it's hard for me to come back and play this. The only thing fun about it now, really, are all the glitches and shortcuts out there to try out.



fairybats commented on Review: Violin Paradise (WiiWare):

Sure, the gameplay is lacking (I recommend playing with the nunchuck, it helps), but I love violin and classical music so to me the music is worth the price alone. Once you've unlocked a song, you can listen to it again via theater mode. I'm tempted to make mp3s out of them to listen elsewhere



fairybats commented on Review: Fantasy Zone II (Virtual Console / Mas...:

When all is said and done, and I've gotten everything off my VC wishlist, I'll still have 600 points left. So I was looking for a 500 point game out there that looked appealing, and Fantasy Zone 2 seems to fit the bill nicely



fairybats commented on Review: 1080° Snowboarding (Virtual Console /...:

Left to my own devises, I never would have bought this game for the 64. Luckily my brother did, and I actually had a lot of fun playing it. There's just something about it that draws you in, and that's saying something since I'm not generally a snowboarding fan



fairybats commented on Review: Phantasy Star (Virtual Console / Maste...:

I've never owned a Sega in my life, but I'm giving this a shot a) I love how 80's the art is and b) it's pretty rare when the main character in an rpg is a girl. The title screen reminds me of Nausicaa. So far I'm doing what everyone has talked about and grinding away, little bits at a time. I don't mind so much, though, I have a good feeling about this game



fairybats commented on Review: Super Mario 64 (N64):

10/10 is right. What a fun and charming game! Didn't get to play this game much as a kid, so playing through it now feels like it's a brand new title. It has that timelessness to it. I love the penguins and racing down the slides



fairybats commented on Review: Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom (...:

I remember playing these type of text/point and click adventure games in the early 90's before having gamefaqs to give you a hint now and then. What a headache! But well worth it in the end too. Princess Tomato definitely gets props for being unique with the characters and stuff.



fairybats commented on Review: Mario Tennis (Virtual Console / Ninten...:

This game is so addictive! It was a lot of fun to do 4-player, one of the best party games we had on the 64. I actually played tennis in high school too, and I was impressed that they got the different spins and such right in the game. Played this for hours on the 64, now have it on VC



fairybats commented on Review: Secret of Mana (Virtual Console / Supe...:

I'm really surprised at all the lukewarm comments here! Maybe you had to have played it in the 90's, but to me it's the best game on the SNES (not counting the import-only SD3, which I like even better). I still feel all dreamy when I hear the 'Into the Thick of It' song, and the cutscene after beating the Mana Forest makes me cry. And I love that there's this huge world to explore. Sure there's a few little annoying glitches with monsters not spawning properly and your partners getting stuck, but the good far outweighs the bad. 10/10 for me