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Weirdness: A Wii U Gamer's Miiverse Journey Through Super Metroid

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

A long and confusing road

A little while ago we posed a question — is Super Metroid too taxing for today's gamers? This was based on the explosion of confused Miiverse posts once the title arrived for $0.30/€0.30/£0.30 on the Wii U eShop, as some gamers grappled with a retro title that resolutely refused to guide them through each step.

One post that attained borderline-meme status over on NeoGaf was one that rather humorously asked (poor grammar intact), "y cant metroid crawl?". That same user has continued charting his journey via Miiverse, and has now successfully beaten the game — no doubt with some help and guidance from fellow gamers on Nintendo's social network.

We've reproduced this below for your viewing pleasure, but of course it contains SPOILERS for those that haven't had the pleasure of beating Super Metroid. So consider this to be your emphatic SPOILER warning; look away now if you don't want to see the end of the game.

Some have also suggested that this could be a "joke" account. That's a possibility, but we're not so sure, as it may just be a gamer fresh to the experience that's happily posting whatever thoughts spring to mind. Whatever the case, the full epic journey is below; enjoy.


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Raylax said:




KeeperBvK said:

I thought this might be authentic, but when he called the Metroids Samus after having called Samus Metroid, I think it has become way too obvious that he was just trying to be funny with all of this.



Dr_42o said:

The first one was fine, but after that it is like watching spongebob rip his pants over and over again..



Whopper744 said:

@Dr_42o Well said.
Yeah, if this was for real, I am ashamed due to the fact he got 2 more energy containers then me before beating it.



nik1470 said:

Awe its like learning to drive we were all that bad once back in the day. Before the two hour training missions and the pop up hints.



9th_Sage said:

Haha, yeah, I thought he was serious until he called the Metroids "Samus". Best Part: "jellyfish is helping yes"



Dr_42o said:

@Nik.. Not me.. I was a natural. Took me mum's VW Beetle out at 2 am when I was 12. I'm talking the highway and all!



manu0 said:

"i found samus" cleary indicates that he knows what he's talking about and that this is a joke...



ThomasBW84 said:

I agree it may be a joke, but a completion time of nearly 8 hours shows a lot of commitment to the gag, if that's the case!



Raylax said:

As Nintendolife users, we demand legitimacy from our humourous miiverse posts articles! Where is your evidence Thomas



KeeperBvK said:

Nobody's saying we're not enjoying the article. We're just responding to these lines:
"Some have also suggested that this could be a "joke" account. That's a possibility, but we're not so sure"



Dr_42o said:

@theblackdragon I demand quality entertainment! Where is my refund!

But for real, why does your Miiverse look like that, with random letter E's and stuff..?



ungibbed said:

Very much a joke account. When I first played Super Metroid (on a real SNES), my completion time was at the 11 hour mark even when I halfway understood what I was doing. I just slapped that cartridge in and during that day, the Internet was nothing like it is now. No YouTube and whopping 40 MegaByte hard disk drives on your "laptop" PC. Complete for your best BBS or if you paid for QuantumLink.



TheAdza said:

I give the guy props. I downloaded it and gave up about 2 mins into the game.



Tra_Venous said:

He's definitely trolling everyone. Like when I went off about selling my copy of EarthBound for 25 bucks, to go toward my purchase of Family Party: 30 Great Games Obstacle Arcade....people thought I was serious.



Rei7 said:

I just started this game and i'm kinda stuck somewhere. Awesome game nevertheless



Varia01 said:

Those beginners just need advice. I think the game is VERY VERY awesome and had little trouble, so I may have advice for rookies. No, Samus cannot crawl, but (SPOLIER ALERT) when you enter the blue hall by the elevator go to your left-hand side and jump over the 3/4 of a wall. There, you will find the morphing ball. Press the D-pad or move the left stick down twice to change into the morph ball. I joked on Miiverse with a comment to a post. My comment said, (ANOTHER SPOILER) "Samus was raised by the Chozo (bird-like aliens), she was probably taught to go up rather than stay low. LOL" I have more advice, but that would be too much spoilers and I would hate to disappoint. Once again, Super Metroid is a perfect game and is one my favorites of all time. This guy could be making fun of the game, or he is a just a new guy and has just been introduced to the Metroid series.



Varia01 said:

You know what, he is just making fun about the game. He could ruin the chance for interested people to buy this game. Should I report him on Miiverse; he did cuss a little bit and there are children playing. If not, I wish some other way to put a stop to it, he is making fun and being rude to Nintendo and making people miss out on such great enjoyment.



SethNintendo said:

Going to post on his y can't Metroid crawl post letting him know he has an article on NintendoLife about his posts.



Luffymcduck said:

I've been stuck against Ridley for like 5 years now. I've played trough Zelda 2, Mega Man, Mario Lost Levels and whatever else but I just can't beat him. He's worse than Airman.



DaveGX said:

I can honestly say I've done maybe 2 or 3 of those things above, maybe slightly more, like where the ground breaks beneath and you've got those walls with the gates but seems like no way out. But yeah it's, no secret no surprise that because out video games today throw in in-game basics tutorials that kids brought in these generations clearly aren't accustomed to our older games that didn't have them. Hell, to be pefectly honest I ahrdly ever had to pick up a manual back then, just came naturally to me, even for my 1st video game(s) back on Atari 2600, which had to be Pole Position, Freeway, and Ms Pac-Man I think.



Philip_J_Reed said:

I've been stuck against Ridley for like 5 years now.

Stock up on energy tanks and then just shoot him. Seriously. Like, don't stop shooting him. I'm sure you can see people defeating him more gracefully on youtube, but unlike the other bosses I just brute forced my way through him.



aaronsullivan said:

I think he realized the attention he was getting and after getting schooled on the metroid-crawl thing was self-referential later. By the time he gets to "jellyfish" though, it's just not funny because, well, we know he knows so... playing naive is much less funny than BEING naive.

I still stumble about at times even though I've played through this a dozen times. I always seem to take a wrong turn when it's best to go after the grapple beam. Easily one of my favorite games ever.



Luffymcduck said:

Problem is that I´ve been too stubborn to backtrack for more energy tanks (I have 7 energy tanks). But the most annoying thing for me is just that the nearest save station is really far away (even if those Gold Spacepirates and whatever are really easy to beat it's still annoying to do the same section over and over again).



aaronsullivan said:

Backtracking a bit to get more powerful is more annoying than trying the same thing over and over and failing for 5 years? A half hour of exploring might be worth it. Out of curiosity, do you use the button for aiming up diagonally? For some reason I remember that helping during that battle.



C-Olimar said:

lol, cute xD
I only needed help once so far... because I didn't know how to run -_-
Should really read the manual...



WiX said:

That was funny, the best bit probably where he "found Samus" He probably wouldn't know the name of those if he wasn't joking, would he?

@GeminiSaint: Why does that sound familiar, jacksfilms maybe?



Kirk said:

Well, whether it's real or fake the fact is that the game was obviously enjoyable enough that he felt compelled to complete the entire thing...



Troidfan said:

My goodness if SM is too complicated for them imagine them playing NES Metroid,or better yet,Metroid II on Gameboy.No maps,very cryptic clues.Hmm maybe the argument that CoD has ruined a generation of gamers may have some merit to it after all...



Expa0 said:

It's insulting to see some modern idiot from 4chan sully a classic like this.



AltDotNerd said:

No one who is stupid enough not to know how to use the Morph Ball can actually make it to Mother Brain in (just shy of) 8 hours. This guy's trying to troll people.



hYdeks said:

it's funny how he keeps refering Samus as Metroid and the Metroid's as Samus at first lol Ohh, and he called Samus a he Must be a hard game if you never played a Metroid game.



SCAR said:

I'm thinking that it's a joke. Are all his posts like that? Maybe he's a little kid, or thug, because they talk the same.
PollyU knew what he was doing, because he has a similar ammount of powerups that a run through file for under 3 hours would have. He probably would have never even beaten Ridley with the ammount of missles and such he had, unless he did actually know what he's doing.



KAHN said:

i'm surprised he didnt post about that abandoned ship boss. that one drove me nuts the first time i fought him. eventually figured out his pattern and waited him out until he died. i'm not even sure if i beat him the way the developers intended he die. didnt cheat or anything, just shot at him until my health was low, then shot those fires and regained my health.



Epicnessofme99 said:

My brother actually bought this game yesterday and made a bunch of posts replicating all the confusion about this game, although he actually knew what he was doing. Games nowadays don't require reading of a manual and they also rely heavily on waypoints to help players find their way to the objectives and games without this are linear. Basic problem solving and exploration are killed in most modern games.



Revolution5268 said:

How the hell did PaulyU became famous after i help him, he first block me for helping him and then the internet knows about the BS.



allav866 said:

I knew it was only a matter of time before trolls found their way to Miiverse. Then again, I made a Rick Astley joke on the Kirby's Dreamland 3 community once I saw Rick's Stone ability.



Volmun said:

@Epicnessofme99 yep exactly its upsetting haw so meny games naw require litel to no thinking or effort naw or thay just say "OI OVER HEAR!!" "PRESS THIS BUTTON NAW" uhhg i can understand a hint sistem like Metroid Prime had that only hellped if you were walking about for a hour or so thats fine but i recently played and completed Ninja Giden 3 RE. and it drove me insane with "Press this to see what to do" litrly every 2 seconds i spent moste of the game gesing the QTRs as i ternd on screen hints off for me non stop hints ruin games... I KNOW HAW TO FLIPING JUMP!! STOP TELLING ME "you can Walk with the R Stick!" I FLIPING KNOW!! "you can jump with B" RAHHHHH STOP IT!!! i like to explore in games so i get thes "Hints & Tips" alot -_- im so happy some games have the option to just tern them off.



Moshugan said:

But he did it! He beat the game, and that's an achievement worth nodding to.
Gaming is one thing that you just have to do to learn. You'll get infused with video game logic piece by piece the more you play.



BossBattles said:

I beat this today on Wii U. What an amazing game to hold up so well after all these years.



Yanchamaru said:

If people need help beating Super Metroid, then download the Nintendo Player's Guide online or watch the longplay videos on Youtube. Waste of time asking questions using Miiverse.



Lobster said:

Hahaha, he's definitely trolling, but in a funny way that's not hurting anything. Props to him, I was very entertained!



Monsti said:

You're the best, Pauly! I hope "Y cant Metroid crawl" will become a meme. ^^



TysonOfTime said:

Considering he beat the game faster than I did, and I only died twice, and knew for the most part what I was doing... he is DEFINITELY trolling. I can't see how he'd be that 'absent-minded' while still having a very decent time.

Also, the fact every one of his posts can be seen as humorous supports my claim quite well.



ParSnake said:

This is clearly a joke, but this is the best "troll" I've seen!
"I found Samus" and "jellyfish is helping yes" are my favorites!



Kaeobais said:

@KeeperBvK: Agreed, I thought it could be serious,but the fact that he called the Metroid's Samus just immediately makes it obvious it's all a joke.



Gameday said:

Funny thing is i seen one of his comments shorty after the game was released in MV. I thought nothing of it now i see he has gotten alot more attention how funny.



WaxxyOne said:

Thought the posts could be real until I reached the "I found Samus" one. While I can believe someone assuming the main character's name is the same as the game's title (see also: Zelda), I cannot believe they would arbitrarily reverse the names of Samus and the metroids. At the very least that particular post is a joke, which to me makes the rest less believable.



Marioman64 said:

the thing where the guy is like "wish someone would've told me"
the little birds teach you, silly player
monkey see monkey do and all that



DarkNinja9 said:

yeah i say joke account but at the same time he does type like that cuz of the limit we have on there =|



mikeyman64 said:

Don't think someone that clueless would give the effort of actually beating the game. That game was hard and long when it first came out, but it's still one of my favorites.

I will say, as complex as the game might be it is nothing compared to the first two. Both Metroid and Metroid II were very vague compared to all of the more recent ones.



ompgsag said:

It's a joke account, they called Metroids "samus". You can't get more obvious than that.



WWammy said:

They are fair questions the Original Super Nintendo title came with a players guide which while not giving 100% items at least saw you through to the end and allowed the player to experience what the game had to offer.
Those that can complete Super Metroid easily these days is probably due to memory from playing it years ago but everyone has to start somewhere.
The fact of digital copies these days is that they don't come with all the extras the old games used to like Final Fantasy 1 on the NES came with an "84 page Explorers Handbook" that was almost a players guide in itself and a Map to help players through.



AJWolfTill said:

He beat it faster than me :/, I blame trying to cross Miridia before finding the gravity suit.
Proud to be the first person to find that miiverse post.



Varia01 said:

@mega Maybe, I don't know for sure if this guy is pulling of a prank or what, but what ever he's doing, it probably doesn't matter now. @MrSRArtur is right, many people have different opinions of games.



sketchturner said:

I am shocked how many people didn't realize this was all a joke. I am more shocked at the people who realize it's a joke but don't have a sense of humor. This is hilarious stuff. Forget getting Ridley in Smash Bros... let's get "the eagle!"

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