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It’s no secret that gamers are used to being mollycoddled these days; modern games very often start with a tutorial level to teach you the ropes. In its quest for accessibility New Super Mario Bros U — and various predecessors — even offer a ‘Super Guide’ to show you how the level should be played if you get really stuck.

Back in the '80s and '90s gamers were made of sterner stuff. Without even GameFAQs to fall back on, you really were on your own. So it’s interesting to see how the uninitiated gamers of today fare when presented with a retro gem such as Super Metroid on the Wii U eShop, which is currently priced at an irresistible 30p/30c.

Judging from all the Miiverse posts asking for help, it would appear that many are confused. Very confused!

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BIGZAYAY sums the confusion up nicely!

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While Miiverse offers a nice friendly community ready to help out its fellow gamer who might be struggling, do you think the modern gamer is all too ready to turn to Miiverse for help, rather than figuring out for themselves that Samus needs to find the morph ball to get through that passage?