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Hardware Review: Nintendo 2DS

Posted by Ron DelVillano

We spend some time with the newest member of the 3DS family

When the 3DS first launched and showed the world exactly how incredible glasses-free 3D gaming could be, it was quickly dismissed by many as a gimmick and a dying fad. Now, almost three years and 30 million shipped units later, the 3DS is one of the strongest consoles on the market, and easily the most popular proprietary handheld gaming device. In a move that is any naysayer’s dream, Nintendo is on the brink of releasing their latest redesign, the decidedly flat 2DS.

Before everyone grabs their pitchforks and insists that the naysayers were right, it’s worth keeping in mind that Nintendo has already commented on its desire to continue making 3D games, suggesting that the 2DS provides an alternative, not a replacement. Nintendo may be pitching the new console as a substitute for children younger than the suggested seven-year-old age limit on the 3DS, but it also works as a perfect introductory model for the 3DS family. Until now, anyone interested in playing 3DS games while working on a budget had to opt for the original model, but the 2DS provides a more cost-efficient alternative for anyone interested in playing Nintendo’s current handheld masterpieces without breaking the bank.

The surprise announcement of the 2DS was met with shock and many gamers immediately dismissed the redesign. The plain truth is that the 2DS looks awkward and quite silly, but once you have it in your hands it becomes clear that is was designed with comfort in mind. Whether you’re of the younger age group that it is targeted for or you’re an adult with appropriately sized adult hands, the 2DS manages to find a happy medium in size to accommodate any player. Reminiscent of the Game Boy, the flat design also provides for a sturdiness that isn’t found in any of the hinged clamshell designs of previous iterations. While we weren’t willing to drop test the 2DS, its superior build quality becomes apparent once you’ve got one in your hands. This thing can take a hit.

The two screens retain the dimensional differences and resolution present on the 3DS and 3DS XL, but their sizes fall between the two previous consoles. Though the increase is slight, the screens being closer together due to the 2DS’s hinge-less design gives them the appearance of being significantly larger than those on the original 3DS. Games look just as crisp and clear as they ever did on the original model, with the obvious exception of not being able to be displayed in 3D. The lack of 3D display is slightly detrimental to certain games, such as Super Mario 3D Land, that actually utilize the effect to enhance level and puzzle design, but it really won’t be missed in most titles or by most gamers. The lack of 3D also means that it is easier to view the action on the 2DS’s top screen from a wider range of angles.

The 2DS not only brings about a flattening of its display, but its sound quality loses a dimension as well. A first for any console in the DS family, the 2DS features a single speaker blasting out mono sound rather than the typical stereo. When set side-by-side with a 3DS XL, the single speaker seemed to pump out just as much volume as its hearty predecessor, but it doesn’t take an audiophile to notice the drop in quality accompanying the new setup. The space saved by this second speaker could presumably have made room for a second Circle Pad, but that is unsurprisingly missing as well. Also missing is the external switch to activate Wi-Fi connectivity, now replaced by a virtual button in the brightness menu, the only discernable change to the operating system.

All three cameras are present, allowing you to take 3D pictures using the outer two that can then be viewed on a 3DS or 3DS XL. The exterior cameras also allow you to use the accompanying AR cards to play minigames or record short video clips. The cameras are still low-resolution; don’t expect to toss out your digital camera in exchange for a Nintendo handheld anytime soon. That being said, the cameras work well enough for what is being asked of them, however limited that may be.

Because of the redesigned casing, the 2DS obviously cannot be folded and closed to enter sleep mode. Instead, a physical switch has been added to the bottom of the console that, when clicked over, will immediately put the console to sleep and preserve battery life. The battery life of the 2DS falls between that of the 3DS and the XL, so you’ll absolutely want to utilize the console’s sleep mode if you want it to survive a period of time up to three days. It’s unfortunate to see that a newer and improved battery wasn’t installed this time around, but we’re used to seeing that red light come on by now, however bitter about it we may be.

The 2DS comes packaged with a 4 GB SD card, meanwhile, which is perfect for filling the console up with plenty of games from the eShop. For parents looking to purchase the handheld for their young children, the extra storage space provided by this card will definitely save the hassle and headache of constantly having to switch out game cards.

While the majority of changes fall in line with the quality expected from a Nintendo handheld, the one area where the 2DS is lacking is its D-Pad. Rather than providing a satisfying click like the one found on the 3DS and superior 3DS XL, that brings about a true sense of tangible interaction with the console, the D-Pad here instead indecisively squishes under the weight of your thumb. For the time that we spent with it, the directional controls were accurate and responsive enough to get the job done, but they were lacking in that physical reciprocation that we so desire. The rest of the controls were much more responsive, providing exactly the response that we were looking for when pressed down.

Beyond the physical changes, the 2DS is essentially the same console that we’ve been using since 2011. Anyone looking for an improved operating system, UI changes, or the much sought after second Circle Pad will be sorely disappointed to learn that this is, for all intents and purposes, an altered console rather than a enhanced one. The 2DS is a great introductory model for anyone who has yet to pick up a 3DS, but it’s a difficult purchase to suggest for early adopters. The fact that this model was built with young gamers in mind makes perfect sense, providing a great opportunity to introduce the youngest generation to some modern Nintendo classics.

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Linkstrikesback said:

You could do worse, I suppose. The lack of a clamshell design means I wouldn't ever buy one though.

That, and we can guarantee that in a year or so, Nintendo will be announcing the "2DSXL"



Shadowkiller97 said:

@Linkstrikesback I suppose it ultimately depends on the sales numbers... but I do not think that's likely. The 2DS is meant to be an entry level model or a model for young children. It does not make sense to me at least of releaseing a premium entry level model...



Shadowkiller97 said:

@Falco Call it what you will, but I love it. I don't care that Nintendo is releasing 2D-only options for their handhelds as long as they also have at least one model with 3D available (which will be the one that I buy).



Burning_Spear said:

I'll get one to add to my collection, but I can't see this stealing any play time from my XL other than to play the odd DS game, perhaps.



Shadowkiller97 said:

I played a demo of Mario & Luigi: Dream Team at Fry's this past weekend on an original 3DS... I was shocked at how small the screen seems now that I am used to my 3DS XL. There is no way I could ever go back to that size again. Here's to hoping that Nintendo has an XL model available for their next handheld (or 3DS revision) from the getgo.



sanasa said:

I think a lot of people are missing the point of this. There are a lot of parents that don't get 3DS's for their kids because it's bad for their eyes. I know you can turn it off but you can also, very easily, turn it back on. This was designed for younger people. It's a very smart move from Nintendo.



AdanVC said:

Comfort is exactly what I'm looking for on a handheld and it's great to read that the 2DS does just that. My hands get sore after I play for long periods of time on the original 3DS and I always need to take a 1 to 3 minute break. I think I would give the 2DS a try



Linkstrikesback said:


You can lock the 3D out by a password/pin.

But it really isn't obvious at first glance of a 3ds that you can do it, so yeah, I can see your point, especially if the parents are a bit less tech savvy.



ACK said:

While the naysayers are loud and pronounced, I see many gamers who, like me, appreciate an increased level of dimension. The first time I saw a game in 3D gave me the distinct feeling that I had been playing polygonal games wrong all these years. There is an unmistakable issue with depth perception when displaying polygons in 2D. If nothing else, 3D provides a truer depth/display.

That's not to dismiss the eye-straining drawbacks, but some people stuubbornly denounced d-pads because they caused blisters. Didn't stop progress.



OptometristLime said:

"The lack of 3D display is slightly detrimental to certain games, such as Super Mario 3D Land, that actually utilize the effect to enhance level and puzzle design, but it really won’t be missed in most titles or by most gamers."

Were this actually the case, the 3DS would not have moved all those units you enthuse about in your introductory comments.



dartmonkey said:

Re. Screen size, you say the 2DS has bigger screens than the original 3DS - is that definitely correct? They look exactly the same.



AVahne said:

As long as it's responsive, I would take the squishy d-pad over the original 3DS's horrible, horrible d-pad any day. The original is way too small, flat, and clicky; it's too painful to use. Nintendo really disappointed with the 3DS's d-pad.



Cuddles said:

@OptometristLime I thought about this. Do you think they moved this many units because of the games they release on it? Or just because it can 3D? I've used the 3D on my system less than 5 times.



ACK said:

@sanasa Yeah, I have two kids who play the 3DS with parental controls on (it does inform you of this on the box of every game...), but even without them they don't bother with the 3D. They are just happy to be playing games.

That said, the value of this is far from lost on me. It's a great product for kids, or even those who want a second portable 3DS (for on the go to protect eshop investments and because 3D isn't appropriate for bus/car rides and such). For kids, the lack of a hinge may be the greatest benefit. They can be vicious when the clamshell is in the way of their gaming...



Socar said:

I have the original 3ds and I think its great. XL may be better but I still love my 3DS Black Cosmo. I don't care much about the battery life and screen size Though I may want to get myself either XL or 2DS someday.



Tasuki said:

@Ron DelVillano: Great review.

@OptometristLime: I don't think the 3D effect moved as many systems as you think, granted I am sure it moved some. It was probably the library that helped move the 3DS. Take the Vita for example. Its a great system but really lacks a library like the 3DS. Software moves systems not the hardware.

I bought mine and I never use the 3DS effect and the 3D effect was not the reason I bought it.

With that said if I had a younger child in my life and wanted to introduce them to Nintendo handheld I would get this no problem without a second thought. I bet this will find its way in alot of young ones stockings this year.

Brilliant move Nintendo absolutely brilliant.



rjejr said:

To quote Dr. Zira - "but you're so damned ugly."

I mean just look at it. A big rectangle top screen, a smaller bottom square. The left controls are centered but the right are spread out. Only 1 left speaker? The thing is a big ugly mess. If you created this in a design class at MIT it would get you an F. It's a car crash and I can't look away.

More kids will be given this as a gift who don't want it than people buying it for themselves.



Jellitoe said:

like the look of the shoulder buttons, they look better than the notorious "to go bad" shoulder buttons of the ds/3ds



Shadowkiller97 said:

@Tasuki I'm with you. I did not buy the 3DS for the 3D effect. It was SM3DL, OoT3D and KI:U that sold it to me (bought April 2012).

When I researched it prior to buying, I read a bunch of reviews that all stated that the 3D effect is not very good and that most people play with it off. I, however, absolutely fell in love with the 3D effect and have it cranked up all the time. I think the people who like it just are not as vocal about it. Going back to a non-3D handheld in the future would be a disappointment to me.

@rjejr The controls are oriented the same way as the original 3DS. The only difference is that they are closer to the top screen to account for the fact that the R/L buttons are at the top of the top screen instead of at the top of the bottom screen on the original. I agree though that the two-sized screens are far more obvious without the hinge separation. The black ones do look rather odd, but the red/white one in Europe does not look that bad at all.



ricklongo said:

@OptometristLime You work under the false assumption that the 3D effect was the main reason for those 30 million shipped units, when it's pretty clear the reason was Nintendo games.



Captain_Gonru said:

Am I the only one who only plays with the 3D on? Thanks for clearing up the sleep mode thing, too.



Goginho said:

I wonder what other surprises Nintendo has up their sleeve, seeing as how the 2dees got announced completely out of the blue



Relias said:

@OptometristLime So under your assumption the 3DS sold because of the 3D and not because of the games.. kay... if that is the case.. care to explain to me why Pokemon.. one of Nintendo's biggest franchises is not completely in 3D?? I think Nintendo has discovered kind of like the DS and the Wii U to a point that it's the games you put out.. not the advantages that will sell the systems.. (I mean yes the 3D is nice to some games.. serves very little to no purpose in others.. but as nice as it is.. would the 3DS sell on that merit alone?? or does it take games to move a system??)



WinterWarm said:

Thank you @Ron!

Now people see how ridiculous it is to think Nintendo's phasing out 3D.

Anyway, good review, one thing I wonder though, why no Hardware Review Scoring Policy?



Relias said:

I don't know why.. but that 2DS looks a bit uncomfortable to me.. maybe it's because I am used to flip screens.. or maybe it's just that I am so used to 3DS that it looks awkward... anyway I am sure it's a nice system.. and this is a good review.. thanks for it.. I might buy my GF one for Christmas..



Spoony_Tech said:

How dare you tease me with the picture of the green light XL! 2ds still looks rather ugly and will never grace my house even with 3 kids under the age of 7 here! I much rather they get a regular one and ill turn off the 3d myself!



Haywired said:

"When the 3DS first launched and showed the world exactly how incredible glasses-free 3D gaming could be, it was quickly dismissed by many as a gimmick and a dying fad. Now, almost three years and 30 million shipped units later, the 3DS is one of the strongest consoles on the market."

Yes, but that had very little to do with 3D. The console only saw major success when Nintendo completely removed the focus from the 3D.



Spoony_Tech said:

@sanasa No study has proven its bad for their eyes its more of a recommendation that it could. If its the case then why make so many kids movies in 3d. I for one have never had any problems whatsoever looking at my 3ds. Yes the very first time I did in Best Buy because I had to lean over and look at it and it was Pilot Wings at that. Once I had the system in my hands it never bothered me once.

Even with that said I would still turn it off for my kids as why take the chance!



WebHead said:

Pretty much as expected. I can see why some hate it, but ultimately it's probably the best model for young children and/or for parents who are on a budget. It may not be as good as 3DS or 3DS XL but...that's why it's cheaper than those two.



sinsalaca said:

I'll say again what I said when I first heard about a 2DS. As a gamer I laughed at it. As the parent of a 5yr old boy who always wants to play dad's 3DS or his older brothers 3DS I like this option. He was rough with his ds lite and cracked the hinge so. Am hesitent to let him play either 3DS that is in our house. The design puts that worry to rest. Plus as far as only being 2D goes, he could care less. He would just get a thrill from being able to play the 3Ds games.
This build isn't about being able to put it in your pocket to and go. This build in Ninty actually thnking strategically and addressing an concerns that parents had about younger kids playing the 3DS. It might not sell like hot cakes, but I can pretty much say that I know of at least one 2DS that will be getting purchased.



Williaint said:

When I first heard this, I thought it was a good Idea; My brother doesn't care for the 3D, and so it would probably be a better deal. Then I saw the picture....
I'm not interested in getting another one, at all. But I can see why it can be a nice option. It's a good deal for those who can't see 3D, the younger audience, and so on.

By the way, if "3D" is a gimmick, so is playing movies on an Xbox.



OptometristLime said:

It's one thing to say that the 3D has no impact on the game experience.
(the author's intimation)

Another thing to say that the 3DS moved units only because 3D was present.
My position was misconstrued; really you have to invent a strawman to make a point about 3D? Whether you personally approve of the 3D or not, twisting it into a disadvantage for the 3DS is ridiculous.



pukka-pie said:

Having to reach all the way to the bottom of the lower screen in say, The Ocarina of Time to select inventory, must be a total pain.



Ron_DelVillano said:

@OptometristLime You actually quoted me correctly the first time.

"The lack of 3D display is slightly detrimental to certain games, such as Super Mario 3D Land, that actually utilize the effect to enhance level and puzzle design, but it really won’t be missed in most titles or by most gamers."

Without 3D, some games will suffer, such as Super Mario 3D Land, but it's still a very playable game in 2D. Other games that don't take advantage of the 3DS's 3D effect beyond adding environmental depth, such as Code of Princess, won't suffer much at all.

Personally, I almost exclusively play with the 3D on. It doesn't help or even change every game that I play, but I generally like the way it looks. My point was exactly what I said. "It really won’t be missed in most titles or by most gamers." That group doesn't include me.



Peach64 said:

I don't think the 3D contributed to the sales success at all. Would I call it a disadvantage? No, but for most people I think it's irrelevant. I'm part of two quite large Street Pass groups and most people in them play with the 3D off. The sales went up when they released the good games.

It's happening all over. Less movies are being converted to 3D, and TV companies are dropping their 3D channels. BBC have dumped it entirely.



Rerun said:

I would've bought this if there was a 2nd circle pad. I pre-ordered the 3DS and I'm part of the Ambassador Program and all but I've never really enjoyed the 3D feature. I tried it and I got dizzy. It's been off since then. I got myself a 3DSXL and I still don't use the 3D.



grbolivar said:

I just pray they don't release a Zelda limited edition of this awful 2DS or I'll have to buy it ;(



LordessMeep said:

I still don't get the 2DS's appeal, not when it lacks the clamshell design. I do understand the issues with the hinges and everything, but I keep thinking about the lack of screen protection and how large and unwieldy it looks. The mono sound is another thing that puts me off, given how good the sound quality on the 3DS is. I certainly won't pick it up but I guess some parents on a tighter budget would.

I personally love the 3D effect on all the games but I don't usually play with it on since I don't want to drain the battery. It does look absolutely fantastic with a lot of games and I hope Nintendo doesn't phase 3D visuals out with their next handheld.



OptometristLime said:

@Ron_DelVillano thanks for responding, it does make a different to me knowing that we both enjoy the added dimension.

I do think the impact of 3D on actual sales is difficult to quantify without numbers (maybe a survey or something).

There is evidently a market for this device as-is, shorn of its initial as advertised hook. I just think the real gimmick here is offering less for... some what less. And of course introducing a newly renovated design to stand out this fall. The lack of new features makes this a potential cast-off from the DS stable.

At the end of the day, the 2DS exists solely as a response to fretting parents; no conclusive evidence has come forward to condemn 3D, and there is already a slider (and apparently parental locks) on this feature.



Benjerocks said:

This is a smart business move by Nintendo, and the 2DS will most likely fly off shelves this winter and the new Pokemon games' release date. But my 7-year old sister just came up behind me and said "that's ugly" to the 2DS picture...



nilcam said:

@OptometristLime It's just one story but I held off on the 3DS after seeing a demo unit. When I switched on the 3D, my eyes felt like they were vibrating and I could feel the muscled behind them twitching. I eventually bought an XL and the 3D is a bit better but gives me vertigo. The games convinced me to buy the 3DS not the 3d feature.



Nictendo64 said:

Finally! Something more comfortable for my giant hands. Love that the L and R buttons are round and big.



Sakura said:

What's the wifi like? My XL always seems to pick up more hits than my original consoles. I'm not bothered about the 3D. I'd like to feel the unit in my hand, but might well get one.



SubZer023 said:

if ur looking for better grip and still 3D get XL if you can't afford 3DS/XL or just dont like the 3D but yet games get 2DS plain and simple -.-



Shadowkiller97 said:

@Peach64 That's an unfair assumption to make. Whenever I am out and about with my 3DS for streetpass, I have my slider off too to save battery. Plus maintaining the sweetspot on the go is not usually worth it. However, whenever I play at home, the 3D is always at max.

So yes, while you are seeing your streetpass groups, they have the 3D off but that does not mean they always have it off.



Shadowkiller97 said:

@LordessMeep The appeal is for parents... Younger children are not well suited for the hinge. They break easily when dropped and kids usually play with the various clicks by opening and closing it over and over. And at $170 - 200, its not that friendly to replace. The lack of the hinge makes it more sturdy for the rough-housing that children might put it through.



Kirk said:

I've grown to appreciate the 2DS a bit more than I did when I first saw it (I hated it at first) but I STILL think my quickly modified design, still sticking to main form factor however rather than it being a totally different beast, is superior in pretty much every way:



Ron_DelVillano said:

@OptometristLime I think the 2DS provides a good introductory model. The DSi is being phased out, so it's nice to have a choice available for people who want to continue playing new portable games from Nintendo but don't want to pay so much to play them. Honestly, if I had young kids, I'd probably get a 2DS for them. It's really sturdy and relatively inexpensive.

@KiDasharus That's a good question. That's not one of the games that I tried on it, but I'm guessing the controls are just about as hand-crippling as they've always been

@dartmonkey It's a very minimal increase, but the screens are slightly bigger than those on the original 3DS.



FarukoSH said:

For 130 dollars this is a freaking steal, amazing, and this will see sooooo good along with Pokemon



Gioku said:

The 2DS ain't so bad. I kinda like the little guy. :3
Too bad about the "squishy" D-Pad, I can certainly imagine what that might feel like.
And lol at the Minifig in the last picture!



Kirk said:


To be fair; the d-pad probably just feels more like a SNES d-pad, which was kinda squishy too, and that was and still is brilliant in my opinion.

So I'm not sure this is necessarily a negative instead of people just becoming accustomed to more clicky d-pads in recent years.



Gioku said:

@SanderEvers If that's built into the system, I'd say maybe; if it's built into the games, I'd say yes, definitely. But I don't know for sure which one the bootup screen is based in.



SanderEvers said:

I think it's built into the game, actually, as some games boot up with "licensed by Nintendo" (the thirdy party ones) or "distributed by nintendo" where original Nintendo games just say "Nintendo". But it can be that only that part is built into the game.

You could check it out by launching one of the built-in apps, though.



gohanrage said:

Where is the Headphone Jack? I heard this thing is only Mono unless you use Headphones. I also want the volume to be buttons not a slider because that really limits how loud the device can go. I hate the slider for volume on the Wii U gamepad its not loud enough



SanderEvers said:

@gohanrage Really there is no differences between buttons and a slider. Headphone volume can be limited by design (which is actually a good thing). You could ofcourse use a headphone amp.

And the headphone jack is at the bottom-left of the device.



gohanrage said:

I was wondering how a game like Super Mario 3D Land would look. like they say in article that game really made use of the 3D effect. I wonder how many people have played the game on the 3DS with 3D turned off. is it playable

I am definitely considering buying one of these 2DS's but after December 25th. Hopefully they have them in stock on Boxing Day



gohanrage said:

I have read that the Original 3DS has better sound then the 3DSXL why does Nintendo keep lowering the quality of the speakers



Froggievilleus said:

I got to try out the 2DS last week when I met up with a Nintendo rep. It was smaller than I thought it would be. For some reason I pictured it as a large unit - I have no idea why. Anyway it felt great and I preordered one for my 6 year old for Christmas. I'm sure that he will be super happy when he unwraps it on Christmas morning.



Relias said:

@nilcam Actually I know there are people that their eyes cannot handle the 3D at all.. or that they can't handle it for long.. for me it really depends on the game.. for instance.. I have Marvel Super Hero Squad on it.. and the 3D there just seems to strain your eyes and does nothing for the game in general.. Lego Batman 2 I usually just shut the 3D off.. because it hardly adds anything to the game.. and it can cause eye strain after a bit.. Zelda OOT and Paper Mario Sticker Star Saga.. is two games I would say you really should play in 3D.. it just adds so much to the graphics and does not strain my eyes... (Well unless I have them on for like an entire day or something.. but hey a computer screen puts strain on my eyes at that point to) But the point is.. really the 3D is not required for a lot of games.. and sometimes can actually hurt your eyes.. and make the games look worse in a few cases.. but there is some if you can't see it in 3D.. it really is almost an injustice... because it adds so much.. and the games are so beautiful.. I think that is more or less what the reviewer was saying... there is so few games that really need it... or look a lot better with it.. that the people that buy a 2DS may not even miss it.. (And like he said.. the games look good anyway)



AutumnShantel said:

They called it a 3DS because it's 3D. Now that it's 2D like all their other handhelds, can't they just call it a Gameboy Super Advance?...



WaveBoy said:

Who cares if stereoscopic 3D in some cases doesn't always enhance the gameplay or give the player any sort of advantage , it makes videogames look, well, more realistic. i dont remember the real world around me looking flat to my eyes. you guys are goobers. 3D makes videogames look more natural, magical, amazing, almost as if you're looking through a window into a tiny virtual world(HD would would make this even greater)

how could you NOT wan't that?

It's the main attraction for this hand held, otherwise we'd just be playing DS games with a new lick of paint. hardly exciting and just as expected. it's funny, when i was gun hoe/obsessed on the 3DS for a while during it's launch going back to 2D gaming didn't look right at all, it was actually hard for me to adjust haha.



JuanitoShet said:

I'd love to play on one just to know what it feels like. It looks like a wonderful handheld. (^-^)



SneakyStyle said:

This will be perfect for my little bro~, low budget and sturdy, that's all that matters to the youngens. xD



AltDotNerd said:

What about games like Phantom Hourglass that REQUIRE you to close your 3/DS to advance in the game?



nilcam said:

@Relias I've played a lot of 3DS games and so far the only one that I found really benefit from 3D was Super Mario 3D Land. In OoT, I put it on during cutscenes and sometimes upon first entering a room such as the Temple of Time. I do find that a lot of games run smoother with the 3D off.



Caryslan said:

@WaveBoy The problem for me is that I can't see the 3D properly since it strains my eyes and you have to hold the system at just the right angle. Its a cute novelty, but nowhere near the game changer that the D-Pad, Analog Stick, and Wiimote were back in their day. Honestly, do the Wii U, PS4, and Xbox One even support 3D?

It was only really useful in Super Mario 3D Land. In every other game I played, it just strained my eyes and made things harder to see. I just don't see the potential of 3D.



Kawaiipikachu said:

"A first for any console in the DS family"
Really? I wasn't aware that the 3DS was part of the DS Family.
All this time I thought that the 3DS was the successor to the DS.



ACK said:

@nilcam I found the 3D to be invaluable in OoT's combat. The bats, in particular, are far less of a nuisance. 'Course the game was easy in the first place, but I noticed a tangible difference in combat provided by the heightened depth perception. Made for a more enjoyable experience, no doubt.

@AltDotNerd As Ron stated in the review, there is a sleep switch. I imagine it will function much the same as physically closing the DS would.



Pachterkid said:

I don't know why the lack of a second circle pad is still a talking point. Games on the 3DS are not designed with a second circle pad in mind, so why would Nintendo want to/need to include it in their system? If you've bought a 3DS with the hopes of playing a FPS on it then you've bought the wrong system.

Oh, and before anybody points this out, Resident Evil: Revelations controlled just fine without he Circle Pad Pro.

Anyways, enough with the hate on the 2DS. If you have a 3DS or 3DS XL and are happy with it then why does the existence of this other thing bother you? Just stick with what you have and shut up.



Zodiak13 said:

It will of course join my collection of Nintedo handhelds. Not sure how much I will use it. I plan to play some of my longer play time games that I own physically on it. Maybe a dedicated RPG/Strategy handheld. I do know it will not leave the house.



Shambo said:

The more I see of this device, the more I actually want one. I have plenty of 3deeses already, but... A collector's gotta collect, I suppose.



Ralizah said:

That thing is tiny and ugly. I'm sure it'll sell well, though, given the price tag.



MagicEmperor said:

The 2DS isn't for me, but I'm sure there are people out there who'll find use for it. I don't oppose it or think Nintendo dumb for it, but it's not for me.



StarDust4Ever said:

1000% Junk. I saw it on the margin a textbook I owned once in grade school. Thought it would go handy here. Anyone who can't sense the irony in that...

This ranks right up there with the PSP-GO, which was an overpriced redesign that took away features rather than added them. Yes, Nintendo, please, give the Sony fanboys something else to laugh about...



mjhopkins81 said:

I guess I really just don't understand what the big deal is about having a second circle pad. They're rarely functional, outside of FPS games, except to change camera angles. I can count on one hand the number of times I've voluntarily made use of a right analog stick, much less felt the need for one on the DS. It's just another thing that gets in the way of buttons on a handheld.



Arcamenel said:

I can't believe people are still asking for a second circle pad. How many times must this be explained before it gets through? There are roughly 30 million 3DS units shipped right now. None of them have a second circle pad and a limited number of games(maybe even less than 10) need to be played with a second circle pad. The 2DS is another option not a brand new handheld, if they added a second circle pad it would alienate early adopters and confuse developers. We aren't going to see a 2 circle pad device until the next handheld generation so I wish people would stop harping on that "flaw" of the 3DS.



Haywired said:

"Who cares if stereoscopic 3D in some cases doesn't always enhance the gameplay or give the player any sort of advantage , it makes videogames look, well, more realistic."

So what you're saying is, realistic graphics are more important than gameplay? WaveBoy how could you?!



Haywired said:

Completely off-topic, but why have I only just heard about Streetpass groups?! I've just had a look and there's one near me (in Brighton). What are they like?



Peach64 said:

@Haywired I guess every one is a bit different. I know the Manchester one is huge. The Cardiff one usually has between 15 and 20 people. They meet up outside game and then go to a pub or somewhere to have some food and play games. I love attending them as I get almost no streetpass hits in the wild, but you go to these and you get them off everyone, and a lot of them have all pink pieces, plus if you're going regularly, you'll be meeting them multiple times which means stronger Miis for Street Pass Quest



Shambo said:

@Shadowkiller97 Play the Gameboy Micro sometime, it'll make you appreciate and even love the tiny screens. I replayed all my favourite gba games on it, and they were so much prettier! My favourite handheld, closely followed by any 3ds, and Neo Geo Pocket Color and DS Lite sharing a third place.



Haywired said:

Thanks! They sound pretty cool, I might have to check it out. I've found it hard to meet other gamers to play with (particularly those of a Nintendo persuasion) since I left school/uni (which was ages ago...)



marck13 said:

I just add my Blabla to that;

  • Personally I love the 3D and wouldn't want to miss it. I hope the successor of the 3DS will have a big screen from the beginning and enhanced 3D.
  • That said I don't think the 2DS is ugly at all. It seems perfect for Kids, as a gift to your friend, wife, partner, parents etc. With so many great games already out on the market the 2DS offers a lot of value for it's price.


Ren said:

this is the funnest read on here in a while. It's not for me but it's a brilliant move by Nintendo since this is where they shine. This lets the youngest players get in on the action where Nintendo rules which is great software (3d or no). People are buying 3ds in droves because it's the next ds not because it's 3d and that's ok.
If Nintendo's committed to keeping up 3d, great, I like it but it's not essential. Everybody wins.
This design seems durable, simple, cheap. Maybe too cheap but I think that's ok really. The 3DS feels like the last great machine for Nintendo and offering varying models will extend it's life in the market for sure.



Ren said:

I've rarely seen it discussed this way but I think Nintendo is kind of the 'low income console company', for better or for worse. The systems have always been lowest priced and the games overpriced but designed for everyone for long term use.

They must understand that on some level or they wouldn't be where they are today. Get in the home with cheap entry and then price software high once it's 'must-have'. Business wise it's a smart way, and thats where their attempts to reach to the 'core gamers' with higher priced, slicker consoles has always backfired. (gamecube, WiiU). The marketing for gamecube was decidedly 'older' and tried to compete with PS2 and that just doesn't fit with the Nintendo brand. (full disclosure: I worked as an editor in digital post on the TV ads for gamecube back in the day, they got me excited but I was already an adult). The WiiU is just confused and hasn't hit any market (is it 'hardcore'? where are those games? is it 'family'? where are those games? where is the marketing to back any of that up? the marketing seems to want both but it's very confusing)
The 3ds went for high end at first and it looked grim but they reversed course fast and with this they've embraced their old ways. They could live as software only if they wanted but their portable hardware is still the best. If they can stay focused on the 6-12 y.o. crowd and there will always be customers lining up for Nintendo, even adults on the periphery.



rdp223 said:

That's okay I think it's great that they have the 2DS for kids...I'll be sticking with my 3DS. Have you platyed Kid Icarus in 3d?! F'n' beautiful! haha.

I wish for stores to change all the 3ds into 2ds because I hate seeing those kids abuse the 3ds...stabbing the screen so hard until the touchscreen doesn't work anymore like at my work place sad lol.



Weedy said:

Was considering getting a 2DS before reading the review since I don't use the 3d feature (my eyes just get tired with it on). I was willing to over-look the lack of a hinge/clamshell, but then you said there's no wireless switch?! I'm constantly turning my wireless on and off, to make the most of my commute through London and my battery, so burying it in a menu is no use for me. Then you say they haven't really up graded the battery, well I guess that was a cost saving measure. I'll keep hold of my ambassador 3DS for now.



FullbringIchigo said:

well i think it's a good idea, i'm getting my Niece one for xmas so she can finally play some 3DS games as shes too young for a 3DS



SKTTR said:

I guess a few old DS games like Another Code don't work properly on this machine, can anyone confirm this?



WaveBoy said:


3D Doesn't degrade the game play does it? for me personally, the 3D has enhanced every single 3DS game I've played and it does wonders for NES-classics, even if the realistic depth perception and what have didn't exactly benefit the player from being able to differentiate an object from the next that much better and whatever else, it still adds this magical layer of awesome sauce and gets the player even more immersed into the experience because quite frankly it makes these video games look alive.

it's just a shame that using the stereoscopic 3D in the case of the 3ds demands more work from the player, since you have to keep the 3ds stable and be still with your eyes glued to the sweet spot. there's always the 'ocd' type such as myself that can't HELP but continuously drop and raise the 3ds slider to see the difference between 2D and 3D. it makes sense for games to be in 3D, 2D is just a limitation sweetie pie. too bad 3D cuts the frame rate in half, dims the picture and desaturates the color when watching movies and playing video games on 3D capable HDTV's. there's huge potential, but it's just not there yet.



Haywired said:

I was just being silly. A WaveBoy post that seemed to be championing realistic graphics just tickled me! I know what you meant though.

I'm not necessarily against 3D, I can take it or leave it really. I'm just hardly ever able to find the "sweet spot" and when I do I seem to immediately lose it from the slightest movement, so it just becomes too much a headache/annoyance/distraction for me.



Funny_Moblin said:

Is there any new information on the new Petit Computer that's gonna be made specifically on the 3DS? Like seriously, it's been announced in August, and I heard nothing ever since. That kinda bothers me.



Funny_Moblin said:

Is there any new information on the new Petit Computer that's gonna be made specifically on the 3DS? Like seriously, it's been announced in August, and I heard nothing ever since. That kinda bothers me.



Prof_Elvin_Gadd said:

I like the 3DS XL a ton, so this doesn't make me want to switch. I will, however, pick up a Limited Edition model when one is surely released at some point in time for my collection. The two colors coming to NA do nothing for me, but a Limited Edition model will.



feelthesarcasm said:

How can you complain about things that they should have added if this is suppose to be a compliment, not a new version of the 3ds. Had they would have added an extra circle pad, better battery life, iit wouldn't have been the same and consumers might have preferred it because it seems somewhat superior and it really would have been a replacement.

I'm still getting an XL and if my nephew didn't have an original one already I would have gotten him this one with no problem and he wouldn't have cared what it looked like because it would have been better than what he had, which is nothing.

And for people saying it's ugly, who cares if it plays games. I didn't get a PS3 because it's a beautiuful thing. It's just giant black rectangle, like most gaming consoles. If a child has never had a 3ds, they'll appreciate it. I wouldn't buy this to replace one that someone already has, but as a first it'd work. There are a lot of kids who didn't have a DS or DSi because they were too young for it and are just becoming of age. They won't miss what they never experienced.



Monkeh said:

Great for kids [too young for the 3DS] and people who can't afford the 3DS.. that's about it.



globalisateur said:

"The lack of 3D display is slightly detrimental to certain games, such as Super Mario 3D Land" (best seller game on 3DS)
"but its sound quality loses a dimension as well"
"It’s unfortunate to see that a newer and improved battery wasn’t installed this time around"
"the one area where the 2DS is lacking is its D-Pad"

After those statements how can you arrive at this conclusion?
"The 2DS is a great introductory model for anyone who has yet to pick up a 3DS, but it’s a difficult purchase to suggest for early adopters."

REALLY? a Great model? But you don't advise to buy it?
If you advise not to buy it you could honestly say that it is the worst 3DS model and not "it's great!....but don't buy it..."



bizcuthammer said:

2DS looks absolutely ridiculous, but it'll sell to its demographic. I have several friends who only wanted a 3DS to play Pokemon X & Y, who are very happy Nintendo is releasing a cheaper model for them to buy. I personally would never buy it, as i hate the design (3D isnt a big deal for me - i turn it off about 90% of the time). It certainly has its own market, though.



UltraUmbreon said:

C'mon can't you just disable 3D for kids under 7... no but Nintendo whatever you want to make money, I'm fine with it. I just won't be purchasing. :T



HandheldGuru97 said:

Well I'm more then content with my shiny 3DS XL for now, but if the put out a fairly cool limited edition model...I may just splurge on one



Cloud-San-VII said:

I will say this over and over again:
"Nintendo...... IT CAUGHT THE UGLY!"

That isn't to say, this was quite ingenious.

At first, I thought it was a joke. Then I found it was real. Then I panicked. I calmed down about the ugliness and realized:
"It's an awesome idea, BUT WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE SO UGLY?!"
I actually used this as a comparison to my 3DS-less friends. They agreed with me and said:
"Nah, we'll just get the 3DS."

Other than it being REALLY REALLY UGLY (I am sorry to continuously stress this fact out, but it's true!), it is a very good idea.
I just hope it won't be a GameBoy Micro....



Wiidsguy said:

I really think this will be huge. Well not the size. But it will sell like crazy. I really think it will.



RevolverLink said:

Unless Nintendo decides to be nice and do away with region-locking, I might import the 2DS if it ever gets released in Japan.

Not so much because I'm terribly interested in what this version of the handheld has to over the other two models, but because it would simply be the cheapest model with which to play the many great Japanese 3DS games that don't make it out of the country.



blinkpunk02 said:

I think this is a great idea for kids but I could never buy it. I love my 3DS and my games but the resolution still makes me cringe to this day. The 3D saves it, but without 3D? Ugly, ugly, ugly. I've literally not gone over 5 minutes total without the 3D switched on. I do have to say I have a Vita and the difference in resolution became way more annoying after I had that Vita screen lol.



moroboshi said:

@OptometristLime I would say the 3DS' success is more to do with it's game line-up, than it's gimmicky screen.

I assume all 3DS' phone home regularly wish usage stats, including how many people play with the 3D off. Those numbers would be very interesting to have, but the mere existence of the 2DS, implies something, wouldn't you say?



GamerZack87 said:

I'm giving serious thought towards asking for one of these for my birthday. If the apparent upgrades are for a grand unified account system then it'll make me consider it all the more.



Froggievilleus said:

I took my kid to Toys R Us yesterday where the Nintendo rep was having a demo day. I let him try out the 2DS and he loved it and did try to walk off with it Glad I preordered it for him for his birthday.



unrandomsam said:

@WaveBoy 3D does degrade it. To accommodate it reduces the framerate. The only game I know that does what all of them should is Dead or Alive: Dimensions (60fps without the 3D).



WaveBoy said:


You're right, i completely forgot about the frame rate having to be cut in half. That's a real disappointment for many of us who are so accustomed to Nintendo games running in 60fps. Super Mario 3D Land, Luigi's Mansion 2 and 90% of what's on the little 3D handheld retail wise are all locked in at 30fps...At least they're not dipping below 30 like many of those rusty N64 games that haven't aged well at all. getting in that annoying sweet spot and having to deal with games that COULD of been in 60fps that are now 30fps all because of the stereoscopic 3D are the two main issues i have with the technology.

And sure, ZELDA ALBW is running in 60fps, but Nintendo had to make a sacrfice with the actual visuals. makes sense, considering how generic, barren, bland and stripped to the bones it looks. it's suffering from the 'new super mario bros' syndrome. but hey, at least that frame rate will be smooth sailing, and for me that's more important than cranking out more detail.



WaveBoy said:


i knew you were being thilly', you thilly goose. and i completely agree that finding that sweet spot and dedicating a couple of hours to staying as stiff as a takooni suit can be really annoying. I swear, almost every single time i've gamed on my 3DS it's equalled one hell of an akward experience. most of the time, i just can't get comfortable period when playing hand helds(Either my back or my neck begin to hurt), so trying to manage that sweet spot on top of that just makes the experience feel like an even bigger energy sucking, uncomfortable multitasking-ish obstacle. And when enabling 3D you can FORGET about gyro controls, what a mess that

still, 3D is amazing when done right. Yeah, i don't care about realistic 'visuals' unless you're a Resident Evil or Silent Hill. but to have realistic depth perception in a cartoony Nintendo virtual world is an absolute dream, and also a giant pain in the mega tooshie to manage!



NightmareXIV said:

If my XL breaks sometime in the future I'll get one for the superior durability I'm clumsy, but I'm not getting it unless I need to.



GreatPlayer said:

A cheap version of 3DS, i.e., 2DS, is a no-brainer. If I do not have my Wii U I will definitely grabe a cheap 2DS without a thought. Graphics in 3D is not as good as graphics in 2D anyway, and I have a headache after watching the 3D effect for a while.



Slayer said:

The 2DS was an idiotic idea considering there's an OPTION TO TURN 3D OFF ON THE 3DS. Think console ideas through before you make, announce, and release them, Nintendo.



SwerdMurd said:

it still looks like a knock off.... I feel like this is what Madcatz made in one of their evil copycat labs, and Nintendo swooped in, stole it, and released it.



c1pher_c0mplet said:

I actually think the 2DS looks pretty darn cool and I had slightly considered one (mainly bc since the back-end of the XL is heavier than the original, it can be a little uncomfortable to play at times) but two things keep me from diving in headfirst:
1) Since you're only able to perform 5 system transfers EVER (really, Nintendo??) and I've already used one going from my original 3DS to the XL, I'm not using any of my remaining 4 transfers for anything cosmetic like a limited edition X/Y XL (although I wanted one) or this 2DS. I'll save my transfers for when something really comes up.
2) No 3D and a single mono speaker? Dang, Nintendo... @_@ No sell, for me. (And Nintendo simply needs to do TWO analog sticks next handheld: that humongous space on the 3DS systems looks... weird. No more Circle Pad Pro peripherals, smh...)



M0rdresh said:

An avid fan of the original 3DS and 3DSXL I was initially very skeptic about the 2DS. As in no 3D sceen, only mono sound, cheap fisher-price plastic look of the thing is utterly hideous. However with the introduction of the translucent models, especially the blue crystal one matching the latest Pokémon release, I decided to purchase the 2DS.

At first for just about €100 I decided to add this on to my collection, but upon actually using it I've been amazed about how good it feels to play on. I've read that already but for some reason undervalued that. The translucent models look absolutely gorgeous and feeds my nostalgia for old skool Nintendo handhelds.

No regret at all of my purchase and my 'respect' for the 2DS has gone up. Yes, the 3D is a large trade off for a 3D fan like myself, but the sharpness of the screen combined with how good it feels to play on makes this device a choice, not a lesser option.

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